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MARRIAGES in Maryland


Copied by: John Frederick Dorman

[Editor's Note: Mr. Dorman copied these marriage records from an index to the original registers at the Maryland Hall of Records, Annapolis.]

16 August 1779 18.4 Thomas Sparks married Rachel Perdue by FNU Wersley

23 March 1786 Matthew Sparks married Providence Sharp by FNU Davis

16 July 1802 Thomas Sparks married Sarah Rampley

18 April 1805 Ruth Sparks married William Price

30 July 1805 Sarah Sparks married Lawrence Cuddy

10 December 1811 Elijah Sparks married Jemima Cox

23 December 1812 Rebecca Sparks married Thomas Anderson Rockwell

March 31, 1813 Elizabeth Sparks married Frederick Kauffman by FNU Rockwell

14 July 1814 Reuben Sparks married Betsy Price by FNU Coker

1 October 1814 Sarah Sparks married Sylvester Brown by FNU Glendie

27 March 1816 Laban Sparks married Sarah Green

14 August 1816 Penelope Sparks married Charles Robinson

24 August 1816 Aquila W. Sparks married Dorcas Conway by FNU Moranville

5 December 1816 Ruth Sparks married Josiah Pearce

21 December 1816 Rachel Sparks married John T. Sumwalt

December 9, 1820 Prudence Sparks married Richard Gosnell by FNU Rockwell

January 10, 1822 Samuel R. Sparks married Elizabeth Hitchcock

January 23, 1823 William Sparks married Bethsheba Dyke

August 20, 1823 Aquila Sparks married Sarah A. Merryman

July 1, 1824 Elizabeth Sparks married Robert McCauley by FNU Roberts

December 24, 1824 Thomas Sparks married Mary Pearce

January 19, 1825 Daniel Sparks married Rachel Curtis

March 4, 1825 Rachel Sparks married James Carlin by FNU Rockwell

April 24, 1828 Elizabeth Sparks married John Patrick

March 9, 1831 Francis Sparks married Elizabeth Ellen Schrader

April 7, 1831 Aaron Sparks married Elizabeth Sparks

April 10, 1832 Elijah B. Sparks married Elizabeth Anderson by FNU Roszell

October 23, 1832 Mary Sparks married Matthew Drake by FNU Roszell

January 5, 1836 Mary Sparks married John Gross by FNU Morris

September 4, 1839 Sarah Sparks married John Mays

October 7, 1839 Emily Sparks married Austin Woolfolk by FNU White

August 11, 1841 Thomas D. Sparks married Mary Ann Rawlings by FNU Riley

23 November 1842 Rachel Arm Sparks married Andrew Warfield by FNU Shriver

January 12, 1844 Aaron Sparks married Mary C. Slade

January 17, 1844 Arietta Sparks married Francis A. Parkson

April 21, 1845 William Sparks married Sarah Roloson by FNU Morris

June 19, 1845 Aquila A. Sparks married Mary Jane Halbert by FNU Schreiber

October 7, 1845 Daniel C. Sparks married Amelia Lemmon

May 21, 1846 Oliver P. Sparks married Mary G. Kemp by FNU Shrigley

July 29, 1846 Mary E. Sparks married William Bull

June 26, 1847 Matthew Sparks married Mary Ann Johnson by FNU Hancock

November 3, 1848 William C. Sparks married Susannah Goover

March 15, 1849 Trevis Sparks married Margaret Thomas by FNU Thomas

April 13, 1849 Josias Alfred Sparks married Sarah Ann Ensor by FNU Young

December 5, 1850 Catharine Sparks married James R. Wheatley by FNU Ryan

December 7, 1850 Parmelia Sparks married Aquila Chilcoat by FNU Coale

May 29, 1851 Edward R. Sparks married Rachel Miles by FNU Vinton

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Compiled by John Frederick Dorman

The following marriages are taken from a card file at the Hall of Records in Annapolis, Maryland. The references to the original marriage license books is shown, but most of these books reveal no more information than is contained in the card index. The State Record of Marriages, which covered only the years 1865-67, does give more information and those data have been added in the following list.

Ann Sparks married William Clough, 7 November 1825. Caroline County License Book, 1816-73.

Anna Sparks married Benjamin Biggs, 7 June 1823. Cecil County Marriage Book, 1777-1840, p. 290.

