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by Gertrude Sparks and Leota Lawton Ezra Sparks, son of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks, was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, on June 18, 1795, and died at Winchester, Adams County, Ohio, on January 14, 1862. He married Mahala Shriver in Adams County on July 14, 1820. She was born August 18, 1801, in Berkley County, Virginia, and died at Winchester, Ohio, on July 16, 1867. She was a daughter of Peter and Rebecca (Faris) Shriver. Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks were the parents of the following children: Solomon Shriver Sparks, born July 2, 1821. Rebecca Ann Sparks, born 1823. John F. Sparks, born ca. 1825. Levi Sparks, born ca. 1827. Robert U. Sparks, born February 9, 1829. Mary Ellen Sparks, born October 17, 1831. Catherine Sparks, born ca. 1833. Kernilla Sparks, born September 4, 1835. Ezra Sparks, born June 6, 1838. Solomon Shriver Sparks was born at Winchester, Adams County, Ohio, July 2, 1821, and died January 7, 1874, at Bethel, Ohio. He married Isabel Sargent at New Vienna, Ohio, on November 17, 1859. She was born July 12, 1837, in Bethel, Ohio, and died October 17, 1908. Solomon was a farmer and a kind and loving father. Isabel, whose father and grandfather were Baptist ministers, was a devoted church worker. They were the parents of the following children: Ida Bell Sparks was born at Winchester, Ohio, August 29, 1860, and died at New Vienna, Ohio, September 7, 1887. A son (twin) born July 23, 1862, died July 28, 1862. A daughter (twin) born July 23, 1862, died July 26, 1862. James Sargent Sparks was born March 23, 1864, and died at Antigo, Wisconsin, on December 8, 1928. He married Alice Mary Davis on September 17, 1888 at Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born June 16, 1865, and died February 11, 1919. He was a farmer and dairyman, she was a dressmaker. Both were kind and loving parents. They moved to Kansas, then to Illinois, then to Iowa where James S. Sparks ran a dairy farm in Webster City. They later moved to Wisconsin. They were the parents of the following children: Leota Sparks was born September 3, 1889, at Douglas, Kansas. She married Howard Marion Lawton on September 1, 1915, at Hobart, Md. He was born May 10, 1889, at Plymouth, IL. He is a farmer and dairyman; she was a primary teacher. Howard M. Lawton and his five children, James, Dale, Alice, John and Robert, are all graduates of Knox College at Galesburg, Illinois. Two granddaughters have also attended. All four sons were in World War II and John was called back into service for the Korean War. Data on the children of Howard M. and Leota (Sparks) Lawton follow: James Howard Lawton was born June 19, 1917, at Plymouth, Illinois. He is an accountant. He married Dorris Braeutigam on August 1, 1942, at Jefferson City, Missouri. She was born August 7, 1915, at Belleville, Illinois. Dale Elmer Lawton was born September 13, 1919, at Plymouth, IL. He married Gladys Martin on August 23, 1942, at Belmar, New Jersey. She was born October 10, 1914, at Sterling, IL. Dale is a teacher. They have two children: Marilyn Lawton, born November 12, 1944, at Belmont, New Jersey Thomas Howard Lawton, born February 28, 1954, at Chicago Heights, Illinois. Alice Iona Lawton was born December 17, 1921, at Plymouth, IL. She was married at Golden, Col., to Warren Kruse, who was born October 1, 1920. Alice was a teacher before her marriage. They have two children: Marcia Lynne Kruse, born December 30, 1952, at Denver, Col. James Warren Kruse, born August 9, 1959, at Denver, Col. John Sargent Lawton was born July 8, 1924, at Plymouth, IL. He married Medanell Spindel on June 9, 1951, at Edinburg, IL. She was born June 26, 1927, at Edinburg. John was formerly a teacher, is now a farmer and dairyman. They have two children: John Sargent Lawton, Jr., born March 4, 1952. Doris Ann Lawton, born May 3, 19?? Robert Marion Lawton was born July 4, 1926, at Plymouth, IL. He married Shirley Sander at Carrollton, IL. She was born March 11, 1926. He is a teacher. They have two children: Cassandra Lawton, born November 2, 1952, at Springfield, IL. Kevin Robert Lawton, born February 10, 1954, at Jacksonville, Illinois. Gertrude Sparks, daughter of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks was born July 16, 1891, at Douglas, Kansas. She is a graduate of Home Economics at Madison, Wisconsin. She taught in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, until June 1961. She is now retired and lives with her sister, Inez, at Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Inez Davis Sparks, daughter of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks, was born July 24, 1894, at Goodfield, IL. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. She is a teacher of psychology, with the rank of full professor, at the Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Ernest Sargent Sparks, son of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks, was born July 13, 1897, at Goodfield, Illinois. He married Marjorie Eva Tinker on September 14, 1918, at Ladysmith, Wisconsin. She was born September 3, 1899, at Forrest City, Iowa. He works in a large paper mill near Wausau, Wisconsin. They are the parents of seven children: Claire Lucille Sparks, Marjorie Lee Sparks, Phyllis Elaine Sparks, Ernest Alan Sparks, James William Sparks, Ellen Lorraine Sparks, and Eva Lynn Sparks. Claire Lucille Sparks was born November 19, 1919, at Parrish, Wisconsin. She married Howard John Faultersack on March 9, 1943, at Merrill, Wisconsin. He was born August 24, 1919. Claire was formerly a beautician, now a loving mother. Howard works for Oscar Meyer at Madison, Wisconsin. They have three children: John Howard Faultersack, born August 2, 1946, at Merrill, Wisconsin. Nancy Lee Faultersack, born January 6, 1951, at Madison, Wisconsin. Mark Allen Faultersack, born June 28, 1953, at Madison, Wisconsin. Marjorie Lee Sparks was born June 11, 1923, at Ladysmith, Wisconsin. She married Gaylord Allen Howard at Merrill, Wisconsin, on June 14, 1946. He was born February 4, 1921. Marjorie teaches in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; Gaylord works for the Unemployment Department for the State of Wisconsin. Phyllis Elaine Sparks was born June 14, 1925, at Parrish, Wisconsin She married Myles Harold Weben at Merrill, Wisconsin, on July 28, 1946. He was born March 24, 1921. Myles is an accountant for a construction company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have two children: Geanne Lee Weber, born November 16, 1948, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin Richard Weber, born in 1952, also at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ernest Alan Sparks was born January 11, 1927, at Neenah, Wisconsin. He married Mary Hyde on April 21, 1951, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was born February 19, 1928, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ernest is an auto mechanic; Mary is a happy and busy mother of six children: Sandra Lee Sparks, born January 6, 1952; Judith Ann Sparks, born April 23, 1953; Vicky Lynn Sparks born February 27, 1955; David Alan Sparks, born March 6, 1956; Lynn Marie Sparks, bonn December 17, 1959; Scott Michael Sparks, born September 10, 1961.

All were born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. James William Sparks was born December 3, 1930, at Parrish, Wisconsin. He married Izetta Schmirler on December 15, 1951, at Wausau, Wisconsin. She was born January 12, 1932, at Wausau, Wisconsin. James is a chemist and lives in Lakewood, Ohio. They have two children: Jamie Lynn Sparks, bonn October 15, 1954, at Hudson, Wisconsin. Deborah Jeanne Sparks, born June 12, 1958, at Lakewood, Ohio. Ellen Lorrain Sparks was born January 2, 1936, at Merrill, Wisconsin. She married Robert Lewis Hotzfeld on March 26, 1955, at Merrill, Wisconsin. He was born November 19, 1934. He is a draftsman for a company in Wausau, Wisconsin. They have three children: Bruce Clark Hotzfeld, born May 24, 1958, in Wausau, Wisconsin. Robin Lan Hotzfeld, born April 10, 1960, in Wausau Brook Jon Hotzfeld, born April 12, 1962, also in Wausau. Eva Lynn Sparks (twin of Ellen), born January 2 1936, at Merrill, Wisconsin. She married Dale A. Jensen on September 16, 1961, at Merrill. Dale is a mechanical engineering student at a college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Eva works for Blue Cross.
