April 20, 2021

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21.1.5 HENRY SPARKS (1753-1836) HONORED

Since 1949, the Kentucky Historical Society, with the help of the Kentucky Highway Department, has erected markers throughout the state indicating historical sites or incidents. On June 12, 1977, the Society unveiled a marker at Monterey, Owen County, Kentucky, near the homeplace of Henry Sparks (1753 -1836) who was a member of the bodyguard of General George Washington. The inscription on the marker is as follows:


3rd Corp. 21.1.5 Henry Sparks (1753-1836) was Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia; served with Commander-in-Chief's Guard, "the flower and pick of American army." While with this bodyguard, Sparks fought at the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. Discharged at Valley Forge in 1778. Came to Kentucky, 1795; settled in present Owen Co., 1800. Buried at Sparks Bottom.

(See the Quarterly of June 1957, Whole No. 18) and the December 1960, Whole No. 32) for articles pertaining to 21.1.5 Henry Sparks, his ancestors and descendants.)