October 24, 2018

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Whole Number 141


In the Quarterly of September 1987 (Whole No. 139), page 3126, we published a brief article on "Family Associations and Periodical Publications," noting that there is a growing number of "single surname genealogical publications" similar to The Sparks Quarterly. We noted also that a number of these are published by individuals rather than by associations. Frances R. Nelson of Riverside, California, who edits three "single name" quarterlies that are independent from any family association, recently called to the attention of her readers the existence of our association and its quarterly. We are grateful for this recognition and are happy to reciprocate this favor by telling our readers about Ms. Nelson's three publications.

Ms. Nelson's oldest quarterly (now in its 15th year) is her JONES JOURNEYS. She describes it as "a research tool for anyone working on the Jones surname anytime, anywhere in America from colonial days to 1900." Each issue contains 40 pages, and there is an annual index. Queries and lineages are published free. The price is $15.00 per year.

Another of Ms. Nelson's quarterlies is the RUSSELL REGISTER for which one of the leading professional genealogists in the country, George Ely Russell, serves as contributing editor. It is devoted to "Russells anytime, anywhere." In its 10th year, this quarterly contains 40 pages in each issue, with an annual index, all for $15.00 per year.

Ms. Nelson's other quarterly is called the VANDERPOOL NEWSLETTER. In its 14th year, this publication is devoted to the Vanderpool family which is sometimes spelled Van Der Poel--"a relatively small group, most Vanderpools in America are in our file," Ms. Nelson reports. Myra Vanderpool Gormley, a nationally syndicated genealogical columist, is a contributing editor. The annual subscription price for this quarterly is $12.50.

For more information on these publications, write to: Frances R. Nelson, 4041 Pedley Rd. #18, Riverside, CA 92509.