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17.2.7 JOSIAH A. SPARKS (ca. 1770--ca. 1841)

by Paul E. Sparks

17.2.7 Josiah A. Sparks was born ca. 1770, probably in Prince Georges County, Maryland, and he very likely went with his parents as a small boy to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, ca. 1777. We cannot be positive regarding the names of his parents.

[If he was a brother of 20.1 William Sparks (ca. 1760-ca. 1834), also of Adair County, as we believe, then he was a son of 20. William Sparks according to a history of Jasper County, Iowa, written in 1894. Without doubt, he was a descendant of either 17.1 Thomas Sparks or 17.2 Matthew Sparks, of Prince Georges County, Maryland. (See the March 1956 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 13, for data about Prince Georges County, Maryland. See the March 1976 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 93, for an account of the life of 20.1 William Sparks (ca. 1760-ca. 1834) of Adair County.]

It is now believed that he was the son of 17.2 Matthew and Elinor Sparks.

On January 17, 1794, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 17.2.7 Josiah A. Sparks married Susannah Phillips (descendants refer to her as Susan Ann) a daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Buchanan) Phillips. Thomas Phillips gave his consent to his daughter's marriage as follows: "Jeneiary. I give con Sent that JoSier Sparkes ma be maried to my daughter SuAnner. Thomas Phillips." Matt Sparkes was the bondsman in the sum of 50 pounds. Assuming that both of these young people were of the customary age to marry at that time, Josiah Sparks probably was born near 1770 while Susannah was born ca. 1775.

(The above 17.2.7 Josiah Sparks, who married Susannah Phillips, should not be confused with the 17.2.7 17.1.x Josiah Sparks who married Lydia Tollison ca. 1787, probably in Pittsylvania County, and who moved to the Union Spartanburg Counties area of South Carolina ca. 1788, where he remained until his death ca. 1852. (See the September 1965 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 51, page 933.)

The first two children born to Josiah and Susannah (Phillips) Sparks were sons, John Sparks, born ca. 1796 Thomas Sparks was born on October 27, 1798.

Both were born in Pittsylvania County, but when the 1800 census was taken, Josiah and his family were in Union County, South Carolina. Several families of Sparkses from Pittsylvania County had gone to South Carolina prior to 1790 and had settled in the general area where Laurens, Union., and Spartanburg Counties join along the Enoree River. (See the March 1960 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 29, pp. 450-63) Here three more sons and a daughter were born to Josiah and Susannah: Samuel Sparks born September 27, 1800; Sarah ["Sally"] Sparks; she married FNU Phillips; Truelove Sparks, born ca. 1804; and Josiah Sparks, Jr. born January 24, 1806.

Josiah Sparks did not remain long in Union County for on August 12, 1810, a daughter, Jane Phillips Sparks, was born in Tennessee, probably in Jefferson County. Unfortunately, all of the 1810 census records of Tennessee have been lost, except those of Rutherford County, and the 1820 census of Jefferson County has been destroyed. We do know, however, that it was in Jefferson County that two of the children of Josiah and Susannah were married. Thomas Sparks married Sarah ["Sally"] McClister, on March 8, 1816, with Leonard Sparks as his security. Leonard Sparks married Patsy Beard in Jefferson County on July 25, 1806; see the December 1961 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 36, pp. 596-8., Sarah ["Sally"] Sparks, daughter of Josiah and Susannah, married William Busby on January 24, 1817, in Jefferson County.

We have found no other record of 17.2.7 Josiah Sparks in Tennessee. Apparently he stayed there until ca. 1825 when he moved to Adair County, Kentucky. Although we have no proof, we believe the reason he went to Adair County was to join 20.1 William Sparks who had settled there ca. 1798. (See the March 1976, of the Quarterly, Whole No. 93 and the December 1976 issues Whole No. 96.)

We believe these men were brothers. Most certainly they both were from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and they used the same given names peculiar to the Sparkses of that county in the naming of their children, such as Truelove, Josiah, Matthew, Thomas, and William.

17.2.7 Josiah Sparks settled in the southeastern part of Adair County which is drained by Cedar Creek and Glens Fork, tributaries of Russell Creek. In all probability, he settled near his son, Thomas Sparks, who had purchased land on Cedar Creek in 1823. Josiah Sparks paid taxes in Adair County from 1827 through 1838. When the 1830 and 1840 censuses were taken in Adair County, he and his wife were living by themselves. It has been stated by descendants that Josiah Sparks was a minister of the gospel; however, we have found no evidence to support this statement.

Josiah Sparks died ca. 1841, according to information given by his descendants. A short time after his death, his son, Josiah Sparks, Jr. and his daughter, Sarah (Sparks) Busby, decided to move to Missouri. Their mother, Susannah (Phillips) Sparks, wanted to accompany them, but her advanced age and the thought of the arduous trip caused her to decide to stay in Adair County with her other children. Apparently she died about two years later.

Neither Josiah nor Susannah left wills; however, from information given to us by their descendants and the official records we have found, we believe we have information about most, if not all, of their ten children. John Sparks, son of Josiah and Susannah (Phillips) Sparks, was born ca. 1796 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, according to information furnished by relatives. We have no further information about him. Thomas Sparks was born on October 27, 1798, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and was probably carried as a baby by his parents to Union County, South Carolina. He was a fair-sized boy when his parents moved again, this time to Jefferson County, Tennessee. There he grew to manhood and married Sarah McClister on November 10, 1816, just a few days after he had reached his 18th birthday. They were married by Henry Bradford, a justice of the peace. Leonard Sparks, undoubtedly a relative, was the bondsman. Sarah was born March 13, 1794, in Pennsylvania and was a daughter of James and Sarah (Roan) McClister.

Thomas Sparks apparently went to Kentucky during the early part of 1823 (he paid taxes in Jefferson County, Tennessee, in 1822) for he paid taxes there that year as a male over 21 years of age. On March 13, 1826, he bought 133 acres of land on Cedar Creek from George and Ann Taylor for 40 pounds. During the next forty years, he was involved in at least fifteen land transactions in and around the Glen Fork community. On the censuses of 1850 and 1860 he was listed as a farmer and a shoemaker.

In 1836, Thomas and Sarah sold the land they had purchased from the Taylors and bought 118 acres on Trace Fork of Crocus Creek "which adjoined the farm of Thomas's brother, Josiah Sparks, Jr. They "bought this farm from Thomas and Rosey Gilkey for $245. Then, in June 1841," when his brother, Josiah Sparks, Jr. was making plans to move to Missouri, Thomas Sparks bought his farm of 60 acres, giving him $200 for it.

In 1846, 1847, and 1848, Thomas Sparks bought three tracts of land on Crocus Creek. The first tract consisted of 18 1/2 acres which adjoined the farm of his brother, Samuel Sparks. He bought it from Isaac and Nancy West for $36. The next tract "was 99 acres which he bought from John Hall for $120. Then in 1848, he bought 50 acres of land at a public sale which had previously belonged to his brother, Samuel, who had died in June 1846.

In 1853, Thomas Sparks bought 83 acres of land on Crocus Creek from the heirs of John Powell at a public sale. A year later, he and Sarah sold this tract to their sons, James J. Sparks and Josiah A. Sparks, for $200. Thomas continued to add to his land holdings, however, and in 1862 he bought 35 acres on Crocus Creek from James and Nancy Nell for $2.00 per acre. In 1864, he bought the dower interest in an 84-acre farm from his daughter-in-law, Sarah Ann Sparks, the widow of James J. Sparks, who had died in 1862. He gave her $175 for her interest.

It seems apparent that the health of Thomas Sparks began to fail about this time, and he and Sarah began to plan the disposition of their land. On January 13, 1866, they sold 100 acres on Cedar Creek to the Petroleum Center, a Pennsylvania oil company, for $950 A few days later, they sold 195 acres to their son, Josiah A. Sparks, for $200.

Thomas Sparks died two months later on March 14, 1866, and was buried in the Sparks Cemetery on Crocus Creek "where his tombstone is well-preserved today. When the 1870 census was taken, Sarah was living with a son-in-law, Michael Loy, and her daughter, Jane. The date of her death is not known. Although neither Thomas nor Sarah left wills, information preserved by their descendants show that they had seven children. Jane Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (McClister) Sparks, was born ca. 1818 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. On January 19, 1842, she married Michael Loy in Adair County. Her father was named on the marriage record. Michael Loy was born ca. 1819 in Orange County, North Carolina. Michael and Jane (Sparks) Loy lived on the road from Glens Fork to Crocus where they reared nine children: Nancy M. Loy was born ca. 1843. William C. Loy was born ca. 1845. Sarah F. Loy was born ca. 1847. Josephine Loy was born ca. 1849. Benjamin F. Loy was born in December 1852. Ann Mariah Loy was born January 18, 1855 Mary S. C. Loy was born ca. 1858. James Emerson Loy was born ca. 1860. Lydia J. Loy was born ca. 1862. Josiah A. Sparks and obviously named for his grandfather, was born ca. 1821 in Jefferson County, Tennessee, and came as an infant with his parents to Adair County. There, on October 8, 1846, he married Harriet Powell. His bondsman was Sam Simpson. Harriet was born ca. 1823 in Cumberland County, Kentucky, and was a daughter of Kelsoe and A. (Grieder) Powell.

Josiah A. Sparks died in the spring of 1878. He had made his will on August 29, 1877, probably realizing that he was in failing health. He left his estate to his wife, Harriet, to be used during her lifetime, or until her remarriage, if any, and then it was to be divided equally among his children. He named his son, James E. Sparks, as his executor. The will was probated at the April 1878 term of the Adair County Court. Josiah A. and Harriet (Powell) Sparks lived near Glens Fork where they reared seven children: Martha Craney Sparks was born in June 1848. On September 4, 1867, she married Austin Loy in Adair County. She was 19 years of age and had the consent of her father. Austin was 20 years old and had the consent of his mother, Manerva Loy. They were married at the home of Josiah A. Sparks. Martha and Austin Loy had two children prior to her death in 1875. She is buried in the Sparks Cemetery on Crocus Creek. Luantha Loy was born ca. 1868. Cordelia Loy was born ca. 1870. James Edward ["Ed"] Sparks was born January 18, 1850, and died on November 19, 1927. He married Sarah Lucinda White ca. 1871. She was born March 24, 1852. Ed and Sarah had eight children. Frank M. Sparks was born March 1, 1873, and died on October 14, 1923. He married Hannah B. Morrison. She was born September 4, 1875, and died on November 21, 1955. They had one child, James V. Sparks. Laura Myrtle Sparks was born ca. 1875 and died in 1935. She married Joe Binns. He was born in 1854 and died in 1952. Josiah E. Sparks was born May 19, 1878, and died on October 29, 1916. Thomas Edwin Sparks was born November 23, 1884, in Adair County. He married Mary Susie Cheatham and they had three children: Lucille Sparks, Mary Lue Sparks, and Dail E Sparks. Cornelia S. Sparks was born October 6, 1887, and died on January 26, 1965. She married Samuel Booker. Arthur R. Sparks was born August 12, 1890, and died on October 26, 1936. He married Hattie Belle Chapman. Talmadge B. Sparks was born February 14, 1893, and died on February 14, 1954. He married Bobbie Chalmer Traylor. She was born January 14, 1895, and died on March 8, 1969. They had three children: Nellie M. Sparks, James P. Sparks, and Alta C Sparks.


Left to right: Henry L. ["Dick"] Sparks; Rosa Bell (Sparks) Garrett; Harriet Ann (Sparks) Powell; Finis A. ["Jack"] Sparks; Zachariah Kelsey Sparks; Joseph F. Sparks; Emily Elizabeth (Sparks) Bennett; and Flora Ella (Sparks) McClister.

