January 28, 2021

Pages 1753-1755
Whole Number 91 ISAAC B. SPARKS, 1822 - 1904
ISAAC B. SPARKS, 1822-1904

The portrait on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly is that of Isaac B. Sparks, who was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, on April 2, 1822, and died on January 15, 1904, in Wells County, Indiana. The original of this photograph was loaned to us for publication by Iva B. Sparks Lane, 501 East Christy St., Marion, Indiana (46952). Mrs. Lane is a great-granddaughter of Isaac B. Sparks.

A sketch of the life of Isaac B. Sparks appeared in the June 1959 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 26, page 399). He was a son of Solomon and Isabella (Swaim) Sparks who moved with their family from North Carolina to Ohio and then on to Indiana, settling in Wells County ca. 1835. At the time the article on this family was published in June 1959, we were quite certain that Solomon (father of Isaac B.) was a son of Solomon and Charity Sparks of Wilkes County, North Carolina. It now appears that he may have been a son of Reuben and Cassie (Buttery) Sparks, also of Wilkes County, North Carolina (see the Quarterly of September 1967, Whole No. 59, pp. 1082-1089).


Isaac B. Sparks was married on December 18, 1851, to Cynthia A. Roberts, daughter of William and Martha (Hultz) Roberts. She was born December 27, 1832, and died on December 17, 1897. Both are buried in the Sparks Cemetery in Wells County, Indiana. They were the parents of the following twelve children: William Lewellen Sparks, born February 16, 1853, in Huntington Co., Ind.,and died July 2, 1923, in Van Buren Co., Ind. He married Dorcas Sleetor Hayes on October 26, 1877. She was born August 1, 1857, and died May 23, 1916. (Mrs. Lane is their granddaughter.) Albert D. Sparks, born February 1855, died October 6, 1877. Robert R. Sparks, born 1857, died 1945; he married Mary Jane McClurg, born 1862, died 1934. Rachel E. Sparks, married Frank Hart. Frederick F. Sparks, born January 2, 1861, died 1948; he married Ruth E. Ruos on September 3, 1887; she was born 1868, died 1953. Sarah A. Sparks, married Alvidor Ruos. Maria Sparks, born 1865, died 1922; she married John Dalrymple. Rebecca Jane Sparks, born November 1868, died July 19, 1869. Susan E. Sparks, married Silas Thrailkill. Isaac H. Sparks, born 1872, died 1938; he married Clara Wiegle. Cynthia E. Sparks, born June 21, 1874; died June 25, 1874. Mary E. Sparks, born August 21, 1875; died September 12, 1875.

A photograph, loaned to us by Mrs. Lane, appears above and shows Isaac B. and Cynthia Ann (Roberts) Sparks with their grandchildren. It is believed this was taken ca. 1895. Mrs. Lane is able to identify most of these grandchildren.