October 26, 2017

Pages 2221-2222
Whole Number 111

MALINDA JANE (SPARKS) LAKES, 1868 -1945<br>with son, Hiram F. Lakes<br>and granddaughter, Lenora Grimes<br>(Picture)

<hr> <p>On the cover of this issue of the Quarterly appears a photograph provided by S.F.A. member Mrs. Lavina Felts of Hamilton, Ohio. Shown in the photograph is Mrs. Felts's mother <b> Malinda Jane Sparks</b>, who married <b> John Francis Lakes</b> in 1889. She was a daughter of <b> James J. Sparks </b>and his first wife, <b>Mary "Polly" Alcorn</b>, of Estill County, Kentucky. <b>Malinda Jane</b> was born <i>January 1, 1868</i>, in Lee County, Kentucky, and died on July 21, 1945, at Newport, Kentucky. She was reared in the home of her grandparents, Joseph and Malinda Jane (Barnes) Sparks. Both Malinda Jane (Sparks) Lakes and her husband, John Francis Lakes, were great-grandchildren of <b>44.6 Isaac Sparks, Jr.</b> to whose family the <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=085-A">Quarterly of June 1974, Whole No. 86</a>, was largely devoted.</p> <p>Also shown in the photograph was <b> Hiram Francis Lakes</b>, born <i>1895</i>, son of <b>John Francis and Malinda Jane (Sparks) Lakes</b>. He served in World War I in Company E of the 49th Infantry and Company H of the Third Division. He fought at Belleau Woods and on the River Marne in France where he was wounded and gassed; he received the Purple Heart. Now 85 years old, Mr. Lakes lives in Irvine, Kentucky. Also shown in the photograph was Lenora Grimes, Granddaughter of Malinda Jane (Sparks) Lakes.</p> <p><a name="end"></a> <p><a href="#">top</a></p></body> </html>