April 6, 2018

Pages 4135-4140
Whole Number 162


by Robert T. Duerigen

Editor's Note: In the Quarterly of December 1987, Whole No. 140, we published an article entitled "32.4 Walter Sparks (Born ca. 1760, Died ca. 1827) of Pennsylvania and Kentucky." On page 3143, we gave information regarding 32.4.5 Daniel Sparks, the fifth child of Walter and Phoebe Sparks, who was born between 1787 and 1791 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. There we noted that Daniel Sparks had been married to Jemima Gunn, but we added that the date of this marriage had not been found. Since then, we have learned that a marriage bond for Walter and Jemima Gunn was made and recorded in Shelby County, Kentucky, on October 14, 1811. The marriage, itself, was probably performed within a few days thereafter. The bond reveals that Jemima's father had died and that she had been reared by Benjamin Wells. The bondsman for the marriage bond was Benjamin Wells. Between 1830 and 1832, Daniel and Jemima (Gunn) Sparks moved to Vigo County, Indiana, where both lived out the remainder of their lives.

In the Quarterly cited above (pp. 3143-44), we listed the names of the six known children of Daniel and Jemima Sparks, one of whom was a daughter named Martha Ann. We speculated then that Martha Ann had been "born ca. 1826," though we noted that census records seemed to indicate that a daughter had been born to Daniel and Jemima ca. 1824 whom we assumed must have died young. From the information now provided by Robert T. Duerigen, 633 Clossey rive, Indianapolis, IN 46227-2525, we realize that it was Martha Ann that was born in 1824 (on February 29, 1824, to be exact). Perhaps there was another unidentified daughter of Daniel and Jemima who was born ca. 1826 and died young. When the estate of Daniel Sparks was settled in Vigo County, Indiana, a document dated 1861 identified his heirs as sons Walter Sparks and Richard Sparks;

his daughters were listed as: Martha Ann (Sparks) Gilchrist; Eliza Jane (Sparks) Budd;
the heirs of his deceased daughter, Lucinda (or Laurinda) (Sparks) Yeager; and
the heirs of his deceased daughter, Phoebe Ray (or Rae).

It should be noted that Mr. Duerigen's interest in this branch of the Sparks family stems from the fact that his wife descends from Martha Ann (Sparks) Gilchrist (1824-1897).]

