January 28, 2021

Pages 4045-4048
Whole Number 160

44.4 GEORGE SPARKS (ca.1777-ca.1853)

by Paul E. Sparks

[Editor's Note: A portion of the Quarterly of September 1981, Whole No. 115, was devoted to 44.4 George Sparks of early Estill County, Kentucky, and Brown County, Indiana, and his descendants. He apparently had fourteen children, among whom was a son, 44.4.11 John Sparks, born ca. 1814. John married Delila Ann DeMarch on November 14, 1837, in Johnson County, Indiana, and their first child was a daughter, Nancy Jane Sparks, born ca. 1838. Mrs. Helen R. Winders, Des Moines, Iowa, 50317, has furnished us further information about her great-grandmother, Nancy Jane Sparks. Our readers are referred to page 2341 of the Quarterly mentioned above.] Nancy Jane Sparks, daughter of 44.4.11 John and Delila (Demar) Sparks, was born ca. 1838 in Indiana. She married John Marion Robbins on May 30, 1861, in Putnam County, Missouri. He had been born on November 7, 1840. John died there on November 19, 1919. They were buried in the Rose Cemetery in Putnam County. They were the parents of eight children. Christopher Columbus Robbins was born April 13, 1862. He was a farmer and a member of the United Brethern Church. He married Laura Belle West on July 13, 1879, in Putnam County. She had been born June 30, 1865, and was a daughter of Michael and Jemima West. She died on July 14, 1931, and Christopher died on June 6, 1940. They were buried in the Friendship Cemetery in Putnam County. They had twelve children, including a son who died at birth. George Robbins was born ca. 1881. He died in 1918. Augustus Robbins was born in 1883. He married Dora Almeta Allen on November 19, 1900. He died on September 28, 1927. He and Dora had nine children, including an unnamed son who died at birth. They were: Carl Robbins, Margaret Robbins, Lester Robbins, Bernice Robbins, Howard Robbins, Herman Robbins, Calvin Robbins, and Helen Robbins.

Helen (Robbins) Winders has furnished the information contained in this article as well as the photograph appearing on the previous page. William ["Billy"] Robbins was born ca. 1885. Tura Parlee Robbins was born September 25, 1887. She married Elton Shadden on May 25, 1910, and they had one child. Tura died on March 29, 1972, and Samueldied on February 7, 1962. They were buried in the Friendship Cemetery. Lloyd Shadden Robert Robbins was born ca. 1889. John M. Robbins was born November 23, 1892. He married Mary Alma Clark on July 12, 1919, they had three children: Goldie Robbins, Lela Belle Robbins, and Jack Robbins. Mary Robbins was born ca. 1894. Leota Louisa Robbins was born October 23, 1897. She married Oris F. Wells on January 29, 1913. Lora Robbins was born ca. 1899. She married Bill Stanton. Thomas Robbins was born ca. 1903. He married Grace MNU. Theodore Robbins was born ca. 1910. John Ashley Robbins was born March 4, 1864. He married Amanda Isabelle West ca. 1883. He died on August 2, 1931, and Amanda died in 1942. They were buried in the Rose Cemetery. They had three children. Lelia Alice Robbins was born August 19, 1884. She married John Thomas McFarland, and they had three children: Frank McFarland, Blanche McFarland, and Thomas McFarland. Audrey Robbins was born ca. 1887. She married Ellis Minear ca. 1910, and they had two children, Tom Minear and William Minear. Nellie Garnett Robbins was born June 22, 1895. She married Nelson Lee Tietsort on February 12, 1913. He died on January 13, 1947, and Nellie died on April 10, 1975. They were buried in the Rose Cemetery. They had five children: Lorenzo Tietsort, Mable Tietsort, Annabelle Tietsort, Keith Tietsort, and Larry Tietsort. Mary B. Robbins was born ca. 1864. She may have been a twin sister of John Ashley Robbins. Daniel Sherman Robbins was born ca. 1866. He married Isabelle Richmond in June 1887, and they had at least two children. Charles Elmer Robbins was born ca. 1890. He married Goldie MNU, and they had at least five children: Fred Robbins, Rolle Robbins, Cline Robbins, Charles Robbins, and Sherman Robbins. Rollie Robbins was born ca. 1893. William Thomas Robbins was born April 15, 1868. He married Emma Jane Wilson on August 21, 1890. He died on October 23, 1941, and Emma died on May 15, 1958. They were buried in St. John Cemetery in Putnam County. They nine children. Benjamin S. Robbins was born November 18, 1891. He married Stella O. Sumpter, and they had three children: Ethel, Floyd, and Ida. Silvester C. Robbins was born July 18, 1893. He died on August 17, 1893. Andrew M. Robbins was born February 2, 1895. He died on June 22, 1895. Ettie Elizabeth Robbins was born July 21, 1898. She died on August 10, 1900. Nettie L. Robbins was born August 10, 1902. She died on February 15, 1903. William Marion Robbins was born May 19, 1904. He married Gyneth Shadden on September 2, 1922, and they had five children:

