April 30, 2021

Pages 911-912
Whole Number 50


by Mrs. Edna Perry Deckler

On May 24, 1838, the Republic of Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution to publish AN ABSIRACT OF TIlE ORIGINAL titleS OF RECORD IN THE GENERAL LAND OFFICE. These records have been reprinted by the Pemberton Press, 1 Pemberton Parkway, Austin, Texas, in 1964. From these records, which are not indexed, has been compiled the following list of Sparks men granted land in the Republic of Texas:

(Pages 42-43)
Grantee--William C. Sparks Date of title--November 21, 1832; for one league of land, situated "Brazos, E. side, N. of Navasota."

Grantee--Matthew Sparks Date of title--October 3, 1835; for one league of land, situated "W. Bernard, E. side."

(Pages 54-55)
Grantee--Wilkinson Sparks Date of title--July 21, 1835; for one-fourth league of land, situated"on the Colorado."

(Pages 107-8)
Grantee--Richard Sparks Date of title--August 15, 1835; for one league of land, situated " on the W. bank of the Trinity."

(Pages 121-122)
Grantee--James Sparks Dated of title--July 8, 1835; for one league of land, situaged "joins Geo. W. Price."

(Page 146)
Mentions the name of Nehemiah Sparks in connection with location of a grant to someone else.

(Page 165)
William C. Sparks, grantee; Date of title--October 20, 1834; 25 labors of land, situated "on the waters of San Andres (Darr's Creek) boundary on the N.W. corner of Fulcher."