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by Paul E. Sparks

1834 - 1891 1837 - 1910

(Note: See "3" below)


Among the Sparkses who were listed on the 1850 census of Georgia which was published in the December 1982 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 120, there was a family in Union County headed by George Sparks. He was born ca. 1805; his wife Fanny Lindsay was born ca. 1812; and they were natives of North Carolina. They were probably born in Surry County for it was there that their marriage license was issued on December 1, 1829, with Charles Johnson, Jr. as their surety J. Cowles performed the ceremony, probably a few days later. George Sparks, Jr. was a son of George Sparks, Sr, and a grandson of William Sparks. William Sparks, with wife, Ann, and their children, had left Frederick County, Maryland, ca. 1764 and had moved to Rowan County, North Carolina. A few years later, they moved to the newly-formed county of Surry, and it was there that William Sparks died between 1800 and 1802. He and Ann apparently had nine children, among whom was a son, George.

(An article for the Quarterly is being prepared about William and Ann Sparks and their nine children. Persons having information about this couple, or of their children, are urged to get in touch with Dr. Russell E. Bidlack, editor of the Quarterly, and share their data with him.) George Sparks, Sr, was born ca. 1760, probably in Frederick County, Maryland. He was a young lad when his parents moved to Surry County, North Carolina, ca. 1772. According to testimony given by James Morgan in 1834, George served as a lieutenant in the Colonial militia during the Revolutionary War. (See page 2787, North Carolina Genealogy, Fall-Winter issue, 1972, No. 66.) He married, ca. 1785, but we have not learned the name of his wife. He was listed as the head of his family on every census from 1790 to 1830, and, according to these records, he had seven children: 3 sons and 4 daughters. We have not learned the names of all of his children, but we believe in the following, Martha Sparks, who married Charles Russell; Dau1 Sparks, who married Samuel Edwards; Dau2 Sparks; Frances ["Frankey"] Sparks, who may have never married; William Z. Sparks Son1 Sparks George Sparks, Jr.

From the Quarterly Whole No. 154: William Z. Sparks (or William S. Sparks), born ca.1791. This may have been who married (first) Elizabeth Gentry in 1813, and (second) to Mary Benge. Dau1, born ca.1793 Dau2, born ca. 1797. She may have been the daughter known to have been married to Samuel Edwards and who died before her father. Son1, born ca.1799. Martha Sparks, born September 9, 1801. She married Charles Russell. Frances Sparks, born ca.1803. Called "Franky" in her father's will; she was unmarried when her father made his will in 1833. George Sparks, Jr., born ca.1805. He is believed to have been married to Fanny Lindsay in Surry County in 1829. Shortly before 1850, he moved his family to Union County, Georgia.

George Sparks, Senior, died in Surry County in the fall of 1842, probably at the home of his son, George Sparks, Jr. He had made a will on November 18, 1833, which was probated at the November 1842 term of the Surry County Court. Here is the text of the will as it was probated:

Know all men that I George Sparks Senior of Surry County and State of North Carolina do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, towit:

1st Item. First I give and bequeath unto my son George Sparks, Junr. all my land lying in two seperate Tracts containing three Hundred acres be the same more or less with all the improvements in any way belonging thereto.

2nd Item. I give and bequeath unto my son George named above my Still and Stand and all that pertains to my dystilery in any way.

3rd Item. I give and bequeath unto my son George named above all my farming tools and my Rifle gun with everything mentioned above to him and his Heirs forever.

4th Item. I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Franky that portion of my pewter furniture that my other Married Daughters have had.

5th Item. And all the ballance of my household and Kitchen furniture I give and bequeath unto my son George to him and his Heirs forever.

6th Item. And I further will that all my stock of Horses Cattle Sheep and Hogs that I may happen to die possessed of be sold and after my just debts are paid that the ballance of the money be equally divided between all my children except my son George and will that my two grand children James and Wilson Edwards an equal share of the money arising from the sale of my stock to be paid into the Hand of Samuel Edwards for the Purpose of Helping to schooling my two grand children named above.

7th Item. And lastly I do appoint Richard H. Parks Executor of this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and seal this 18th day of November 1833.

John Shore jurit
Ellot Hall, his mark X

George x Sparks
North Carolina)
Surry County

November Term 1842. The foregoing Will and Testament of George Sparks was offered for probate & proven in due form of Law by Oath of John Shore a witness thereto who swears he saw the said G. Sparks sign seal publish & declare the same to be his last Will & Testament and that at the time of the signing the same he was of sound and disposing mind & memory whereupon it was ordered to be recorded done accordingly.

F. Armstrong Clk
by H. C. Hampton D C

In all probability, George Sparks, Senior, made his will in favor of his son, George, Junior, as a part of an arrangement whereby George, Senior, would live with his son for the rest of his natural life. When the 1840 census was taken of Surry County, there was a male between the ages of 70 and 80 years in the household of George Sparks, Junior. This was probably his father. George Sparks, Sr, bequeathed to his son, George Sparks, Jr, a tract of land which he (George, Senior) had obtained from his father, William Sparks, on March 6, 1800. The 200-acre tract was located on Fox Knob of the Brushy Mountains in the northwestern part of present-day Yadkin County, North Carolina, near the town of Jonesville.

After the death of his father and prior to 1850 (ca. 1848) George Sparks, Jr, moved his family to Union County, Georgia. It was there that he was listed with his wife and eight of their children on the 1850 census. (Apparently their two oldest sons had moved away from home or had died.) The eight children with George and Fanny were: Son1 Sparks; Son2 Sparks; George W. Sparks, 16; James Sparks, 14; Enoch L. Sparks, 13; Elizabeth Sparks, 9; Susannah Sparks, 7; Jonathan Sparks, 6; Henry Sparks, 4; and Joseph Sparks, 2

They were all born in North Carolina.

We have been unable to learn very much about the children of George and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks. We are publishing the small amount of data which we now have in the hope that some of our readers may be able to add to the information.

According to census data, George and Fanny Sparks had two sons born to them between 1830 and 1835. They apparently had left home or had died prior to 1850. George Washington Sparks, son of George and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks, was born on February 18, 1834, in Surry County, North Carolina. He accompanied his parents to Union County, Georgia, and it was there that he married Elizabeth Jane Morgan on July 11, 1856. She was born April 26, 1837, in Union County. When the 1860 census was taken, they were living in Whitfield County; their post office was given as Rural Vale.

