October 25, 2020

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Whole Number 106


In the Quarterly of June 1978 (Whole No. 102), we traced many of the descendants of Richard Sparks (ca. 1779-ca. 1860) and his wife, Sarah (Peterson) Sparks. A son of Richard and Sarah was Hiram C. Sparks, born ca. 1818, who died during the Civil War in Arkansas. A son of Hiram C. Sparks and his wife, Talitha (Scarbrough) Sparks, was James Milton Sparks, born December 25, 1844; he died June 20, 1920. He married Nancy Orlena Jane Bunch in 1868. She was born either August 22 or October 22, 1845. In the article cited above (page 2009), we had only an imperfect list of their children based largely on census records. A new member of the Association, Mrs. Clifford Grooms of Orange, California, is a granddaughter of James Milton Sparks and has provided us with a complete list of the children of James Milton and Nancy (Bunch) Sparks as follows: Hiram Charles Sparks, born November 3, 1870. Samuel Lafayette Sparks, born October 20, 1872, died November 6, 1935. Sarah Elizabeth Sparks, born August 1, 1874, died June 8, 1949. Mary Telitha Sparks, born August 28, 1876, died January 31, 1966. Anna Liza Sparks, born October 9, 1878, died November 17, 1915. James Sparks, born May 14, 1880, died March 27, 1922. John Alvin Sparks, born December 26, 1882, died July 11, 1968. Myrtle Caroline, born March 14, 1884, died July 23, 1971. Robinson Larken Sparks, born June 21, 1888, died July 1, 1972, in Orange, California.