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Whole Number 50


by Flossie Sweaney

In the September, 1962, issue of The Sparks Quarterly appeared an abstract of the documents on file in the National Archives relating to the application of Anna Sparks for bounty land. This claim was based on the service of her husband, 23. Richard Sparks, in the War of 1812. From these and other records, we know that Richard Sparks was a resident of Iredell County, North Carolina, when he volunteered during the War of 1812, and that he continued to live there until sometime in the 1850's. When he died on October 19, 1836, however, Richard Sparks was living in Jefferson County, Tennessee. About 1840, Anna, widow of Richard Sparks, moved with her family to Wright County, Missouri.

One of the children of Richard and Anna (Smith) Sparks was a daughter named 23.3 Senith (called Siney), who was born ca. 1810. She married Wade P. Bradshaw while the family was living in Tennessee, and when her mother moved to Wright County, Missouri, ca. 1840, she, with her husband and children, accompanied her. Following is a record of the known descendants of Senith (or Siney) Sparks and her husband, Wade P. Bradshaw.

23.3.1 Benjamin Bradshaw, son of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born ca. 1835 in Tennessee [NOTE: This birthdate was corrected to 1832 on page 925, Whole No. 51 of the Quarterly.]. He was a doctor and married two or three times. His last wife was Cindy Hughes. Children by his first wife were: Wade Bradshaw. Katherin Bradshaw, married Henry Hopkins. Sarah Bradshaw, married George McCallister.

23.3.2 Elizabeth Bradshaw, daughter of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born in 1837 in Tennessee. She married Tom Jarrett. They had the following children: Eli Jarrett. John Jarrett, married Isabell Caudle. Their children were: Mamie Jarrett, died ca. 1918. She married Burt Purtle and had a daughter named Bonnie Purtle. Zenna Jarrett, married Millard Taunt. Zada Jarrett. Macey Jarrett, married Joe Huffinan. Their children are J. R. Huffman and Bernice Huffman. Orla Jarrett, died with T.B. Robert Earl Jarrett, married first Christine Sawyer; they were the parents of Majorie (Jarrett) Ward and Beverly (Jarrett) Cook. He married, second, Jewell MNU. Cecil Richard Jarrett, born February 28, 1908. He married Jewell Pullen on February 26, 1932. Children: Robert Joseph Jarrett, born December 2, 1932, married Lucille Roberts, June 26, 1953. They have children named: Michel Joe Jarrett, born February 4,1955; Stephen Robert Jarrett, born November 23, 1957; and Karren Sue Jarrett, born November 18, 1959. Nellie Ann Jarrett, born May 12, 1934, married Bill Leland. Their children are: Richard Allen Leland, born March 4, 1954; William Luther Leland, born April 23, 1957; and Jeffery Clay Leland, born July 8, 1962. Lois May Jarrett, born May 5, 1935, married George Reed, July 2, 1958. John Henry Jarrett, born September 10, 1958, married Annetia Morris July 3, 1958. They have a son named John Bruce born in August, 1962. Paul Allen Jarrett, born October 30, 1944, married Susan Richerdson on June 26, 1964. Geroldine Jarrett, born March 19, 1946, married Jimmy Moore. George Jarrett married Laura Killfoey. Ace Jarrett married, first, Hulda MNU; they had a daughter named Zella Jarrett. He married, second, Emma Caudle, and had a daughter named Agness Jarrett who married Richard Trottin.

23.3.3 Joseph Bradshaw, son of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born May 6, 1837, in Tennessee. He married Pearlie MNU. They had three sons and two daughters. His wife and three sons died of typhoid fever. The fright of this dreaded disease caused people to refuse to help and Joseph had to bury his family by himself. His two daughters were: Siney Bradshaw, married George Hurt. They had at least two children, Johnny Hurt and Molissia Hurt. Martha Bradshaw, married John Street. She died March 19, 1956, following and automobile accident. Their children were: Dora Elizabeth Street, died at the age of 7. Jennie Stella Street, born April 10, 1901; she married, first, Oron Tucker, and, second, Laverrie Black. She died April 16, 1956. Alta Joe Street, born June 25, 1903. She married Arlis Henegar. Leonard Alva Street, born March 21, 1906. He married Goldie Steel. Lawrence John Street, born July 16, 1908. He married Lula Miller. Gladys Lucinda Street, born December 24, 1910. She married Winferd Gray. Lola Bell Street, born May 21, 1915. She married Willie McCollough. Mary Anna Docas Street, born May 29, 1918. She married Wallace McCoullough.

