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26.2.6 ASA EGBERT SPARKS (1817-1892).,

by Hazel Teagard Tarman

26.2.6 Asa Egbert Sparks, sixth child and fifth son of Amos and Nancy (Borough) Sparks, was born in Warren County, Ohio, on Nov 10, 1817. On May 29, 1838, he was married in Shelbyville, Indiana, to Miss Amanda VanScyoc by James Wray (see Marriage Record Book 3, page 455). She was born in Wheeling, Ohio County, Virginia, on January 21, 1820. (The part of Virginia in which Wheeling is located became West Virginia in 1863.) She had moved with her parents to Indiana in 1836. In 1843, Asa and Amanda moved to Woodford County, Illinois, and settled on a farm in Palestine Township. Twelve years later they moved to the nearby town of Kappa where Mr. Sparks, according to his obituary, 'engaged in mercantile pursuit.' He was also a merchant in El Paso, Illinois, at one time. While a young man, Asa Sparks was ordained a Methodist minister and, according to his obituary, 'in early times, he preached in different places in Woodford County.' It was also stated that when he died 'he was perhaps the best known person in Woodford County.' He died on June 24, 1892, and was buried at the Centennial Cemetery near Kappa, Illinois; his body was later moved to Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, Illinois. Amanda Sparks, wife of Asa, died August 18, 1901, and was buried beside her husband. Asa and Amanda (VanScyoc) Sparks were the parents of the following nine children: Robert Davis Sparks, born Oct 26, 1843. William Anderson Sparks, born May 14, 1846. Margaret Ann Sparks, born 6 February 1848. Leonidius Sparks, born December 16, 1849; died March 23, 1850. Amos Sparks, born June 3, 1851. John S. Sparks, born July 30, 1853. Egbert Sparks, born March 17, 1856; died April 3, 1856. Edward L. Sparks, born August 17, 1857. Clara May Sparks, born March 12, 1861. Robert Davis Sparks, oldest child of Asa and Amanda (Vanscyoc) Sparks, was born Oct 26, 1843, and died in Palestine Township, Woodford County, Illinois, on June 23, 1901. He was married on March 10, 1869, to Margaret N. Davidson, who was born September 6, 1848, and died March 15, 1906. Both were buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in El Paso, Illinois. Robert Sparks served in the 36th and the 88th Illinois Infantry Regiments in the Civil War and was mustered out of service on Oct 8, 1865. He spent most of his life in Woodford County. Robert D. and Margaret N. (Davidson) Sparks were the parents of the following children: Walter Davis Sparks, born August 30, 1870. Lester Sparks, born May 29, 1872. Maude Esten Sparks, born September 17, 1875. Nettie Sparks, born June 21, 1877. Emmaline Gertrude Sparks, born December 19, 1880. Walter Sparks, son of Robert D. and Margaret N. (Davidson) Sparks, was born August 30, 1870, in Woodford County, IL., and died December 19, 1949. He was married on December 24, 1902, to Lillah Maud Thomas, who was born April 22, 1887, probably in Green Valley, Kansas or Blue Rapids, Kansas. She died on August 17, 1974 and was buried in El Paso, Illinois. Children: Leland Thomas Sparks, son of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, was born March 21, 1904. He was married on December 15, 1925, to Helen E. Wood, who was born in 1904, daughter of Sparks and Helen (Johnson) Wood of Golden City, Illinois. Leland Thomas Sparks died on Oct 18, 1981, at Hudson, Illinois, and was buried there.