George Washington Sparks served in Company H, 36th regiment Georgia Infantry, Confederate States Army, during the Civil War.

Some time between 1874 and 1878, George and Elizabeth moved their family to Texas where they settled in Falls County. George was killed in 1891 about 20 miles from Mart, a small town in McLennan County. Nothing is known about the circumstances surrounding his death. Elizabeth died July 7, 1910, and was buried at Mart. They were the parents of eight children. Alice Irene Sparks was born April 30, 1857, in Georgia. On December 18, 1879, she married Marlin Wilder in Falls County, Texas. He was born in 1857. Alice died in 1892; Marlin died in 1940. They had five children: Bertha Wilder married Tyne W. Smith and they had six children: Alice Smith, Violet Smith, G. Cook Smith, John Smith, Tyne Smith, Jr., and Birdie Ruth Smith. Clarence R. Wilder married May MNU and they had six children: Ceicle Wilder, Clarence Wilder, Annie Wilder, Lucilla Wilder, Thomas Wilder, and Alice Wilder. Virgile H. ["Jack"] Wilder married Lennie Mayo and they had five children: Marice Wilder, Mary F. Wilder, Ruby Wilder, Buster Wilder, and Jackie Sue Wilder. Hebart Wilder. Thurman Wilder married Birdie Reynolds. (See below)


(The parents are on the far right of the photograph. Their children, from left to right, are:
William Oscar Sparks,
Theophilus Sparks,
John Henry Sparks, Jr.,
Mary De Lila Sparks, and
Benjamin Sparks.)

(Picture) John Henry Sparks was born on January 27, 1859, in Georgia. He married Mary De Lila ["Mollie"] Lane on May 26, 1881, in McLennan County, Texas. They were married by the Rev. T. M. L. Duncan, M.G. Mollie was born December 24, 1865, and was a daughter of Robert R. and Jemma M. (Conner) Lane. John Henry died June 26, 1935, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mollie died there also on June 29, 1956. They had five children, all of whom appear in the above photograph. Baby Boy Sparks John Henry ["Babe"] Sparks, Jr. He married Ola Modena Pugh and they had nine children: John Henry Sparks, Richard Sparks, Louis Frankel Sparks, Caludie Sparks, Noy Leon Sparks, Nona Sparks, Floyd Sparks, Billie Joe Sparks, and Norma Sparks. William Oscar Sparks. He married Mable Southworth and they had six children: William Sparks, Jr., Vivian Sparks, Earl Sparks, Winston O. Sparks, Jack Sparks, and Donnie Sparks. Theophilus Sparks was born March 20, 1889, in Rockwall County, Texas. He married Sarah Lenora Paris on October 22, 1917. She was born November 2, 1889, and was a daughter of Claborn And Sarah (Chenault) Paris. Theophilus died February 14, 1952, and Sarah died September 2, 1966. They had five hildren: Lenora Sparks, Margaret Sparks, Theophilus Sparks, Jr., Jimmie Laura Sparks, and Juanita Sparks. Mary De Lila Sparks. She married Henry English and they had three children: Henry English, George English, and Mary Louise English. (See below) Benjamin Franklin Charlie Taylor Sparks was the last child born to this couple George Sparks was born on October 26, 1862. He married Ida Morgan. He is said to have moved to Mexico, but later went to Walla Walla, Washington, where he died October 2, 1948. He and Ida had five children: Roy Sparks, Florence Sparks, Pearl Sparks, Taff Sparks, and Cody Sparks. Mollie M. Sparks was born September 5, 1864, in Georgia. She died March 19, 1919. She married Earl Dearing and they had one child, Earl Dearing, Jr., born June 6, 1889. Thomas Oscar Sparks was born January 11, 1871. He died the next fall. William David Sparks was born on November 3, 1874, in Georgia. He died November 2, 1948. He married Belle Weisome and they had eight children. Frank Sparks. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Carrie MNU by whom he had one child: Daniel Sparks.

He married, second, Mary De Lila (Sparks) English. (See above) Tyne Leroy Sparks. He married Roberta MNU and they had four children: Samuel Sparks; Tyne Sparks, Jr.; Joseph Sparks; and Thurman Sparks. Dollie Sparks. She died at the age of eighteen years. Lorne Sparks. She married and had a daughter, Cora Bell. Grady Sparks. He married but we have learned nothing about his family. Nora Sparks. She married Earl Shanchez and they had a daughter, Erlene Shanchez. Anna Bell Sparks. She married and had a son, Patrick. George Sparks. He married Ruth MNU Birdie Ellen Sparks was born February 21, 1880, in Texas. She married Herbert Reynolds and they had a daughter, Birdie Reynolds, who married Thurman Wilder. (See above.) Thurman and Birdie had one child, T. C. Wilder. Lora Lee Sparks was born December 29, 1880, in Texas. She married Carlos Murphy and they had at least five children: Charles Murphy, Fred Murphy, Joseph Murphy, Bobbie Murphy, and James Murphy. James Sparks was born ca. 1836 in North Carolina. No further information. Enoch L. Sparks was born ca. 1838. He was married on July 28, 1859, in Union County, Georgia, to Cynthia E. Collins. When the 1860 census was taken of Union County, a four-year-old girl named Irena C. Sparks, born in Georgia, was living with Enoch and Cynthia. He died August 31, 1861, in a Richmond, Virginia, hospital while serving in the Confederate States Army. Elizabeth Sparks was born ca. 1840. No further information. Susannah Sparks was born ca. 1842. No further information. Jonathan Sparks was born ca. 1844. No further information. Henry Sparks was bornca. 1846. No further information. Joseph Sparks was born ca. 1848. No further information.

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by Mary L. Henry John Henry Sparks, Sr.
Son of George Washington & Elizabeth Jane (Morgan) Sparks
(Photograph taken in 1902)

[Editor's Note: We are pleased to present here information submitted by Mary L. Henry (Grand Prairie, Texas) regarding some descendants of George, Jr., and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks, great-great-grandparents of Ms. Henry. An article pertaining to the family of George Sparks, Jr. (born ca. 1805) was published in the Quarterly of June 1983, Whole No. 122, pp. 2519-24, by Paul E. Sparks. The following articles by Mary L. Henry expand upon what Dr. Sparks was able to provide in 1983. She was assisted in this research by Theophilus Sparks, as well as a number of other descendants of George Sparks, Jr. Ms. Henry has provided a number of very interesting photographs pertaining to this branch of the Sparks family. It has been difficult for the editor to choose from among this collection for reproduction for our readers.