(Picture) John William ["Candy"] Sparks, son of Josiah A. and Harriet (Powell) Sparks, was born June 27, 1855. On January 6, 1876, he married (first) Charlotte Temple Collins in Adair County. He was 20 years old and she was 17 years old. They were married by the Rev. William Wheat. She was a daughter of Zachariah and Catherine (Sparks) Collins (see below). John William and Charlotte had at eight children prior to her death on May 28, 1888. She is buried in the Sparks Cemetery on Crocus Creek. & Twins, born ca. 1877, and both died on April 9, 1878. Flora Ella Sparks was born August 2, 1879. She married Leslie McClister and they had four children: Temple McClister, Valda McClister, Denver McClister, and Will McClister. Emily Elizabeth Sparks was born May 17, 1881. She married Roy Talbot Bennett and they had twelve children. (See page 2155 of the December 1979 issue of the Quarterly for a record of these children. Unfortunately, on that page, Emily Elizabeth Sparks was listed under the children of her uncle, James Edward ["Ed"] Sparks. Our readers are requested to make this correction on page 2155.) [Webmaster: Correction made.] Ivy Dell Bennett, Mittie May Bennett, Paul Bennett, George P. Bennett, Malcolm Bennett, Arlin Bennett, Mamie Wisdom Bennett, Mary Dorothy Bennett, William Edgar Bennett, Buel Cromwell Bennett, James Woodrow Bennett, and Kinnard Bennett
. Joseph F. Sparks was born in January 1883. He married Mattie P. LNU and they had one child, a daughter, named Ruby Sparks. Finis A. ["Jack"] Sparks was born in May 1884. He married Flora Yocum and they had three children: Velma Sparks, Audrey Sparks, and Norma Sparks. Zachariah Kelsey Sparks was born June 24, 1885, in Adair County. He died on November 21, 1947, in Illinois. He married Margaret Hoff on January 12, 1910, in Riverton, Illinois. She was born August 18, 1889, and was a daughter of Joseph and Bell Hoff. Zachariah and Margaret had three children: Joseph Zachariah Sparks, W. Basil Sparks, and Betty J. Sparks.

Joseph Z. Sparks has been most helpful in the preparation of this correction. William Fred Sparks (he was called Fred) was born in June 1887. He married Nancy MNU and they had at least two children, Tanner Sparks and Goldie Sparks.

After the death of his first wife, John William Sparks married (second) Laura Ellen Bennett on February 25, 1891. They had four children. John William Sparks died on May 1, 1899, and was buried at Crocus. Harriet Ann Sparks was born in February 1892. She married FNU Powell. Martha ["Mattie"] Sparks was born in November 1893. Rosa Bell Sparks was born in December 1895 and married Ulis Garrett. Their children were Hanzel Garrett, Howard Garrett, Haskel Garrett, Naomi Garrett, and Norma Garrett. Henry L. ["Dick"] Sparks was born in December 1897. He married Nellie and had two children, but we have not learned their names. Emily E. Sparks, daughter of Josiah A. and Harriet (Powell) Sparks, was born in September 1857 She married William C. Kerns on April 19, 1883, in Adair County. Elihu Kelsoe Sparks was born February 23, 1860. He married Addie Readie Conover on December 31, 1905. She was born March 21, 1876, and died on February 4, 1952. They had two children. Anna Frances Sparks was born November 23, 1906. She never married. Hugh Carl Sparks was born January 24, 1913, and died on July 14, 1874. He never married. Jasper Josiah Sparks was born June 20, 1863. He married Laura Alice Collins ca. 1885. They lived at Anderson, Indiana, where he operated a greenhouse. They had six children. Lois Sparks was born January 12, 1886, and died on June 20, 1975 She married Ernest Norris and they had six children: Paul Norris, Silas Norris, Malcolm Norris, Cecil Norris, Loretta Norris, and Elwood Norris. Elmer Sparks was born February 27, 1888. He married Flora Jones and they had one child. Perry Ray Sparks, who died at age 17. Richard Henry Sparks was born December 20, 1889. He married Mamie K. Traylor and they had three children: Richard C. Sparks, Robert W. Sparks, and Ruth H. Sparks Joe Jasper Sparks was born May 2, 1898, and died on September 16, 1972. He married Anna M. Walker and they had eight children: Stanley Sparks, Alma Sparks, James Sparks, Norma Sparks, Louise Sparks, Edna Sparks, Janice Sparks, and Sandra Sparks. Roy Lee Sparks was born ca. 1900. He married (first) Gertie Willis and they had two children: Edward L. Sparks and Lorsey Mae Sparks.

He married (second) Irene MNU and they had five children: Beatrice Sparks, Bonnie Sparks, Laura Sparks, Joyce Sparks, and Roy Lee Sparks, Jr. Ruby Sparks was born October 2, 1907. She married Jonah Scott and they had four children: Lorraine Scott, Martha Scott, Roberta Scott, and Julius K.Scott Susan Thomas Sparks, daughter of Josiah A. and Harriet (Powell) Sparks, was born March 22, 1865, she died on December 31, 1915. She married Addison Caldwell Aaron ca. 1885. He was born April 4, 1862, and died on April 4, 1933. They had seven children. Fannie Elizabeth Aaron was born in December 1886. She married (first) Alvin Loy and married (second) N. R. Roach. Vernon Aaron was born March 13, 1888. He married Ersie Haynes. Veimer Aaron was born October 17, 1890. He married Mary Wilcoxon. Lillie Aaron was born May 11, 1893. She married Barney Rasner. Addie Pearl Aaron was born May 6, 1897. She married Junius Gadberry. Abraham Aaron was born April 27, 1903. He married Eunice Jarboe. Mary Lucy Aaron was born April 28, 1906. She married Jack Cundiff. Sarah Ann Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (McClister) Sparks, was born ca. 1823, probably in Jefferson County, Tennessee. On December 8, 1846, she married Sidney Murrah in Adair County by John S. Noble. Sidney was born ca. 1822 in Russell County, Kentucky, and was a son of Joseph and Mary (Easley) Murrah. Sarah had seven children. Elizabeth F. Murrah was born ca. 1847. Edward R. Murrah was born ca. 1850. He married Catherine ["Kitty"] Wagoner. Mary Emma Murrah was born ca. 1853. She married Richard L. Johnston. Charles M. Murrah was born ca. 1854. Joseph T. Murrah was born ca. 1855. William L. Murrah was born ca. 1859 James S. Murrah was born ca. 1865. James J. Sparks, son of Thomas and Sarah (McClister) Sparks, was born July 15 1826, in Adair County. He married Sarah Ann Taylor on January 5, 1859, in Wayne County, Kentucky. Sarah Ann was born ca. 1840 in Lee County, Virginia, and was probably a daughter of James A. Taylor. James and Sarah Ann (Taylor) Sparks lived near Glens Fork. James J. Sparks died on April 6, 1862 apparently without issue. He is buried in the Sparks Cemetery on Crocus Creek. He died without leaving a will and his widow relinquished her right to administer his estate. The court appointed William Hill, a brother-in-law of James J. Sparks, as the administrator, with Josiah A. Sparks and James McClister as his sureties. The account was settled at the February 1867 term of court. Mary M. Sparks was born ca. 1828. On January 15, 1846, she married William Hill in Adair County by John S. Noble. William was born ca. 1822 in Russell County, Kentucky. Mary and William Hill lived on Crocus Creek where they were the parents of eight children. James T. Hill was born ca. 1848. Marilda F. Hill was born ca. 1850. Susan Caroline Hill was born July 1 1852. Sandy Grain Hill was born August 3, 1855. Amanda J. Hill was born ca. 1856. Joseph N. Hill was born September 22 1857 A twin brother of Joseph N., unnamed, was also born September 22 1857. William W. Hill was born ca. 1859. Susan Caroline Sparks was born December 7, 1830. She apparently never married and died on June 1 1866. She is buried in the Sparks Cemetery on Crocus Creek. Mariah D. Sparks was born ca. 1836. On September 16, 1860., she married Hiram C. White in Adair County. He gave his age as 30 years. Samuel Sparks, son of Josiah and Susannah (Phillips) Sparks, was born on September 27, 1800, in South Carolina; he was thus a sizable youngster when his parents moved to Jefferson County, Tennessee. He grew to maturity there, and it was probably there that he met and married Mary ["Polly"] Aaron ca. 1822. She was born October 2, 1802, in Virginia. Samuel paid taxes in Jefferson County in 1822, but by 1827 he had moved his family to Adair County, Kentucky.

Samuel and Polly (Aaron) Sparks lived on Cedar Creek in southeastern Adair County., near the Russell County boundary. It was there that he purchased 50 acres of land from George and Sarah Saunders on September 8 1829. The consideration was $90. Eleven years later, Samuel and Polly sold this land to Isaac West for $150. The deed was recorded on April 16, 1841. Both Samuel and Polly signed the deed.

Samuel Sparks died on June 22, 1845., just five days before his youngest child was born. He left Polly with seven children and the unborn child. His daughter Catherine, had married Zachariah Collins three years earlier., and it was Collins whom the Adair County Court appointed as administrator of Sparks's estate. The estate was not settled until February 2 1852. From census data and from information furnished by relatives, it appears that Samuel and Polly had nine children. She died in Adair County on June 8 1858. Catherine Sparks was born ca. 1824 in Tennessee. On December 17 1842 she married Zachariah Collins in Adair County. He was born ca. 1822 in Kentucky and was a carpenter by trade. His mother's given name was Catherine and she was born ca. 1807 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Zachariah and Catherine (Sparks) Collins had eight children. Mary Ann Collins was born ca. 1847. Samuel Collins was born ca. 1849. Archaleus ["Archer"] Collins was born March 3, 1854. He married Emily C. MNU Charlotte T. Collins was born ca. 1856. She married John W. Sparks in Adair County on January 6, 1876, by the Rev. "William Wheat. John William Sparks was a son of Josiah and Harriet (Powell) Sparks (see above). Eliza A. Collins was born ca. 1859 William A. Collins was born ca. 1861. Josiah Z. Collins was born ca. 1865. Ulysses S. G. Collins was born ca. 1869. Susan Sparks was born November 19, 1827. She is probably the Susan Sparks who married Anderson Cathron on December 16, 1858, in Adair County. Rufus M. Sparks was born ca. 1829 in Adair County. He married Eliza A. Lawless, ca. 1855. She was born April 14, 1835, in Russell County, Kentucky. On January 16, 1866, Rufus and Eliza purchased 75 acres of land on Crocus Creek from Henry and Sarah Antle for $350 They were listed on the 1860 and 1870 censuses of Adair County, but when the 1880 census was taken, they lived at Creelsboro in Russell County, Kentucky. Rufus died ca. September 1, 1884, and when his will was probated on September 16, 1884, it was found that he had left his entire estate to his wife. Apparently they had no children. Oney Emily Sparks was born on August 31, 1831, in Adair County, and it was there that she married Thomas Aaron on October 31, 1852, by G. W. Taylor. Francis Montgomery was the bondsman. Thomas was born June 22, 1830, in Greene County, Tennessee. He was a son of Abram Aaron, a Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia, and FNU Ragan.

Oney Emily and Thomas Aaron settled down to housekeeping in Cedar Creek where they had three children born to them before Oney Emily died on February 16, 1867. She was buried in the Wesley Cemetery near Glens Fork. She was a member of the Mount Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church. After her death, Thomas Aaron married Eliza J. Collins. Children of Thomas and Oney Emily (Sparks) Aaron were: Catherine Aaron was born November 18, 1853, and she died on March 26, 1882. She married Robert D. Clark on March 17, 1872, in Adair County. Robert Allen Aaron was born February 29, 1855, in Russell County, Kentucky. (Editor's Note: the year 1855 was not a leap year so this birth date must be in error.) On January 31, 1878, he married Martha Lawless in Russell County. She was born October 4, 1859. Bob Aaron died on April 15, 1914, and Martha died on May 29, 1936. They were buried in the Wolford Cemetery. They had four children. A daughter Aaron (whose name we have not learned) was born ca. 1879 She married Hiram Marcum. Pink Aaron was born in 1881 and died in 1924. She married Luther Hall. Ezra Aaron was born June 6, 1883, and died in 1967 He never married. Elmer Aaron was born February 23, 1886, and died in 1920. He never married. James Samuel ["Big Sam"] Aaron was born November 13., 1859. He married Izura Lawless on January 28., 1881, in Russell County and they had eight children. Dillard Aaron was born November 26, 1881, and died in 1960. He married Nettie Price and they had two children: Nola Aaron and Carson Aaron. Narcissus ["Sis"] Aaron was born on July 16., 1886, and died in 1907. She married Eldridge M. Montgomery. They had no children. Ella Mae Aaron, twin sister of Narcissus, died in 1964. She married Lawrence Cundiff and their children were: Edwin Cundiff, Susie Cundiff, Dillard Cundiff, Willard Cundiff, and Dorothy Cundiff. Oliie J. Aaron was born January 27, 1889, and she died in 1911. She married Baker W. ["Woodie"] Wheat. They had no children. Grover Cleveland Aaron was born on August 1, 1892, and died in 1971. He married Cecil Oaks and they had eight children: Sam Aaron, Imogene Aaron, Charles Aaron, Keith Aaron, Clifford Aaron, Jonenell Aaron, Bobby Aaron, and Nancy Aaron. Susie Aaron was born on July 22, 1895. She never married. Bryant Aaron was born December 1, 1897 He married Mae Snow and they had one child, Pauline Aaron. Christopher Thomas Aaron was born September 8, 1900. He married Edith Dowell and they had two children: Maxine Aaron and Christopher Thomas Aaron, Jr. Samuel A. Sparks was born June 2, 1836. He served in Company A, 3rd Regiment Kentucky Infantry during the Civil War. (See page 2166 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his pension papers.) After the war, he went to Rockcastle County, KY, where he practiced his trade of carpentry. It was there that he married Lucinda P. Ashley on August 21, 1870. She was born February 6, 1849, and was a daughter of Uriah and Dianah (Newell) Ashley.