They live in Milwaukee. John F. Sparks, son of Solomon S. and Isabel (Sargent) Sparks, was born May 25, 1866, at Bethel, Ohio. He was married on February 2, 1886, to Etta Delilah Kester, who was born March 4, 1868, at Mantineville, Ohio, and died July 20, 1944, in Waterloo, Iowa. They were the parents of three children: Howard Irwin Sparks was born February 7, 1887, at New Vienna, Ohio, and died on June 3, 1940, at Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He married Chloe Pearl Lockwood on May 22, 1912, at Antigo, Wisconsin; she was born September 28, 1891, in Williams, Iowa. Bernice Anna Sparks was born May 25, 1890, at Douglas, Kansas, and died December 6, 1945, in Waterloo, Iowa. She was married on July 14, 1924, at Independence, Iowa, to Archibald Stout. He was born June 19, 1896. Edgar Paul Sparks was born May 25, 1896, at Eureka, Illinois, and died September 30, 1947, in San Francisco. He married Tomme B. Stubbs at Rush Springs, Indian Territory, on January 28, 1922. She was born April 25, 1899. Wilbur Sparks was born March 9, 1874, at Bethel, Ohio, and died April 27, 1956, at Neenab, Wisconsin. He married Anna Elizabeth Bloom at Neenah, Wisconsin. She was born April 16, 1879, and died November 25, 1956, at Neenah, Wisconsin Wilbur was a teacher, farmer, then an editor of the Neenah daily paper. They were married in Neenah, Wisconsin, on November 25, 1915. They were the parents of two children: Catherine Margaret Sparks was born August 18, 1916, at Crystal Lake, Iowa. She married the Rev. Nathan Grier Hills in Neenah, Wisconsin, on June 20, 1942. He was born January 18, 1915, in Oak Park, IL. Catherine was graduated from Dennison University, Granville, Ohio, while the Rev, Mr. Hills is a graduate of Northwestern University and Louisville Seminary in Kentucky. He is Director of the Presbyterian Larger Parish and is in charge of nine churches. They are the parents of five children: Stephen Moore Hills, born October 3, 1943, at Sulphur, Oklahoma. He attends Wooster College in Ohio. Catherine Ann Hills, born December 25, 1944, at Sulphur, Oklahoma. Mary Louise Hills, born September 12, 1946, at Mexico, Missouri. Sally Lucile Hills, born June 18, 1951, at Keokuk, Iowa. Thomas Grier Hills, born October 20, 1958, at Paris, Illinois. Robert Edward Sparks, born October 25, 1925, at Cameron, Wisconsin, was adopted by Wilbur aud Anna K. (Bloom) Sparks when he was a small baby. He married Martha Virginia Wibel on January 4, 1948, at St. Paris, Ohio, She was born May 29, 1926 at St. Paris, Ohio. He works in one of the large Neenah banks. They have two children: Nancy K. Sparks, born March 5, 1949, at Neenah, Wisconsin Anna Marie Sparks, born June 12, 1951, at Neenah, Wisconsin. Rebecca Ann Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriven) Sparks, was born in 1823 at Winchester, Ohio, and died in 1847 at Winchester. She married Samuel Millin Dryden, who was born December 23, 1813, at Mount Lay, Adams Co., Ohio, and died October 3, 1895, at Montezuma, Iowa. They were the parents of five children: John F. Dryden was born September 25, 1841, in Adams County, Ohio, and died July 26, 1921, at Montezuma, Iowa. He married Mary F. Hunnicett on March 28, 1869. They were the parents of the following children: Eva Dee Dryden. Fred F. Dryden. Arthur B. Dryden. Kerrilla Dryden. James Dryden. No further information. Mary Jane Dryden was born March 27, 1843, in Adams County, Ohio, and died August 7, 1920, at New Vienna, Ohio. She married James G. Grice on December 13, 1864. He died June 20, 1906, in New Vienna, Ohio, They had no children. Kerrilla Dryden was born abont 1845 in Adams County, Ohio. She married FNU Abbott. Sarah Albertion Dryden was born August 19, 1846, in Adams County, Ohio, and died April 22, 1924, at Greenfield, Ohio. She married David Newton McBride on April 29, 1868. He died June 29, 1916. They were the parents of five children: Otto Taliaferro McBride, born April 24, 1869, died November 12, 1876. Edith Blanche McBride, bonn November 24, 1871; she married FNU Mercer and had children named: Harry Mercer and Oleta Mercer. John Dryden McBride, born September 3, 1875, in Rainsboro, Ohio, died in 1949 at Hilisboro, Ohio. He was a physician. He married Florence Minetti Kukin on October 26, 1904. They had two children: John Randall McBride, born March 27, 1909, at Hillsboro, Ohio. He was a physician. Leland Dale McBride, born April 22, 1915. Newton Craig McBride, born June 8, 1879, at Raineboro, Ohio. He married Sophia May Saybert on April 12, 1905, at Hillsboro, Ohio. She was born May 2, 