[As was explained in the June 1983 issue of the Quarterly cited above, George Sparks, Jr. was a son of George Sparks, Sr. (born ca. 1760) who died in Surry County, North Carolina, in the fall of 1842. The text of George, Sr.'s will, dated November 18, 1833, was given on page 2521 of the Quarterly. The parents of George Sparks, Sr. were William and Ann Sparks who moved from Frederick County, Maryland, to Rowan County, North Carolina, in 1764. They lived in that part of Rowan County which was then called The Forks of the Yadkin. Today this area constitutes Davie County. About 1772, William and Ann Sparks, with their children, moved to the newlyformed county of Surry, and it was there that William Sparks died in 1801 or 1802. Among the nine children of William and Ann Sparks was the son George, called George Sparks, Sr., mentioned above.

[George Sparks, Jr. and Fanny Lindsay obtained a marriage bond in Surry County, North Carolina, on Decembr 1, 1829. A cousin of George named Charles Johnson, Jr., served as his surety for this bond. We can assume that the marriage took place within a few days of the date of this marriage bond.

[Among the children of George, Jr. and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks was George Washington Sparks, the great-grandfather of Mary L. Henry. A photograph of George Washington Sparks (1834-1891) appeared on the cover of the June 1983 issue of the Quarterly, along with a photograph of his wife, Elizabeth Jane. Mary Henry has provided additional information regarding her great-grandparents, along with a record of her grandfather, John Henry Sparks, to expand the sketch appearing on page 2523 of the June 1983 Quarterly. She has also provided detailed information regarding another son of George, Jr. and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks named Joseph Zachary Taylor Sparks. He was noted on the bottom of page 2524 of the June 1983 Quarterly, but we had no information regarding him and his family at that time. In identifying Joseph Zachary Taylor Sparks, Ms. Henry has provided an answer to a query appearing on pp. 322-23 of the September 1958 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 23 which had been submitted by George Washington Sparks of Plevna, Montana. Mr. Sparks (born July 4, 1888) knew that his father's name had been "Joseph Zac Taylor Sparks," but he had been unable to learn the name of his grandfather. Mr. Sparks died October 10, 1963 (see the December 1963 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 44, p. 779) for a brief obituary and photograph.)] George Washington Sparks George Washington Sparks, son of George and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks, was born on February 18, 1834, in Surry County, North Carolina. He accompanied his parents to Union County, Georgia, and it was there that he married Elizabeth Jane Morgan on July 11, 1856. Elizabeth Jane had been born April 26, 1837, in Union County. She was the daughter of Samuel Morgan and Hannah Nicholson. When the 1860 census was taken, they were living in Whitfield County; their post office was given as Rural Vale.

George Washington Sparks served in Company H, 36th Regiment Georgia Infantry, Confederate States Army, during the Civil War. He was taken prisoner on July 4, 1863, when the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, capitulated. On July 9, 1863, he was required to sign a document which reads as follows:

                                                                       Vicksburg, Mississippi July 9, 1863

To all whom it may Concern, Know ye That:
I, George W. Sparks, a Private of Co. H, 36th Reg't. Geo. Vols. C.S.A., being a Prisoner of War, in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison by Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, C.S.A., Commanding, on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath-

         That I will not take up arms again against the United States, nor serve in any military, police, or constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, nor as guard of prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers, against the United States of America, until duly exchanged by the proper authorities.

[signed] George W. Sparks
Private Co H 30th Geo Regt

George Washington Sparks apparently was exchanged because he served in the Confederate Army through May 1864 according to witnesses who provided testimony when his widow, Elizabeth Jane, applied for a Confederate pension in her late years. According to their testimony, George enlisted as a private in April 1862 and served through May 1864. He served under Colonel Jesse A. Glenn who described him thus: "He would weigh about 140 pounds, he was about 5 feet an[d] 7 inches high, he was dark complected [with] dark hair and dark eyes." W. G. Harris, who was captain of Company H, also gave a statement very similar to the Colonel's.

After the Civil War, George Washington Sparks and his family lived in Murray County, Georgia. Sometime around 1874, George went to McLennan County, Texas, where he worked as a laborer in order to save enough money to send for his family. This was ca. 1876, and, according to his eldest son, John Henry Sparks, they traveled to Texas by train. George farmed for a while and then went into business with another man as a peddlar. They traveled all over Central and North Texas in a wagon selling their goods.

George Washington Sparks was killed on January 15, 1891, near Mesquite, in Dallas County, Texas. There is some mystery surrounding George's death. No one is sure who killed him, but it has been assumed that he was killed by his partner. He was apparently buried in an unmarked grave somewhere near the place of his death.

Elizabeth Jane applied for a Confederate pension in 1899, which was approved on February 9, 1900. [This was under a pension plan offered by the state of Texas--no pension provision for Confederate soldiers and their widows was ever made by the U.S. Government.] According to the papers pertaining to her case that are preserved in the Texas State Archives, she was in poor health when she made her application, and had no money. Elizabeth Jane died July 7, 1910, and was buried at Mart, Texas, in McLennan County.

George Washington and Elizabeth Jane (Morgan) Sparks were the parents of eight children. (See pp. 2522-24 of the Quarterly of June 1983 for more detailed information.) Alice Irene Sparks, born April 30, 1857. John Henry Sparks, born January 27, 1859. George Sparks, born October 26, 1862. Mollie M. Sparks, born September 5, 1864. Thomas Oscar Sparks, born July 11, 1871. William David Sparks, born November 3, 1874. Birdie Ellen Sparks, born February 21, 1880. Lora Lee Sparks, born December 29, 1882.