Children: Roy Lee Sparks, born Oct 5, 1929; married Joan; they have three children: Steve Sparks; Tommy Sparks; and Dale Sparks, born Nov 8, 1956. Mary Ellen Sparks, born Nov 11, 1931; married Sparks; they have four children: Marlene Ella Sparks, born 2 February 1954; Mike Sparks, born December 27, 1955; Maretta Sparks, born Oct 8, 1958; and Marcella Ileane Sparks, born Dec19, 1961. Doris May Sparks, born August 5, 1933; married 1959Willis Earl Slaughter of Bloomington, Ill. They have a son, Chris Slaughter, born May 23, 1957. Harry Adelbert Sparks, son of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, was born March 25, 1906, in Woodford County, ILinois. He was married on April 4, 1939, to Corable (Graybill) Shomaker of Secor, Illinois. He died on August 5, 1990, at Aurora, Missouri. Children: Adelbert Eugene Sparks (Toby), born September 11, 1940; married July 26, 1959, Joyce Lee Dodson. They have two children: Ronnie Eugene, born March 16, 1960; and Donald Adelbert, born April 8, 1961. Step-daughter, Marcella Shomaker, married Everett Quiram and has a daughter named Margaret Evelyn Quiram, born April 13, 1954. Margaret Shomaker (Step-daughter,) was married to Everett Quiram. Harry Shomaker (step-son), now deceased . Faye Virginia Sparks, daughter of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, was born Oct 20, 1908; she died on August 10, 1967, and was buried at El Paso, Illinois . She married Leslie Brown on July 27, 1932. Children: Joan Margaret Brown, married (first) Donald Miller who died of wounds received in the Korean War; he has a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miller. They had one son, Donald Miller. Joan married (second) George Rutledge; they have two sons, Daniel Lee Rutledge, born December 10, 1953; and David Lynn Rutledge, born August 26, 1955. Leslie Gene Brown, born 17 January 1933; marriedLouise Bigger. They have three children: Terry, born January 24, 1956;Pamela Diana, born September 18, 1958; and Rebecca Faye, born April 25, 1960. Walter James Brown, born December 17, 1934.

Faye Virginia (Sparks) Brown was married (second) on Nov 18, 1939, toKelliis Mounce . by this marriage she had one daughter: Virginia Lee Mounce, born September 15, 1940; married August 30, 1959, Robert Pierce. They have one daughter, Kelly Jo Mounce , born February 9, 1960. Paul Eugene Sparks, son of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, was born Oct 4, 1910. He married Arnetas Pease of Muskogee, Oklahoma, on 16 January 1946. They have two sons: Larry Eugene Sparks was born December 3, 1946, in Bloomington, Illinois . He married Judith Ann Leeper of St. Louis, Missouri, on September 6, 1969, in St. Louis. They have two sons: Travis Eugene Sparks, born September 5, 1973; and Christopher Blair Sparks, born Oct 1, 1978. Richard Allen Sparks was born December 9, 1951, in Bloomington, Illinois. He married Cynthia Lee Hutsell on September 3, 1977, in Springfield, Missouri. They have two sons: Dustin Allen Sparks, born July 24, 1983; and Darren Lee Sparks, born March 31, 1989. Robert Hiram Sparks, son of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, born July 3, 1916; he died on September 28, 1957, at the Veterans' Hospital, Temple, Texas. He married Jean Doty at Peoria, Illinois. Children: Robert Hiram Sparks, Jr. Jacqueline Sparks. Walter Donald Sparks, son of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, was born December 7, 1918; he died on August 31, 1985, in Paris, Tennessee, and was buried there. He married Agnes Swanson on 6 February 1943. Children: Carol Sparks. Donald Sparks. William Hamilton Sparks, son of Walter and Lillah Maud (Thomas) Sparks, was born June 28, 1923. He was born and raised in Secor, Illinois, and in 1943, at the age of 19, he was drafted into the U.S. Army. While stationed at Camp Gruber in Muskogee, Oklahoma, he met his future wife, Sammie Joyce Bryan. Children: Sandra Jo Sparks. Cindy Kay Sparks. Lester Sparks, son of Robert D. and Margaret N. (Davidson) Sparks, was born May 29, 1872, and died in 1953; he was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in El Paso, Ill. He married Oct 18, 1892, Jeanette Burger who was born July 3, 1872, and died September 30, 1949. Children: Lloyd Sparks, son of Lester and Jeanette (Burger) Sparks, was born May 21, 1893; married Oct 20, 1914, Leela Reich, born May 30, 1896, daughter of William Henry and Eliza (Dermis) Reich. One child: Louise Berdina Sparks, born September 16, 1916; married Oct 13, 1934, Herman Sacks, born March 27, 1909. They have two children:Carolyn Joyce Sacks, born Nov 25, 1942; and Mary Louise Sacks, born Nov 3, 1947. Floyd Sparks (Buzz), son of Lester and Jeanette (Burger) Sparks, was born April 29, 1895; married Florence Trexler. Children: Kenneth Sparks, married and has children: Steven Michael Sparks, born 1956; Deborah Jean, born 1959 Marie Sparks, married John Azovedo of Clinton, IL.; they have two daughters, Karen and Janice, and one son. Dorothy Sparks, married William Harold; they have two daughters. Lester Sparks, married Donna; they have a daughter, Denise Ann Sparks. Ralph William Sparks was born May 15, 1897; married February 7, 1929, Lillie Rarrick, daughter of Benjamin and Pearl (Skinner) Rarrick. They were divorced, remarried in 1957, and later again divorced. Veda May Sparks was born May 25, 1899; married September 2, 1928, Monte Dooley; they have one son, Raymond Dooley, who married Gloria. Gladys Sparks was born March 12, 1900; married Oct 4, 1924, in Woodford County, IL., Jesse Raber who was born in 1892, son of David and Amelia (Molsman) Raber.