Edward Sparks married Rosetta Pinkney, 26 July 1826. Anne Arundel County Marriage Book, 1810-45, p. 69.

Edward Sparks married Sophia R. Pinkney, January 26,1832. Anne Arundel County Marriage Book, 1810-45, p. 91.

Edward A. Sparks married Lizzie Clark, September 27, 1866. State Record of Marriages, p. 78. (married in Baltimore County by M. O'Reilly; he aged 22, a blacksmith; she aged 22; both resided in Baltimore County.)

Elizabeth Sparks married George Reynolds, 30 July 1795. Dorchester County Marriage Book 1, p. 45.

Elizabeth Sparks married Nathan Russell, 8 October 1803. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1797-1815.

Elizabeth Sparks married John W. Hynson, January 21, 1840. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-1873.

George Sparks married Sally Harris, 26 August 1826. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-1873.

Henry E. Sparks married Louisa E. Diggins, January 18, 1864. Caroline County Marriage Book,1816-1873.

James W. Sparks married Lizzie Richardson, 13 September 1872. Anne Arundel County Marriage Book, 1851-1873, p. 117.

Joseph H. Sparks married Anna R. Hazzard, 15 December 1873. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1873-1886.

John Alfred Sparks married Charlotte Ann Meeds, 23 August 1866. State Record of Marriages, p. 177. (married at Centreville, Queen Anne County, by J. A. Cooper; he aged 22, farmer; she aged 19; both resided in Queen Anne's County.)

Julia Ann Sparks married Jesse Gibson, January 8, 1831. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-873.

Mary R. Sparks married Thomas E. Hepner, 14 June 1866. State Record of Marriages, p. 4. (married in Ablegany County by J. H. A. Kitzmiller; he aged 16 yrs. 8 mos., laborer; she aged 13 yrs. 6 mos.; both resided in Allegany County.)

Melvina Sparks married Joseph Ross, 7 June 1870. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

Rachel Sparks married Samuel Covington, 13 April 1818. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

Samuel E. Sparks married Anna E. Emerson, 20 February 1872. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

Sarah Sparks married Lewis Comegys, 8 December 1835. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

Solomon Sparks married Henrietta Pippin, 18 October 1831. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

Solomon Sparks married Sarah Ann Bambury, 6 November 1837. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

Stephen Sparks married Sarah Childerson, 6 December 1806. Dorchester County Marriage Book 1, p. 97.

William P. Sparks married Mary Emerson, April 21, 1866. Caroline County Marriage Book, 1816-73.

The only marriage records for Talbot County at the Hall of Records are contained in a mimeographed volume: The Marriage Licenses of Talbot County, Maryland, from 1796-1810 (n.p.;n.d.), compiled by the Carter Braxton Chapter, D.A.R., of Baltimore. In it on page 42, appears the following:

Moses Sparks married Mary Armstrong, May 16, 1796.

The Washington County marriage register at the Hall of Records is a microfilm copy of a negative photostat which is very difficult to read. There is no index to this volume and it has not been searched for Sparks marriages. It appears that many of the Maryland counties do not have marriage records, or that they are preserved for only very short periods.

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Nathan Russell married Nancy Sparkes, March 13, 1799

Nathan Russell married Elizabeth Sparks, October 6, 1803

(Note: The above marriages were copied by Mrs. Heppen from "Marriage Licenses of Caroline County, Maryland, 1774-1815" which appeared in Vol. 28 of the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, pages 344 and 434.)

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ca. 1775-ca. 1875)
Compiled by Paul E. Sparks

[Editor's Note: This list of the marriages in and around Queen Annes County, Maryland, has been compiled from several sources. Among these are: Maryland & DelawareGenealogist, Vol. I & II; Ancestral Notes, 1964; Maryland Marriages, edited by Robert Barnes; Maryland Marriage Clues, edited by Irma Harper; Bible Records of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Maryland Historical Society; Census records; International Genealogical Index (IGI); and various issues of The Sparks Quarterly (TSQ).]

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ca. 1774 Elizabeth Sparks Married Henry Thompson Dau. of Absalom Sparks; p.1703 TSQ QA's Accts. 72139

ca. 1775 Ruth Sparks Married William Tippins Wid. of Absalom Sparks; p.1702 TSQ QA's Accts. 72/39

ca. 1788 Noah Sparks Married Sarah MNU Adm. Acct. TCE #1 QA's County

ca. 1790 Solomon Sparks Married Esther Sparks Dau. of William Sparks; probably son of Solomon Sparks; 1800 census QA's Co.

