February 14, 2021

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In the March, 1957, issue of The Sparks Quarterly, Whole No. 17, pp. 193-203, we published a record of the family of Ebenezer Sparks (1758-1832) along with his wife's application for a Revolutionary War pension. A member of the Association, Mrs. Genevieve Sparks Spalding, 172 Rumson Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Georgia, has supplied a record of the descendants of John Sparks (1790-1840), who was the sixth child of Ebenezer and Margaret (Love) Sparks. The early birth, marriage, and death dates given below have been taken from the family Bible of John Sparks which was published at Dover, Vermont, in 1832. John Sparks was born November 25, 1790, at Wardsborough, Vermont, and died on September 5, 1840, at North Brookfield, Massachusetts. He was married, first, to Lovisa Rawson, on February 17, 1820, at Dover, Vermont. He was married, second, to Harriet Reed Foster, on October 30, 1828, at Barre, New York. He was married, third, to Azubah Snow, on August 30, 1836, at North Brookfield, Massachusetts.

Lovisa Rawson, first wife of John Sparks, was born April 12, 1798, at Mendon, Massachusetts, and died September 20, 1827, at Barre, New York. She was the daughter of Secretary and Lucy (Maynard) Rawson. Two children were born to this marriage: Henry Hodges Sparks, born November 15, 1820, in Dover, Vermont. Mary Jane Lovisa Sparks, born July 8, 1825, in Dover, Vermont. She died in Dover on January 2, 1842, at the age of 16 years.

Harriet Reed Foster, second wife of John Sparks, was born February 17, 1812, in Sudhury, Vermont. She died on February 5, 1836, in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Two children were born to this marriage: Sarah Maria Sparks, born March 22, 1831, in Dover, Vermont. She died on July 13, 1845, at the age of 14 years. Augustus Foster Sparks, born April 29, 1833, in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. He died in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, on March 4, 1836, at the age of nearly three years.

John Sparks had no children by his third marriage. Henry Hodges Sparks, the oldest child of John and Lovisa (Rawson) Sparks, and tne only one of John Sparks's children to reach maturity, was born November 15, 1820, in Dover, Vermont, and lived in North Brookfield, Massachusetts. He died March 27, 1898, in North Brookfield. He married Chloe Prouty on May 21, 1844, in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was born October 24, 1826, in Spencer, Massachusetts. Henry Hodges and Chloe (Prouty) Sparks were the parents of the following children: Abbie Eliza Sparks, born March 5, 1845; died in October, 1859. Sarah Jane Sparks, born September 12, 1848. No further data. Estella Grace Sparks, born September 1, 1850; died June 23, 1906, in California. Oscar Henry Sparks, born June 7, 1856. No further data.

Following the death of his first wife, Henry Hodges Sparks married Anna Elizabeth Cunningham on August 14, 1860. She was the daughter of Reuben and Olive (Lyon) Cunningham. She was born February 15, 1838, in North Spencer, Massachusetts, and died July 18, 1928, in South Pasadena, California. Henry H. and Anna (Cunningham) Sparks were the parents of four children: Infant, died in 1865 Arthur Augustus Sparks, born April 24, 1867; died September 13, 1868. Edward Cunningham Sparks, born September 30, 1869; died July 31, 1917. He married Edna Sudella Phelon on June 15, 1891. They had three children: Genevieve Sparks, born November 5, 1893, in Worcester, Massachusetts. She married Captain Basil Dennis Spalding in Springfield, Massachusetts, on October 18, 1919. They are the parents of three children: Genevieve Sparks Spalding, born August 8, 1920, in Louisville, Kentucky. She married 2nd Lt. Alexander McCarrell Patch III at West Point, New York, on May 29, 1942. One son was born to this marriage Alexander McCarrell Patch IV, born April 4, 1943 [Webmaster: Obviously the year is wrong]; died February 12, 1946. Lt. Patch was killed in action on October 22, 1944.

Genevieve was married, second, to Captain Elliott Carr Cutler on June 5, 1946, at Griffin, Georgia. They have two children: Elliott Carr Cutler III, born February 19, 1948 at West Point. Genevieve Spalding Cutler born June 2, 1952 in Atlanta, Georgia. Edna Calista Spalding, born July 9, 1921, at Camp Benning, Georgia. She married Captain Harry Jones on May 8, 1948. They have one child, Elizabeth Spalding Jones, born December 11, 1949. Basil Dennis Spalding, Jr., was born July 14, 1923, at Ft. Wood, Bedlow's Island, New York. He was graduated from West Point in June, 1943, and is at present a major in the U. S. Army. He married Theodora Myrtle Holbrook on November 23, 1949. They have three children: Susan Genevieve Spalding, born September 12, 1950, in El Paso, Texas. Louise Theodora Spalding, born April 3, 1952, in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Basil Dennis Spalding III, born January 6, 1955, in Florence, Alabama. Anna Elizabeth Sparks, born July 7, 1906; died August 1, 1910. Robert Cunningham Sparks, born September 3, 1912; died June 30, 1914. John Henry Sparks, born March 26, 1871. He died in California. He was married twice, first to Isabelle McGown of Clinton, Massachusetts, by whom he had two sons: Raymond, died young Donald, died in South Pasadena at the age of 17.

John Henry Sparks was married, second, to Harriet Schmidt, of Los Angeles.