Besides an adopted son, Stanley, they had the following children: Ruth Imogene Raber, born August 30, 1931; died Nov 6, 1931. Donald K. Raber, deceased. Robert (Bobbie) Raber; married Dorothy Kudner; they have a son named Mark. William Raber. Betty Jean Raber, married Arthur Yarber; living in California. Jerry Raber. Jessie Marie Sparks, daughter of Lester and Jeanette (Burger) Sparks, was born April 30, 1904; died Oct 15, 1934. She married Ollie Weakley. They had one child: Dorcas Marlene Weakley, born Oct 15, 1934; married Delbert French; they have two sons and one
daughter. Dorothy Sparks was born September 13, 1906; married August 29,1925, Clarence Raber, son of Dave and Amelia (Meisman) Raber. They adopted a son named Lloyd. Leo Sparks was born March 3, 1908; died September 2, 1947, he was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, IL. He married Catherine White, born 1913. The had one daughter: Marjorie Dean Sparks, married April 24, 1952, Robert Waybe Zorn. Children: Gregg Douglas Zorn, born 1958; Michelle Kathryne Zorn, born Oct 2, 1961. George Sparks was born Oct 31, 1910. He married Gussie. No children. Maude Esten Sparks, daughter of Robert D. and Margaret N. (Davidson) Sparks, was born September 17, 1875, in Woodford County, IL. She was married at El Paso, IL., in 1896, to Emanuel A. Miller, born August 21, 1870, near Gridley, IL., and died 16 January 1938, in Bloomington, IL. He was a son of C. K. and Elizabeth (Bricklebaw) Miller. Children: Fern Oma Miller, born Nov 4, 1897, near El Paso, IL.; married Harold Bruce Hamilton, born August 6, 1894, son of Hilton and Mary (Baldridge) Hamilton. They had two children: Dorothy Louise Hamilton, born July 9, 1920; married July 5, 1941, at Huntsville, Ala., Robert C. Miller.
They have a daughter, Pamlee Jean, born July 15, 1947. Robert Hilton Hamilton, born September 5, 1924, Bloomington, IL., married Cleo Peasley. They have one child, Rendy Bruce Hamilton, born September 11, 1947. Artie Emanuel. Miller, was born January 29, 1900, near El Paso, IL.; married Grace Engel, daughter of Jacob and Lydia (King) Engel. They had one child: Shirley Jane Miller, born May 19, 1931, at Bloomington, IL. Hester Neal Miller, born Oct 16, 1901, near El Paso, IL.; married 8 January 1925, William Floyd Stephens, son of Elmer and Susan (Sutton) Stephens. They had one child: Maryilyn (sic) Joan Stephens, born May 20, 1932, at Carlock, IL. Audrey Opal Miller, born Nov 29, 1906, in Woodford County, IL. married Nov 27, 1929, Claude Raymond Otto, who was born April 7, 1909, and died 13 January 1952; he was the son of Robert and Hulda (Nafsinger) Otto. They had one child: Virginia Lee Otto, born July 26, 1936, in Normal, IL.; married Dona Lee Abbey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Abbey.