Alice Irene (Sparks) Wilder
Daughter of
George W. and Elizabeth 
(Morgan) Sparks
(Picture) Mary Mathilda ["Mollie"] (Sparks) Dearing
Daughter of
George W. & Elizabeth
(Morgan) Sparks

Lora Lee (Sparks) Murphy
Daughter of George W. & Elizabeth (Morgan) Sparks

Wedding Picture of Birdie Ellen Sparks
Daughter of George W. & Elizabeth (Morgan) Sparks)
and Herbert Reynolds

Wedding Picture of William David Sparks
Son of George W. & Elizabeth (Morgan) Sparks
and Belle Weisome

Additional Information on John Henry Sparks
John Henry, Sr. & Mary DeLila (Lane) Sparks
On Their 50th Wedding Anniversary
May 26, 1931
(Picture) John Henry Sparks, son of George and Elizabeth (Morgan) Sparks, was born January 27, 1859, in Georgia. [See his photograph on page 3309 as well as above with his wife.] He married Mary DeLila [ "Mollie" ] Lane on May 26, 1881, in McLennan County, Texas. They were married by the Rev. T.M.L. Duncan, M. G. Mollie was born December 24, 1865, and was the daughter of Robert R. and Jemima Menefee (Conner) Lane. After their marriage, John farmed for several years and then went into the construction business. His company was active in helping build railroads in the early part of the century. Primarily they built the railroad beds. They also did other work, such as roads, dams, bridges, etc. They worked in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma Indian Territory, and all over Texas. [See the cover of the present issue of the Quarterly for a photograph of a company work site.]

During these years, they lived in tents in "camp" wherever their jobs took them. They moved between jobs by wagon when they were nearby, and by train when they were far apart. The children were taught by tutors in camp; none of them attended formal schools.

About 1915, John moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and there made his permanent home. All of his children and most of his grandchildren also made Fort Worth their home as well. Two projects in the city are visible reminders to John's descendants. He helped to build Exchange Avenue, a brick street in the historic Stockyards area of Fort Worth. He also did the grading, leveling, and layout of Rose Hill Cemetery. He also was a policeman in Niles City, a small incorporated area which is now a part of Fort Worth.

John Henry Sparks died June 26, 1935, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mollie died there also, on June 29, 1956. Both were buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Fort Worth. They had twelve children, but only five of them lived to adulthood. They were: Baby Boy Sparks was born in 1882; he died at birth. John Henry Sparks, Jr. was born March 19, 1883, In McLennan County, Texas. He married Ola Modena Pugh in 1912. John Henry, Jr. was a pioneer in the motion picture industry in Fort Worth. He became a motion picture operator and worked in that occupation until his death on October 25, 1958. Modena died December 26, 1982. Both died in Fort Worth, Texas, and were buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery. All of their children were born in Fort Worth. John Henry Sparks, III was born August 31, 1913. He married Alberta Barber on May 28, 1946, in Fort Worth, Texas. Alberta died May 21, 1980, in Fort Worth. They had two children born in Fort Worth: John Henry Sparks, IV was born July 12, 1947; and Alberta Diane Sparks was born January 2, 1950. Richard Clifton ["Clif"] Sparks was born August 14, 1915. He married Mary Kuba on September 17, 1939, in Fort Worth, Texas. They have two children: Richard Clifton Sparks, II was born March 20, 1944 ; and Joyce Kathleen Sparks was born November 23, 1945. Claudia Modena Sparks was born March 15, 1920. She moved to Washington, D. C., where she met her future husband, James Clark ["Jim"] MacFarland. They were married on April 5, 1946. Jim was a career Air Force officer and retired at the rank of colonel. They currently reside in South Carolina. They have three children: Pamela Dashiell MacFarland, born May 1, 1947; Ann Clark MacFarland, born on February 18, 1953; and James Clark Macfarland, Jr, born on December 9, 1955. Noy Leon Sparks was born September 27, 1922. He was married, first, to Dorothy Forson in 1942. They had one daughter, Linda Sparks.

He was married, second, to Ruby Mae Evans in 1949. They have two children. The three children of Noy Leon Sparks were: Linda Iris Sparks, born January 17, 1943; Noy Leon Sparks, Jr, born June 28, 1950; and Ann Sparks was born July 19, 1951. Floyd Leroy Sparks was born July 21, 1924. He married Helen McNew, but they were subsequently divorced. They had no children. William Pugh ["Bill"] Sparks was born October 8, 1926. He lives in New York City, New York. He has not married. Nona Marie Sparks was born August 23, 1929. She married Dean McKinley Peterson on July 10, 1948. Their children, all born in Fort Worth, were: Dean McKinley Peterson, Jr., born June 4, 1950; Nancy Susan Peterson, born January 18, 1954; Jeffrey Mark Peterson, born January 25, 1956; Rebecca Jane Peterson, born on February 12, 1962, died February 14, 1962; Katie Modena Peterson, born September 30, 1964; and Benjamin Andrew ["Andy"] Peterson, born on December 14, 1965. Norma Jean Sparks was born February 13, 1932. She married Jimmie Durr Spann on June 7, 1949. They are Baptist missionaries and currently reside in Chihuahua, Mexico. Their children are: Stephen Jimmie Spann, born June 3, 1951; Claudia Marie Spann, born June 29, 1953; Kathy Jean Spann, born on April 20, 1961; and Lynda Anne Spann, born on April 1, 1963. William Oscar Sparks, son of John Henry and Mary DeLila ["Mollie"] Sparks, was born February 16, 1885, in McLennan County, Texas. He married Mable Southworth in Cabool, Missouri, on May 22, 1904, which was her 14th birthday. Oscar died March 6, 1962, and Mable died January 4, 1966. Both died in Fort Worth, Texas. They were the parents of the following children: William Oscar Sparks, Jr. He was born in Missouri in 1907; he died in Texas in 1922. Lulu Vivian Sparks, born January 25, 1912, in Missouri. She married Virgil Ellsworth on July 7, 1934, in Cleburne, Texas. Virgil died July 7, 1965, in Fort Worth, Texas. They had no children. James Earl Sparks, was born in April 1886 [Webmaster note: obviously an error] and died that same year. Winston Oscar Sparks, born on August 27, 1923, in Fort Worth, Texas. He married Mary Scott on February 28, 1946, in Fort Worth. They have one son Winston Alan Sparks born January 25, 1947. Jack Sparks, born on March 6, 1926, in Fort Worth, Texas. He married Frances Erlene Duncan on September 23, 1950. They have two children: Jack Michael Sparks, born on May 28, 1952; and Donna Maureen Sparks, born September 13, 1954. Don Sparks was born January 19, 1934. He married Dixie Harper. They had two children: Donnie Mark Sparks; and Erlene Sparks.