1880. They had three children: Saybert Craig McBride, born May 10, 1908, died July 15, 1917. Robert Leff be McBride, born December 26, 1909. David Newton McBride, born May 1?, 1912. James Ray McBride, born June 2, 1885. He married and had three children: Joseph McBride. Sarah McBride. Charles McBride. John F. Sparks was born ca. 1825 at Winchester, Ohio. He never married. He was a surveyor. The date of his death is not known, but he was buried in Troy, Missouri. Levi Sparks was born ca. 1827, at Winchester, Ohio. He married Nancy Fibbs. He died at Charleston, Illinois, date not known. They had one child: Anna B. Sparks; she never married. Robert N. Sparks was born February 9, 1829, at Winchester, Ohio, and died April 4, 1893, at Old Hawk Point, Missouri; be was buried in Brush Creek Cemetery near Gamma, Missouri. He married Mary Ann Elrod who died on October 8, 1861, at the age of 27 years, 11 months, and 22 days. They had two children: Frank Sparks was born April 27, 1859, at Montgomery County, Missouri. He died April 4, 1880, at Montgomery County, Missouri, and was buried in Brush Creek Cemetery, Gamma, Missouri. He never married. Walter Edward Sparks was born April 20, 1861, in Montgomery County, Missouri, and died at Bellflower, Missouri. He married Lena Bunnell on February 7, 1886, in Montgomery County. She was born December 24, 1869, in Hamilton County, Ohio, and died May 21, 1918, at Edmonton, Canada. They had two children: Walter Edgar Sparks was born June 11, 1888, at Hawk Point, Missouri. He married Mary Johnson of England. They had one daughter: Pearl Sparks, who married Roy Franklin Dean at Santa Monica, California, on June 22, 1940. He was born January 17, 1913, in Bowersville, Georgia. Ira Edward Sparks was born February 8, 1890, at Hawk Point, Missouri. He married Mabel Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri.; she was born August 24, 1891, in England. They have one son: Walter Johnson Sparks. Mary Ellen Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks, was born October 17, 1831, at Winchester, Ohio, and died January 1, 1865, at Winchester. She married Dr. Frank (red) Fear, who was born December 11, 1824, and died April 28, 1902, at Waverly, Kansas. In a cemetery a short distance east of Winchester, is the grave of Mary K. Fear, The inscription reads:

Mary B.
wife of
Dr. F. Fear
January 19 1865
33 yrs. 3 mo. and 14 da.
Asleep in Jesus, O for me
May such a blissful refuge be,
Securely shall my ashes lie
And wait the summons from on high.

Dr. Frank and Mary Ellen (Sparks) Fear were the parents of five children: Dr. John Carey Fear was born November 9, 1855, at Duncansville, Ohio. He married Rhoda Butler at Ottumwa, Kansas, on August 13, 1879. She was born February 2, 1862, in Tallyrand, Iowa. They had three children: Maude Florence Fear, born July 25, 1881, died March 17, 1894. Jessie A. Fear, born September 18, 1883, at Burlington, Kansas; She married FNU Kelly and had three children, all three of whom were musicians. Their names were: Leah Marjorie Kelly, born March 4, 1909, at Waverly, Kansas. Lyle Fear Kelly, born February 18, 1912, at Ottawa, Kansas. Dale Hoyt Kelly, born November 28, 1921, at Strawn, Kansas. Ada Mabel Fear, born May 10, 1887; she rnarried Frank C. Lebow on September 12, 1911. They had two children: Roberta Louis Lebow, born April 4, 1913. Rhoda Evelyn Lebow, born January 24, 1916. William Henry Fear was born October 8, 1858. He married Lucia Draun who was born in Ohio. Emery Sparks Fear was born in December 9, 1860, in Adams County, Ohio. He married Florence Baird. He died in Roseland, Florida. Anna Albertine Fear. She married Orlando Kesten and lived in Martinsville, Ohio. Charles Francis Fear. He lived in Latham, Kansas. Catherine Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks, was born ca. 1833 at Winchester, Ohio. She married Dr. Frank ["Black"] Fear. They had three children: Eva Fear. She married Bruce Copple and had a daughter named Estelle Copple who lived in Covington, Kentucky. Mary Mahala Fear. She was born at Blue Creek, Ohio, and died May 18, 1889 in Winchester. Ezra Sparks Fear. He was married at Waverly, Kansas, and died in Rocky Ford, Colo. He had one child, Daisy Fear, who married a FNU Archibald and lived in Denver, Colo. Kerrilla Sparks was born September 4, 1835, at Winchester, Ohio, and died April 26, 1863, aged 27 years, 7 months, and 22 days. He never married. Ezra Sparks was born June 6, 1838. He died January 18, 1857.

This completes the record of the descendants of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks.