November 29, 2020

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Whole Number 161


the December 1979 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 108, contained information (pp. 2164-66) about the family of Truelove, Jr. and Julia (Slavens) Sparks of Mercer County, Missouri. Among their ten children were twin sons, Albert J. Sparks and Delbert A. Sparks, who were born on November 15, 1863, while their father was serving in the 7th Regiment Iowa Infantry during the Civil War. Subsequent to the publication of that article (which was devoted to the life and descendants of 17.2.7 Josiah A. Sparks, (1761-1841), of Adair County, Kentucky), additional information about the family of Albert J. Sparks was published in the March 1992 issue of the Quarterly (Whole No. 157, pp. 3912-14). We now present additional information about the family of Delbert A. Sparks. For the sake of uniformity, we continue the same alpha numeric outline used in the first article.

A photograph of these twin brothers, Delbert A. Sparks and Albert J. Sparks appears on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly; taken ca.1930. Delbert A. Sparks and a twin of Albert J. Sparks, was born November 15, 1863, in Mercer County, Missouri. He married Susan Wilson ca. 1885-1890, probably in Missouri. She had been born in 1868. Delbert and Susan lived in Princeton, Missouri, where Delbert was a maintenance worker on the railroad. He was also known for his skill as a handyman. He died in 1945, and Susan died in 1950. According to relatives, they had seven children. The order of their births is not known. James Sparks married Amy Harrington. Charles ["Punch"] Sparks married Stella Sparks. (No known relationship.) Abner Sparks married Pearl Mulvaney. Calvin Sparks married Grace Hunter. Cecil Sparks was said to have been murdered when he was about 21 years old. Elva ["Elvie"] Sparks married Everett Lane. Agnes Sparks died from a case of black measles when she was a young woman. She is said to have been engaged to marry FNU Drummond at the time of her death.