Audrey Opal (Miller) Otto married as her second husband Arthur Baums of Carlock, IL. The marriage took place December 26, 1958. Jeanette Sparks (Nettle), daughter of Robert D. and Margaret N. (Davidson) Sparks, was born June 21, 1877, and died in 1953. She never married. Emmaline Gertrude Sparks, daughter of Robert D. and Margaret N. (Davidson) Sparks, was born December 19, 1880, and died 6 February 1960. She was married on Oct 5, 1910, to Joe Arnold, who was born September 22, 1888, and died August 26, 1960. They adopted a son named Fred. William Anderson Sparks, (Dan), second son of Asa and Ainanda (VanScyoc) Sparks, was born May 14, 1846, in Illinois. He died on March 3, 1924, at St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, Illinois, and was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Mt. Etna, Iowa. During the Civil War he served in the Union Army; he enlisted on May 26, 1864, and was mustered out September 23, 1864; he served in Company I of the 145th Illinois Infantry Regiment. He was married on May 14, 1871, at Carthage, Missouri, to Martha Lucas, who was born February 14, 1850, in Illinois, and died June 13, 1921. She was buried beside her husband. William Anderson Sparks married (second) Martha Kippenbrock on April 22, 1922. She was born in 1858 in El Paso, IL. Soon after his first marriage, William A. Sparks homesteaded near Elm Creek, Nebraska where they remained until 1894; they then moved to Missouri, and in the autumn of 1895 moved to Iowa, locating near Carl and later near Mount Etna. by his first wife, William A. Sparks had fifteen children: Cora Sparks, daughter of William A. and Martha (Lucas) Sparks, was born March 6, 1872, in Missouri and died May 24, 1946, at Taylor, Nebraska. She married Matt Lyons on Nov 9, 1902. She married (second) Earl A. McIntyre. by her first husband she had two Sons: Howard Lyons, lives near Taylor, Nebr. He married and has three children: Rosie Lee Lyons. Erma May Lyons. Bernice June Lyons
. Harvey Lyons, lives near Lexington, Nebr. He married and has seven children. Letty Sparks was born Oct 25, 1873, in Illinois and died 3 February 1874; she was buried in the Centennial Cemetery west of Kappa, IL. Asa Egbert Sparks was born December 24, 1874, in IL.; he lives at Holdrege, Nebr. He married Stella Sohus on September 17, 1900; she was born August 16, 1883. They had one son: Arthur L. Sparks, born June 21, 1902; he was married June 19, 1928, to Bertha Youngquist, born July 12, 1907. They live on Route 2, Holdrege, Nebr., and they have three daughters. Beatrice Sparks, born December 6, 1930; married Ralph Delimont Oct 24, 1959. They live in Los Angeles. Phyllis Sparks, born December 22, 1932; married Robert Vandell on February 14, 1953. They live at Funk, Nebr., and have three children: Gregory Sparks, born April 11, 1955; Trudy Sparks, born June 13, 1957; and Teresa Sparks, born March 31, 1960. Jo Ann Sparks, born June 14, 1939, married Gary L. Johnson on Nov 12, 1960. They live at Lincoln, Nebr. Minnie Sparks was born March 29, 1876, in ILinois; died June 9, 1876. Charley W. Sparks was born April 12, 1877, in Illinois; died September 7, 1893, in Nebraska. Harvey B. Sparks, son of William A. and Martha (Lucas) Sparks, was born Oct 9, 1878, in Illinois; died Nov 27, 1950, in North Dakota. He marriedAnna Sink in Bowbells, North Dakota. (Anna had one son, Merritt Tallman, by her first marriage.) They had six children: Gladys Sparks, born 1904 married Lawrence Erickson. They have two sons: Ernest Erickson, married Jean. Richard Erickson, married Birdie. Norman Sparks, born 1906; married Helen. They have no children. Estella Sparks, born 1908; married Bert Wahlund. They have one son: Larry Wahlund Rolland Sparks, born 1911; married Grace Flecton. They have two sons: Bobbie Sparks. Douglas Sparks
. Jessie Sparks, born 1916; married Richard Billings. They have two sons: Billie Billings. Dickie Billings

