April 20, 2018

Pages 1711-1712
Whole Number 89


Born 1805 Born 1808
Died 1884 Died 1883


In the March 1973 issue of the Quarterly (Vol. XXI, No. 1, Whole No. 81) pp. 1541-1545, we published an article on 37.2.3 Richard Sparks (1805-1884) and his wife, Lucy (DeVore) Sparks (1808-1883). Mrs. Lillian Blair of Mackinaw, Illinois, who furnished much of the data for that article, has since succeeded in obtaining photographs of Richard and Lucy (De Vore) Sparks from which we were able to obtain prints for reproduction on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly. We do not know when these photographs were taken, but it was probably not many years before they died.

Richard Sparks was born August 5, 1805, in Salem County, New Jersey. He was the third child of Thomas and Abigail (Shaw) Sparks. He came with his parents to Greene County, Ohio, as a small child. Richard Sparks married Lucy De Vore on March 13, 1828; she had been reared by the Shakers in a colony in Ohio, her mother having died when she was three years old, but she ran away from the colony to marry. She was born May 17, 1808.

Richard and Lucy (De Vore) Sparks moved to Illinois in Oct 1854. They settled on a farm about four miles southeast of Mackinaw in Tazewell County. Richard Sparks died on April 13, 1884; Lucy (De Vore) Sparks died on May 5, 1883.