April 24, 2021

Pages 3996-4008
Whole Number 159


by Paul E. Sparks

[Editor's Note: This is a consolidated index of the service records of Confederate soldiers prepared from:

(1) Records in the National Archives;
(2) Records preserved by the respective states; and
(3) A few miscellaneous sources.

Our readers are reminded that there are duplications of names as well as of military units, and that the same individual often served in more than one military unit. Also, the names of military units were often changed, and there were frequent consolidations of small or reduced units into larger ones. In a few instances, a man may even have served in both the Confederate and the Union armies.]

Named Sparks
Rank Company Military Unit
A. Pvt. -- 4th ALA Inf
A. " B Galliards 27th SC Inf
A. Instr. B ALA Cp. of Instr. Talladega
A.B. Pvt. -- Fenners Batt. LA Lt. Art.
A.B. " A Righters 1st LA Inf.
A.C. Cpl. B 4th Bn. GA Inf. (State Guards)
A.C. Pvt. K 11th GA Cav.
A.C. " G 49th NC Inf.
A.D. Capt. E Consolidated Bn. SC Cav.
A.D. " L Consolidated 20th SC Inf.
A.G.  Pvt. I 2nd LA Cav.
A.G.  " F 4 th LA Inf.
A.J. " C 4th VA Reserves
A.J. (Andrew J.) " B 28th GA Inf.
A.J. " I 17th NC Inf. (see also Jackson Sparks)
A.J. " C 4th VA Cav.
A.K. " H 3rd GA Cav. (filed under Wesley Sparks)
A.L. " I 14th ALA Inf.
A.N. " B Consolidated 20th TEX Ca. (See also William Noble Sparks)
A.P. " Old Nelson 1st ALA Lt. Art.
A.P. Instr. - ALA Cp. of Instr. Talladega
A.W. Pvt. H 23rd ARK Inf.
A.W. " B 9th GA Inf. (See also Wesley Sparks)
A.W. " D 52nd GA Inf.
Abel " G 28th ALA Inf.
Abner " D 22nd ALA Inf.
Abner Evan " H 25th ALA Inf.
Abner G. " F 4th LA Inf.
Absalom " A Dukes KY Cav.
Absalom Lt. B 8th KY Cav.
Absalom Pvt. D 6th SC Inf.
Adam " D 31st VA Militia
Albert " F 56th NC Inf.
Albert " A Consolidated 11th TEX Inf.
Alex D.  Capt. 19th SC Cav.
Alexander Pvt. B  Pvt. B 55th NC Inf.
Alfred " F 16th MO Inf.
Allen  " E 33rd ARK Inf.
Allen " A 9th Bn. NC Sharpshooters Allison
Woodville " I 9th TEX Cav.
Alonzo M.  " B 1st GA Inf.
Aipheus " H 4th NC Reserves
Alvin B. " C 33rd TENN Inf.
Amon " C 48th ALA Inf.
Augustus  " K 30th GA Inf.
Ausbin " G 7th SC Resrves
B.  " B 9th Bn MISS Sharpshooters (filed under W. B. Sparks)
B.  " D 41st MISS Inf.
B.  " H 1st SC Regulars
B. B.  " E E 19th ALA Inf.
B. F. " G Colquitts 1st ARK Inf.
B. F. Pvt. D 5th NC Cav.
B. F. " C 1st MISS Cav. (filed under Benjamin Sparks)
B. F. " F Fergussons 5th SC Cav.
B.G. " -- 31st ALA Inf.
B.H. " D 1st VA Inf.
B.N. Lt.  I 5th TENN Inf.
B.W.  Pvt.  C 20th ARK Inf.
B.W.  Lt. D 13th GA. Inf.
B.W.  Pvt. K  Fergussons 5th SC Cav. (See B.F. Sparks)
B.W. "  K 7th SC Reserves
B.W. Asst.Sur.  Staff 34th VA Inf. (See also Benjamin W. Sparks)
Bailey M.  Pvt.  B  Wallers 13th TEX Cav.
Barham " D 18th SC Cav.
Barnett M. " I  I 48th NC Inf.
Belton 0. [or G?] " F Butlers 1st SC Inf. Regulars
Benjamin  " C 1st MISS Cav.
