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by Robert S. Viguers, Jr. Editor's Note:  Robert S. Viguers, Jr. of 109 Wayne Dr., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17112-1962, is performing a splendid service for the Association by his donation of a great deal of time devoted to searching for and copying records in Philadelphia pertaining to persons named Sparks (Spark, Sparkes, etc.). Here we present some of the fruits of his research in a Philadelphia newspaper called the PUBLIC LEDGER. If members recognize ancestors appearing in these news items, we should like to hear from you.]

February 16, 1844.
Died on Wednesday the 14th. Miss Rachel Sparks, aged 50 years. Her relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from the home of her brother, Thomas Sparks, #130 5. 3rd St., this afternoon without further notice, at 3 PM. November 15, 1844.

(Friday) Drowned.
The body of Mrs. Elizabeth Sparks was found floating in Jones Falls, Baltimore, on Wedesday. The verdict of the jury was that she was accidently drowned by walking into the falls. It was in evidence that she was seen much intoxicated on Tuesday evening and the presumption is that she was in search of the bridge recently removed from that spot.

May 7, 1845.
[Died] on the 6th inst. [i.e. May 6], Margaret Sparke, in the 64th year of age. [The funeral to be] from the residence of her son-in-law, James A. Robb, #3 Powell St., tomorrow at 3 PM.

October 9, 1845.
Died on the 1st inst., Allather Elizabeth Dougherty, eldest daughter of Elijah and Hannah Sparks, aged 14 years. [Funeral] from the residence of her Grand father, Edward Dougherty, corner of 3rd & Bridge Streets, Camden, New Jersey.

May 3, 1847.
Died on Friday the 30th inst. [i.e. April 30) Susan, wife of Howell Sparks. Friends and relatives invited to attend funeral from residence of husband, S. Camden, New Jersey, this Monday after 8 o'clock.

November 27, 1848.
[Died] suddenly, on the 25th inst., Mrs. Jane Sparks, wife of Jacob Sparks, in the 61st year of age. Friends and relatives invited to attend funeral from residence #11 Queen St., below Front, Southwark, Monday 2 o'clock.

6 February 1849. March 31, 1849.
Married on the 3rd inst. by Rev. John A. McKean, Mr. Charles T. Crevers of Southwark to Miss Rebecca Ann Sparks of Salem County, New Jersey.

March 31, 1849
[Died] on the 29th inst., James, son of James and Mary Sparks, aged 9 months & 18 days, after an illness of 3 months. (Baltimore papers please copy.) [Funeral] from parents' home, Richman St. above Williams Port Richmond.

April 1, 1849.
Funeral on 30th Ult. [i.e. March 30], Sarah Catherine daughter of John and Rebecca Sparks, aged 8 months, from their residence #12 Lombard St. near Schukill & 2nd.

June 28, 1849.
(Died] on Wednesday morning 27th inst., Sarah Sparks, wife of Samuel A. Lewis; buried in Laurel Hill from residence, Chestnut St. above Schukill.

August 7, 1849.
[Died] on Monday 6th inst., Rachel Sparks, relict of the late David Sparks, in her 90th year. [Funeral] from the residence of her son, Thomas Sparks, #130 5. 3rd St.

August 11, 1849.
[Died] at Wilmington, Delaware, Mrs. Susan Sparks, 9th inst., wife of George Sparks, Sr., aged 62 years 8 months. [Funeral] from residence of husband, #54 Poplar St., below 3rd, Wilmington, Delaware.

September 28, 1849.
[Died] on the 26th inst., Mrs. Mary Sparks, wife of William Henry Sparks, in her 24th year. Funeral from residence of her husband, Fordham Ct. Beach St. above Warren, Kensington.

January 12, 1850.
Married Thursday Eve. [Jan] 10th by Rev. P. Light Wilson, Richard G. Sparks to Miss Catherine Robinson, all of Philadelphia.

 May 7, 1850.
[Died] on the 5th inst., Robert J. Sparks, aged 44 yrs. (Cincinnati papers please copy.) [Funeral] from late residence back of 94 Christian St. above 2nd.

December 3, 1851.
Married on the 25th November by the Rev. J. Kessler, Mr. Henry Sparks to Miss Maria Louisa Olden, all of Spring Garden.

November 12, 1852.
Married on Thursday morning, 11th inst., by the Rev. Jos. M. Lybrand, Mr. Charles A. Sparks of Philadelphia to Miss Amelia, daughter of Saml. Ross, Esq. near Camden, New Jersey.

April 15, 1853.
Married on the 11th of February at Camden, New Jersey, by the Rev. T. R. Taylor, Mr. Washington Sparks to Miss Sarah Redfield, both of Red Bank, New Jersey.

October 11, 1853.
Married on the 9th inst. by Rev. Dr. Clay, Mr. Edward Winnemore to Miss Priscilla Sparks, both of Southwark.

