August 29, 2017

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In the Quarterly of December 1964 (Vol. XII, No. 14, Whole No. 48) we published an article on "Isaac Sparks of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and His Descendants ." One of the grandchildren of Isaac and Anna (Lloyd) Sparks on whom we gave information was Mary Sparks, daughter of Ephraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks (see page 870). A great-grandson of Mary Sparks. George A. Bunch of Ogden, Utah, has provided additional information on Mary and her children. Mr Bunch tells us that Mary's middle name was Lloyd (which was her grandmother 's maiden name). She was born February 11, 1827, and died in 1902 in Wheaton, Illinois. She was married on November 6, 1849, to a merchant named James Neel (we had given the spelling as Neal on page 870), son of William and Mary Neel, of Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He was born January 10, 1822. They had the following children:

1. John Neel, born September 9, 1851.
2. Adeila Emma Neel, born April 21, 1854; died March 15, 1858.
3. William Franklin Neel, born November 20, 1856; died April 10, 1858.
4. Elizabeth Cook Neel, born March 1, 1859.
5. Anna May Neel, born 1 April 1861, at Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
6. George Edward Neel, born January 25, 1864, at Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.