Benjamin " H 1st Bn. VA Reserves
Benjamin W. Asst. Sur Staff 3rd NC Cav. (also 41st NC Cav.)
Bird [or byrd) Pvt. F 19th MISS Inf. (also 7th Miss. Inf.)
C.A. Lt. D 2nd MO Cav. (State Guard)
C.A. Pvt. I 11th Bn. ALA Cav. (Consolidated)
C.C. Cpl. G 7th VA Inf. (filed under Champ C. Sparks)
C.D.  Pvt. I 2nd LA Cav. (filed under Charlie B. Sparks)
C.J. " B Maxwells 1st GA Lt. Art.
C.M. " H 5th NC Cav. (State Troops)
C.N. " J 14th ALA Inf.
Caleb L. " B 34th NC Inf.
Calloway " I Wilsons 21st TENN Cav
Calton Lt I 61st NC Inf.
Calvin  Pvt. H 12th SC Inf. (filed under John C. Sparks)
Calvin " B 1st TENN Lt. Art.
Calvin James " C 41st GA Inf.
Caswell S. " F 4th GA Inf.
Charles "  I  20th NC Inf.
Charles " B TENN Inf.
Charles S.   D Johnsons 14th TEX Cav.
Christopher C. " 4th ALA Cav.
Christopher W. " a Joseys 15th ARK Inf.
Cicero Augustus " G Stones 6th TEX Cav.
Citizen " C 27th MISS Inf.
Citizen N. " -- 6th ALA Cav.
Clingman " H 58th NC Inf. (Consolidated)
Cornelious Cpl. a Pattons 1st MISS Inf.
Cornelious " 12th MISS Inf.
Cotton  Pvt.    (See Calton Sparks)
D. Sgt.  D  3rd Bn. SC Inf. (Consolidated)
D.B.  Pvt.  K 2nd SC Cav. (Consolidated)
D.H. " B 3rd LA Inf.
D. M. Sparkes " F 51st ALA Partisan Rangers
D.P. " K 25th SC Cav. (Consolidated)
D.P.  Lt.  N 20th SC Inf. (Consolidated)
D. Pierce  Pvt.  K 2nd SC Cav.
Daniel  Sgt. B 2nd Bn KY Cav.
Daniel " Fields Co. KY Partisan Rangers
Daniel  Pvt.  I 32nd NC Inf.
Daniel " E 17th TEX Cav. (Consolidated)
Daniel Cpl. 21st ARK Inf.
Daniel G. W.  Sgt.  D Voorhies 48th TENN Inf. (Consolidated)
Daniel K.  Pvt. 16th ALA Cav.
Daniel O. " B 2nd SC Cav. (Consolidated)
David " K 2nd MISS Inf. (State Troops)
David " B 3rd Bn. MISS Inf. (State Troops) 
David M. " C 11th TEX Inf.
Doctor B. " 19th ALA Inf.
Doctor David " 1st GA Cav.
Drewry " D 3rd Bn. SC Inf.
Drury  Cpl.  G 1st GA Inf. (State Troops)
E.  Pvt. F 14th ARK Inf.
E. " D 17th VA Inf.
E. " B 8th KY Cav.
E. " I 12th ARK Inf.
E. " C 1st MISS Cav.
E. " G 1st N.E. MO Cav.
E.F. " D 5th NC Cav. (63rd State E.F. Troops--See B. F. Sparks)
E.H. " 6th KY Cav.
E.J. " Daniels 
1st GA Art....
...(filed underC. J. Sparks)
E.L. " B 23rd GA Inf.
E.M. " K Hardies ALA Cav. Reserves
Edward " I Ochiltrees 18th TEX Inf.
Edward W. " D 22nd VA Inf. 1st Kanawha
Eli " E 25th ALA Inf.
Eli  Cpl.  A 2nd Bn. KY Mtd. Rifles
Eli A.  Instr.    Cp. of Instr. ALA Talladega
Elihu  Pvt. 47th ALA Inf.
Elijah " G 34th GA Inf.
Elijah  Cpl.  I Allens 17th TEX Inf
Elisha  Pvt.  D 11th MISS Inf.
Emmanuel " B 5th NC Reserves
Enoch L. " B 23rd GA Inf. (see also E. L. Sparks)
Enoch Magnus " K 10th ALA Inf.