Samuel worked as a carpenter in Rockcastle, Lincoln, and Adair Counties until his death on August 5, 1889. Lucinda died on December 25, 1940, and was buried in the Ragan Cemetery near the AdairRussell Counties boundary. She and Samuel Sparks had three daughters who reached maturity and married three brothers. Emma I. Sparks was born September 2, 1877, and died on January 25, 1963. She married James P. Aaron and they had three children: Montra Aaron, Zachariah Aaron, and Ellendor Aaron. Minnie Mae Sparks was born April 14, 1880, and died on October 8 1971. She married Granville T. Aaron and they had three children: Sam Aaron, Paul Aaron, and Maggie Aaron. Birdie Sparks was born ca. 1887. She married Christopher Wyatt Aaron on November 29, 1903, and they had two childen: Lonzo Aaron and Eiza Aaron. Millie C. Sparks was born on July 17 1838. Apparently she never married. Addison R. Sparks was born March 17, 1840. He served in Company C, 13th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry during the Civil War. (See p. 2168 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his service papers.) We have no further information about him. Penelope Margaret Sparks was born ca. 1842. She was married on December 19, 1862., to S. T. Harel at the home of W. T. Blair in Adair County. Witnesses were Z. Collins and Frank Rogers. Cynthia M. Sparks was born on June 27, 1845. On November 21 1867, she married David F. Ragan at the home of her brother, Rufus M. Sparks, in Adair County. Thomas Aaron, probably her brother-in-law, acted as bondsman. David Ragan was born ca. 1847 in Greene County, Tennessee, and was probably a son of Darby M. and Mary Ragan, both natives of Tennessee. When the 1870 census was taken of Russell County, Kentucky, Cynthia and David had two children, Mary M. Ragan, aged one year, and Martha Ragan., aged one month. There may have been other children born to this marriage. Cynthia died in 1925. Sarah ["Sally"] Sparks, daughter of Josiah and Susannah (Phillips) Sparks, was born June 11, 1802, probably in Union County, South Carolina. She accompanied her parents to Jefferson County, Tennessee, as a young girl, and it was there, on January 24, 1817, that she married William Busby. Messick Govins acted as security for the groom and J. Hamilton was the witness. Sally and William went to Adair County where they appeared on the 1830 and 1840 censuses, but ca. 1844 they joined Sally's brother, Josiah Sparks, Jr., and moved to Missouri where they settled in Lawrence County. It was on this trip that the Busby family Bible was lost while crossing a river.

From census data and information furnished by relatives, it appears that Sally and William Busby had ten children, five sons and five daughters. A descendant, Mrs. Betty A. Langford, has furnished the names of these children; however, she does not know their dates of birth. We have tried to arrange these in what we believe to be their probable order of birth. Josiah ["Joe"] Busby. He was probably named for his maternal grandfather, perhaps he was the eldest child. Anne Busby. She may have been named for her maternal grandmother. Samuel Busby. Thomas Busby. Miles Busby. William Flowers Busby was born on July 19, 1833, in Adair County. He died in 1915. He married Rebecca Crow in 1867 in Jasper County, Missouri. She was born in 1844 and died in 1939. They had eight children. Thomas Levi Busby was born in 1868. He married Dora Estey and they had five children. Olive Jane Busby was born in 1871. She married Monroe Cline and they had no children. Eva Lucinda Busby was born in 1873 and died in 1944. She married Albert Bedell and they had four children, including Miss Beulah Bedell who has been most helpful in compiling data about the family. Anna Elizabeth Busby was born in 1875. She married Thomas Costley and they had three children. Sarah Emma Busby was born in 1877 and died in 1963. She never married. Maggie Pearl Busby was born in 1879 and died in 1892. Minnie Naomi Busby was born in 1881. She married Roland Harrington and they had one child, Betty Harrington, who married Jack Langford. Mastin William Busby was born September 20, 1883 and died in 1938. He married Artie Crouch and they had no children. Jane Busby. She married FNU Cline. Mary ["Polly"] Busby. Matilda Busby. She never married. Elizabeth Busby. She married FNU Nelson. Truelove Sparks, son of Josiah and Susannah (Philiips) Sparks, was born ca. 1804 in South Carolina. He accompanied his parents to Jefferson County, Tenn., as a small boy, and it was probably there that he married his first wife, Mary ["Polly"] Anderson, ca. 1823. It was also there that a son, Elijah, was born to them ca. 1824, and shortly after his birth, Polly died.

Truelove Sparks paid taxes in Jefferson County in 1826, but by 1827 he had moved to Adair County where, on December 21, 1827, he married his second wife, Nancy Hall, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Foster) Hall. Nancy's mother gave her consent to the marriage which was performed by G. W. Taylor. Nancy was born ca. 1809 in Virginia; her mother was born in Bedford County, Virginia. On September 1 1829, Truelove Sparks bought 100 acres of land in Adair County from Edy Foster. The tract was on Dry Fork of Cedar Creek. The consideration was $100. When the 1830 census was taken, Truelove and Nancy had four children living in their household: one male born between 1820 and 1825 and two males and one female born between 1825 and 1830.

On May 8, 1833 Truelove Sparks sold his land on Cedar Creek to Isaac Wright for $100, but the deal apparently fell through, for on January 8, 1835., Truelove conveyed the same tract of land to Nathaniel Privett for $200. Nancy agreed to the sale. It is quite likely that the sale was made in preparation for a move to Illinois, for when the 1840 census was taken, Truelove appeared in Sangamon County. He and Nancy now had five children: one female born between 1825 and 1830; one male born between 1830 and 1835; and two males and one female, all born between 1835 and 1840. They lived on a farm west of Springfield.

We have not found Truelove Sparks on an 1850 census, but when the 1860 census was taken, he and Nancy were in Mercer County, Missouri. He was listed as a farmer, 55 years old, born in South Carolina. Nancy was 51 years old and born in Virginia. Living in the same household were Mary Sparks, aged 18, and James Sparks, aged 17. Living in the household next to Truelove was Truelove Sparks, Jr., aged 29, born in Kentucky, with his wife, J. A. Sparks, aged 19, born in Illinois.

