July 08, 2007

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Several months ago, in the Willows Daily Journal, a newspaper published in 'Willows, California, there appeared an article by Marge Pattison, Journal Correspondent, devoted to a small and neglected cemetery located on Highway 88 near the community of Ord Bend in Glenn County, California. Miss Pattison stated that one of the individuals buried there was William B. Ide, "the first and only president of the short-lived Bear Flag Republic." She added, however, that the most noticeable monument in the little cemetery "is a square one of marble, set among the old oak trees, which emits a pale, golden glow. It still stands, although a little tilted, but the spire that once crowned it lies broken on the ground." Three inscriptions appear on this monument and read as follows:

Isaac Sparks, born February 11, 1820, died November 1, 1867
Hugh Sparks, born April 15, 1829, died December 20, 1858
Elizabeth 'White, born January 29, 1825, died November 30, 1857

It is probable that Isaac Sparks and Hugh Sparks were brothers, and Elizabeth White may well have been their sister. Beneath her name appears the following: "Although Her Earthly Sun Is Set, Its Light Shall Linger On Us Yet."

We have not been able to identify this Sparks family and would be most grateful far any suggestions a reader might have. Among the other stones in this little cemetery, according to Miss Pattison, is that of John D. Stone who died in 1856 and that of L, C. rruitt###, who died on November 24, 1864 in his 38th year. The latter is identified on his atone as *A Native of Texas."