Ephraim " 63rd VA Inf.
F. " C Browns 35th TEX Cav. (Consolidated)
F.  Pvt. B  Spaights 11th TEX Inf. (see also J. F. Sparks)
F.  " B 2nd MISS State Cav
F.  " G 45th VA Inf.
F.B. " B 35th GA Inf. (see Peter B. Sparks)
F.H. " B 3rd GA Inf. (filed under Thomas H. Sparks)
F.M. " F 3rd Bn. MISS Inf. (State Troops)
F.M. " E 10th VA Cav.
F.W. " C 6th MISS Cav.
F.W. " I 8th MISS Cav.
Francis M.  Lt.  I 2nd TEX Cav.
Francis N. Sgt. D 1st KY Inf.
Fred Pvt. 8th TEX Cav.
Fred Sgt. B 2nd MISS Cav.
G.  Pvt.  B 58th ARK Militia
G.  " F 24th GA Inf.
G.  " D 4th MISS Inf. (Originally filed under S. F. Sparks)
G.B. " C 19th GA Inf.
G.F. " B 2nd GA Inf.
G.S.  " C 31st MISS Inf.
G.S.  " B 2nd GA Inf.
G.W. " G Cockes Regt. ARK Inf.
G.W. " E 60th GA Inf.
G.W. " C 10th GA Cav.
G.W. " E 16th GA Inf.
G.W. Sgt. F 3rd Bn. MISS Inf. (see George H. Sparks)
Gale W. Ensign   Confederate Navy LA
Gary  Pvt. C 18th SC Inf.
George " F 58th NC Inf.
George " K 8th SC Inf.
George F. " C 11th MISS Inf. (Original filed under Cole Larkinsub)
George H. Sgt. F 3rd Bn. MISS Inf. (see G. W. Sparks)
George M.  Pvt. G 1st N.E. MO Cav.
George T. Cpl C 8th KY Cav.
George W. Pvt. C 25th NC Inf
George W. " H 36th GA Inf.
George W. " C 13th NC Inf.
George W.  Capt. B 59th GA Inf
George W.  Pvt. F 3rd KY Mtd. Rifles
George W.  Cpl.  E 51st TENN Inf.
George Washington  Capt.  F 24th GA Inf.
H. (Hiram)  Pvt.  17th GA Inf.
 H.A. (Hasley A.) " A 12th GA Cav.
H.F. " Bledsoes
MO Lt. Art.
H.H. "  A 12th GA Cav.
Harden J. " B 23rd GA Inf
Hasley A.  Pvt. 4th GA Inf.
Henry " G 23 rd TEX Cav.
Henry " F (Zouave) LA Inf.
Henry T. " 1st VA Inf.
Henry W.  " G 5th KY Inf.
Hugh " C 13th NC Inf.
Hugh " 16th VA Cav.
Hugh S.  Sgt.  C 5th KY Inf.
Hugh Scott  Pvt. 10th TEX Inf.
I.N. " 26th LA Inf.
I.W.  " E 5th MO Cav.
Ira R. " 1st GA Cav.
Irvin  " F 43rd ALA Inf. (also 34th ALA Inf.)
Isaac " A Fristoes MO Cav
Isaac "  E  18th TEX Cav.
Isaac M. " K 5th KY Inf. (see also 10th KY Cav.)
J. " D 52nd GA Inf.
J. " G 1st N.E. MO Cav.
J. " A A 29th ALA Inf.
J. Musician  I 42nd TENN Inf.
J. Pvt. A 9th TENN Cav.
J. " -- 19th ALA Inf.
J.A. " E 1st ARK Cav.
J.A. " C 63rd GA Inf.
J.A. " D 50th ARK Militia (see also John Andrew Sparks)
J.C. " E 22nd TENN Cav.
J.C. (John Calvin) " H 12th SC Inf.
J.C. " Hooles Co Hudsons Battery, MISS Lt. Arty.
J.E. " K 21st NC Inf.
J.F. " B 11th TEX Cav.
J.F.   H 4th KY Inf.
J.F.   D 21st TEX Inf.
J.H. Capt. A 3rd ARK Inf. (State Troops)
J.H.  Pvt. K 3rd LA Inf.
J.H.  " E 7th ALA Cav.