Truelove and Nancy returned to Sherman Station in Sangamon County in August 1865, and, when the 1870 census was taken, they were living in Fancy Creek Township. Living with Truelove, now aged 65, and his wife. Nancy, now aged 61, was Elizabeth Willis, aged 82, born in Virginia. She may have been the mother of Nancy, Elizabeth (Foster) Hall, who may have married again after the death of her husband, John Hall.

A good biography of Truelove Sparks appears in the History of Sangamon County, Illinois, published in 1912, although it gives his place of birth as North Carolina rather than South Carolina, which we believe to have been an error. It reads as follows:

"Truelove Sparks went from North Carolina [sic] to Kentucky with his father at a very early date, settling on a forty-acre farm which they operated for several years, but not being suited, they moved on to Sangamon County, locating on a farm west of Springfield. Truelove Sparks there entered 320 acres from the government, located near Williamsville, and held possession of it for ten years, then sold it, moving to Missouri, where he bought a small farm. As this was the disturbed period of the Civil War, he returned to Sangamon County, resuming farming in the vicinity of Sherman. Still later he went to Nebraska, where he farmed for several years. Once more he came to Illinois, and for five years farmed there, then returned to Missouri, where he bought eighty acres of land. This he operated to the time of his death, which took place when he was ninety-six years old. His second wife also died on this farm, his first wife having died when his son, Elijah, was a small child. There were eight children, four sons and four daughters, in the family of Truelove Sparks, and three of his sons served during the Civil War, two being wounded in the siege of Vicksburg and dying from the effects of their wounds. Of this large family, Elijah is the only survivor."

Information furnished by descendants of Truelove and Nancy Sparks is at variance with the biography as to the time and place of his death. Descendants say that he died ca. 1884 in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas. We have no knowledge (other than the biography) of the time and place of Nancy's death.

Census records indicate that Truelove Sparks had nine children, but we have been able to identify only six of them. Perhaps a reader can help us with the other three. Elijah Sparks, son of Truelove and Polly (Anderson) Sparks, was born ca. 1824 in Tennessee. Shortly after his birth, his mother died and he was reared for the first few years of his life by his stepmother, Nancy (Hall) Sparks. Apparently, he was not in the household of his father when the 1840 census was taken and descendants say he was reared by a paternal aunt, Jane Phillips (Sparks) Wright, wife of Thomas Wright.

On October 23, 1862, Elijah Sparks married Mary Ann Garner. She was born on January 11, 1843, at New Albany, Indiana, and was a daughter of Andrew and Mary Garner. Elijah and Mary Ann lived at Sherman, Illinois, where nine children were born to them. She died on April 22, 1912, and he died on January 15, 1918

A fine tribute to Elijah Sparks appeared in the History of Sangamon County., Illinois, which was referred to earlier. It reads: "Mr. Sparks is a fine specimen of the farmer of early days. Although he has worked hard all his life, and has been subjected to many of the hardships incident to pioneer days, he has enjoyed excellent health and has accomplished much of which he may well be proud. He has lived to see his children grow up about him, developing into useful men and women, and is very proud of them and his many grandchildren. The old home is becoming too small to hold all the connections when there is a gathering, as there often is, but the warm, cordial welcome which each member receives from the grand old man and his wife compensates for a little crowding."

Miss Eileen Sparks, Springfield, Illinois, a granddaughter of Elijah and Mary Ann, has shared with us a most interesting series of notes about the family of her grandparents. She writes: "My grandparents were married at the old Witherow homestead north of Sherman. They bought a house on the east side of the village, but it was torn down when the railroad bought it for their right-of-way. The lawyer for the railroad found them a small farm about three miles east of Sherman and they lived there until their deaths. My grandparents' family seemed to be Methodists, but seldom attended the church in Sherman. As far as I know, none of the family ever ran for or held public offices." Mary ["Polly"] Ann Sparks was born November 6, 1864. She died on June 18, 1951. She married Thomas J. Renfro and they had eleven children. Her niece, Eileen Sparks, recalls the family: "Aunt Polly and Uncle Tom were quite migratory for that day. Uncle Tom gardened for a while and had lots of berries and fruit trees. He also sold bushes and fruit trees for a nursery. They moved to Missouri where apparently they did't prosper and they returned to Illinois and lived with my grandparents until they could get back on their feet. All of the family pitched in and helped." Their children were: Oscar Renfro died when quite young. Mabel Renfro married Stephen Vosburgh. Harry Renfro married Ann Harrison. Grover Renfro never married. Thomas Renfro, Jr. married Marie Bozarth. Mary Renfro married David Kanitz. Noah Renfro married Ruby Dennison. Beulah Renfro married the Rev. Mayo Bowies, a Methodist minister. Raymond Renfro drowned when a small boy. Ruth Renfro died as a young girl from influenza during World War I. Charles Renfro married Elizabeth MNU. They had no children. Laura Alice Sparks was born January 8, 1866. She died on July 12, 1936. She married Gilbert Moore and they had eleven children. Miss Sparks recalls them: "I didn't know" Aunt Laura very well, for I saw her only a few times. She was very quiet. Uncle Gilbert, her husband, was a farmer and also worked in a coal mine at Riverton, Illinois." Ora Moore married Arthur Stringfield. Roy Moore. Harvey Moore married Emma Schulke. May Moore married Jesse Davis. Anna Moore married Creighton McCandless. Gilbert Moore, Jr. married Nellie Burgess. Wesley Moore married Marie Prehada. Ida Moore married (first) Ralph Penberton, and (second) Harry Naylor. Sylvia Ann Moore married Theodore Yeaman. Laura Moore married Rome Saner. Charles Moore was killed in an auto-train accident when in his late teens. Matthew Newton Sparks was born May 2, 1867. He died on April 6, 1934. He married Margaret Josephine ["Josie"] Lang and they had six children. His niece, Eileen Sparks, recalls the family: "Uncle Matthew always farmed and did very well at it. He was a pleasant man whom we saw only occasionally. He was always pleased to see us, especially my father, whom he resembled very much. Uncle Matt liked to garden and Aunt Josie and her girls canned jar after jar of vegetables for the wintertime." Their children were: Telford Sparks married Oca MNU. Pearl Sparks died when an infant. Earl Sparks married Helen LaRue. Viola Sparks married George Brown. Verna Sparks married George Harris. Earnest Sparks married in Iowa and we have not learned the name of his wife. Cora Bell Sparks was born November 18, 1870; she died a year later, on December 17, 1871. Lydia Ann Sparks was born October 20, 1872. She died on April 22, 1947. She married John Mills and they had seven children. Miss Aileen Sparks wrote this about the family: "Aunt Lydia acted as a midwife in her younger days and often helped Dr. Shearl of Williamsville at a birth, taking care of the new mother and baby for a few days or even weeks, if necessary. She had a large family of her own and after Uncle John died, she and a son did the farmwork. In October 1933, she slipped in the barn lot and broke a hip and was never able to walk again. She lay as an invalid for over fourteen years until her death in 1947. She was a large person with a wonderful personality and accepted her invalidism with a smile on her face." Their children were: Flora ["Sissie"] Mills married Martin Boner. Bertha Mills married Clayton Fessenden. Helen Mills married Leslie Butler. Dorothy Mills married (first) Glenn Huddleston, and (second) Everett Osborne. Mary Mills married Russell Petefish. Winfield E. Mills married (first) Ferne Morgan, and (second) Cecelia True. John Mills died when young. Flora Queen Sparks was born September 10, 1875. She died on June 27, 1926. She married Edward Mills. They had no children. Here is what Miss Sparks wrote: "Aunt Flora and Aunt Jane kept house for Uncle Noah after my grandparents passed away. At times, Aunt Flora would nurse the sick of the community and she would probably have made a good professional nurse. She had no children. Aunt Jane never married. She was always shy and retiring. Both women were excellent cooks." Noah Andrew Sparks was born September 7, 1877. He died on April 25, 195 He never married. His niece, Eileen Sparks, said this about him: "Uncle Noah enjoyed loafing around the county courthouse when he was not working at the coal mines or as a carpenter. He loved to ramble through the old records such as deeds and wills. He was called frequently to serve on a jury because of his visits to the courthouse. He liked to read his Bible. He also was a good gardener and raised good crops." Oliver ["Oilie"] Benjamin Sparks was born March 23, 1881. He died on November 3, I960. On August 21., 1907, he married Nellie Viola Penman. She was born September 20, 1888, and was a daughter of George and Eleanor (Foster) Penman, both natives of England. Oilie and Nellie had three children. Eileen Sparks wrote this about her father: "My father farmed, mined coal and did his own carpenter work. At the time of his death there was a rail fence standing which he had built on one side of the barn lot. He loved to hunt and fish and we always had fresh meat in the winter and plenty of fish in the summer. He liked to go to the old camp meeting grounds north of Sherman and attend revivals.