Mable, Reva, William, Lloyd, and Gyneth. Wilburn Jacob Robbins was born June 13, 1906. He married Neva Walker on April 21, 1926. Mable U. Robbins was born April 7, 1910. She died on February 15, 1911. Albert Ashley Robbins was born July 23, 1912. He married Mildred M. Besse, and they had nine children: Norma Robbins, Alberta Robbins, Dixie Robbins, Jackie Robbins, Mairs Robbins, Jimmy Robbins, Sherry Robbins, Karen Robbins, and Dickie Robbins. Fannie Catury Robbins was born March 23, 1870. She married James H. Rowland on January 24, 1885, in Putnam County. He had been born on April 22, 1860. Fannie died on July 25, 1952, and was buried in the Rose Cemetery. She and James had eleven children. Abraham J. Rowland was born March 21, 1886. He married Dolly Ellen Harris on May 16, 1923, and they had three children: Kitty Rowland, Lois Rowland, and Abraham Rowland, Jr. Don Thomas Rowland was born March 9, 1887, and died while quite young. William Benton Rowland was born October 3, 1891, and died while quite young. Shird Clifford Rowland was born March 18, 1894. He married Anna Kay Mullenix on August 31, 1924, and they had four children: Mary Rowland, Midge Rowland, Lettie Rowland, and Guy Rowland. George Silas Rowland was born May 11, 1896. He married Nora L. McFarland on June 15, 1919, and they had three children: Shelda Rowland, Beatrice Rowland, and Jerome Rowland. Orval Wesley Rowland was born June 19, 1898. He married Goldie Ethel Veach on June 4, 1921, and they had nine children: Melba Rowland, Loretta Rowland, Lavee Rowland, Janette Rowland, Robert Rowland, Jerry Rowland, Don Rowland, Roy Rowland, and Loren Rowland. Mollie Denton Rowland was born June 14, 1900. She married Ailey Ovid Fowler on January 7, 1917, and they had nine children: Lahoma Fowler, Lawrence Fowler, Bessie Fowler, Barbara Fowler, Arlene Fowler, Iris Fowler, Tina Fowler, Leon Fowler, and Derek Fowler. Nancy Beatrice Rowland was born April 3, 1903. She married Jakie Sparks. Vica Elizabeth Rowland was born May 20, 1905. She married John Herbert Veach on January 7, 1921, and they had two children: George Veach and Winona Veach. Lettie Rowland was born July 17, 1907. Jesse James Rowland was born November 19, 1908. He married Rita J. Cain on July 1, 1935. Martha Ellen Robbins was born August 30, 1872. She married Aaron Laton Coy Hogg on June 19, 1887. He was born October 17, 1858, and was a son of William and Luanna (Sparks) Hogg. (See page 2298 of the June 1981 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 114, in which Aaron Hogg was recorded erroneously as having died prior to 1870.) Martha Ellen (Robbins) Hogg died on December 20, 1933, and Aaron died on September 24, 1933. They had seven children. Lucy Jane Hogg was born April 23, 1888. She married Pearl Nathern McFarland on April 10, 1907, and they had nine children: Marie McFarland, Alva McFarland, Goldie McFarland, Gertie McFarland, Lilly McFarland, Rita McFarland, Clifford McFarland, Herbert McFarland, and Lou McFarland. Mary Ellen Hogg was born June 2, 1889, She married Clyde Eber Collins, and they had one child, Goldie Collins. John Emery Hogg was born August 25, 1892. He died on April 9,1966. Dell Vina Hogg was born June 26, 1895. She married Joseph Tensan Morgan on December 24, 1912, and they had seven children: Nellie Morgan, byron Morgan, Mable Morgan, Harold Morgan, Agnes Morgan, Shirley Morgan, and Allen Morgan. Winford Zell Hogg was born September 17, 1901. He died in 1918. Earl Osway Hogg was born June 13, 1905. He married Fannie Maude Davidson on March 23, 1927, and they had two children: Garnett Hogg and Florence Hogg. Ruby Icel Hogg was born February 27, 1908. She married Lano Winfred Casady on May 3, 1944. Sarah C. Robbins was born in 1876 in Putnam County. She died on October 19, 1891.