J.H.  " 9th MO Inf
J.H.  " B Clarks Regt. MO Inf.
J.I. " C 16th VA Inf.
J.L. " -- 31st ALA Inf.
J.L. " 22nd MISS Inf.
J.L. "  I  1st (Johnstons) MISS Inf.
J.L. Hosp. ...
F & S
McGeehees ARK Cav.
J.M.  Pvt.  B 50th ARK Militia
J.M. " I 14th ALA Inf.
J.M. " E 8th GA Inf.
J.M. Lt. A 40th GA Inf.
J.M.  Pvt.  F 3rd Bn. MISS Inf. (State Troops) (filed under W. F. Sparks)
J.M.   E 1st ARK Cav.
J.N.  H   26th LA Inf.
J.P.  Pvt.  I 43rd TENN Inf. (see also P. Sparks)
J.R. " F 8th ALA Cav.
J.R. " H 28th TENN Inf.
J.S. " K 2nd TENN Cav.
J.S. " E 1st ARK Cav.
J.S. " D 50th ARK Militia
J.S. " C 31st MISS Inf. (original filed under G. S. Sparks)
J.T. " B 1st Bn. KY Rifles
J.T. " G 45th VA Inf.
J.T. " F 8th ALA Cav.
J.W. " F 44th MISS Inf.
J.W. " C Fitzhugh Lee 4th VA Inf.
J.W. " C 16th VA Cav.
J.W. " G Robertsons Regt. MO (State Guard)
J.T.T. " K 9th MISS Inf.
J. Calhoun " K 2nd SC Cav.
Jackson " I 17th NC Inf.
Jacob " F 26th ARK Inf.
Jacob M. " C 11th Bn. LA Inf.
Jacob R. " K 22nd MISS Inf. (this could be Sharp, not Sparks)
Jacobson " F Morgans ARK Inf.
James " Locketts Co. ALA City Guards
James " K 9th MISS Inf.
James " E 18th ALA Inf.
James " I 1st LA Cav.
James Cpl. -- 10th TENN Cav.
James Pvt. Anderson's
GA Inf.
James 3rd Cpl. D 1st Bn. VA Reserves
James Pvt. I 12th Ga. Cav.
James A. Lt. B 53rd Ga. Inf.
James A. Pvt. H 33rd NC Militia.
James E.  " H 23rd ARK Inf.
James E. Musician. F 3rd ARK Inf.
James H. Pvt. -- Poindexter's Regt. MO Cav.
James H. " G 19th ARK Inf.
James Hawkins " A 7th TEX Inf.
James Knox Polk " I 43rd TENN Inf.
James L. " M Carter's 1st TENN Inf.
James Lewis Sparks " E 18th TEX Cav.
James M.   C 41st ALA Inf.
James M.   C 11th GA Inf.
James M.   A 35th MISS Inf. (filed under Windsor J. Spinks)
James O.A.  Chaplain  A 4th GA Inf.
James S.  Pvt.  G 28th GA Inf.
James T. " A 28th ALA Inf.
James Thomas " C 48th ALA Inf.
James William " D 20th TEX Inf.
Jeremiah " D Grays 28th LA Inf.
Jeremiah P. " H 13th MISS Inf.
Jesse Jesse F 42nd TENN Inf.
Jesse Pvt. C 18th SC Inf.
Jesse " G Cockes Regt. ARK Inf.
Jesse " K 5th KY Inf.
Jesse " D 13th SC Inf.
Joel " 65th GA Inf.
Joel Lt G 5th KY Inf.
Jno.  Pvt. 4th VA Inf.
John " -- 35th TEX Inf.
John " A 40th TENN Inf.
John " E 13th NC Inf.
John " C 16th VA Inf.
John " E 15th SC Inf.
John " A 5th TENN Cav.
John " D 4th KY Inf.
John " G Baskervilles MISS Cav.
John " Callans TEX Frontier Regt.
John " Sykes 4th Bn. MISS Cav. (see also 8 (Wades) Confed. Cav.)
John A. " H 3rd FLA Inf.
John A. " C 16th ALA Inf.
John Andrew " D 50th ARK Militia
John C. " F 26th ARK Inf.
John C. Farrier D 13th ALA Cav.