Don and Dixie were later divorced, and Don married (second) Mary Jo Bays. They had four boys: Steve Sparks; Max Sparks; Barry Sparks; and Sean Sparks. Edna Earl Sparks Theophilus Sparks, son of John Henry and Mary DeLila ["Mollie"] Sparks, was born March 20, 1889, in Rockwall, Texas. He married Sarah Leonora Paris on October 22, 1917. She had been born on November 2, 1889, and was a daughter of Claborn And Sarah (Chenault) Paris. Theophilus died February 14, 1952, and Sarah died September 2, 1966, both in Fort Worth, Texas. Their children were: Leonora Delila Sparks, born September 14, 1918, in Forth Worth, died October 16, 1965, in Fort Worth. She did not marry. Margaret Thea Sparks, born June 12, 1921, in Fort Worth, Texas. She died February 18, 1926, in Fort Worth. Theophilus Sparks, II was born November 9, 1923, in Fort Worth, Texas. He married Marilyn Marie Gilbert on December 24, 1946. (He has been of assistance to Mary Henry in the preparation of this article.) He and his wife have two children: Marie Elaine Sparks, born on December 30, 1949; and David Noel Sparks, born July 5, 1953. Jimmie Laura Sparks was born October 27, 1926. She married John Every Culver. Dorothy Juanita Sparks was born April 6, 1929, in Fort Worth, Texas. She died February 20, 1932. George Robert Sparks, son of John Henry and Mary DeLia ["Mollie"] Sparks, was born ca. 1891; he lived about three months. Claude Sparks was born ca. 1893. He lived for about three months. Infant Sparks was stillborn ca. 1894. byron Sparks was born July 3, 1895, and died in 1896. Mary D. Lila Sparks, daughter of John Henry and Mary DeLila [ "Mollie" ] Sparks, was born November 28, 1896, in Elk, McLennan County, Texas. She married Elisha Woodard English in Fort Worth, Texas, on July 8, 1915. Elisha had been born on April 9, 1872, in Lewis County, Missouri. He was a son of William Woodard English and Sarah Ann (Tate) English, both having been born in Virginia. Elisha died October 19, 1934. After Elisha's death, Mary married her cousin, Franklin Pearce ["Frank"] Sparks on March 26, 1938. They did not have any children. Frank died May 27, 1968, and Mary died October 29, 1978, Mary and both of her husbands died in Fort Worth and were buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery. Mary and Elisha English had four children, all born in Fort Worth: Henry Woodard English was born April 27, 1916. He married Carolyne Ryfle on April 13, 1946, in Fort Worth. Henry died July 19, 1966, and was buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Fort Worth. They had two children: Henry Woodard ["Hank"] English, Jr. was born September 12, 1950; and Carolyne Ryfle ["Lyn" ] English was born November 13, 1954. George Robert English was born December 16, 1920. He married Audrey Marie Marsh on October 2, 1943, in Dallas, Texas. George died August 25, 1986, in Fort Worth, Texas, and was buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery. They had one daughter: Georgeanne ["Missy"] English, born on May 19, 1952, in Fort Worth. "Baby Boy" English was born June 25, 1924; he lived for only a few hours. Mary Louisa Anne English was born February 14, 1931. She was married (first) to Glen Dean Fulkerson on October 9, 1948, in Denton, Texas. Glen died October 11, 1966, in Chicago, Illinois, while en route to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He was buried at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Fort Worth. Mary subsequently married James Robert Henry on May 22, 1969; they were divorced in 1972. Mary and her first husband, Glen Fulkerson, had four children, all were born in Fort Worth, Texas: Henry Glen Fulkerson was born on August 20, 1949; Robert Frank Fulkerson was born December 16, 1950; Lila Lee Fulkerson was born September 8, 1955; and Richard Charles Fulkerson was born August 15, 1959. Benjamin Franklin Charlie Taylor ["Ben"] Sparks, son of John Henry and Mary DeLila ["Mollie"] Sparks, was born September 23, 1899, in Elk, Texas. He died May 25, 1974, in Fort Worth, Texas, and was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery. He did not marry. Hazle Dell Sparks was born September 25, 1904, in Hannibal, Missouri. She died of diphtheria on October 24, 1908, in Holdenville, Oklahoma, and was buried there. JOSEPH ZACHARY TAYLOR SPARKS
Son of George, Jr. and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks

As has been noted earlier, an article appeared in the June 1983 issue of the Sparks Quarterly devoted to descendants of George Washington Sparks and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Morgan. Here we present information on a brother of George Washington Sparks named Joseph Zachary Taylor Sparks. They were sons of George Sparks, Jr. and grandsons of George Sparks, Sr. They were great-grandsons of William and Ann Sparks who moved from Frederick County, Maryland, to Rowan County, North Carolina, in 1764. At the time the article was prepared for the June 1983 Quarterly, no information was available on the siblings of George Washington Sparks, other than their names and the approximate dates of their birth. Joseph Zachary Taylor Sparks was noted as "Joseph Sparks" above.

Son of George Sparks, Jr.
Wife of Joseph Z. T. Sparks
(Picture) Joseph Zachary Taylor Sparks was born August 28, 1845, in North Carolina. He was the youngest son of George, Jr. and Fanny (Lindsay) Sparks. After the death of George, Jr.'s father (George Sparks, Sr.) in 1842, but prior to 1850, George, Jr. and his family moved to Union County, Georgia. It was there that Joseph Zachary Taylor Sparks was married on August 25, 1869, to Sara Melvina Francis Jane McClain; she had been born on December 26, 1850, in Georgia. It was sometime after April 1878 that Joseph and Sara Sparks moved with their family to Texas. They appeared on the 1880 census of McLennan County, Texas. Joseph's brother, George Washington Sparks, was listed with his family on the same census as living in nearby Falls County. Joseph and his family moved from McLennan County, Texas, to the Indian Territory, which is now Oklahoma, sometime between 1886 and 1888. by 1910, apparently all of Joseph's children had left home. Only he and his wife appeared on the 1910 census at their place of residence in Wright Township, Jefferson County, Oklahoma. Joseph died September 2, 1914, in Petersburg, Oklahoma, and was buried at the Belleville Bourland Cemetery in Courtney, Oklahoma. He left a will which we quote, as follows:

Petersburg Oklahoma August the 15th 1914
Last Will and Testament
of J. T. Sparks        To whom it may concern

That I, J. T. Sparks of Sound mind do this 15th day of august, 1914 make my Last Will and Testament in which I Bequeath to each of my childrens One Dollar (1 00) Each as Follows Thos Sparks One Dollar James Sparks One Dollar (1 00) Franklin Sparks One Dollar (1 00) Joseph Sparks One Dollar (1 00) Colonel Sparks One Dollar (1 00) and to the children of my Daughter Dovie Harkins (now dead) One Dollar each as follows Lillie Harkins One Dollar (1 00) Johnnie Harkins One Dollar (1 00) Pike Harkins One Dollar (1 00) and To my wife Francis Jane Sparks I Bequeath all of the Balance of my property Both Real and Personal Two head of Horses Two head of mules Two head of cattle seven head of hogs also Crop wagon and all farming implements and my house in which I now reside and the thirty acres of Land which belongs to me I Place no Restrictions upon her as to how she shall use same. Knowing That she will have to be governed by circumstances in regard to the disposition of said property while I do not make it compulsory I would be glad for her to retain the Home place so that she would always have a home so long as She may live.

There were two witnesses to the will of Joseph Z. T. Sparks, but only their surnames are legible; they were FNU Flabotilles and FNU Morgan. Robert L. Bourland was named administrator, and in the settlement of the estate the widow of Joseph Z. T. Sparks recorded his heirs as follows:

  Age Residence
Francis Jane Sparks, widow 69 Petersburg, Okla
Thomas Sparks, son 42 Darris, Texas
James Sparks, son 38 Unknown
Franklin Sparks, son 31 Unknown
Joseph Sparks, son 35 Illinois Bend, Tex
Colonel Sparks, son 28 Calumet, Montana
Lillie Harkins, granddaughter 11 Petersburg, Okla
John Harkins, grandson 7 Petersburg, Okla
Pike Harkins, grandson    9 Petersburg, Okla

The land which Joseph left to his wife had been purchased on two separate occasions. The west half of the northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of Section Thirty in Township Seven South and Range Three West (twenty acres) was purchased from W. F. Bourland and Lula Bourland on November 30, 1910, for $130.00. The northeast ten acres of Lot Three in Section Thirty in Township Seven South and Range Three West was purchased on August 3, 1911, from John G. Harkins, a single man of Courtney, Jefferson County, State of Oklahoma, for $100.00. John Harkins was Joseph Sparks's son-in-law. He had been married to Joseph's daughter, Dovie Sparks, in 1905. Dovie died in 1910, hence the designation of John G. Harkins as a single man at the time of the sale of the land in 1911.

After the death of Joseph Z. T. Sparks, his widow, who was usually called "Jane" for short, remained for a while in Oklahoma, but then moved to Stonewall, County, Texas. She took her Harkins grandchildren (listed in Joseph's will) with her, and they lived near her son, Tom Sparks. She later returned to Oklahoma. She died December 25, 1931, in Tuttle, Oklahoma, and was buried in Belleville Bourland Cemetery in Courtney, Oklahoma. Joseph Zachary Taylor and Sara Melvina Francis Jane (McClain) Sparks were the parents of nine [Scanner's note: eight?] children : Frances ["Fanny"] Sparks was born in 1872 in Georgia. No further information has been found about her. Since she was not listed in Joseph's will, it is assumed that she died before August 1914. John C. Sparks was born in 1873 in Georgia. As a child, he was bitten by a rabid dog and died as a result. George Thomas ["Tom"] Sparks was born March 5, 1874, in Georgia. He was married on September 11, 1901, in Petersburg, Oklahoma (Indian Territory) to Lola Ollie Barnett. Lola Ollie Barnett, born March 13, 1881, in Hillsboro, Texas, was the daughter of Francis Marion and Nancy Jane (Gibson) Barnett. In 1906, Tom and Ollie moved to Stonewall County, Texas. In 1909, they moved again to Baker, Montana, where they homesteaded 320 acres of land. While there, Tom also ran a freight line from Baker to Billings, Montana. In the fall of 1912, Tom and Ollie moved their family of six boys back to Texas. They settled in the Wright Community of Stonewall County where they purchased 480 acres of land. At the time of his death, Tom owned 2,050 acres. Tom Sparks died on July 25, 1946. After Tom's death, Ollie moved to Rotan, Texas, where she died February 18, 1955. Their children: Thomas Ethelyn Sparks was born June 4, 1902, in Oklahoma (Indian Territory). He was married on January 5, 1931, to Thelma Thomas. He died July 23, 1946, at Sunray, Texas. Their children are James Thomas Sparks, born January 21, 1932; he married Billie Jean Smith on May 21, 1953. They have two children: James Michele Sparks born in 1955; and Thomas Wayne Sparks, born in 1957. Charles Richard Sparks was born November 19, 1933. He married Wynema Rowden on March 28, 1958. They have two children: Charles Gregg Sparks born in 1960; and Alicia Iline Sparks born in 1961. Barbara Faye Sparks was born July 9, 1935. She married Virgil Harold Morris on June 22, 1956. They have two children: Faye Lynne Morris born in 1959; and William Francis Sparks. James Francis Taylor ["Frank"] Sparks was born October 25, 1903, in Jefferson County, Oklahoma (Indian Territory). He married Hallie Rasberry, and they had one child. He died September 3, 1946, in Odessa, Texas. Leota Sparks. She married Charles Perkins, and they had one child, Charlotte Perkins.

Leota married (second) Charles Baker, and they had one son, Danny Frank Baker.

Leota married (third) George Quiett, and they had one child, Dusty Quiett. Odis Mayberry Sparks was born April 11, 1905, in Oklahoma (Indian Territory). He married Mabel Peggy Sutton on June 16, 1928. Odis died May 26, 1975, in Rotan, Texas. They had three children: Lola Bernice Sparks was born March 18, 1929. She married (first) Dan Moody Stephens in 1947; she married (second) Ray Leeman, Jr. Peggy Jo Sparks was born November 10, 1935. She married Darrell Zane Underhill in January 1955. They had one child, Lisa Kip Underhill born in 1956.

