September 18, 2017

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A member has sent us a clipping from The Jackson Sun of December 10, 1964, by Mrs.E. H. Wylie, describing an old house located two miles west of Bath Springs in Decatur County, Tennessee. Known as the Red House and long believed to be haunted, it was built for a stagecoach inn in 1805, where drivers and horses changed on their trip from Nashville to Memphis. During the Civil War it was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers by General Nathan Forrest and blood stains could be seen long afterward on its floors and walls. Following the war, it gained the reputation of being haunted because its occupants seemed to die young. According to Mrs. Wylie, "A family named Sparks is believed the first to live in the Red House after it was no longer used by stagecoach passengers. Two of the Sparks children were the first to be buried in the Red House Cemetery nearby."

Does anyone know who this Sparks family may have been?