John C. Pvt. A & C. C 56th ALA Partisan Rangers
John F. " A 18th SC Inf.
John F. Sgt. H 45th ARK Cav.
John H. Pvt. G 19th ARK Inf.
John Jackson   B 65th GA Inf.
John Jacob Pvt. & Lt. B 5th ALA Inf. (also Co. G, 62nd ALA Inf.)
John L.  Pvt. B 5th KY Inf.
John L. " B 34th NC Inf.
John Marion " C 2nd TEX Inf.
John Napoleon " I 9th TEX Cav.
John Peterson " A 7th MO Inf.
John Q. " D 63rd NC Inf.
John S. Cpl. B 36th GA Inf.
John T. " G 25th NC Inf.
John T. " G Woods Regt. MO Cav.
John Thomas " B 49th ALA Inf.
John W. Lt. C 5th KY Inf.
John W.W.  Pvt. A 1st SC Regular Inf.
Jonas " D 23rd VA Inf.
Jonas Harris " E 18th ARK Inf.
Jonas J. " C 188th VA Militia
Jonathan " C 10th TENN Cav.
Joshua " D 34th NC Inf.
Joshua A. " C 48th ALA Inf.
Joshua W. " C 188th VA Militia
Joseph, Sr.188th VA Militia Sgt. A 23rd TENN Inf.
Joseph, Jr.  Pvt. A 25th TENN Inf.
Joseph B. " H 28th TENN Inf.
Joseph D. Cpl. E 1st ARK Mtd. Rifles
Joseph F. Pvt.  L  16th NC Inf
Joseph F. " -- 30th ALA Cav.
Joseph H. " H 17th MISS Inf.
Joseph James " D 11th TEX Inf.
Joseph L.  " H 1st VA Reserves
Joseph M.  ''  K 58th NC Inf.
Jos. S.  ''  D 1st VA Reserves
L.S.  ''  B 8th ARK Cav
Lafayette  ''  G 6th TENN Cav
Lawrence Ivan  ''  A 28th TEX Inf
Lemuel J  ''  K 2nd TENN Cav
Leonard  ''  E 66th GA Inf
Levi  ''  C 18th SC Inf
Levi " C 34th TENN Inf
Levi " Burroughs. TENN Lt. Arty
Lloyd Lt B Robertson Regt. MO (State Guard).
Ludlow E. Sgt. B 1st GA Inf
M. Pvt C 19th GA Inf
M.  " A SC Regular Inf
M.A.  " D 25th LA Inf
M.A.J.  "  I 14th ALA Inf
M.H.  " B 58th ARK Militia.
M.L.  " K ALA Partisan Rangers.
Manley E. Capt K 9th GA Inf
Marcus  " A 22nd NC Inf
Marion  " E 43rd MISS Inf
Marquis de Lafayette  " G 1st TENN Cav
Martin  " H 1st N.E. MO Cav
Martin  " A 5th FLA Inf
Martin  "  K 5th KY Inf
Martin Van Buren  " D 17th TEX Inf
Masters H. Cpl B 35th GA Inf
Mathias Pvt . F 23rd TENN Inf
Matthew  " B 35th GA Inf.
Matthew  " H 23rd TENN Inf
Matthew T  " H 13th NC Inf
Mc  " G Perrins Bn. MISS State Cav.
Mc  " B 11th (Perrins) MISS Cav
McCu---.  " D 41st MISS Inf
Meredith " C 48th ALA Inf
Merit R " I 50th NC Inf
Milton " G 22nd NC Inf
Milton  " H 1st N.E. MO Cav
Moreau Pvt. F 5th KY Inf
Morgan " G 18th NC Inf
Moses " G 2nd MISS Cav
Moses " I 30th ALA Inf
N.  " K Wheelers 6th TENN Cav
Nathan " C 24th ARK Inf
Nathan " K 5th KY Inf
Nathaniel " F  Hardys ARK Inf
Nehemiah " K 55th ALA Inf. (see also Ning Sparks)
Nicholas Cpl.  25th TENN Inf.
Ning  Pvt. J 55th ALA Inf. (see also Nehemiah Sparks)
Noah W. " 8th KY Inf.
Oliver Lt.  6th MO Inf.