"My father was quite active while growing up. He and his cronies fished and swam in the Sangamon River. On occasions, they would ride their horses for miles to attend a barn dance or a wedding Shivaree. I can also remember my father telling that he and his friends went to the World Fair in St. Louis in 1904." Their children were: Mildred Eulalia Sparks was born June 12 1908. She married Henry Alva Garrison and they had one child, Henry A. Garrison, Jr. Eleanor Foster Sparks was born September 4 1912. She married Lyndel Stuart Smith and they had one son, Robert Smith. Aileen Mary Sparks was born January 22 1922. She has been most helpful in the preparation of this article. Jane Myrtle Sparks was born May 12 1883. She died on December 14, 1954. She never married. Son Sparks was born to Truelove and Nancy (Hall) Sparks between 1825 and 1830 according to census data, but I have not been able to identify him. Daughter Sparks was born to Truelove and Nancy (Hall) Sparks between 1825 and 1830 according to census data. She may have been the Elizabeth Jane Sparks who married Jesse Preston in Sangamon County, Illinois, on December 2, 1852. Truelove Sparks, Jr. was born in January 1831 in Kentucky. He served in Company E, 7th Regiment Iowa Cavalry during the Civil War. (See page 2168 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of the papers in his pension file.) At the time of his enlistment, he was 32 years of age; he was 5 feet 10 inches tall, and he had blue eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion. He accompanied his parents to Mercer County, Missouri, where, on June 3, 1858 he married Julia Ann Slavens. She was born ca. 1841 in Illinois. They had ten children: Lucinda Sparks was born ca. 1861 in Illinois. She died in 1882. She married John Kooken and they had two children: Mollie Kooken and Lisa Elizabeth Kooken born in 1882. She married FNU Ruskin. Albert J. Sparks was born November 15, 1863. He died on March 23, 1938. He married Hazeltine Griffin on September 24, 1886. She was born August 31, 1869, in Mercer County, Missouri, and was a daughter of Robert and Tobitha Griffin. Albert and Hazeltine had eleven children; we have not, however, learned the order of their births. Nellie Sparks, married FNU Shephard. Jessie Sparks, married FNU Smith. Oda Sparks, married FNU Reynolds. Sylvia Sparks, married FNU Wishon. Maggie Sparks, married FNU Dulfinoff. Morrison Sparks. Omer Sparks. Eldon Sparks. Frank Sparks. Lloyd Sparks. Gulley Sparks. Delbert A. Sparks was born November 15, 1863, and was a twin to Albert J. Sparks, above. He died in 19-5 He married Susan Wilson. She was born in 1868 and died in 1950. They had eight children, but we have not learned their names. Charles C. Sparks was born July 22, 1866. He died on February 2, 1960. He married Leah McReynolds. She was born in 1878 and died in 1902. They had two children. Oma Sparks was born May 9, 1899, and died on December 18, 1901. Don Sparks was born May 10, 1901., and died on May 10, 1902. Nancy E. Sparks was born April 13, 1868, and died on April 23, 1947. She was an invalid from birth and never married. Arvilla Sparks was born in December 1870. She married Thomas Hobbs and they had one child. Rhoda Sparks was born October 31, 1871. She married Ed Girdner and they had five children. Sarah J. Sparks was born May 3, 1873, and died in September 1971. On November 9, 1892, she married John William Dragoo. He was born December 1, 1872, and died on January 14, 1954. They had eight children, but we have not learned the order of their births. Mamie Dragoo was born September 7, 1894, and died on May 27, 1897. Walter Dragoo never married. Harlan Dragoo never married. Parthena Dragoo married FNU Bracewell. Bessie Dragoo married FNU Cooksey. Hallie Dragoo married FNU McReynolds. Etta May Dragoo married FNU Snyder. Gussie Dragoo was born March 30, 1913; she died on June 23, 1927 David W. Sparks was born March 5, 1876, and died on April 25, 1967. He married Rachel Foster. She died on September 19, 1907, at the age of 30 years, 1 month, 15 days. They had two children, but we have learned the name of only one. Clay Sparks married Hazel Goins. Mary E. Sparks was born November 9, 1878. She married Charles Calvert and they had two children. Addison J. Sparks was born ca. 1833 in Adair County, Kentucky. He served in Company B, 27th Regiment Missour Infantry during the Civil War. (See the September 1967 issue of the Quarterly Whole No. 59, pp. 1099-1100., for an abstract of his pension file.) He married Mary E. Widener on May 24, 1857, in Mercer County, Missouri, by the Rev. Joel L. Brownlee. She was born ca. 1837 in Tennessee. It was the first marriage for both.