Jessie (Sparks) Billings married (second) William Brown. Lyle Sparks, born 1926; married Evelyn. Mable Sparks was born September 26, 1880, in Nebraska; died January 30, 1881. Abner R. Sparks was born January 27, 1882, in Nebraska; died Oct 29, 1961, and was buried in Taylor, Nebraska. He never married. Ernest H. Sparks, born December 10, 1883, in Nebraska; unmarried; he lives in British Columbia, Canada. Mary L. Sparks was born Oct 10, 1885; died Oct 24, 1886; buried in Nebraska. George Andrews Sparks was born Oct 24, 1887, in Nebraska; he married Louie May Redding, daughter of Charles A. and Margaret Adelaide (Plant) Redding, on Oct 23, 1910. She was born Oct 22, 1892, in Plymouth, Indiana. Children: Margaret Charlotta Sparks, barn September 15, 1911, in Bowbells, North Dakota; married in 1937 to Jack Hart. She married (second) on February 14, 1941, Leo C. Shea; she lives in Los Angeles, California. by her first husband, she had one son: Don Robert Hart, born June 10, 1939. Edith May Sparks, born March 18, 1913, in Moosejaw, Sask., Canada; married Thomas Pinnington in 1952; lives in Los Angeles, California. Noah Sparks was born February 2, 1889, in Nebr. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on May 24, 1918, and served in France; discharged April 22, 1919. He is unmarried and lives in Corning, Iowa. David Gephart Sparks was born Oct 24, 1890, in Nebraska; married July 25, 1916, Ollie May Hickman in Mount Etna, Iowa. (It was a double wedding, in which David's sister, Clara, married Chester Fox.) Ollie May Hickman was born March 22, 1882, in Taylor County, Iowa, daughter of George D. and Naomi Jane (Tuttle) Hickman. Ollie was the widow of B. J. Johnston at the time of her marriage to David G. Sparks. by her first marriage, she had two daughters: G. Thelma Hickman (born June 19, 1908; died February 27, 1924), and R. Elda Hickman (born February 25, 1910). R. Elda married Darwin L. Powell on June 2, 1928, and they have one daughter, Dolores Jean Powell , born December 1, 1929. Dolores married Carl E. Williams, who was born Oct 20, 1929, and they have two children: Kurt Eugene Williams, born May 16, 1953, in California, and Denise Suzanne Williams , born July 23, 1957, in Illinois.

David G. and Ollie May (Hickman) Sparks had two sons: Norman C. Sparks, born Nov 12, 1917, in Mount Etna, Iowa; married February 24, 1940, Nola B. McCartney, born July 4, 1920, in Colorado. They have four children: Norma Jeanne Sparks, born Nov 17, 1940, in California; married J. Lynn O'Dell. They have two sons: Jay Lynn O'Dell, born July 20, 1959; and Norman Keith O'Dell, born 1 May 1961. Norene Carol Sparks, born Oct 17, 1945, in California. Nolan David Sparks, born March 28, 1948, in California. Nelson Paul Sparks, born March 13, 1951, in California. T. Merrill Sparks, born Oct 5, 1922, at Mount Etna, Iowa. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on December 7, 1942, saw combat in Europe with the 1st Arm'd. Inf. Div. in Italy, was discharged on February 7, 1946. Merrill is unmarried and lives in Hollywood, California. Estella Sparks (Stella), daughter of William A. and Martha (Lucas) Sparks, was born June 13, 1893, in Nebraska; married 1928 John Wildrick. They had three children: Betty Lou Wildrick, born 1929. Ruth Wildrick, born 1931; deceased. William Wildrick (Billie), born 1933, lives near Pittsburgh, Penna. Clara Sparks was born February 21, 1895, in Missouri; she married July 25, 1916, Chester Fox at Mount Etna, Iowa; he was born May 12, 1887, and died May 31, 1959, the son of George and Elizabeth A. (Black) Fox. They had two daughters. Verda Lucille Fox, born July 5, 1917; married June 6, 1939, Elmer Watts, who was born July 29, 1914. They had one son: Richard Watts, born June 7, 1945. Lois Fox, born Nov 20, 1918; married February 15, 1939, Warren Mitchell, who was born Oct 9, 1911. They had three children: Robert Mitchell, born Oct 11, 1939. Fred Mitchell, born September 21, 1941. Edward Mitchell, born August 10, 1945. Margaret Ann Sparks, third child of Asa and Axnanda (VanScyoc) Sparks, was born 6 February 1848; died April 2, 1922, and was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, Illinois. She married on May 6, 1869, William H. Dorsey, born January 27, 1843, in Philadelphia, Penna. He died Nov 13, 1925, and was buried beside his wife. (On April 15, 1925, at the age of 82, he married Mrs. Mary Horn, age 76, at Chicago, IL.) He served in the Civil War in Company I, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry. They were the parents of seven children: Frank Dorsey, born Oct 10, 1869; died December 27, 1939; he married January 18, 1923, Mary Jane Enright Hurley, born August 12, 1861, at Panda, IL. She died February 7, 1936; buried in St. Mary's Cemetery north of El Paso, IL. No children. John Shelby Dorsey, born Nov 3, 1872; died September 22, 1907. Unmarried. Harry H. Dorsey, born June 20, 1877; died December 10, 1921; married February 17, 1908, Fae