The writer has been assisted in the preparation of this article with information provided by January Liffick and Wanita Gilchrist Hinshaw of Terre Haute, Indiana, and has utilized material presented in "The Story of the Halsteads" by William 'on Halstead and "The Boyll Family" by All, which are in the special collections the Vigo County Public Library in Terre Haute, Indiana. Part of this informa­Mi was assembled by Almeda Gilchrist Powell and Richard L. Gilchrist, now de­ased. Additional information has been extracted from the Vigo County vital cords, cemetery records, Terre Haute Tribune newspapers, and U.S. census cords. Martha Ann Sparks, daughter of 32.4.5 Daniel and Jemima (Gunn) Sparks, was born in Kentucky, on February 29, 1824. She was married in Vigo County, Indiana, on April 21, 1842, to Richard Adam Gilchrist. Sometimes this name has been spelled Gillcrees, Gilcrest, et al, but it is properly Gilchrist. He was the son William and Nancy (Duncan) Gilchrist and was born May 25, 1820, at Salem of U. S. 41, now called Gilchrist Road. The homestead was at the entrance to the subdivision on the north side. Martha died on December 27, 1897; Robert Adam Gilchrist died on May 15, 1907. Both were buried in the Hull Cemetery near Terre Haute, Indiana. William R. Gilchrist was born February 9, 1843, in Vigo County. He served in the Union Army in the Civil War, and was wounded in his side in the Battle of Arkansas at Port Arkansas on January 11, 1863. Being disabled and suffering from consumption, he never returned to duty and was discharged on June 20, 1863, at St. Louis. He died on April 11, 1869. George G. Gilchrist was born January 12, 1844, in Vigo County; he died on March 16, 1844. Martha J. Gilchrist was born April 19, 1846, in Vigo County; she died on July 28, 1860. Nancy J. Gilchrist was born August 27, 1848, in Vigo County. She was married on September 15, 1870, in Vigo County to James Clinton Boyll. He was a son of James and Arabell (McGrew) Boyll and had been born December 5, 1846, in Indiana. Arabell was living (age 91, born in Kentucky) with them when the 1900 census was taken. James Clinton Boyll died on October 29, 1915, and Nancy J. died on April 26, 1926. Their six children were: Reuben ["Osee"] Boyll was born in 1874. He married Mary E. Ellis who had been born in 1877. He died on September 19, 1931. Nora A. Boyll was born in January 1876. She was married in Vigo County on September 11, 1901, to Henry E. Altekruse. Henry had been born in December 1863 in Indiana. Nora died October 24, 1921, in Vigo County. Maston Riley Boyll was born in October 1878 in Indiana. On December 6, 1897, he was married in Vigo County to Mary Bessie Cottrel, who had been born November 25, 1879. He died on February 8, 1953; she died in 1958; both in Vigo County. Chester A. Boyll was born in August 1881 in Indiana. On October 26, 1904, he was married in Vigo County to Clara Meyer; she had been born November 9, 1882. He died in 1957. Frank Ernest ["Earney"] Boyll was born October 22, 1883, in Vigo County. He was married there on May 20, 1903, to Elizabeth Ann Hull; she had been born in December 1883 in Indiana. He died in 1958, and she died in 1971 at Terre Haute. Both were buried in the Hull Cemetery. Lena L. Boyll was born April 18, 1887, in Vigo County. She was married on January 13, 1918, to Snowden Pearl Nichols. Snowden had been born December 5, 1878, in Kentucky and he died on July 13, 1936, in Vigo County. Margaret E. Gilchrist was born December 31, 1850, in Vigo County, and died on October 4, 1852. Robert P. Gilchrist was born January 24, 1853, in Vigo County. He was married on August 28, 1878, in Vigo County to Emma Belle Swift. She had been born in November 1861 and died on January 30, 1939. Robert P. died on August 6, 1941. Robert P. and "Mabel" lived on U. S. 41, south of Gilchrist Road, on the west side, in a two-story pink brick home bordered on the south and west by Deerfield Subdivision. They were buried in Hull Cemetery. Children of Robert P. and Emma Belle (Swift) Sparks: Chloe Gilchrist was born in 1879; she died young. Harry M. Gilchrist was born April 6, 1883, at Terre Haute. He was married on November 8, 1905, in Vigo County, to Mabel Russell. She is thought to have been born in Missouri; she died on November 10, 1947. Harry M. died in July 1969 in Terre Haute. He had been a bookkeeper at the Terre Haute Vitrified Brick Company. Maude Gilchrist was born July 3, 1885, in Vigo County. She died on November 17, 1897. Walter Allen Gilchrist was born February 20, 1888, in Vigo County. He was married on September 7, 1899, to Mirtle I. Joslin, who had been born March 26, 1882. Mirtle died on June 28, 1905, at Youngstown in Vigo County, Indiana. Walter was married (second) in 1910 to Letha Ridgeway. He died on February 15, 1925, at Princeton, Indiana. He was a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner. He was survived by a wife, Pansy M. Albert Gilchrist was born April 12, 1855, in Vigo County, and died on August 3, 1855. Mary E. ["Molly"] Gilchrist was born September 6, 1856, in Vigo County. She was married on September 25, 1873, to Reuben Albert Halstead. He was a son of Reuben and Louisa (Brown) Halstead, and had been born January 20, 1851, in Riley Township, Vigo County. Reuben died on May 22, 1918, in Honey Creek Township. Molly died on November 13, 1920. They had the following children: Grace Bell Halstead was born July 28, 1874, at Terre Haute. She was a business woman in Terre Haute and lived her later years with her sister in Danviile, Illinois, where she died on September 4, 1959. She was buried in the Hull Cemetery. Anna Louise Halstead was born June 29, 1877, at Terre Haute. She was married on June 22, 1910, in Vigo County to Samuel Humphrey. Samuel was a railroad engineer. He had been born