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Whole Number 51


by W. F. Arnall

Mr. Arnall has also provided a record of the descendants of 23.1 George W. Sparks and his wife Nancy. George W. Sparks, son of 23. Richard and Anna (Smith) Sparks, was born ca. 1806 in Iredell County, North Carolina, and died in Wright County, Missouri, on October 8, 1870. (See the Quarterly of September, 1962, Whole No. 39, p. 663). George W. and Nancy Sparks were the parents of eight children:

23.1.1 Nervia Caroline Sparks was born in 1830 and died in 1855; she married John G. Ridens in 1849. They were the parents of two children, a son who died at birth and another son named George Washington Ridens. George Washington Ridens was born August 29, 1842, and died December 27, 1931. He married, first, in 1870, Amelda Ann Fliewming, who was born May 22, 1852, and died December 18, 1882. He married as his second wife, Frances S. Preston, who was born in 1862 and died in 1942. His children by his first wife were: John G. Ridens, born 1871. Jim L. Ridens, born October 30, 1872. Mary E. Ridens, born January 2, 1874; married M. U. Farris. Margaret L. Cs. Ridens, born March 11, 1876. Menervia Caroline Ridens, born January 16, 1878; married a FNU King. J. E. S. Ridens, born May 14, 1881.

by his second wife, Frances, George Washington Ridens had the following children: Willie Isaac Ridens, born November 27, 1886. Robert Oscar Lee Ridens, born January 5, 1888. Charlie Maynard Ridens, born March 23, 1890. Myra Jane L. Ridens, born February 20, 1892; married FNU Hayes. Valora M. Ridens, born March 17, 1894; married FNU Lindsey. Mable I. Della Ridens, born October 20, 1896; married FNU Adams. Jettie Otis Ridons, born September 21, 1898; married FNU Goodman. Jessie Ann Ridens, born November 6, 1902; married FNU Jackson. Alcia Pearl Ridens, born June 22, 1908; married Denver Cottengim.

23.1.2 Tabetha Sparks was born in 1834; she married Henry Seagraves. Their children were: Rev. Joseph F. Seagraves. Evelyn Seagraves. Jake Seagraves. Rachel Seagraves; married Isaac Owens. Following the death of Rachel, Isaac Owens married 23.2.8 Sarah Bradshaw, daughter of Wade P. and Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw.

23.1.3 Ann Sparks was born in 1836; she married FNU Jones and moved to Texas.
23.1.4 William Sparks was born in 1839 and died prior to 1870. He never married.
23.1.5 Alvira Sparks was born in 1841; she married FNU Long and moved to Laclede County, Missouri.
23.1.6 Jane Sparks was born in 1842.
23.1.7 Susannah Sparks was born in 1846; she married FNU Campbell and moved to Laclede County, Missouri.
23.1.8 James Sparks was born in 1849; he married Jane Moody and they had one child, Mady L. Sparks.

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Whole Number 63

23.1 GEORGE WASHINGTON SPARKS (ca.1806-1870)

by Flossie Sweaney

In the Quarterly of September 1965, Whole No. 51, pp. 925-27 we published a record prepared by W. F. Arnall of the descendants of 23.1 George Washington Sparks and Nancy Sparks. George Washington Sparks was a son of 23. Richard and Anna (Smith) Sparks and was born ca. 1806 in Iredell County, North Carolina. He died in Wright County, Missouri, on October 8, 1870. (See the Quarterly of September 1962, Whole No. 39, p. 663.) One of the children of George W. and Nancy Sparks was a daughter:

23.1.2 Tabetha Sparks , who was born in 1834. She married Henry Seagraves.

One of the children of Henry and Tabetha (Sparks) Seagraves was a daughter: Rachel Seagraves. She married Isaac Owens.

Following the death of Rachel, Isaac Owens married as his second wife, 23.2.8 Sarah Bradshaw, who was a daughter of Wade P. and 23.2 Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw. Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw, born ca. 1810, was a daughter of Richard and Anna (Smith) Sparks. Thus, Isaac Owens' first wife, Rachel Seagraves, was a first cousin once removed of his second wife, Sarah Bradshaw.

