April 29, 2020

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In the Quarterly of December 1964 (Whole No.48, pp. 849-860), we published an article entitled"Henry Sparks (1773-1860) of Madison County, Virginia, His Ancestors and Descendants."  This Henry Sparks was a son of John and Phoebe (Smith) Sparks and a grandson of Thomas Sparks (1715-1787) and Mary (Towles) Sparks; his great-grandparents were John and Mary Sparks. The wife of Henry Sparks and the mother of his children was Hannah (Hume) Sparks, daughter of Charles and Hannah (Jones) Hume; they were married on March 10, 1803, and spent their lives in Madison County, Virginia.

Among the 13 children of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks was Moses Samuel Wilhoit Sparks who was born in Madison County, Virginia, on September 25, 1812.


A great-granddaughter of Moses S. W. and Elizabeth Ann (Yeager) Sparks is Nan Wasson of 1017 E. Glendale, Mexia, TX 76667. Mrs. Wasson has provied us with the photographs of Moses and Elizabeth Ann which we are pleased to reproduce here.

Mrs. Wasson's grandmother was the 7th child of Moses S. W. and Elizabeth Ann (Yeager) Sparks. She was Sarah Virginia Sparks, born December 30, 1850, in Panola County, Mississippi; she died on October 3, 1900, in Troy, Bell County, Texas. Sarah Virginia was married on March 10, 1870, in Panola County to Joseph Caldwell Fowler, born March 1, 1848, in Panola County; he died on March 25, 1913, in Troy, Texas. He was a son of Harrison Henry and Julia Ann (Ross) Fowler. Sarah Virginia and her husband had the following children, according to Mrs. Wasson's records:

1. Mittie Imogene Fowler, born August 17, 1871, died November 30, 1871.

2. Cora Helen Fowler, born September 18, 1872, died February 8, 1960; she married Edward Garner Vick in 1891.

3. Jessie Edwin Fowler, born April 20, 1875, died September 15, 1941; he was married twice:(first) Zada Burns in 1904; (second) Lenora Sypes.

4. Lady Nina Fowler, born May 29, 1877, died April 24, 1949; she married Robert Anderson Randolph in 1903.

5. Samuel Harrison Fowler, born July 27, 1879, died May 7, 1969; he married Annie Mae McBeath in 1902.

6. Julia Elizabeth Fowler, born August 27, 1881, died November 8, 1978; she married Robert Bruce Porter in 1899.

7. Joseph Clarence Fowler, born April 1, 1884, died October 12, 1963; he married Carrie Lappey Smith in 1907.

8. Ernest Wilhoyt Fowler, born August 17, 1886, died January 28, 1960; he was married twice, (1st) Annabel Spradley in 1907; (second) Clara Baird.

9. Allen Thurman Fowler, born December 19, 1888, died August 16, 1968; he married Myrtle Smith in 1914.

10. Willie Brooks Fowler, born March 11, 1891, died February 3, 1971; he married Elsie Grubbs in 1920. Joseph Caldwell Fowler, husband of Sarah Virginia Sparks, joined the Presbyterian Church at the age of 20. The family moved to Troy, Texas, in 1893. Following the death of Sarah Virginia in 1900, Joseph continued to live in Troy until the fall of 1912, when he moved to Eddy, McLennan County, Texas. He married (second) Mary A. ["Molly"] Caruthers on April 18, 1904. She had four children by John A. Caruthers: Shuford, Jessie Mae, Nola, and Freddie. Joseph C. Fowler served as president of the Troy School Board for a period of time