July 4, 1863, and died on March 29, 1930, at Danville, Illinois. Anna Louise died on November 8, 1945, at Danville, Illinois, and was buried in the Hull Cemetery. Floise M. Halstead was born February 3, 1878, and died on February 13, 1894, in Vigo County. Edwin Riley Halstead was born May 10, 1880, at Terre Haute. He was married on June 12, 1906, in Vigo County to Marie J. Krolls. She had been born May 9, 1878. Edwin Riley died on January 1, 1948, at Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. He had been a hardware salesman. Reuben Cecil Halstead was born November 7, 1883, at Terre Haute. He was married on June 21, 1906, in Vigo County to Wilhemina ["Minnie"] C. Nattkemper who had been born May 17, 1884. Reuben Cecil died on July 26, 1954, at Palm Springs, California. Robert Murat Halstead was born February 12, 1886, at Terre Haute. He was married on April 17, 1907, in Vigo County to Geneva Merl Budd. She had been born December 21, 1888. She died on April 24, 1909, at Youngstown, Vigo County, Indiana. On August 19, 1912, Robert Murat married (second) Dora Emily Sutliff, who had been born March 19, 1886, in Indiana. Robert Murat died on March 16, 1949. He was a farmer in Vigo County. Dora died on May 21, 1977, at Terre Haute. Frank Mathias Halstead was born July 19, 1888, in Vigo County. Indiana. On June 27, 1914, he married Bertha Hall. She had been born August 6, 1888, in New York City. He died on July 10, 1947, at Baldwin Park, California. Thomas Royse Halstead was born March 11, 1891, at Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. He was married on November 28, 1912, in Vigo County to Frieda Wilhemina Hensgen who had been born in December 1891 in Indiana. He died on July 16, 1955, at Terre Haute. He had been a railroad engineer. Frieda died on January 11, 1973. Mary Eloise Halstead was born December 16, 1894, and died on July 21, 1896 in Vigo County. Fred Herald Halstead was born February 2, 1897, in Vigo County. He was married on November 8, 1919, in Vigo County to Eunice E. Smith who had been born in Indiana on October 16, 1900. He was a farmer in Vigo County. Charles Richard Gilchrist was born November 11, 1858, in Vigo County, Indiana. He was married on August 23, 1882, in Vigo County to Anna Melinda Milligan, the daughter of James A. and Harriet (Burgan) Milligan. She had been born October 23, 1863, and died on November 19, 1941. Charles Richard Gilchrist died on December 8, 1925, at Walker, Missouri. They were buried at Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri. They were the parents of ten children. Richard A. Gilchrist was born and died on February 17, 1883. The writer believes that this must have been 1883, even though the a WPA index gives 1884. Note that the date of birth for the next child, Ethel, was in 1884. Ethel Gertrude Gilchrist was born March 24, 1884, in Vigo County, Indiana. She was married on October 1, 1903, to Francis Josiah Garfield Burris who had been born December 5, 1881, in Jasper County, Missouri. Her husband died on August 14, 1949, in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. She died on June 17, 1963, in Miami, Oklahoma. Charles Arthur Gilchrist was born June 26, 1887, at Terre Haute. He was married on June 26, 1913, to Theresa Ann Kerley. She had been born October 8, 1887, and died on February 2, 1959, at Spencer, Indiana. Charles Arthur retired from farming at Spencer, Indiana, and died on September 26, 1969, at Beech Grove, Marion County, Indiana. Robert L. Gilchrist was born June 27, 1889, at Terre Haute, and died in April 1965. William Wallace Gilchrist was born November 8, 1891, in Terre Haute and died on May 25, 1974, at San Antonio, Texas. He was married on March 24, 1918, in Jasper County, Missouri, to Pearle May Johnson who had been born November 6, 1895, in Jasper County, Missouri; she died on April 10, 1948, at San Antonio, Texas. Both were buried in Twin Grove Cemetery, Jasper County, Missouri. Martha A. Gilchrist was born February 26, 1894, in Terre Haute. She married Elmer Olson who had been born November 26, 1891. Elmer died on May 1, 1966, at Webb City, Missouri. Martha died on September 11, 1983, at Joplin, Missouri. Hubert Luke Gilchrist was born February 28, 1897, in Missouri and died on January 18, 1972. He married Evelyn Volt Whitlock who had been born December 2, 1917. Meda H. Gilchrist was born October 4, 1900, in Miami, Oklahoma. She apparently died young. Richard L. Gilchrist was born April 24, 1903, at Miami, Oklahoma. He was married on October 3, 1931, to Opal B. Frazier; she had been born January 31, 1905, at Summitville, Indiana. Dick and Opal owned and operated a farm near Anderson, Indiana, until they retired. Opal died in January 1985, and Richard died in February 1986 at Castleton, Marion County, Indiana. Reuben M. Gilchrist was born August 17, 1905, in Oklahoma and died in May 1986 at Madera, California. Frank B. Gilchrist was born May 6, 1861, in Vigo County, Indiana. He died on August 11, 1862. M. Almeda Gilchrist was born June 10, 1864, in Vigo County, Indiana. She was married on February 2, 1910, to William Powell, Sr. He had been born August 28, 1846, and died in 1919. When they were married, he was a banker with Peoples State Bank in Sullivan, Indiana. by 1919, he was listed as farming near Terre Haute. After his death, Almeda lived for a while with her sister in Washington, D. C. In later years, she and her sister returned to Terre Haute. She died on November 2, 1955, and was buried in the Hull Cemetery near Terre Haute. Almeda hand-painted china. Luellen Gilchrist was born January 28, 1869, in Vigo County, Indiana. Luellen worked at the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C., until she retired and returned to Terre Haute. She died on July 29, 1959, and was buried in the Hull Cemetery.