March 10, 2021

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In the Quarterly of March 1964, Whole No. 45, pp. 790-807 we published an article on Jonas Sparks (died 1805) of Rowan County, North Carolina. One of the children of Jonas Sparks was Esther Sparks who was born in Rowan County, North Carolina, on March 20, 1770. We gave the information that we had available in 1964 pertaining to the children of Esther, but since that time Mrs. E. L. Mead, who descends from Esther's daughter, Elizabeth (born 1790), has provided us with a more detailed record.

Esther Sparks was married in Rowan County, North Carolina, in 1787 to Jesse Caton (the Rowan County marriage bond is dated January 20, 1787). Jesse Caton was born April 20, 1762; he was the son of Jonas Caton and was doubtless a close relative of the Anna Caton who married Jonas Sparks, Jr., brother of Esther. Jesse Caton was taxed in Fayette County, Kentucky, on May 19, 1789. In 1800 he was taxed in Clark County, Kentucky, which had been formed from Fayette and Bourbon County in 1792. About 1811, he settled with his family in Warren County, Missouri, near the town of Marthasville. Their children were: Noah Caton, born between 1780 and 1790; he married Fanny McDermid on November 12, 1814, in St. Charles County, Missouri. Jonas Caton, born between 1790 and 1800. Jesse Caton, Jr., born in 1800 in Kentucky; he married Missouri Lamme on February 23, 1841, in Warren County, Missouri. Elizabeth Caton, born August 16, 1790; she married John Boone Calloway on February 22, 1809, in St. Charles County, Missouri; she died on September 20, 1821, in St. Charles County. He was the son of Flanders Calloway and Jemima Boone, daughter of Daniel and Rebecca Boone. John B. Calloway died in 1823, St. Charles County, Missouri. The children of John and Elizabeth (Caton) Calloway were: Emiline Roberta Calloway, born ca. 1811; she married Haden Boone, probably in 1825, and died before 1856 in Warren County, Missouri. Verlina Calloway; she married John Wesley Bryan (see article 184-A) on February 14, 1833, in Warren County, Missouri. James Calloway, born April 24, 1816; he married Mary Jane McKinney on July 19, 1838, in Warren County, Missouri. He died July 11, 1889 Octavia Calloway, born ca. 1819. She married Schulyer Rice on February 18, 1836, in Warren County, Missouri. Nancy Caton. She married Adam Zumwalt on May 6, 1813, in St. Charles County, Missouri. Jemima Caton. She married John Carter on June 13, 1814, in St. Charles County, Missouri. Rebecca Caton. She married (first) a FNU McCutcheon; (second) David Howard. Frances Caton. She married Daniel Gillis on March 28, 1833, in Warren County, Missouri. Hester Ann Caton. She married Hines C. Linn on February 18, 1836.

According to some of these marriage dates, it would appear that this list is not in order of birth. Jesse Caton died in 1856 in Warren County, Missouri.