In a sketch on Sarah Bradshaw in the Quarterly of June 1965, Whole No. 50, p. 901 we gave a list of her children by Isaac Owens, with a brief reference to the children of Isaac Owens by his first wife, Rachel Seagraves. Following is a more detailed record of the children of Isaac and Rachel (Seagraves) Owens: Eva Owens, daughter of Isaac and Rachel (Seagraves) Owens, was born in 1874. She went to Oklahoma and married an Indian who had been married before and had a daughter of his first wife. No further information. William Owens, son of Isaac and Rachel (Seagraves) Owens, was born in 1875 in Missouri. He died in Meridan, Idaho, as a result of being thrown from a horse.. He married Hiley Forrest, daughter of John and Julie (Giedon) Forrest; she was born May 25, 1875, and died in 1942 in Melba, Idaho. They were the parents of the following children: Odessa Owens, born 1896, died 1898; buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Norwood, Missouri. Elmer Huel Owens, born October 24, 1900; married Caroline Rodeignez. No children. Don Raymond Owens, born November 30, 1902. He never married. Iva Pansy Owens, born May 26, 1904, in Meridan, Idaho. She married Lee Rufes Harrington on March 26, 1919. He was born September 6, 1891, in Steuben County, New York, and died on July 26, 1960. He was buried in the Buck Creek Cemetery, Vera, Oklahoma. His parents were Rufus Adelbert and Alice (Moore) Harrington. Following is a list of their children: Lillie Mable Harrington, born February 26, 1920, in Wood Co., Okla, died October 23, 1921, Norwood, Missouri. Lenora Doris Harrington, born December 12, 1921, in Norwood, Missouri., died October 4, 1926, and buried in Buck Creek Cemetery, Vera, Oklahoma. She was drowned in the 1926 flood at Vera. Lee Roy Harrington, born October 5, 1923, in Norwood, Missouri.; he married Helen Friend, daughter of Frank Wesley and Mary Elizabeth (Lindsay) Friend, on July 2, 1949, in Sunnyside, Washington. She was born October 18, 1929, in Wichita, Kansas. Their children: Dennis C. Harrington, born December 8, 1950; Charles A. Harring ton, born November 19, 1952; and Stanley Warren Herrington, born October 27, 1953. Orlan Harrington, born January 10, 1925, in Norwood, Missouri. He married Arlene Teadke, daughter of Paul Jackson and Mary (Wacken) Teadke, on August 4, 1946, in Norfolk, Nebraska. They have one son, Bruce E. Harrington, born December 29, 1951, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dwain Forest Harrington, born August 18, 1926, in Vera, Oklahoma. He married Marjorie Roehr, daughter of Wallace W. and Eva Laura (Bales) Roehr, on April 11, 1954. She was born November 8, 1931, in Liberal, Kansas. Children: Dwain Forrest Harrington, born January 15, 1956; Eva Marie Harrington, born June 24, 1958; and Thomas T. Harrington, born February 11, 1962. Don Kenneth Harrington, born January 11, 1928, in Vera, Oklahoma. He married Joy Homers. Children: Donna Joy Harrington, born January 4, 1959; and Kenneth Wayne Harrington, born August 27, 1960. Pansy Lea Harrington, born January 13, 1932, in Vera, Oklahoma. She married Fred Underwood, son of Alfred Clinton and Vida Marie (Lusk) Underwood. He was born May 24, 1931. Children: Cathy Sue Underwood, born December 17, 1951; Clinton Lee Underwood, born January 21, 1958; Delbert Underwood, born November 7, 1961; and Carl Joseph Underwood, born November 15, 1964. Nellie Marie Harrington, born October 7, 1933, in Vera, Oklahoma. She married Orban Sappington, son of ElMarch and Jessie lona (Gibson) Sappington he was born March 13, 1930. Children: Rhonda Elaine Sappington, born January 1, 1956; Donald Leon Sappington, born June 26, 1957; and Anita Lynn Sappington, born January 20, 1962, died January 21, 1962. Billy Dean Harrington, born July 31, 1935, in Vera, Oklahoma. He married Idalia Scharsoh. Children: Michal K. Harrington, born August 24, 1959; and Mark R. Harrington, born August 12, 1962. Flora June Harrington, born January 22, 1937, in Vera, Oklahoma. She married Dan Allen Smith, Sr., who was born October 18, 1937, in Kansas City, Kansas. His parents were Le Roy and Edna (Mead) Smith. Children: Dannette L. Smith, born July 3, 1957, in Warrensburg, Missouri.; and Dan Allen Smith, Jr., born April 15, 1959, in Compton, California. Ruby Jean Harrington, born June 17, 1939, in Vera, Oklahoma. Unmarried.