23.3.4 Richard Bradshaw, son of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born in 1839 in Tennessee. No further information.

23.3.5 William Bradshaw, son of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born in 1842. He married Senith Brutton; they were the parents of the following children: Jim Bradshaw, married Laura Shackford; they had two daughters: Myrtle Bradshaw, married Oscar Kidd. Mabel Bradshaw, married Wilbur Thomas. Frank Bradshaw, married Lizzie Monohand. Paul Bradshaw, killed in service during the first World War. Pansy Bradshaw, married Okra Owens. Walter Bradshaw, married Kelley Kirk. Logan Bradshaw married Alice Street. Their children were Eunice Bradahaw and Carl Bradshaw. Carl was killed in the second World War. Molly Bradshaw, married Ish Cottengim. Their children were: Bessie Cottengim, married Newt Claxton. Billy Cottengim, married Verba Preston. Denver Cottengim, married Pearl Ridyens. Zada Bradshaw, married Wess Scott. Jenny Bradshaw, married John Sanders. Verba Bradshaw, married Joe Turgon.

23.3.6 Martha Bradshaw, daughter of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born in 1846 in Missouri. She married Henry Owens, and they were the parents of the following children: Harrison Owens, deceased. John Owens, married Bessie Long. Quince Owens, married Maggie Long. Jim Owens, married Ellar Moore. Arthur Owens, deceased. Dora Owens, married Charlie Sanders. Thulie Owens, married Fate Scott. Ada Owens, married Amos Sanders.

23.3.7 Anna Bradshaw, daughter of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born in 1848 in Missouri. She married FNU Sanders.

23.3.8 Sarah Bradshaw, daughter of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, was born September 4, 1850, in Wright County, Missouri. She died in 1956. She married, first, FNU Jarrett, and they had one son: Pierson Jarrett was born August 25, 1872, in Norwood, Missouri.; he was killed by a train in Chanute, Kansas, on August 28, 1915. He married, first, Vick Williams; they had one son, Shelley Jarrett, who died as a teenager. Pierson Jarrett married, second, Myra Ridyens, and they had one son, named Charlie Jarrett.

Sarah Bradahaw married, second, Isaac Owens, a widower who had been married to Rachel Seagraves and was the father of two children, William Owens who married Hiley Forrest, and William Owens.

Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens reared the three children left by William following his death in Idaho (he was killed by a horse). These three grandchildren were Elmer Owens, Donald Owens, and Iva Owens. Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens were the parents of seven children, as follows: Britton Elisha Owens, son of Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens, was born August 2, 1878, in Norwood, Missouri; he married Janie Wilson; they had the following children: Owen Owens, unmarried, he lives in Mountain Grove, MO. Lamer Owens. Lester Owens, died in an automobile accident. Chester Owens, twin to Lester. Frank Henry Owens, son of Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens, was born March 14, 1882, in Norwood, MO. He married Hannah Moore and they had the following children. Ona Owens, born June 25, 1904, in Norwood, MO. She married Sam Caudle. They had one daughter, Beulah Caudle, who married Joe Kerns, now living in Exeter, California. Earl Owens. Denver Owens. Gladys Owens. Sarah Owens. Bessie Owens. Lona Owens. James Isaac Owens, son of Isaac and Sarah (Bradahaw) Owens, was born January 27, 1884, in Norwood, Missouri. He married Lulah Harrington. Their children were: Norman Owens, married Wilma Ramsey, January 20, 1927. They live in Warm, OK, and have the following children: Jimmy Owens, who was killed in a hunting accident in 1948. Norma May Owens, who married Chester Stevens; they live in Tyro, Kansas. Alice Adell, married Eldon Thomas. Davis Dean Owens. Cecil Norman Owens. Leon Owens, married, first, Anna Mae Jones, deceased. He married, second, Unknown. They live in Ramona, OK Benjamin Owens, son of Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens, was born February 28, 1886; he married Arizona Cartwright. He is a Free Will Baptist minister. Children: Jessie Owens. Florence Owens, married John Rattrree. Ruth Owens, married Otto Akers. Ruth is deceased. Tommy Owens. Morris Owens. Robert Owens. Lige Owens. Fern Owens, married Clyde Rattrree, of Houston, MO. Ruby Owens, married Leo Beesley, of Grandview, MO. John Joseph Owens, son of Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens, was born February 17, 1888, at Norwood, MO. He married, first, Frances Myrtle Caudle, daughter of George Pleasant and Lucy (Bennett) Caudle, on December 18, 1908. They were the parents of three children: Alta Owens, born December 23, 1909, died April 21, 1915. Dalta Owens, twin of Alta, born December 25, 1909, died April 21, 1915. (Alta and Dalta died one hour apart with membrainous croup and were buried at Caudle Cemetery in Norwood, MO.) Flossie Alberta Owens, born June 12, 1915, at Norwood, MO. by her first marriage she had two children: Berta Joan Miller, born February 24, 1935, at Vera, OK. She married Robert Torbett on September 21, 1963. Jack Warren Miller, born February 4,1955, at Vera, Okla (Note: obviously the birth year is wrong). He married Ellen Roberta Swift on June 12, 1954, at Collinsville, OK. Children: Jackie Kent Miller, born April 10, 1955. Gary Lynn Miller, born September 13, 1957. Timothy Jay Miller, born December 26, 1962.

Flossie Alberta Owens married, second, James Eugene Sweaney, on November 11, 1941. No children. (Mrs. Sweaney is the compiler of this record of the descendants of Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw; her address is Box 34, Vera, OK.)