Peggy was divorced in 1959 and she married (second) George William Poe on October 8, 1966. They had one child, Jack Lacy Poe born in 1967. Jack Clay Sparks was born May 19, 1939; he died in January 1959. Adrian Oral Sparks was born December 25, 1906, in Stonewall County, Texas. He was married on December 1, 1928, to Bessie Lois Bigham who was born on June 14, 1910. They had six children: Betty Jean Sparks was born October 12, 1929. She married Glennon Norvell Jameson on May 9, 1948. Their children were: Glenda Jean Jameson born in 1949; and Mark Alan Jameson born in 1951. Carol Janet Sparks was born November 19, 1933. She married Harold Eldon Roberts on February 10, 1952. Their children were Robin Riley Roberts, born in 1955; Risa Rene Roberts, born in 1957; and Rocky Ridale Roberts, born in 1968. Billy Harold Sparks was born December 18, 1935; he married Janice Ann Howell on January 25, 1958. Their children were: Tonnie Lea Sparks; and Tammi Dea Sparks, (they were twins born in 1959); Aunda Delane Sparks, born in 1961; and Randall Harold Sparks, born in 1962. Robert Taylor Sparks was born October 21, 1937; he married Nancy Lou Acker on September 14, 1957. Their children were: Steven Sparks, born in 1958; and Melissa Denise Sparks, born in 1960. Brenda Ann Sparks was born May 11, 1942; she married Pat Daniel Murphree on January 22, 1960. They had three children: Guy Mac Murphree, born in 1961; Jeffrey Adrian Murphree, born in 1962; and Robert Brian Murphree, born in 1966. Deborah Lynn Sparks was born September 26, 1950; she married John Lemuil Seaton on December 29, 1967. They had one daughter: Laura Lynn Seaton, born in 1969. Laurence Aric Sparks, son of George Thomas and Lola Ollie (Barnett) Sparks, was born July 5, 1908, in Stonewall County, Texas. He married Mary Jane Sutton on May 5, 1934, in Tipton, Oklahoma. She was a daughter of Henry Clayton and Bertie (byrd) Sutton and was born January 9, 1912, near Gorman, Texas. Laurence and Jane recently celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. They reside in Rotan, Texas. Their children are: Jane Lafon Sparks was born November 20, 1935; she married James Wayne Porter, Jr. on December 19, 1952. They had three children: Terista Kim Porter, born in 1953; Jamie Katherine Porter, born in 1957; and Leigh Lynn ["Lafon"] Porter, born in 1964. Lafon died February 22, 1987, in Sweetwater, Texas. Laurence Wayne Sparks was born August 5, 1942; he married (first) Mignon Gruben in June 1958. They had one child: Carmen Sparks, born in 1959. Laurence Aric Sparks was divorced and married (second) Janet Durroughs in 1965. They had one child: Joe Mike Sparks, born in 1968. Norma Jean Sparks was born February 5, 1946; she married Lynn Gibson on September 4, 1965. They had two children: Stephen Todd Gibson, born in 1969; and Keri Lafon Gibson, born in 1973. Montana Sparks was born March 5, 1912, in Plevna, Montana. He died July 22, 1913, in Stonewall County, Texas. James Sparks, son of Joseph Z. T. and Sara M. F. Jane (McClain) Sparks, was born in 1876 in Georgia. We have no further information regarding him. Joseph S. Sparks was born April 19, 1878, in Georgia. His residence was given as Illinois Bend, Texas, in the settlement of his father's estate in 1914. We have no further information regarding him. William Frank Sparks was born in 1882 in Texas. He married Nora S. Hamilton in 1906 in Oklahoma. The 1910 census for Wright Township, Jefferson County, Oklahoma, lists William and Nora with one son, Willie Sparks, aged 1 year and 8 months. He was apparently the Franklin Sparks mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate in 1914 with residency unknown. William Frank Sparks died in Riverton, Wyoming, in 1939. He and Nora had two sons: William Frank Sparks, Jr.; and Marvin Sparks. Dovie I. Sparks was born January 22, 1886, in Texas. She was married in 1905 in Oklahoma to John Gordon Harkins who had been born on March 10, 1886. Dovie died October 26, 1910, in Petersburg, Oklahoma, when her last child was born. She and John had four children: Lillie Pearl Harkins was born June 4, 1906; she married Pink N. Floyd on July 5, 1920, in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. They had fourteen children: Dorothy Evelene Floyd was born May 1, 1921, in Oklahoma; She married Arthur Eugene Heathcock on April 19, 1945, in California. John Gordon Floyd was born May 25, 1923. He married Esther Mae Tindall on May 31, 1947, in Reno, Nevada. He died March 1, 1980, in Grants Pass, Oregon. Doyle Eugene Floyd was born May 23, 1925, in Cross Plains, Texas. He was married on November 21, 1947, to Irene Nix in Hanford, California. Samuel Sylvester Floyd was born April 2, 1927, in Fort Worth, Texas; he died April 9, 1972, in Grants Pass, Oregon. Lois Fay Floyd was born April 27, 1929, in Temple, Oklahoma. She married Orval Ray Lyons on July 18, 1953, in Negales, Arizona. Horace Pink Floyd was born in 1931 in Walters, Oklahoma. He married Wanda Culver in Los Angeles, California, on December 21, 1952. Carl Lavon Floyd was born April 24, 1933, in Wilson, Oklahoma. He married Patsy Lee Wilson on December 21, 1952, in Kingman, Arizona. Donald Frank Floyd was born June 17, 1935, in Hawthorne, California. He died July 21, 1953, in Grants Pass, Oregon. Beverly Maxine Floyd was born January 10, 1938, in Lomita, California; she married Robert Earl Behrman on March 10, 1958, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Milton Floyd was born February 4, 1940, in Gardena, California. He married Constance Irene Sanders on March 1, 1958, in Compton, California. Constance was born May 21, 1942, in Saint Louis, Missouri. They had three children: Deborah Floyd, born June 16, 1965; Tammy D. Floyd, born on February 8, 1967; and John R. Floyd, born on February 2, 1973. Bobbie Gerald Floyd was born June 3, 1942, in Hanford, California. He married Judith Ray Holbrook on August 17, 1962, in Reno, Nevada. Vencie Dale Floyd was born August 2, 1944, in Hanford, California. He married Patricia J. Pricks on August 17, 1962, in Reno, Nevada. Kenneth Ray Floyd was born January 6, 1947, in Hanford, California. He died October 8, 1963, at Grants Pass, Oregon. Delilah Darlene Floyd was born February 14, 1951, in Hanford, California. Pike Gordon Harkins was born July 17, 1907. He died July 11, 1919. Johnny Taylor Harkins was born January 26,1909, in Courtney, Oklahoma. He married Tommie L. Wilkes on February 10, 1928, in Rotan, Texas. They had three children: Johnnie Lucille Harkins was born June 26, 1929. Tommy Harold Harkins was born January 7, 1933; he died February 11, 1933. Bobby Dell Harkins was born February 9, 1937. Mary Jane Harkins, daughter of John Gordon and Dovie I. (Sparks) Harkins, was born October 26, 1910. She died a few days later. George Washington ["Colonel"] Sparks was born July 4, 1888, in Petersburg, Oklahoma (Indian Territory). He married Bernetta Alma Berry on May 17, 1908, in Petersburg. Bernetta was born July 30, 1891, in Camden County, Missouri, the eldest child of Moses Grant and Mary Angeline (Robertson) Berry. In September, 1909 "Colonel" and Bernetta Sparks chartered an immigrant car from Waurika, Oklahoma, to Baker, Montana where they homesteaded in the Lame Jones community, twenty-five miles southwest of Baker. Three families went together: The Sparkses, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sheffield, and the parents of Bernetta, Moses and Mary Berry. The railroad car held their household goods, plows, wagons, horses, cows, and chickens. "Colonel" Sparks homesteaded the east half of Section 10, Township 5 North, Range 54 East. Mr. and Mrs. Moses took the west half of the section. In an interview with Mrs. Sparks about the early years in Montana, she described their first home. It was built into the bank, three logs high, and was about 28 x 40 feet. There was a shed over the door made of boards with a window in the south side. There were shelves along the walls of the dugout for storage.

