October 19, 2020

Pages 1786-1787
Whole Number 92


by Paul E. Sparks

(Editor's Note: The birth records for the period 1852-1862 of the Sparkses of Adair County have already been published in the Quarterly, March 1958, Whole No. 21, p. 288). They were copied from typed index cards at the Kentucky Historical Society and they included only the children born to a male parent named Sparks. The records which follow were copied from the original documents which are on microfilm at the Society and are undoubtedly more complete and accurate than those published earlier. These records were kept in Kentucky counties only for the decade 1852-1862.

Parent Named   Infant's Name Date of Birth Residence of
   SPARKS Other Parent     Parents
Berley A. Merida Roach Nimrod 22 September 1854 Croccus Creek
Burley Ann Meredith Roach Meredith 22 November 1859 Leatherwood
Burley Ann Marada Roach Benj. Grider 5 July 1861  
Biddy Ann Franklin McKinney Louisa Jane 10 December 1853  
Biddy Ann Franklin McKinney Polly Ann 10 October 1856  
Catherine Zachariah Collins unnamed male 3 March 1854 Crocus Creek
Charles Harriet Gill Myrtle 12 December 1894  
Charles Laura Akin Joe K. -- February 1894  
Eliza J. Wm. F. Cumpton John D. January 7, 1856 Crocus Creek
Emmaline Lewis Moore C. (female) -- September, 1858 Big Creek
George W. J. L. Flowers Jas. H. 23 September, 1861  
Harriet Isaac Henegar Nimrod B. 7 November 1858 Prices Creek
James R. Gracey Janes William 9 June 1859  
Jane Michael Loy Ben F. -- December 1852  
Jane M. Loy Ann Mariah January 18, 1854 Crocus Road
Jeremiah Jane Janes Nepolian B. 9 May 1856  
Jeremiah M. Sirena Dooley Rachel 1 November 1861  
John Charlotte Collins unnamed female 7 August 1877  
John B. Priscilla Reece David Jackson February 2, 1855  
Josiah E. A. Dooley Nancy Jane January 13, 1855  
Josiah Malinda Shirley Millard 28 February 1858  
Josiah Malinda Sherley Jefferson D. July 9, 1861  
Josiah A. Harriet Powell unnamed female 27 June 1855 Crocus Road
Josiah A. Harriet Powell Emily E. -- September, 1857  
Margaret James Romines Nancy W. 10 August 1856 Red Lick
Mary M. William Hill Susan Caroline July 1, 1852  
Mary M. Wm. Hill twin sons unnamed 22 September, 1857  
Mary Wm. Hill Sandy Crain (m) 3 August 1855 near Crocus
Mary M. William Janes Amanda Jane -- August 1855  
Minnie M. G. T. Aaron Samuel 4 August 1904  
Nancy Jourdan England Sarah 9 July 1856 Red Lick
Oney E. Thomas Aaron James S. 13 November 1859 Cedar Creek
Polly Jerry England Jerry 15 March 1861  
Polly A. A. Henegar unnamed female 17 August 1861  
Polly E. Daniel England Mary Elizabeth 29 October 1854 Red Lick
S. D. Lou England Jeremiah -- April 1894  
Sally A. William Reece Geo. Washington 17 August 1854 Red Lick
Sally Ann Will A. Reece Preston B. 6 November 1856 Red Lick
Sally Ann William A. Reece Amanda Ellen 6 March 1861  
Walton Lucinda Gibson Eliza Norman March 11, 1853  
William W. Lucinda Gibson Leona 25 November 1855  
William W. Lucinda Gibson William -- April 1858  
- - - - - F. C. Edna 17 December 1904