John Joseph Owens married, second, Perllia Mae Ramsey on November 4, 1920, in Norwood, MO. Mae is the daughter of Davis Ramsey and Myrtle Crawford. They have four children: Jason Edgar Owens, born May 19, 1922, in Norwood, MO. He married Margaret McAfee on January 18, 1947, in Sedan, Kansas. Children: Emilie Kay Owens, born February 17, 1948. Teresa January Owens, born October 2, 1951. Jason Lee Owens, born May 3, 1955. Mark David Owens, born September 20, 1959. Agness Pauline Owens, daughter of John Joseph and Perllia Mae (Ramsey) Owens, was born January 9, 1929, in Norwood, MO. She married Henry William Lawrence on May 17, 1946, at Howard, Kansas. Henry is the son of Marshall Henry and Sarah Katherine (Wachteous) Lawrence. Pauline and Henry have two children: Gwendolyn Pauline Lawrence, born January 17, 1948. Charles Henry Lawrence, born July 13, 1952. Zelma Ilean Owens, daughter of John Joseph and Perllia Mae (Ramsey) Owens, was born July 7, 1932, at Vera, OK. She married on June 5, 1948, at Bartlesville, OK., Charles Wayne McMillian, son of Charles Bradford and Gertrude (Hopkins) McMillian. They have three children: Ronald Wayne McMillian, born December 22, 1948. Michael Joe McMillian, born July 22, 1950. Johnny Charles McMillian, born February 29, 1952. Jimmie Donavan Owens, son of John Joseph and Perllia Mae (Ramsey) Owens, was born August 5, 1945, in Tulsa, OK. Amanda Elizabeth Owens, daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens, was born September 23, 1891. She married Lee Rufus Harrington in Norwood, MO, on March 19, 1912. Their children were: Iva Harrington, drowned in 1926 in a flood at Vera, OK. Itis Harrington, born August 23, 1914; married Chester Stewart on December 24, 1931. Their children are: Bettie Sue Stewart, married James Baldwin; they have a daughter, Dana Jay Baldwin. Billie Lynn Stewart, married James Deakin. Twin daughters, who died at birth on February 10, 1917. Their mother, Amanda, also died at the birth of these twins. Fred Lincoln Owens, son of Isaac and Sarah (Bradshaw) Owens, was born November 18, 1893, at Norwood, MO. He married Itis Ramsey, daughter of Davis and Myrtle (Crawford) Ramsey. Their children were: Ira Isaac Davis Owens, born January 12, 1914, at Norwood, MO. He is a Free Will Baptist minister. He married Bernice Clifton and they have the following children: Carl Dean Owens, married Sharon Kay Brown. Billy Earl Owens, married Joan Vickers. Leo Owens, married Ann Winton. Paul Lincoln Owens. Verba Leona Owens, born August 7, 1915, at Norwood, MO. She married Norman Lee Gaugler, Sr., of Talala, OK. Their children are: Norman Lee Gougler, Jr., married Judy Deen; they have one child, Gena Gougler. Bobby Gougler, married Julia Ruminer on July 25, 1964. Nellie Marie Owens, born November 29, 1917. She married Raymond Stout of Vera, OK. Their children are: Alberta Stout, married Jimmy Hughes; children: Sandy Hughes, Sharon Hughes, Delores Hughes, and Ruth Hughes. Gayle Stout, married Ronda Bingham. They have a son named Mark Stout. Lewis Ray Stout. Ernest Edgar Owens, deceased; buried in Spillman Cemetery, Norwood, MO. Fred Lincoln Owens, Jr., deceased; also buried in Spillman Cemetery. Arthur Alson Owens, born July 19, 1922, at Norwood, MO.; died at the age of 19 and is buried at Buck Creek Cemetery, Talala, Oklahoma. Lucille Mae Owens, married Kenneth Carl Long. Their children are: Donald Carl Long. Fred Lincoln Long. Gary Long. Maxine Zelma Owens, married Paul Thompson. Their children are: Jackie Thompson. Debbie Thompson. Connie Thompson.

Fred Owens died on October 13, 1959, and is buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery in Collinsville, OK

Page 925
Whole Number 51


by W. F. Arnall

In the June, 1965, issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 50, we published a record of the descendants of 23.3 Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw and her husband, Wade P. Bradshaw (also known as Peary Wade Bradshaw). W. F. Arnall of Hartville, Missouri, has kindly furnished added information on the eldest son of Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, 23.3.1 Dr. Benjamin Melton Bradshaw, who was born in 1832 (not 1835 as reported on page 898 of the Quarterly [NOTE: correction made]) in Tennessee and came with his parents to Wright County, Missouri, in the early 1840's.

He married, first, Tildia Owens in 1853. She died at Mt. Home, Arkansas. Dr. Bradshaw married (second) the widow of Hile Freeman. Her name is not known. Dr. Bradshaw's third wife was Cindy (Sendy) Hughes.

by his first wife, Dr. Bradshaw had one child: Peirson Wade Bradshaw, born in November, 1854. He married in 1875 Mary Freeman, who was born in 1857. She was a daughter of Hile Freeman and was thus a step-sister of Peirson W. Bradshaw. They were the parents of eight children: Nancy M. Bradshaw, born October 3, 1876; married Jim L. Barnett. Martha Frances Bradshaw, born January 19, 1879; married Jim Kelley. John Benjamin Bradshaw, born August 11, 1883; married Thula Etheredge. James Peirson Bradshaw, born November 18, 1886; married Sermitha Hill. William Henry Bradshaw, born March 27, 1890; married Nettie Etheridge. HoMarch Z. M. Bradshaw, born February 7, 1893; married Emely Stout. J. E. Hile Bradshaw, born November 21, 1897; married Alice Raney. Ottie F, Bradshaw, born October 20, 1905; married Olie Brown.

by his second wife, Dr. Bradshaw had three children: Katherin Bradshaw, who married Henry Hopkins; Sarah Bradshaw, who married George McCallister; and Richard Bradshaw, who married Molley Bryant.