Holiday, born July 20, 1889, daughter of Mathias E. and Anna G. (Wright) Holliday. They had two sons: Robert Dorsey, born Nov 11, 1908; he is a colonel in the U.S. Army. Harry Max Dorsey, born February 22, 1911; he is married and has two sons. Hugh Dorsey, born Oct 14, 1884; married Louise G.; divorced; no children. Chester Dorsey, died at the age of 4 months. Grace Dorsey, born February 21, 1887; died Nov 20, 1942, at Los Angeles, California.; her body was cremated in California and buried in El Paso, Illinois. Clyde Dorsey, died as an infant. Leonidius Sparks was born December 16, 1849, and died March 23, 1850. Amos Sparks (squire) was born June 3, 1852; died Oct 6, 1923, in Woodford County, Illinois. He was married on Nov 28, 1876, in Woodford County, to Elizabeth Pearson, born Oct 16, 1855, died May 9, 1944; buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, Illinois. She was a daughter of Wilson and Elizabeth (Young) Pearson. Amos and Elizabeth (Pearson) Sparks were the parents of eight children: Amanda Sparks was born Sep26, 1877; she married in 1906, James Richard Potter; she married (second)Chester Cady who was born Oct 22, 1874, and died May 6, 1930. by her first marriage she had one son: Virgil Potter, born February 9, 1907; married Lida Simmons. Georgia May Sparks was born September 24, 1879; she married Asa W. Hendryx who was born August 5, 1874. They had one son: Harold Hendryx, born May 18, 1909, in McLean County, md.; died February 25, 1936; buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso, IL. Jessie Sparks, born February 26, 1884; married January 27, 1905, in Kappa, IL.,Sheldon Elwood Gillespie, who was born in 1879 and died May 22, 1936. He was a son of William and Katie (Pentz) Gillespie. They had one Son: Ralph Gillespie, born July 21, 1908; married December 8, 1931, Esther Ripple, who was born March 10, 1911. They have the following children: Ronald Deal Gillespie, born April 27, 1932; died in infancy. Don Eugene Gillespie, (twin) born April 27, 1932; died in infancy. Charles Gillespie, born March 3, 1938. Roger Gillespie, born Nov 25, 1940. Clarence Van Sparks, son of Amos and Elizabeth (Pearson) Sparks, was born Oct 19, 1885; married June 6, 1918, Bertha Mae Kilpatrick, born February 20, 1896, daughter of Samuel and Mae Kilpatrick. Mary Pearl Sparks, daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (Pearson) Sparks, was born Oct 29, 1887; married January 1, 1908, in Woodford County, Ira Bilbrey, born August 22, 1880, son of Eli and Malissa Bilbrey. They had two children: Gladys Bilbrey, born December 13, 1909, married December 5, 1934, in Peoria, IL., Lawrence Punke, born February 26, 1900. They have one daughter. Mary Sue Punke, born July 31, 1938; married in 1956 a son of Louis Mennen of Benson, IL. They have a son, Ricky Benson , born September 21, 1957, and a daughter born in 1958. Cecil Bilbrey, born May 22, 1908; married Oct 31, 1937, Mrs. Pearl Blumenshine; they have a daughter named Janis Bilbrey and a son named Stevie Bilbrey. Maude Sparks, daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (Pearson) Sparks, was born September 26, 1891; married April 21, 1913, in Bloomington, IL., Henry Walters, who was born January 1, 1885, at Mt. Sterling, IL., son of John and Mary Walters; he died May 31, 1959, and was buried in Peoria, IL. They had two daughters: Elizabeth Walters, born Oct 9, 1923; married Ben Pullen. Doris Louise Walters, born December 7, 1925; married Al Hufeld; they have a daughter: Nancy Hufeld, born May 31, 1946. Ida Sparks, daughter of Amos and Elizabeth (Pearson) Sparks, was born July 8, 1893; married May 24, 1918, Jesse Malcom. Wilson Asa Sparks, son of Amos and Elizabeth (Pearson) Sparks, was born December 19, 1896; died September 6, 1897. John Sparks, sixth child of Asa and Amanda (VanScyoc) Sparks, was born in Woodford County, ILinois, on July 30, 1853, and died in 1936; he was buried at Carthage, Missouri. He was merried at Secor, IL., on December 28, 1881, to Alice Harrison, daughter of John Harrison. She was born in 1857 and died September 5, 1914; she was buried at Carthage, Missouri. They were the parents of three children: Clara Mae Sparks, daughter of John and Alice (Harrison) Sparks, born Jan15, 1882; died December 6, 1951, and was buried in the Diamond Cemetery, Carthage, Missouri. She was married in Woodford County, IL., on Nov 26, 1911, to Lorenzo Warren Shoemaker, son of Asberry C. and