June 11, 1794 Simon Sparks Married Sarah Nevitt (or Neute) Dau. of James Nevitt or Neute; recorded in Baltimore County

May 16, 1796 Moses Sparks Married Mary Armstrong Rec. in Talbot Co.; 1800 census QA's Co.

May 23, 1797 Millington Sparks Married Rebecca Brooks Recorded in Kent County; p. 3847 TSQ

October 21, 1797 Sluyter Sparks Married Elizabeth Walls Recorded in Kent Co.; 1800, 1810, 1820 censuses QA's Co.

May 15, 1799 Levi Sparks Married Rachel Pippins Recorded in Kent Co.; 1800 census QA's Co.

April 12, 1800 Samuel Sparks Married Rachel Higgins Recorded in Kent Co.; 1810 census QA's Co.

ca. 1800 Isaac Sparks Married Margaret MNU QA's Will Book WHN 4

ca. 1800 John Smoker Sparks Married Sophia MNU QA's Will Book TCE 1

ca. 1802 Elijah Sparks Married Nancy Hinds She, heir of Isaac Hinds; p.266 & 2567 TSQ; QA's Land Com. ST W6

October 8, 1803 Elizabeth Sparks Married Nathan Russell Recorded in Caroline Co.

ca. 1805 Solomon Sparks Married Charlotte MNU Bible record, Arlington Sparks; 1810, 1820 censuses of QA's Co.

June 3, 1805 Amos Sparks Married Nancy Borough p. 619 & 1528 TSQ

ca. 1805 Jesse Sparks Married Margaret Burns p. 618 & 1248 TSQ

ca. 1805 Juliann Sparks Married FNU Meredith Dau. of William Meredith by his will, 1805.

ca. 1805 Unknown Married Mary Ann Nevitt Wid.; will of Noah Larwood, 1805.

ca. 1807 Unknown Married Rebecca Corman Sister of Samuel Corman & named in his will, 1807

ca. 1808 Unknown Married FNU Brown Sister of John Brown & named in his will, 1808

ca. 1809 Unknown Married Mary Oldson Dau. of Hannah Oldson & named in her will, 1809

ca. 1810 Harriet Sparks Married William Woodall Dau. of Simon Sparks & named in his will; QA's Land ST W9/233

ca. 1810 Levi Sparks Married Matilda MNU p. 2568 TSQ

ca. 1810 Sarah Sparks Married FNU Devenish Dau. of Noah Sparks; Adm. Acct. TCE #1 QA's Co.

ca. 1810 Risdon Sparks Married Elizabeth MNU Bible record, Arlington Sparks; 1820 census QA's

1812 Robert Sparks Married Ann Wright Wid. of James Wright; he, a minister; QA's Land JB21523

October 22, 1812 William Sparks Married Henny Callahan Recorded in Talbot Co.

ca. 1812 Solomon Sparks Married Lucretia MNU Bible record; Arlington Sparks

ca. 1815 John P. Sparks Married Mary McCosh Heir of Thomas McCosh; QA's Land Com. JB #1/268 1819

ca. 1816 Joshua Sparks Margaret DeFord Dau. of WIlliam DeFord; QA's Land Corn. JB #11167

September 17, 1816 William Sparks Married Anne P. Warham He, son of Solomon & Esther Sparks; p. 1391 TSQ

ca. 1816 Allen Sparks Married Rebecca DeFord He, son of George & Rachel Sparks; she, dau. of William DeFord, QA's Land Com. JB 11167; p.4038 TSQ

ca. 1817 Hester Sparks Married Joseph Cook Dau. of Noah Sparks; Adm. Acct. TCE #1, QA's Co.

