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Whole Number 118


<hr> <p>Mrs. Eleanor M. Worley, 4339 Patrick Road, Sunbury, Ohio, 43074, is seeking information about the brothers and sisters of her grandfather, John Samuel Sparks, of McLean County, Kentucky and Bracken County, Kentucky. He was born or about July 9, 1851, in Kentucky, descendants say in Larue County. He was a son of <b> Alexander K. and Louisa (Antell) Sparks</b>; a grandson of <b>32.4.9 Walter Sparks, Jr. and Nancy (King) Sparks</b>; a great-grandson of <b>32.4 Walter and Phoebe Sparks</b>; and a great-great-grandson of <b>32. Richard Sparks</b> (ca.1725 -ca.1792) of Middlesex County, New Jersey and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. (See <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=076-D"> pages 1440-1446 of the December 1971 issue of THE SPARKS Quarterly, Whole No. 76</a>, for further details regarding <b>32. Richard Sparks</b>.) <p><b> Alexander K. Sparks</b>, father of <b> John Samuel Sparks</b>, was born <i>ca. 1827</i> on Floyds Fork in Bullitt County, Kentucky. He was the eldest child of Walter and Nancy (King) Sparks who were married in Bullitt County on January 5, 1826. Walter Sparks was born <i>ca. 1802</i>; Nancy (King) Sparks was born May 6, 1803. They settled down to housekeeping in Bullitt County just a few miles north of Sheperdsville quite near the place where Bullitt, Jefferson, and Spencer Counties join. There they were listed on the 1830 and 1840 censuses. About 1846, however, Walter Sparks bought land on Dutchmans Creek in Spencer County where they moved and where they lived when the 1850 census was taken.</p> <p>The last move made by Walter and Nancy was to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, ca. 1855, where they settled near Greenville. It was here that they died. Walter apparently died prior to 1870; Nancy died April 19, 1876. They had eight children: <blockquote> <b> Alexander K. Sparks</b>, subject of this query;<br> <strike>(2) Richard Sparks, born <i>ca. 1828</i>, married Mary E. Heady in 1852 in Vigo County, Indiana;</strike> (<b>Note:</b> a correction in Whole Number 140 states that Richard was not a child of Walter and Nancy (King) Sparks)<br> <b> Walter J. Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1829</i>, married <b>Eliza Ann Terrell</b> in 1851 in Shelby County, Kentucky;<br> <b> William H. Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1830</i>, married <b>Lucy Pierce</b> in 1855 in Bullitt County, Kentucky;<br> <b> James B. Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1832</i>, married <b>Mary Ann Tinkle</b>;<br> <b> Sarah Ann Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1834</i>, married <b>Charles Karnes</b> in 1856 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky;<br> <b> Charles M. Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1836</i>, married <b>Sally Miller</b> in 1859 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; and<br> <b> Mary Elizabeth U Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1839</i>, married <b>John Markwell</b> in 1853 in Spencer County, Kentucky.</blockquote> <p><b> Alexander K. Sparks</b>, subject of this query, married <b>Louisa Antell</b> on July 22, 1846, in Jefferson County, Kentucky, by Samuel Helm. She was "without parents or guardian and having been raised by her grandfather, Samuel Griffy, who consents in person." Shortly after the marriage, Alexander and Louisa moved to Vigo County, Indiana, probably to join the host of SPARKS relatives who had gone there from the Jefferson-Bullitt-Shelby Counties area of Kentucky. There Alexander practiced his trade as a shoemaker. by 1860, however, Alexander and Louisa had returned to Kentucky settling in Spencer County where Alexander was listed as a shoemaker on the 1860 census.</p> <p>In the meantime, the parents of Alexander, Walter and Nancy (King) Sparks, had moved to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, and by 1880, Alexander and Louisa also moved westward to settle in McLean County which joins Muhlenberg County on the north. Here they lived near the village of Sacramento, and this is where they probably died. We have found no record of their deaths which occurred sometime after 1880. They were the parents of ten children.</p> <blockquote> <p><b> James W. Sparks</b>, son of Alexander and Louisa (Antell) Sparks, was born in <i>Dec, 1847</i>, in Vigo County, Indiana. When the 1900 census was taken of Muhlenberg County, he was 53 years of age and single. He apparently never married.</p> <p><b> George M. Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1849</i> in Vigo County, Indiana. He apparently died when quite young.</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <b> John Samuel Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. July 9, 1851</i>, in Larue County, Kentucky. (On the 1900 census of Bracken County, Kentucky, his birth month and year were given as July 1856.) On April 30, 1891, he married <b>Anna Cora Power</b>. She was born June 15, 1866, and was a daughter of <b>George and Eleanor (Taylor) Power</b>. John Sparks was a groceryman at Brooksville, Kentucky, from 1900 to 1908 when he moved to Augusta, Kentucky, where he operated the Sparks Hotel until his death in 1918. His wife died October 5, 1917. They had two children. <blockquote> <b> Anna John Sparks</b> was born <i>March 14, 1893</i>, probably in Bracken County, Kentucky. She married <b>Carl M. Beasley</b> ca. 1917. She died February 24, 1920, probably at Zebulon, North Carolina. She and Carl had one child,<b>Mary Anna Beasley</b>, who never married. <p><b> Hazel Eleanor Russell Sparks</b> was born <i>July 16, 1902</i>, at Brooksville, Kentucky. On December 20, 1920, she married <b>Samuel Bruce McCauley</b> at Greensboro, North Carolina. She died April 20, 1977, at Decatur, Georgia. She and Bruce had three children, Eleanor, Miriam, and Jacquelyn. Eleanor married David P. Worley. She has been quite helpful in preparing this query.</blockquote> <b> Charles F. Sparks</b> was born on <i>January 13, 1853</i>, in Spencer County, Kentucky.<br> <b> Nancy Catherine ["Kate"] Sparks</b> was born <i>January 19, 1855</i>, in Spencer County, Kentucky. She is said to have married <b>FNU Soucebier</b> in Daviess County, Kentucky.<br> <b> Alexander A. Sparks</b> was born <i>September 13, 1</i>856, in Spencer County, Kentucky.<br> <b> Thomas Sparks</b> was born <i>August 4, 1861</i>, in Spencer County, Kentucky.<br> <b> Lewis Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1864</i>. He is probably the Louis Sparks who married <b>Ida L. Karnes</b> ca. 1887 and who was listed on the 1900 census of Marshall County, Kentucky. This couple had at least six children, including <b>Goldie Sparks</b>, <b>Nina Sparks</b>, <b>Minnie Sparks</b>, <b>Marande Sparks</b>, <b>Jacob Sparks</b>, and <b>P. S. Sparks</b> (male).<br> <b> Louisa Annie Sparks</b> was born in <i>November 1866</i>. When the 1900 census was taken of Muhlenberg County, she was 33 years old, single, and keeping house for her brothers, James W. and Peter. She may never have married.<br> <b> Peter Sparks</b> was born in <i>April, 1870</i>. When the 1900 census was taken of Muhlenberg County, he was 30 years old and single.</p> </blockquote> <a name="end"></a><p><a href="#">top</a></p></body> </html>