Sarah (Saddler) Shoemaker; he was born Nov 7, 1878, and died August 29, 1954. They had two children: Ethel May Shoemaker, born Nov 15, 1901; died April 26, 1949. She married Louis T. Malroy but was later divorced. They had one daughter named Alice Malroy. Ethel married (second) a Mr. Bershire who died in 1947. Lyle Everett Shoemaker, born February 20, 1904; married Veda; they had two children. Margaret Sparks, second child of John and Alice (Harrison) Sparks, was born Oct 30, 1884. She married Odis Shoemaker, son of Asberry and Sarah (Saddler) Shoemaker. They had two children: Claire Shoemaker, born 4 February 1910, at Fairbury, IL.; died in 1957 in San Diego, California. He married on February 28, 1937, Loraine Campbell of Kappa, ILinois. No children. Virginia Elizabeth Shoemaker, born 1921 in Bigheart, Oklahoma. She married on May 3, 1941, in El Paso, IL., Joseph Carroll Furrow, who was born in 1912, a son of William and Cordelia (Newkirk) Furrow. No children. Everett Sparks, third child of John and Alice (Harrison) Sparks, was born in 1886 and died June 25, 1925, in Joplin, Missouri. He married Grace and had four children, two of whom were named Margaret and Robert. Egbert Sparks, seventh child of Asa and Amanda (VanScyoc) Sparks, was born March 17, 1856, and died April 3, 1856; buried in the Centennial Cemetery near Kappa, Illinois. Edward Lorain Sparks, eighth child of Asa and Amanda (VanScyoc) Sparks, was born August 16, 1857, in Woodford County, Illinois, and died July 25, 1939, at Secor, IL. He was married in El Paso, IL., on December 21, 1893, to Margaret Louise Geiselman. She was born December 11, 1867, in Secor, IL., and died April 16, 1920, in Secor; she was a daughter of Frederick and Sarah Ann (Wright) Geiselman. They had two children: Ivora Mae Sparks, daughter of Edward L. and Margaret L. (Geiselman) Sparks, was born January 21, 1896, in Palestine Township, Woodford County, IL.; married in El Paso on May 2, 1922, to Francis William Kridner, who was born February 17, 1901, the son of John and Mary (Lynch) Kridner. They were divorced on June 6, 1949; no children. Arthur Franklin Sparks, son of Edward L. and Margaret L. (Geiselman) Sparks, was born September 13, 1899, in Palestine Township, Woodford County, IL.; he married in Bloomington, IL., on September 12, 1922, Ruth Esther Cable, who was born February 7, 1901, daughter of George and Mary (Kridner) Cable of El Paso, IL. They have two children: Harold Eugene Sparks, born March 9, 1925; married April 9, 1945, Joanna Trotter Bailey, who was born September 23, 1925, daughter of Clayton and Fayette (Anthenat) Bailey. They have four children: David Lynn Sparks, born March 2, 1948. Susan Diane Sparks, born September 11, 1950. Sharon Jeanne Sparks, born 1 Jun 1954. Mike Sparks, born February 9, 1960. Glenn Arthur Sparks, born 1 February 1928; married at Secor, IL., on June 5, 1949, Rosemary Wilson, who was born September 12, 1926, daughter of William J. Wilson. They have three children: Katherine Ann Sparks, born July 19, 1950. Curtis Wayne Sparks, born December 20, 1954. Barbara Jane Sparks, born July 18, 1960. Clara May Sparks, ninth child of Asa and Axnanda (VanScyoc) Sparks, was born March 12, 1861, in Palestine Township, Woodford County, Illinois, and died 1 Jun 1938, in El Paso, Illinois. She was married in Bloomington, IL.. on December 3, 1885, to William White Tegard, who was born Nov 14, 1855, in Franklin County, Ohio, and died May 7, 1926, in El Paso, IL. Both were buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in El Paso. They had three children: Harry William Tegard, born May 12, 1886, in El Paso, IL.; married in Peoria, IL., on September 21, 1910, to Bernice Marie Greskoviak, who was born August 15, 1881, in Minonk, IL., and died January 24, 1948, in Peoria, IL. She was a daughter of Ignatuis and Gathren (Strzelecki) Greskoviak of Minonk, IL., who came to the United States from Poland. They had three children: George William Tegard, born December 24, 1911, in Peoria, IL.; married in Pekin, IL., in 1930, Virginia Hill; they were divorced in 1935. They had one daughter: Louise Marie Tegard, born February 27, 1931; married in the San Bernadino Air Base Chapel in California on March 17, 1950, to Sgt. Eldon V. Snider of Washburn, IL. They live in California. and have three children: Elden Vern Snider, Jr., born Oct 5, 1951; Suzanne Snider, born Oct 8, 1957; and Louise Snider, born December 2, 1959.