March 18, 1817 Mahala Sparks Married William Clark Married by Rev. Jackson; p. 2567 TSQ

ca. 1818 John P. Sparks Married Mary MNU QA's Will Book TCE 1

ca. 1818 Elizabeth Sparks Married FNU Devoirix Dau. of Solomon Sparks; QA's Land Com. JB1/249

April 13, 1818 Rachel Sparks Married Samuel Covington Recorded in Caroline County

ca. 1819 John Sparks Married Mary MNU Heir of Thomas McCosh, QA's Land Com. JB#1/268

ca. 1822 Elizabeth Sparks Married Richard Downes Dau. of Solomon Sparks; QA's Land Com. TM21500

June 22, 1822 William Sparks Married Elizabeth Sparks Married by Rev. Tuff

August 13, 1823 John Sparks Married Mary Phenix Married by Rev. Tuff

July 25, 1825 Rebecca Sparks Married William Apsley Married by Rev. Tuff

March 1, 1826 John Sparks Married Ruth Smith Married by Rev. Clements;

August 26, 1826 George Sparks Married Sally Harriss Recorded in Caroline Co.; p.266 TSQ

September 27, 1826 Hester Sparks Married John Hines Married by Rev. Clements;

ca. 1827 Unknown Married Margaret Smith She, a widow; QA's Land JB #11345

January 2, 1827 Samuel Sparks Married Elizabeth Meredith Married by Rev. Tuff

October 20, 1827 Isaac Sparks Married Elizabeth Wiggins Married by Rev. Clements; Adm. Acct. TCE #1, QA's Co.

February 9, 1828 Charles I. Sparks Married Sarah Ann Wiggins Married by Rev. Tuff; he son of John Smoker Sparks

February 23, 1828 James Sparks Married Mary Satterfield Married by Rev. Tuff

February 27, 1828 Samuel Sparks Married Rebecca Rouse Married by Rev. Tuff

May 15, 1828 Elijah Sparks Married Henrietta Davis Married by Rev. Walton p. 2568 TSQ May 28, 1928 Elizabeth Ann Sparks Married John Hewitt Married by Rev. Clements; Adm. Acct. TCE #1, QA's Co.

December 22, 1828 Henry Sparks Married Sarah Lucas Married by Rev. Sparkes

ca. 1828 John M. Sparks Married Rowena MNU Adm. Acct TCE #1, QA's Co. 1850 census of QA's Co.

April 24, 1829 William Sparks Married Elizabeth Davis Married by Rev. Moore

October 20, 1829 Isaac Sparks Married Elizabeth Wiggins Married by Rev. Clements

July 16, 1830 Lodowick Sparks Married Sarah Ann Sparks Married by Rev. Clements; Adm. Acct. TCE #1, QA's Co.

September 27, 1830 James Sparks Married Rebecca Walls Married by Rev. Clements

January 8, 1831 Julia Ann Sparks Married Jesse Gibson Recorded in Caroline Co., p.267 TSQ

October 20, 1831 Solomon Sparks Married Henrietta Pippins Recorded in Caroline Co. Bible record, Arlington Sparks; p. 267 TSQ

December 20, 1832 Elizabeth Sparks Married James Lynch Recorded in Kent County

December 22, 1831 Christopher Sparks Married Ann Maria Scully Married by Rev. Offley

July 22, 1833 Isaac Sparks Married Margaret A. Wiggins Married by Rev. Offley; Adm. Acct. TCE #1, QA's Co.

December 21, 1833 Ann Sparks Married William Williams International Genealogical Index (IGI)

December 8, 1835 Sarah Sparks Married Lewis Comegys Recorded in Caroline Co.; p. 267 TSQ

January 20, 1836 Luther K. Sparks Married Elizabeth I. Skinner Married by Rev. Sparkes

May 24, 1836 Valentine Sparks Married Mary Osbourne Married by Rev. Unknown

November 1837 Solomon Sparks Married Sarah Ann Bamberry Recorded in Caroline Co.; p. 267 TSQ; bible record, Arlington Sparks

December 5, 1838 James Sparks Married Elizabeth Arlett Married by Rev. Larkin

December 17, 1838 James Sparks Married Juliann Booker Recorded in Caroline Co.; 1850 census of QA's Co.

January 21, 1840 Elizabeth Sparks Married John W. Hynson Recorded in Caroline Co.; p. 266 TSQ

March 28, 1840 John Sparks Married Mary Winchester Married by Rev. Bell

December 1, 1841 Risden Sparks Married Emily Ann Cook Married by Rev. Crane

ca. 1843 John C. Sparks Married Elizabeth MNU 1850 & 1860 Censuses, QA's Co.

