October 13, 2020

Pages 1215-1216
Whole Number 65


by Ruth Ellenwood McGuyre (Mrs. Prince E. McGuyre)

On page 879 and following of The Sparks Quarterly for March 1965, Whole No. 49 there is an article on MATHEW PATTON SPARKS (1855-1940) AND HIS DESCENDANTS by Robert H. Robinson, Jr.

Mr. Charles H. Sparks and your editor have graciously asked me to furnish the proof of the assumed parentage of Melissa (Patton) Sparks, the mother of Mathew. While I cannot furnish absolute proof, the records found to date leave little doubt that she was the daughter of Neely S. Patton, as was assumed by Mr. Robinson.

My search for my husband's ancestors began ca. 1950, when I asked his mother to tell me what she knew of her ancestors. Her information was meagre. She knew her grandfather was Thomas Joseph Patton and that he had died near Chandler, Oklahoma (then Indian Territory). A little of this story is included here as an incentive to those of you who may be discouraged by a seeming brick wall in your research.

Martha Louise Patton McGuyre was born December 8, 1880 at Eastman, I. T.(Oklahoma.), the daughter of Albert Gallatin Patton and Frances (Fanny) Missouri Caroline Boyles. Her paternal grandparents were Thomas Joseph Patton and Martha Jane Ragsdale.

The first "break" in my search came in the form of a memorandum from a cousin in Oklahoma who sent the record made by Sarah Patton Bond, the oldest daughter of Thomas Joseph Patton. This record follows:

"Great Grandpa Patton's name was Neely. He came from Bedford Co. Tennessee to Texas. He died in 1851 and was burned at Gilmer, in east Texas. He had 9 children. Their names were as follows: Elizabeth Jane Stephens, Sally Johnston, Melissie Sparks, Mary Chambers, Ludusky (never married), Thomas Joseph, Williams, and Susan Adelaid. One girl died at about 16 years of age. Aunt Sarah had forgotten her name. Susan Adelaid, the youngest, was married twice; first to Clark, then to Page.

"The family came to Texas in 1850 except the two oldest girls and the second son, William. Thomas Joseph, our grandfather, was born December 28, 1819 and died in June of 1896 near Chandler, Oklahoma. He had 4 sons: John Ganaway, Albert Gallitan, Sam Houston, and William Edward. There were 2 girls: Sarah Elizabeth, and Nancy Adelaid.

"S.E, Bond - age 80 ) Ages when this
Nan Casebolt - 74 ) was written by
Will Patton - 70 ) Aunt Sarah in October 1933"

How many times I have blessed Annt Sarah for leaving this record of the Patton family.

I believe my first query on the Pattons of Bedford County, Tennessee, was the one placed in the Exchange Edition of THE GENEALOGICAL HELPER for September 1955. An answer suggested Neely was the brother of James Patton of Asheville, N.C., and the data this lady in Texas sent me have since proved substantially correct. James DID have a brother Neely, but he never came to this country, as did all the other brothers of James. Our Neely was the son of Thomas, and Thomas was one of the brothers of James.

The second "break" in this search came on April 1, 1959, when I had only 30 minutes in the courthouse at Upshur, Gilmer County, Texas. No will for Neely Patton was found; the all too frequent story we have all encountered - - a destroyed courthouse. The records available, however, did produce a real goldmine of information in the form of the following document:

"Exhibit of the Estate of N. S. Patton Filed In office November 28th A.D. 1853 G. E. Warren C. Clk.
"First anual Exhibit of the Estate of N. S. Patent deod by his administrator T. J. Patton

"Amts presented to me for payment

B. C. Beazelys apd med


J. N. Alisons apd " 12.00
Lively & Hagens apd 14.60
Austin Walker apd for Coffin 15.00
Laduska Pattons apd for horse 40.00
Livery of S. S. Patriot 7.00
John L. Clarks apd 10.00
"Amts yet due the Estate  
Two Notes on Jas. M. Stephens $1832.00
Two " " Thos J. Chambers 199.50
One Note on Matthew Sparks 100.00
Apd " " do 47.00
2 Notes N. S. Johnson 156.00
1 Note on J. L, Clark 8.00
1 apd do 60.00
1 Note " T. J. Patton 83.00
1 Note " Win H Mathers 41.00

The State of Texas )

Upshur County County) before me Wm. L Martin Chief Justice for said County personally appeared the undersigned authority and after being duly sworn sais,sic~ that the above exhibit is correct and true to the best of his knowledge and belief so help me God

[signed] Thos. J. Patton

Sworn to and Subscribed before me 28th November A. D. 1853
Wm. L. Martin Chief Justice

Examined and approved November 29th A. D. 1853 Wm L. Martin Chief Justice."

Aunt Sarah (Bless her!) in her memorandum provided us with the married surnames of all of Neely Patton's daughters. How grateful we are that their husbands all owed Neely Patton money, as these notes due the estate provide us with the given names of the daughters' husbands. Only one has not yet been found, the given name of Mr. Page, the second husband of Susan Adelaid Patton-Clark-Page. The Wm. H. Mathers, who also owed the estate, has not yet been identified. Neely Patton was the guardian of two minor daughters of his uncle, Daniel Patton, who died in Coffee County, Tennessee in 1837-38. We suspect that this Wm. H. Mathers may be the husband of one of these two girls.