May 2, 2021

Pages 747-748
Whole Number 43 SOLOMON SPARKS (1767-1838)

In the June, 1963 issue of The Sparks Quarterly (Whole No. 42), we published a record of George Sparks, who we believe was born in the 1730's, and his brother, William Sparks, of Washington County, Pennsylvania. One of George Sparks's sons was Solomon Sparks, who was born November 15, 1767.

Solomon Sparks grew to manhood in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and there he was married ca. 1792 to Catherine Hillegas, who was a daughter of John and Elizabeth Hillegas. Catherine was born February 15, 1777.

Our records of Solomon Sparks in Washington County, Pennsylvania, are few in number. On October 10, 1798, his father deeded 114 acres of his farm called "Elenoroon" to him. (See the map on the cover of the June, 1963, issue of The Sparks Quarterly for the location of "Elenoroon.") Solomon Sparks acquired other land and appears to have been a prosperous farmer. In 1803 and again in 1805, Solomon and Catherine sold land in Washington County. On May 3, 1809, they sold the last of their property and shortly thereafter moved to Adams County, Ohio, settling near the present town of Winchester. There they became charter members of the First Baptist Church of Winchester, signing the Articles of Confederation in 1814.

Solomon Sparks probably chose to move to Adams County, Ohio, because an older brother, Salathiel Sparks, had settled there in 1803. Salathiel lived near the town of West Union. Solomon Sparks died in Adams County, Ohio, on March 19, 1838, and his wife, Catherine, died on March 14, 1859. Following is a record of the children of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks as copied many years ago from their family Bible by their son, Abner Sparks. Children: John Sparks, born February 7, 1793; died July 19, 1819. Ezra Sparks, born June 18, 1795. Levi Sparks, born April 9, 1798. Elizabeth Sparks, born July 20, 1800. Solomon Sparks, Jr., born May 6, 1803; died May 5, 1852. Catherine Sparks, born January 11, 1806; died August 28, 1806. James Sparks, born August 31, 1807; died January 10, 1858. Mary Sparks, born January 4, 1810. Abner Sparks, born August 17, 1812. George Hillegas Sparks, born November 13, 1815. Jonathan Boston Sparks, born June 10, 1817, John Oliver Sparks, born April 26, 1820.

Gertrude Sparks of Eau Clair, Wisconsin, and Mrs. Leota Lawton of Plymouth, Illinois, have prepared a splendid record of the descendants of Ezra Sparks, seoond child of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks, which begins on page 749. We should like to publish similar records of the descendants of the other children of Solomon and Catherine and welcome information on these families from descendants.

Webmaster Note: See Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks, Their Children and Grandchildren [of Adams County, Ohio], Whole No. 160., for additional information.