December 5, 1843 James Sparks Married Emily Ann Coleman Married by Rev. Crane

August 16, 1844 Robert Sparks Married Emiline Bevans Married by Rev. Sutton; pp. 2056 & 2508 TSQ

July 29, 1845 Samuel Sparks Married Kitty Harrison Married by Rev. Pratt

November 18, 1847 Clinton C. Sparks Married Susan Nabb Married by Rev. Anderson; pp. 2056 & 2568 TSQ

ca. 1848 Joseph B. Sparks Married Sarah Rebecca Walls Portrait & Biog. Record, Eastern Shore, 1898

February 29, 1848 Frances Sparks Married William Cahall Internahonal Genealogaical Index (IGI)

December 21, 1848 Isaac Sparks Married Ann Elizabeth (Blanding) Tolson Married by Rev. Clements

January 4, 1849 George Sparks Married Juliann Hollingsworth Married by Rev. Clements

July 16, 1849 Samuel Sparks Married Susan Godwin Married by Rev. Sumption

October 22, 1849 Luther K. Sparks Married Frances Ann Smith Married by Rev. Bell

November 7, 1849 Sluyter Sparks Married Frances Gray Married by Rev. Clements

December 30, 1849 Wilson Sparks Married Ann Holland Married by Rev. Sumption

April 3, 1850 John Ridgway Sparks Married Mary E. Williamson Married by Rev. Crane

ca. 1851 Elizabeth Ann Sparks Married Edwards Walls Adm. Acet. TCE #1, QA's Co.

September 25, 1851 James Sparks Married Henrietta Coleman Married by Rev. Crane

January 7, 1852 Charles H. Sparks Married Susan Hinson Married by Rev. Bell

3 February 1852 Daniel B. Sparks Married Julia Ann Chance Married by Rev. Ayers

May 12, 1852 William Kent Sparks Married Sarah Straughn Married by Rev. Cooper

January 18, 1853 Richard James Sparks Married Margaret Elizabeth Moore Married by Rev. Crane

May 24, 1854 William V. Sparks Married Ann E. Harrison Married by Rev. Crane

October 16, 1856 George W. Sparks Married Rachel Ann Sparks Married by Rev. Clements

January 14, 1857 Robert Sparks Married Sarah Ann Winchester Married by Rev. Hill

December 17, 1857 Robert Sparks Married Catherine Hamm (or Hammond) Sparks Bible record, Arlington Sparks

ca. 1856 Ezekiel Sparks Married Emily Jane 1860 census QA's Co.; p. 1078 TSQ

July 7, 1857 Lodowick Sparks Married Sarah E. (Calloway) Thomas Married by Rev. Simpson

December 23, 1861 John Solomon Sparks Married Louisa Seward Married by Rev. Aldred; Bible record, Arlington Sparks

January 21, 1864 Henry Erastus Sparks Married Louisa Diggins Recorded in Caroline Co.; Bible record, Arlington Sparks

April 21, 1866 William Parrott Sparks Married Mary F. Emerson Married by Rev. Powers; Bible record, Arlington Sparks

August 23, 1866 John Alfred Sparks Married Charlotte Ann Meeds Recorded in Caroline Co.; p. 267 TSQ; 1880 census QA's Co.

ca. 1870 William Kent Sparks Married Ann Elizabeth Richardson Richardson Family & others,1963, compiled by Laura Thompson

June 7, 1870 Melvina Sparks Married Joseph Ross Recorded in Caroline Co.; p. 267 TSQ

February 20, 1872 Samuel E. Sparks Married Anna E. Emerson Recorded in Caroline Co.; p. 267 TSQ

December 15, 1873 Joseph H. Sparks Married Anna R. Hazzard Recorded in Caroline Co.; P. 267 TSQ

ca. 1875 Samuel A. Sparks Married Mary Jane Seward Information given by Michael Roach, 1983

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Pages 4183-4188 of the September 1993 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 163, contain a compilation of the marriages of persons named Sparks in Queen Annes County, Maryland, during the period 1775-1875. The compilation was based upon records from several different sources, and it was not intended to be thought of as complete.

Recently, a member of the Association, Peter G.Thyrre, Ardsley, New York, sent us a list of nearly three dozen additional marriages of persons named Sparks in Queen Annes County during this same period of time. In the main, these additional names were taken from "Queen Annes County, Maryland, Marriage licenses, 1817-1858" compiled by Raymond B.and Sara Sethdark, 1963. We are pleased to add these names to the earlier list.

November 3, 1818 John Mary Meredith Married by Rev. Sparkes;

May be the couple on the earlier list as: ca. 1818, John P. & Mary, and as: ca. 1819, John & Mary

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