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1824 - 1892 1818 - 1888
Daughter of David and Husband of Alcy Sparks
Rhoda (Hunt) Sparks  
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(Editor's Note: In the March 1979 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 105, we began a two-part article about the descendants of 47. Nicholas Sparks (ca.1700 - ca.1780) of Truro, Massachusetts. A son of Nicholas Sparks, 47.2 Nicholas Sparks, Jr., left Massachusetts ca. 1780 and went to Lincoln County, Maine, taking with him his family of nine children. One of the nine children, 47.2.3 James Sparks(1763-1840), married Alcy Whitmore, and among their ten children was a son, David Sparks, born July 18, 1801. David married Rhoda Hunt in 1822 and their second child, Alcy Sparks, was born in July 22, 1824 at Bowdoinham, Maine.

At the time the article, referred to above, was written, the only information we had about Alcy Sparks was her birthdate as shown on page 2079 of that article. Since that article was published, however, a great-grandson of Alcy Sparks, Max H. Knox, 241 West 17th Street, Chico, California (95926), has furnished additonal information about her. We now present data about some of her descendants.)

Alcy Sparks (some of her descendants refer to her as Alice), daughter of David and Rhoda (Hunt) Sparks, was born July 22, 1824, at Bowdoinham, Maine. She married James ["Crackers"] Lambert, Jr. on September 27, 1846. He was born on April 11, 1818, at Freeport, Maine, and was a son of James and Bethia (Kilby) Lambert. "Crackers" and Alcy Lambert settled down to housekeeping in Freeport where "Crackers" was a saloonkeeper. He died February 29, 1888, and Alcy died March 29, 1892. They were buried in the Growstown Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine. They had six children. (Photographs of James ["Crackers"] Lambert and his wife, Alcy (Sparks) Lambert, have been reproduced for the cover of this issue of the Quarterly.) John Lambert was born ca. 1848. He became a carpenter. He married Susan MNU. Both of them died ca. 1930 in Maine. They had no children. Harriet ["Hattie"] Lambert was born ca. 1850. She married Charles Stimson and they had two children. Hattie died sometime after 1935. Arthur Stimson became a physician. He died in Kennebunk, Maine. He married Lillian MNU and they had one child, Dorothy. Ida Stimson married Capt. Benjamin Dunton and they had one child, Harriet Stimson, who married Fred Cooke. Idabelle ["Belle"] Graves Lambert was born September 24, 1853, in Brunswick, Maine. She married Swanton Cushing Campbell Whitmore on September 8, 1879, in Eureka, Nevada. He was born December 21, 1852, in Lynn, Massachusetts, and was a sea captain. Belle died September 16, 1927, at Falmouth, Maine, and Swanton died May 30, 1935, at Edmonton, Canada. They are buried in the Falmouth Fireside Churchyard. They had four sons and one daughter. Bertha Nevada Whitmore was born on October 31, 1880, at Tybo, Nevada. She married Jesse Carl Biggs on August 10, 1914. Chester Lambert Whitmore was born July 20, 1882, at Cambridge, Massachusetts. He died September 10, 1902. Charles William Whitmore was born June 12, 1885. He married Mary Abbie Bryant on September 28, 1910. He died February 5, 1922, at Redlands, California. Clifton Whitmore was born December 10, 1886. He died July 30, 1887. Roy Swanton Whitmore was born May 19, 1888. He married Margaret Luques on November 26, 1914. He died November 29, 1942, at Boston, Massachusetts. Mary D. Lambert was born on April 6, 1856. She died September 6, 1858, and was buried in the Growstown Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine. Frances ["Fannie"] Sarah Lambert was born June 29, 1861, at Brunswick, Maine. She married Hubert Knox on May 6, 1884, at Brunswick. He was born January 2, 1863, at Topsham, Maine, and was a son of the Rev. George and Sarah M. (Barron) Knox. Fannie died on May 19, 1906, at Ontario, California. Hubert died May 11, 1939, at Yreka, California. They had seven children. Helen Gertrude Knox was born March 11, 1885. She married Archie Lee Moore on September 28, 1909, and they had four children:

Phyllis B. Moore, Doris Jean Moore, Roger W. Moore, and Betty Faith Moore. Harold Hubert Knox was born October 2, 1886. He married Florence B. Mayberry on January 5, 1910. She was born September 29, 1886, and was a daughter of Marshall H. and Estella L. (Foster) Mayberry. Harold died July 22, 1943, and Florence died December 22, 1949. They were the parents of two children, Maxwell Harold Knox, who has furnished the information about the descendants of Alcy Sparks, and Betty E. Knox. James Lambert Knox was born October 10, 1887. He married Linnie Hilderbrand on November 28, 1915, and they had three children:

G. Kenneth Knox, J. Norman Knox, and H. David Knox.

1863-1939 1861-1906
(Picture) (Picture) G. Northrup Knox was born September 27, 1889. He married Emily C. White on May 31, 1928, and they had one child, G. Barnett Knox. Jessie Alice Knox was born August 30, 1891. She married Robert C. Witter on August 25, 1916. They had four children: Robert C., Jr., Alice; Hubert, and Joan. Donald Gordon Knox was born November 27, 1894. He married Phyllis L. Jordan on April 21, 1920. Margaret Barron Knox was born September 27, 1900. She married Jesse V. Troyer on December 22, 1922, and they had two children:

Gifford L. Troyer and Dorothy Ione Troyer. George Stimson Lambert was born January 18, 1868, at Brunswick, Maine. He married (first) Alta Bessie Roberts on June 18, 1903, at Medford, Massachusetts. She was born May 24, 1878, at Exeter, New Hampshire, and was a daughter of James S. and Nelly (Sanborn) Roberts. George and Alta had one child, Dion Roberts Lambert, who was born March 15, 1911, at Medford, Massachusetts. Dion married Ruth Mary Barker on June 28, 1935, and they had three children:

Lorrain Lambert, Lawrence Lambert, and Charles G. Lambert. George Stimson Lambert married (second) Nellie Cobb. He died February 22, 1939.