January 2, 1854.
Married on the 1st inst. by the Rev. T. R. Taylor, Mr. Thomas J. Sparks to Miss Sarah S. Lord, all of Camden, New Jersey.

January 4, 1854.
Married on the 2nd inst. at the Allegheny House in this city, by the Rev. E. Miller, Mr. Charles Sparks to Re becca E. Kennedy, both of Wilmington, Delaware.

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Contributed by Robert S. Viguers, Jr.

[Editor's Note: This is a continuation of a contribution by Mr. Viguers begun in the Quarterly of December 1989, Whole No. 148, p. 3526.]

May 23, 1854 Married in Camden, New Jersey, on the 20th inst. by the Rev. Thomas Gordon [?], Mr. Robert Sparks to Miss Beulah Etow, both of Camden.
July 10, 1856 On July 1st at 2nd Hanover St., Kensington, by John G. Wilson, VDM, Mr. Peter K. Tyler of Wayne Co., Pennsylvania, to Mrs. Rebecca A. Sparks, late of Wilmington, Delaware.
January 15, 1857. On November 2, 1855 [?] by Ald. Shumaker, Mr. Samuel F. Bennett to Miss Hannah Ann Sparks, both of this city.
August 8, 1857.  On the 30th July by Alderman Carter, Mr. David Henry Woolfe to Miss Mary Lucinda Sparks, third daughter of Mr. James Sparks, all of this city.
the March 9, 1858.  On the 4th inst. by Rev. W. E. Perry, Abner Sparks to Miss Amelia Coley, both of Camden, New Jersey.
May 19, 1858.  On Tuesday 18th inst. by the Rev. S. G. Snyder, Maj. James G. McQuaide of this city and Miss Lizzie H., eldest daughter of J. C. Sparks, Esq. of Gloucester Co., New Jersey.
March 29, 1859.  March 24th 1859 by F. T. Carhoffer, Mr. Issac Cooper Marshall to Miss Mary Ann Sparks, both of Camden, New Jersey.
October 18, 1861. October 14, 1861, at #205 Catherine St. by Rev. J. I. Heysinger, Mr. Joseph T. Sparks to Miss Catherine E., oldest daughter of James Kinsley, all of Philadelphia.
November 27, 1862. November 25th by the Rev. W. [?]atheart, Mr. John P. Rae to Miss Mary R. Sparks, both of Philadelphia.
April 17, 1863.  by the Rev. Joseph Perry, at the house of Mrs. Julia Sparks, 519 N. 2nd St., April 18th, 1863, Mr. John Ashoraff of this city to Miss Mary Bishop of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
June 30, 1865 On the 3rd day of April 1865 by the Rev. Thomas Brainard D.D., Mr. Sheppard Young of Philadelphia to Miss Maggie P. Sparks of Camden, New Jersey.
August 4, 1865.  by the Rev. V. Smith, June 25th Ult., Mr. John S. Johnson of Cape Island, New Jersey, to Miss Matilda Sparks of Cohocjsink, Philadelphia.
December 7, 1865 On the 5th inst. by Rev. Chas. J. Little at the residence of the bride's parents, Benj. R. Little to Annie P. Sparks, both of Philadelphia.

From the INQUIRIER published in Bedford, Pennsylvania, November 18, 1898. Report of the death of W. W. Sparks of West Providence Township, 60 years old, a farmer and stock dealer; he had been a Civil War officer in the 108th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. No information regarding his family given.

From the TRIBUNE published in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, March 13, 1901. Report of the death of Horatio L. Sparks, postmaster at Indian Head, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, who died Thursday, March 7, aged 78; his former residence had been Rostraver Township, Westmoreland County. Nothing included regarding his family.
From the PHILADELPHIA LEDGER, October 26, 1903. Report of the death of George W. Sparks, leather and twine business for 30 years at 70 N. Fourth St.; he died at his home at 3532 N. Gratz St. He had been born in Easthampton, Connecticut, on March 5, 1841. He had served in the Civil War in Company K, 22d Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, and had come to Philadelphia in 1870. He had been a widower for 7 years and left a daughter, Miss Helen G. Sparks, and a sister, Mrs. William G. Avery.

From the PRESS published at Everett, Pennsylvania, January 29, 1904. Report of the death of James Sparks at the house of his son, Daniel Sparks, in Monroe Township on Saturday morning, January 23, 1904, aged 72 years, 10 months,
11 days. He was survived by a sister, Mrs. W. W. Feight, two sons, Daniel and Jonas and four daughters, Mrs. Tille Mortimore, Mrs. Annie Koontz, Mrs. Ruth Weimer, and Mrs. Etta Horton. James Sparks had been born in West Providence Township where he had resided the greater part of his life. A soldier in the Civil War, he had served in Company K, 208th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers and was wounded at Fort Steadman. He was buried in the Sparks burial grounds by six comrades on Monday the 25th and laid by his companion who had preceded him [in death] some 24 years ago.