P.  Pvt.  61st ALA Inf.
P.  ''  I  43rd TENN Inf. (see also J.P. Sparks)
P.J " G 1st ARK Mtd Rifles.
P.L. Lt. I 9th TENN Inf
Peter B. Pvt. B 35th GA Inf.
Phillip " 56th NC Inf.
Pinckney A. " D 38th VA Inf.
R. " B 1st N.E. MO Cav.
R. " K 5th NC Reserves
R.F.  " B 23rd TENN Inf.
R.F.  " 8th MISS Cav.
R.F.  " 9th KY Inf.
R.G.  Cpl. 10th GA Cav.
R.J.  Pvt. Monroes 1st ARK Cav.
R.W.  " A Kempers 7th VA Inf.
Ransom " 14th ARK Inf.
Reuben "  I  29th NC Inf.
Reuben " B 1st NC Inf.
Reuben " -- Fields KY Partisan Rangers
Richard " 5th KY Inf.
Richard W. " A 4th GA Inf.
Robert " 4th NC Inf.
Robert Green "  C  3rd Bn. GA Inf.
Rufus N. " 21st ARK Inf.
Russell " 61st ALA Inf.
S.C. (E?) " 63rd ALA Inf.
S.D. " 1st ARK Cav.
S.F. (S.G. ?) " D 4th MISS Inf.
S.G.  Sgt. 38th TENN Inf. (also 28th Consolidated Inf.)
S.H.  Pvt. 7th ALA Cav.
S.J  " -- Daniels Batt. GA Lt. Art.
S.J  " -- 34th TEX Inf.
S.J  " K 2nd TENN Cav.
S.M.  Cpl. 50th ARK Militia
S.M. Pvt. E 1st ARK Cav.
S.P  " 25th TENN Inf.
S.R  " A 10th GA Inf.
S.S. (Stephen S.)  " 59th GA Inf.
Samuel  " 4th GA Inf.
Samuel  " G 1st N.E. MO Cav
Samuel  " 36th ALA Inf.
Samuel  " 36th GA Inf.
Samuel  " -- -------- TEX Inf.
Samuel B.  " 5th NC Cav.
Samuel B.  " 58th NC Inf.
Samuel C.  Pvt. B 2nd Bn. TENN Cav.
Samuel C.  " 6th TENN Cav.
Samuel J.  " E 14th ARK Inf.
Samuel Jasper  " -- 27th TEX Inf.
Samuel P.  " K 65th NC Inf.
Seaborn  " 47th ALA Cav.
Shelton  " 55th ALA Inf.
Sidney  " E 64th NC Inf.
Singleton  " 41st GA Inf.
Sol  " 84th TENN Inf.
Solomon  " 43rd MISS Inf.
Solomon  " Nelligans 1st LA Inf.
Solomon  " A 25th TENN Inf.
Solomon  "  H  28th TENN Inf.
Stephen S.  " -- 3rd GA Inf.
Stewart  " 13th SC Inf.
Sul  " Saxtons 1st TEX State Troops
T.  " D 14th NC Inf.
T.J.  " -- 4th ALA Cav.
T.J.  "  I  12th GA Cav.
T.M.  " 3rd LA Inf.
T.N.  " -- 5th GA Inf. (State Guards)
Terry G.  "  I  55th ALA Vols.
Thaddeus Pinckney  " -- TEX Vol. Rangers
Thomas  " F 24th GA Inf.
Thomas  " 4th ALA Bn.
Thomas  "  I  1st SC Regulars
Thomas  "  I  5th ALA Cav.
Thomas  "  I  1st TENN Inf.
Thomas B. Sgt./Lt. A 23rd ARK Inf.
Thomas C. Pvt. H 3rd FLA Inf.
Thomas C.  " C 1st GA Cav.
Thomas C.  " 8th GA Inf.
Thomas H.  " B 3rd GA Inf.
Thomas H.  " F 43rd GA Inf.
Thomas H.  " B 59th GA Inf.
Thomas J.  " G 6th TENN Cav.
Thomas J.  " 2nd TENN Inf.
Thomas Jefferson  " H 34th GA Inf.
Thomas Newton  " D 13th TEX Inf.
Thomas T.  " 48th NC Inf.
Thomas W.  " H  Broyles 36th GA Inf.
Thomas W.  " D 17th TEX Inf.
