October 19, 2020

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Mrs. Peter J. Heppen, who has done such extensive research for us on the Sparks family through the years, recently did a thorough search of seventeen unpublished and unindexed volumes of California cemetery records preserved in the D.A.R. Library in Washington, D.C. Here we present her findings regarding persons named Sparks. The volune and page numbers refer to this set of seventeen bound volumes of manuscript material in the D.A.R. Library.

(Vol. 1, p. 4l) Union Cemetery, Placerville, California (Copied by Mrs. King Becker of Sacramento, California, in December 1932.)

THOMAS SPARKS, aged 21 years, born in California, buried on October 30, 1876.

(Vol. 2, p. 179) Mountain View Cemetery, Inc., Pasadena, California (Copied by Mrs. Edward H. Morse in 1931-33.)

ROSE E. SPARKS, born August 21, 1874; died August 28, 1911. "Mother"
ANNA E. SPARKS, 1838-1927.

(Vol. 2, p. 250) The Old Whittier Cemetery at N. Citrus & Broadway, Los Angeles County (Copied by Mrs. Carl C. Barley.)

RACHEL E. SPARKS, 1852-1912.

(Vol. 2, p. 263) Pioneer Cemetery Records, Seventh St. & Sierra Way Ave., San Bernardine, California (Copied by Mrs. Carl C. Barley.)

POLLYANN SPARKS, daughter of G. W. & Luanna Sparks, January 12, 1846 - January 8, 1858.

(Vol. 3. p. 164) Counties of Alemeda, Contra Costa, Humbolt, Mercedes, Monterey, Placer, Sacramento and Sutter - not clear which cemetery the following are buried (Copied by Mrs.King Becker.)

EVA J. SPARKS, born 1898, died 1898.
KATIE SPARKS, born 1896, died 1909.

(Vol. 4, p. 355) Sonoma Cemetery, Sonoma County, California. "This little cemetery is called Old Sonoma Cemetery, and is about a mile and a half out of town." (Copied by Mrs. Ben Hessel, 1934.)

GEORGE W. SPARKS, died October 8, 1890, aged 57 years; native of Kentucky.

(Vol. 6, p. 298) Weston Ranch Cemetery. "...Located about 4 miles north of Ord Bend, Glenn County, on the river road to Hamilton City. It is to the east and near the house on the ranch just across the railroad track. This cemetery is in bad condition, only a few of the original graves with headstones remaining." This was written in 1939 by Mrs. L. G. Schnabel and Mrs. Milton Hogle who copied these records.

HUGH E. SPARKS, born April 15, 1829, died December 20, 1858.
ISAAC SPARKS, born February 11, 1820, died November 1, 1867.

(Vol. 6, p. 250) Willows Cemetery, Glenn County, California. "Located about one-half mile directly east of Willows, on the Glenn Road." Copied July 12, 1939 by Mrs. L. G. Schnabel, Mrs. Bert Otterson, and Mrs. Milton Hogle. Following Sparks stone is in the Protestant Section.

J. V. SPARKS, born June 14, 1855, died April 28, 1900.

(Vol. 6, p. 155-6) Manzanita Cemetery, Placer County, California. "Located about 5 miles north and slightly to the east of Lincoln." Copied June 8, 1939, by Mrs. L. G. Schnabel and Mrs. Milton Hogle.

Infant daughter of E. J. & MARY E. SPARKS (no dates)
ARTHUR V. SPARKS, died July 15, 1872, age 12 years, 8 months, 25 days.
LUCELLA V. SPARKS, died July 19, 1872, age 6 years, 6 days.

Children of M. V. and Sarah J. Sparks.

MARTIN V. SPARKS, son of M. V. & Sarah J. Sparks, died June 1, 1865, aged 2 years, 3 months, 23 days.
M. V. SPARKS, 1832-1909. Native of North Carolina.
SARAH J. SPARKS, 1843-1916. Native of Maryland.

"This monument was on the ground, too heavy to move, could not see if other side contained records."

W. M. SPARKS, SR., July 23, 1858 - December 15, 1931.

(Vol. 8, p. 158) Petaluma Cypress Hill Cemetery, Sonoma County, California.

AGNESS SPARK DRESS, daughter of G. & Helene, died December 6, 1887, age 16 years, 7 months, 4 days.
A. H. DRESS, June 12, 1827 - July 16, 1882.
AENEAS SPARKS, 1849-1894.
ANNIE SPARKS, wife of Aeneas, 1849-1915.

(Vol. 8, p. 297) Sonoma Valley Cemetery, Sonoma County, California. "This was the first pioneer cemetery in Sonoma."

GEORGE W. SPARKS, native of Kentucky, died October 8, 1896, age 57 years.

(Vol. 9, p. 129) Rosedale Cemetery, 1831 Washington St., Los Angeles, California.Copied by Mrs. Earl C. Frod.

CATHERINE J. SPARKS, wife of O. D. Sparks, 1860-1899.
MARTHA C. SMITH, 1878-1905, daughter of W. O. Smith. (This Smith was listed with Sparkses as shown.)

(Vol. 9) p. 359) Evergreen Cemetery, 204 N. Evergreen Ave., Los Angeles, California. Established in 1877, contained 54,000 burials by December 1942. Copied by Mrs. D. Guy Watson, Mrs. V. Whittingham and Mrs. Earl C. Frost.

FRED LEROY SPARKS, born 5-6-1892, died 1-3-1900.

(Vol. 10, p. -) Records of Deaths, Sacramento, California, 1849-1885, copied by Mrs. King Becker and Mr. Luke V. Peart.

JAMES SPARKES, died January 10, 185l, aged 21, Native of Illinois.

(Vol. 11, p. 6) Artesia Cemetery, located at 922 Artesia Ave., Artesia, California. Copied through the efforts of Dr. Owen C. Coy.

OLIVER SPARKE, 1st Sgt., Company C, 14th Missouri Cavalry, (no dates)

(Vol. 11, p. 243) San Luis Rey Cemetery. Copied through the efforts of Dr. Owen Coy.

QUARTIE SPARKS, 1890-1907.

(Vol. 11, p. 259) Camarillo Cemetery, located in the southern part of Ventura County, about 5 miles east of the town of Oxnard. Copied through the efforts of Dr. Owen C. Coy.

W. W. SPARKS, died July 20, 1884, aged 49 years, 26 days.

(Vol. 12, p. 212) Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California, Copied by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1947.

ISAAC J. SPARKS, died June 16, 1867, age 67 years. ("On same plot as Arza Porter and Rosa Sparks Porter")

(Vol. 14, p. 279) Newman Cemetery, Stanislaus County, California. "Located on. Stuhr Road one mile west of Highway 33. Newman was laid out in 1887 when the railroad was built west side of the San Joaquin Valley."

JOSEPH F. SPARKS, died January 27, 1892, aged 81 years, 8 months, 16 days.

DAVID WILLIAM SPARKS, died January 14, 1891, aged 21 years, 11 months, 22 days.

MELISSA C. SPARKS, 1847-1931.

JOSEPH S. SPARKS, 1885-1952.

BERDIE N. SPARKS, 1873-1890.

GEORGE M. SPARKS, 1881-1848.