January 18, 2020

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From the probate records of the town of Glastonbury in Hartford County, Connecticut, we know that a John Sparks died there early in 1746. It is possible that he was the same John Sparks who was born ca. 1702, son of John Sparks of Windsor, Hartford County, died 1710. We have no records to prove this possible relationship, however. This John Sparks of Glastonbury seems to have been a relatively young man when he died in 1746, judging from the ages of his children. He did not leave a will. His widow, Susannah Sparks, was appointed his administrator on July 1, 1746. An inventory of his estate had been prepared on June 27, 1746, by Manoah Smith and William Densmore which amounted to 39 pounds, 10 shillings, and 9 pence. Appended to the inventory is the note: "Add Cape Breton wages, 24.15.04," which suggests that he may have been a sailor. Ezekiel Webster signed Susannah's bond as administrator. From the records of the settlement of this estate, it appears that John and Susannah Sparks were the parents of the following children:

61.1 John Sparks, probably born ca. 1728.
61.2 Susannah Sparks, born July 31, 1730; she married Samuel Rice, son of John Rice, in Glastonbury on August 24, 1757.
61.3 Jonathan Sparks, born ca. 1734; he was described as aged 13 years when his mother was appointed his guardian on January 6, 1746/7.
61.4 Dorothy Sparks, born ca. 1737; she was described as aged 10 years when her mother was appointed her guardian on January 6, 1746/7.

61.5 David Sparks, born ca. 1740; he was described as aged 7 years when his mother was appointed his guardian on January 6, 1746/7. He was probably the David Sparks who appears on the 1800 and 1810 census of East Hartford, Connecticut.
61.6 Eunice Sparks, born ca. 1744; she was described as aged 3 years when her mother was appointed her guardian on January 6, 1746/7.
61.7 Anne Sparks, born ca. 1746; she was described as being "about 6 years of age" on May 11, 1752, when Ezekiel Webster was appointed her guardian. She may have been born after her father died.

On April 7, 1747, Susannah Sparks, widow of John Sparks, requested the court to appoint commissioners to adjust the claims against her husband's estate, "the estate being insolvent," whereupon the court appointed Richard Juduthan, and Manoah Smith of Glastonbury "to adjust the claims of the creditors."

Nothing more is known of this family. It may be significant that Ezekiel Webster signed Susannah's administrator's bond in 1746 and was also named guardian of her daughter Anne in 1752. Perhaps he was Susaniniah's father or brother. It also seems probable that the widow, Susannah Sparks, had either died or married again by 1752, since the decision was made to appoint Webster her daughter's guardian.