Tillman  "  B  Wallers TEX Cav.
Titus Clark  " 15th TEX Inf.
Uriah  " Harrells Bn. ARK Cav.
Uriah  " 14th ARK Inf.
Uriah  " I 26th ARK Inf.
W.  " 5th ALA Inf.
W.  " H 6th MO Cav.
W.  " Carters 1st TENN Cav.
W.  " D  Hams Regt. MISS Cav.
W.A. (William A.)  " 59th GA Inf.
W.A. (Wesley A.)  Pvt. B 9th GA Inf.
W.A. (William Ashley) " H 12th SC Inf.
W.B. Cpl. Wilsons 21st TENN Cav.
W.B. Pvt. B 9th MISS Sharpshooters
W.C. (William Carroll) " B 7th MISS Cav
W.C.  " G 1st (Johnstons) MISS Inf.
W.E.  " F 1st ARK Cav
W.F  " F 3rd MISS Inf. (State Troops)
W.F  " I 1st (Johnstons) MISS Inf.
W.F.  " E 41st MISS Inf
W.G.  " C 25th ALA Inf.
W.H.  " C 2nd TENN Cav.
W.H. (William Henry)  " K 30th GA Inf.
W.H.  " A 9th GA Inf. (State Guards)
W.J. "Buck"  " D 1st VA Inf.
W.J.  " E 63rd ALA Inf.
W.J.  " D 22nd MISS Inf. (filed under Windsor J. Spinks)
W.M.  " H 23rd ARK Inf.
W.N.  " D 25th LA Inf.
W.R. (William R.)  " A 36th GA Inf.
W.S.  " G 19th ALA Inf.
W.W.  " F 1st GA Inf.
W. Henry  " K 30th GA Inf.
W.T.  " D 22nd MISS Inf.
Washington Berry  " F 16th TENN Cav.
Welcome U.  " B 35th GA Inf.
Wesley  " H 3rd GA Cav.
Whitfield  " I 29th NC Inf.
Wiley  " C 27th ARK Inf.
William  " H 28th TENN Inf.
William  " A 1st NC Inf.
William  " A 23rd GA Inf.
William  " E 13th NC Inf.
William  " E 2nd MISS Inf.
William Cpl. A (McLeans) NC Light Duty Men
William Pvt. C 24th MISS Inf.
William  " E 1st (Monroes) ARK Cav.
William  " H 29th NC Inf.
William  " H 58th NC Inf.
William  " G 22nd ALA Inf.
William  " K 47th ALA Inf.
William  " E 18th TEX Cav.
William A. Capt. I 3rd GA Cav.
William A. Pvt. E 1st N.E. MO Cav.
William A.  " B 34th NC Inf.
William Anderson  " - Baylors Regt. TEX Cav.
William Anderson Jackson  " - Carringtons Co., Fords Regt., TEX Vols.
William C.   I 1st TENN Inf.
William Carroll   I 9th TEX Cav.
William Crain, Jr.    E 2nd TEX Cav.
William D   B 11th TEX Inf.
William D   A FLA Militia
William E.  Pvt.  I 55th ALA Inf.
William H.    I  1st TENN Inf.
William H.   5th KY Inf.
William H.   Turneys 1st TENN Inf.
William H.   - (Strawbridges) 1st LA Inf.
William H.   E 4th LA Inf.
William H.   A 2nd Bn. ALA Vols.
William H.   H 25th ALA Inf.
William H.H.   G 2nd MO Inf.
William J.   D 1st TENN Cav.
William J.   A 5th KY Inf.
William L.   -- Fields KY Partisan Rangers
William M.    D 20th GA Inf.
William Monroe   F Monroes 1st ARK Cav.
William Noble   B 20th TEX Cav.
William P.   F Jackmans ARK Cav.
William S.   H 3rd GA Cav.
William S.   55th ALA Vols.
William T.   D 24th ALA Inf.
William T.   H 40th ALA Inf.
William T.   C 4th ALA Vols.
Zachariah T.   G 3rd GA Reserves

[Editor's Note: As we noted at the beginning of this compilation, we realize that there are both duplications and omissions of names, and that corrections and additions will be necessary in future issues of the Quarterly. We shall welcome such corrections and additions from our readers; we ask only that sources be cited.]...