George William Tegard married (second) Grace Ford; they were divorced in 1945; no children. His third wife's name is Helen; they have two children: Kenneth Harry Tegard, born in Chicago on August 14, 1947. George William Tegard, twin, born the same day. Lucille Eleanor Tegard, daughter of Harry William and Bernice Marie (Greskoviak) Tegard, was born May 11, 1913, in Peoria, IL.; married on Nov 3, 1934, Charles Emerson Long, who was born April 8, 1911

. They live at Omaha, Nebr. Children: Judith Ann Long, born February 10, 1936, in Peoria, IL.; married Oct 18, 1958, Ronald Harner. They have two daughters: Julie Anne Harner , born January 19, 1960; and Lisa Harnet , born Oct 12, 1961. Charles Allan (Joe) Long, born June 11, 1939, at Freeport, IL. Jeffery Long, born December 10, 1952; died 1952 at Hinsdale, IL. Alberta Clara Tegard, daughter of Harry William and Bernice Marie (Greskoviak) Tegard, was born Oct 14, 1916, in Peoria, IL, She was married on Nov 1, 1941, to David R. Holden, son of William and Alice Holden. They were divorced on Nov 30, 1943; he died in 1950. They had no children.

Alberta married (second) Clarence Kenneth Sperry on May 11, 1951, in Chicago, IL. No children. Harry William Tegard married (second) on 4 February 1952, Louella Raschert, at Peoria, Illinois. He died December 3, 1960, at Peoria, IL. Clyde Larain Tegard, son of Clara May (Sparks) and William White Tegard, was born July 20, 1888, at El Paso, IL. He was married in Chicago, IL., on Nov 29, 1910, to Mary Lillian Nevin, who was born December 3, 1889, in Washburn, IL.. daughter of Thomas and Annie (Stern) Nevin. They were divorced in 1930. They had one child: Dorothy Elizabeth Tegard, born April 28, 1912, in El Paso, IL.; she married in Portland, Oregon, on 6 January 1943, Donald J. Beetler, who was born December 25, 1914, in Pekin, IL. They were divorced 5 February 1945; no children. Dorothy married (second) on May 3, 1952, Frank O'Day, who was born September 20, 1909, in Joliet, IL., son of Charles and Laura O'Day.

Clyde Lorain Tegard married (second) in Ottawa, IL., Oct 17, 1935, Myrtle Harroun, born Oct 13, 1906, daughter of Frank and Susie (Tarvin) Harroun, of Havanna, IL. They were divorced in Oct, 1951. They were the parents of two children: Tobien Marie Tegard, born June 2, 1939, in Bloomington, IL. Clyde Walter Tegard, born 1 Jun 1946, in Bloomington, IL. Hazle Edna Tegard, youngest child of Clara May (Sparks) and William White Tegard, was born March 29, 1895, at El Paso, Illinois. She was baptized on February 14, 1912, by O. E. McNeMarch of the Christian Church. She was married on June 5, 1928, in Lexington, Nebraska, by the Rev. Ward L. Austin to Floyd Lester Tarman. He was born Oct 19, 1893, in El Paso, Illinois, and was baptized on Oct 19, 1893, in the Evangelical Church; he was a son of Christopher C. and Mary Catherine (Tobias) Tarman. He died at the Hines Veterans Hospital in Chicago on 5 February 1945, and was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in El Paso, Illinois. by occupation he was a butcher and locker owner; he served overseas in the First World War, being honorably discharged from the United States Army at Rockford, Illinois, on July 17, 1919. He was an active Legionnaire. They had no children. (Mrs. Tarman is the author of this genealogy of the descendants of Asa Egbert Sparks.)