Addison Sparks died while in the military service on May 13, 1864. He left his wife with three small children and an unborn child who would be born posthumously on November 13, 1864. The children were: William Albert Sparks was born September 23, 1858. Parthenia Emeline Sparks was born December 5, 1859. Sarah Jane Sparks was born December 25, 1861. Arvillia A. Sparks was born November 13, 1864. Elizabeth Jane Sparks was born ca. 1837. She was bitten by a water moccasin snake when she was about three years old and died from the effects. A son Sparks whom we have been unable to identify was born to Truelove and Nancy (Hall) Sparks between 1835 and 1840. Mary Sparks was born ca. 1841 in Illinois. James Sparks was born ca. 1843 in Illinois. He served in Company B, 27th Regiment Missouri Infantry during the Civil War. (See page 2169 of issue Whole No. 108 for an abstract of the papers pertaining to his service in the Civil War.) He died while in the military service on August 6, 1864, near Atlanta, Georgia. He was never married.

(Editor's Note: This record of the descendants of 17.2.7 Josiah A. Sparks (ca. 1770-ca. 1841) of Adair County, Kentucky, will be continued in the March 1980 issue of the Quarterly. This will include data on the families of Josiah A. Sparks, Jr. who married Ann Gilkey and Jane Phillips Sparks who married Thomas Ownsby Wright. Other children to be mentioned but on whom we have little data are Elizabeth ["Betsy"] Sparks, Martha Sparks, and Mary ["Polly"] Sparks.

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A portion of the December 1979 issue of The Sparks Quarterly, Whole No. 108, was devoted to an article about 17.2.7 Josiah A. Sparks (ca. 1770-ca. 1841) of Adair County, Kentucky. Among his ten children was a son, Truelove Sparks, born ca. 1804, who, in turn, had a son named Truelove Sparks, Jr., born in 1831 in Kentucky. Truelove Sparks, Jr. married Julia Ann Slavens on June 3, 1838, in Mercer County, Missouri, and they had ten children, including a son, Albert J. Sparks, born November 15, 1863.

Since the publication of that article in 1979, we have received further information about Albert J. Sparks and his family, largely through the efforts and interest of a granddaughter, Annabell G. House. We are grateful to her for this information. She lives at 40 N.E. 22nd St., Gresham, Oregon, 97030.

For the sake of clarity, we have continued to use the same alphanumeric system of outlining the family as we used earlier. Albert J. Sparks, son of Truelove, Jr. and Julia Ann (Slavens) Sparks, was born November 15, 1863, in Mercer County, Missouri. It was there that he married Hazeltine Griffin on September 24, 1886. She had been born August 13, 1869, and was a daughter of Robert and Tabitha Griffin. Albert and Hazeltine spent the rest of their lives farming in and around Princeton, Missouri. He died on March 23, 1938, and she died on July 15, 1950. They were the parents of twelve children.

Photograph Taken ca. 1912-13
Family of Albert J. and Hazeltine (Griffin) Sparks
Back row, left to right: Omer Sparks, Oda Sparks, Jessie Sparks, Nellie Sparks, Sylvia Sparks, and Eldon Sparks.

Front row, left to right: Clestia Sparks, Harrison Sparks, Frank Sparks,Hazeltine Sparks (mother) holding Gully Sparks, Maggie Sparks, Albert Sparks (father), and Lloyd Sparks. Nellie Viola Sparks was born July 29, 1887. She married George Shepard. They had no children. Nellie died on December 6, 1979. Levi Harrison Sparks was born February 20, 1889. He married Flossie Morin, and they had three children. Harrison (as he was called) died on August 14, 1976. Levi Harrison Sparks, Jr., Wanda Sparks, and Albert Jackson Sparks. Jessie Ellen Sparks was born October 11, 1890. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to Walter Blakesley. They had no children. Her second marriage was to Calvert P. Smith, and they adopted two children, Fannie Mae Smith and Calvert Leroy Smith.

Jessie died on October 21, 1966. Oda Ann Sparks was born March 20, 1894. She married Otto Ruth, and they had two sons. Oda died on May 2, 1970 William Ruth and Woodrow Ruth.. William Orner Sparks was born September 20, 1896. He married Georgia Wishon, and they had one child. Orner (as he was called) died on July 26, 1976. Joseph Tyndall Sparks. Sylvia Hendred Sparks was born October 28, 1898. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to Lee Wishon, and they had four daughters: Helen Wishon, Donna Wishon, Mildred Wishon, and Dixie Wishon.

Sylvia's second marriage was to Leahman A. Sexton in December 1963. Eldon Clayton Sparks was born February 9, 1901. He married Ordway King, and they had four children. Eldon died on December 20, 1972. Della Sparks, Nina Sparks, George C. Sparks, and Betty Sparks. Clestia Mae Sparks was born April 22, 1903. She married Benjamin Wishon, and they had three children. Clestia died on June 14, 1936. Annabell G. Wishon, Robert Dean Wishon, and Delilah Wishon. Lloyd Albert Sparks was born June 15, 1905. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Juanita Ewing, by whom he had two daughters, Leota and Alice. His second marriage was to Martha Vanderpool by whom he had two sons, Benton Sparks and Albert Sparks. Robert Frank Sparks was born November 18, 1907. He married Betty Lewis, and they had four sons. Frank (as he was called) died on March 13, 1976. Joseph Sparks, William Sparks, Roy Sparks, and Olin Sparks. Maggie Mildred Sparks was born October 12, 1909. She married John Homer Crowder, and they had one child, Robert Crowder. Gully Edward Truelove Sparks was born May 5, 1912. He married Dorothy Minshell, and they had five children: Edward Sparks, Shirley Sparks, Clista Sparks, Gully E. Sparks, and Barbara Sparks.