They also built a dugout barn, and a chicken house was built in the same way. They went to Baker once a year by wagon or sled to get supplies for the following year. Bernetta said she was in Montana six years before she went to Baker.

Ranching and farming were the main occupations of "Colonel" Sparks, but he also did some mining. He discovered coal on his land, and in the fall and winter he sold coal to neighbors and the local school. His son, Frank Sparks, still mines this coal and uses it to heat his home and shops.

George Washington ["Colonel"] Sparks died October 10, 1963, in Plevna, Montana. Bernetta died April 18, 1983. Both were buried in the Lame Jones Cemetery. They were the parents of eight children: Herbert Alfred Sparks was born September 14, 1909, in Oklahoma. He married Gloria Peabody on March 20, 1943, at Baker, Fallon County, Montana. They had five children: Herbert Casey Sparks was born May 11, 1944. He was married first to Terry Ann Jorgenson on June 24, 1967. They had one son. Casey Wayne Sparks.

Herbert married, second, Becky Sue (Tollman) Silbaugh. She has a son, Christopher David Silbaugh, by a previous marriage. Nora Tessie Sparks was born March 4, 1946. She married Kenneth Holman. They have three children: Kenna Lynn Holman; Paula Sue Holman; and Wesley Warren Holman. Alma Elizabeth Sparks was born November 8, 1949; she married Ralph Vernon Jackson, Jr. in 1969. They have four children: Kari Leigh Jackson; Teri Lynn Jackson; Alfred Joseph Jackson; and Jason Pendleton Jackson. Melvina Sparks. Eileen Sparks Melvina Ellen Sparks was born April 19, 1911, on the Sparks Homestead in Fallon County, Montana. (All of the other children of "Colonel' and Bernetta (Berry) Sparks were also born on the Sparks Homestead, except the eldest child, Herbert Alfred Sparks.) She was married on October 30, 1933, to Fred Korneychuck. She died in an automobile accident in 1951. They had four children: Sylvia Korneychuck. Norma Korneychuck. Ivan Korneychuck. Dennis Korneychuck. Lillie Pearl Sparks was born December 30, 1913. She was married on October 10, 1940, to Vernon Laurence Greenlee. They have five children: Laurence Sparks Greenlee. Bernetta Helen Greenlee. She married FNU Burns. Georgina Faye Greenlee. She married FNU Gaskin. Lucy Jane Greenlee. She married FNU Lovac. Nancy Dee Greenlee. She married FNU Curry. Ernest Taylor Sparks was born April 23, 1908 [Scanner's note: probably 1918]. He did not marry. George Andrew Sparks was born August 19, 1921. He was killed in November 1944 in Italy while serving in the armed forces in World War II. Mary Ethel Sparks was born May 18, 1923. She married Mac Holmes in 1944. They had three children. She had another child by her second husband. Geraldine Marie Holmes. Maxine Manetta Holmes. Warren Douglas Holmes. Malcolm Scott Madieras. James Franklin ["Frank"] Sparks was born August 21, 1927. He married Goldie Edna Collie in 1948. They have three sons: James Justin Sparks was born December 8, 1950. He married Rebecca Lynn O'Daniel in 1974. They have three children: Frederick James Sparks; April Lynn Sparks; and Jacob Royal Sparks. All were born in Miles City, Custer County, Montana. Thomas Lee Sparks was born February 12, 1953. He married Carol Anne Pehl in 1978. They have two children: Frank Andrew Sparks; and Katherine Anne Sparks. Donald Ray Sparks was born August 20, 1955. He married Judith Ann DuCharme in 1978. They have two children: Syd Ryan Sparks; and Krissy Nicole Sparks.

Frank Sparks and his sons own the Seven-Up Ranch in Fallon County, Montana, on Lame Jones Creek, consisting of about 4,000 acres. The spring southwest of the buildings was used by the freighters hauling hay for General Custer's horses between Camp Crook, South Dakota, and Terry, Montana. The wagon trail can still be seen in a few places on the ranch. One of the horse camps and a pistol range are about six miles northwest of the Seven-Up headquarters. Robert Earl Sparks was born on March 4, 1929. He married Olive Charlene Henstair in November 1953. They have six children: Marjorie Jeanette Sparks, born in 1955. Pamela Joyce Sparks, born in 1958. David Jeffrey Sparks, born in 1960. Richard Ernest Sparks, born in 1961. Betty Kay Sparks, born in 1964. Misty Lynn Sparks, born in 1971. Lillie Pearl Sparks, daughter of "Colonel" and Bernetta (Berry) Sparks, was born in 1892 in Oklahoma (Indian Territory). She died there while an infant.