April 7, 2019

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Various chapters of the D. A. R. in California have helped to abstract vital statistics appearing in the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin from 1857 to 1873. These indexes have been placed in the D. A. R. Library in Washington, D.C., and Carrie Grant Heppen has copied the Sparks records for us as follows:

At Stockton on February 22, 1859, Oliver H. Perry married Sarah E. Sparks (Date of the paper, February 28, 1859)
In Marysville on February 2, 1860, E. F. Wilson married Ellen Sparks (Date of the papers February 6, 1860)
In San Francisco on August 31, 1864, at the residence of the bride's father, Zadock W. Sparks married Lizzie Dennis, daughter of William E. Dennis, by the Rev. Dr. Wadsworth; both of San Francisco. New York papers please copy."  (Date of the papers September 1, 1864)
At Pleasant Valley, El Dorado County, on July 18, 1865, Henry W. Brown married Mary A. Sparks. (Date of the paper: July 22, 1865)
In Genessee Valley, Plumas County, on November 30, 1865, John G. Chapman married Sarah J. Sparks. (Date of the papers December 9, 1865) 
In Oroville on September 29, 1866, Louis Edward Sparks died, aged 5 years; son of E. M. and Mary L. Sparks (Date of paper: October 9, 1866)
At Santa Barbara on June 16, 1867, J. J. Sparks died, a native of Maine and the father-in-law of Marcus Harlow; aged 67. (Date of papers June 19, 22, 1867)
In San Francisco on June 27, 1867, Emil Adolph Spark died, a native of Germany, aged 23 years, 14 months and 1 day. Funeral from the Turnhall, (Date of paper: June 27, 1867,)
Near Rock Creek, Butte County, on April 5, 1868, Joseph Sparks married Melissa Eahns. (Date of paper: April 15, 1868)
In Santa Barbara, Arza Porter married Rosa Sparks, No date of marriage given but the date of the paper in which it was announced was May 12, 1870.

In Sacramento on January 21, 1872, Samuel S. Sparks died; a native of Pennsylvania, aged 8 years. (Date of paper: January 23, 1812)

In San Jose on February 12, 1872, Charles E. Stewart married Lizzie Sparks, (Date of paper: February 16, 1872)
At Selby, Nevada County, on April 16, 1872, George P. Sparks married Mary F. Blackwood. (Date of paper: April 9, 1872)
In Virgina, Nevada County, on June 12, 1872, the wife of Joseph E. Sparks gave birth to a son, (Date of paper: June 17, 1872)
In Meredith Village, Belknap County, New Hampshire, on March 7, 1873, Jared J. Sparks died; brother of Mrs. John H. Johnson of Sacramento, aged 40 years, 5 months. (Date of paper: May 1, 1873)
In Colusa on March 25, 1873, N. P. Ferguson married Maria L. Sparks. (Date of paper: 1 April 1873)

In Mayfield on November 25, 1873, a daughter was born to the wife of J. T. Sparks (Date of paper: November 27, 1873)