April 24, 2021

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Whole Number 114


(Editor's Note: A portion of the December 1967 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 60, was devoted to the family of James Parnell Sparks who moved from Henry County, Kentucky, to Monroe County, Missouri, ca. 1839. Among the thirteen children in the family of James Parnell Sparks was a son, George R. Sparks, born ca. 1845. (See page 1121 of Whole No. 60.) Descendants of George R. Sparks have sent information regarding his family which we now present.) George R. Sparks married Maude Anna Snell in December 1864 and they had eight children, including three who died in infancy. Those who reached maturity were:

Shasteka Charles Sparks, Panola Sparks, Tehaska Sparks, Sally Sparks, and Milton Sparks. Shasteka Charles Sparks was born April 10, 1868, in Shelbina, Missouri. He married Gertrude Mae Kendrick and they had two children before she died October 12, 1903, in St. Louis, Missouri. After her death, Shasteka married Lillie Lechey Hicks by whom he had one child. Shasteka died March 5, 1927, at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He and two of his siblings, Panola and Tehaska, were named for members of an Indian family which had befriended their father.

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died 1903
FIRST WIFE OF SHASTEKA SPARKS Ralph Merical Sparks, son of Shasteka and Gertrude (Kendrick) Sparks, was born January 16, 1895, at Cambridge, Ohio. He married Juliette Yvonne Sanson in France on May 29, 1916. She was born October 25, 1899, at Tours, France, and was a daughter of Emile and J. A. (Rennady) Sanson. Ralph Sparks was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces during World War I. Afterwards, he became a steamfitter construction supervisor. He died January 15, 1975, at Baton Rouge, La. He and Juliette had six children. Gisele Anita Sparks was born March 9, 1918, in France. She married Carl Kenneth Beadle and they had two children. Charles K. Beadle was born March 22, 1942. He married January Devall and they had three children: Keith Beadle, Ken Beadle, and Kim Beadle. Ralph Andrew Sparks was born in 1944. He married Ramona Olinde and they had two children: Kevin Sparks and Karl Sparks. Robert Charles Sparks was born August 26, 1921, in Chilliwac,Canada. He married Jane Evans and they had four children. Vivian Elaine Sparks was born September 19, 1944. She married Lonnie B. Dyer and they had three children: Denise Dyer, Bryant Dyer, and Jennifer Dyer. Linda Gail Sparks was born July 8, 1947. She married DeWayne Lang and they had three children: Deena Lang, Tammie Lang, and Kevin Lang. Robert Charles Sparks, Jr. was born November 8, 1952. He married Diane Williams and they had two children: Blayne Sparks and Lauren Sparks. Ricky Joseph Sparks was born January 30, 1960. Raymond Daniel Sparks was born in 1923 in Monroe, Louisiana. He died April 5, 1926, from the effects of poison that he had accidentally eaten. Marvin Edward Sparks was born in 1924. He died April 5, 1926, in the same accident as his brother, Raymond. They were buried in the Five Point Cemetery in Monroe, Louisiana. Annette Yvonne Sparks was born November 1, 1926, in Monroe, Louisiana. She married Kenneth Lee Cox and they had two children. Don Lee Cox was born September 7, 1948. He married Patricia Ann Rook and they had two children: Wendy Cox and Sheila Cox. Barbara Anita Cox was born February 12, 1951. She married Henry S. Herbst. Harvey Lee Sparks, son of Ralph and Juliette (Sanson) Sparks, was born on April 9, 1929, at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He married Juanita F. Harwell on June 25, 1960. She was born July 26, 1931, and was a daughter of John B. and Mary L. (Ourso) Harwell. Harvey and Juanita had one child, John Rene Sparks, born on March 30, 1965. Maude Althea Sparks, daughter of Shasteka and Gertrude (Kendrick) Sparks, was born January 18, 1898, at Shelbina, Missouri. She married Robert Searcy Rasbury on March 15, 1915. She died June 10, 1975. She and Robert had six children. Esther Louise Rasbury was born November 26, 1916. Marjorie Elizabeth Rasbury was born September 8, 1918. She married McDonald Hunt. Robert Search Rasbury, Jr. was born May 11, 1922. Ramona June Rasbury was born June 1, 1929. Wanda Delores Rasbury was born February 26, 1931. Glenn Darwin Rasbury was born November 1, 1932. Paul Anderson Sparks, son of Shasteka and Lillie Lechey (Hicks) Sparks, was born January 1, 1905, at Commerce, Missouri. He was a professional musician. He married Pauline Otto and they had four children: Judy Sparks, Nancy Sparks, Linda Sparks, and Jean Sparks. Panola Sparks, daughter of George and Maude (Snell) Sparks, was born ca. 1870. She was usually referred to as "Nola." Tehaska Sparks, son of George and Maude (Snell) Sparks, probably was born in the 1870's. He married Emma MNU. Sally Sparks was probably born in the 1870's. Milton "Milt" Sparks, son of George and Maude (Snell) Sparks, was probably born in the 1870's. He is said to have married a woman from the state of New York and lived there. They were managers of a dairy.