February 2, 2021

Pages 4238-4246
Whole Number 165


by B. J. Sparks

[Editor's Note: In The Sparks Quarterly of September 1989, Whole No. 147, pp. 3438-3458, we provided information on a number of descendants of 70.2 Edward Sparks, who was born prior to 1750. Edward Sparks had moved from Maryland to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, prior to February 1, 1781, on which date he obtained a Virginia land grant there. by the following year, however, he had moved to Fluvanna County, Virginia, where he died prior to March 1786, leaving a widow named Elizabeth and three minor children named 70.2.1 Jeremiah Sparks, 70.2.2 James Sparks, and 70.2.3 Nancy Sparks; by 1802, these three children of Edward and Elizabeth Sparks were living near their Sparks relatives in Franklin County, Georgia. There, Jeremiah was called "Jeremiah Sparks, Jr." because he had an older cousin also named Jeremiah.

[70.2.1 Jeremiah Sparks, Jr., who was born in or ca. 1773, married Nancy --, and in or ca. 1817 they moved with their family to Gwinnett County, Georgia. A son of Jeremiah and Nancy was Henry S. Sparks, born April 22, 1804; he was married on November 5, 1829, to Martha Osborn (1807-1864). Before 1840, Henry S. Sparks moved with family members to Walker County, Georgia, then (before 1850) to Cherokee County, Alabama. In 1851 or 1852, they moved to Pike County, Arkansas. It was there that both Henry and Martha died in 1864. See pp. 3448-58. A son of Henry S. and Martha (Osborn) Sparks was William Erwin Sparks, born September 10, 1831; he was married in 1854 to Bede Caroline Osborn, in Clarke County, Arkansas. Their only son was Marion Jackson "Buddy" Sparks.

A grandson of Marion Jackson "Buddy" Sparks is B. J. Sparks, Jr., Lynnwood, Washington, 98037. He has prepared the following record of his grandparents and their descendants, which continues item 3 on page 3451.]

Page 4240 - Marriage License Marion Jackson "Buddy" Sparks was born in Amity, Pike County, Arkansas, on February 25, 1859, and died on December 5, 1943. Caroline Luticia Lightfoot, daughter of William Henry Lightfoot and Mary Ann Childers, was born in Amity, Arkansas, on September 1, 1868, she died on June 5, 1959. They were both buried in the Memorial Cemetery at Victoria, Texas, as were children named William Alma, May Belle, and Marion Jackson, Jr.

Marion Jackson Sparks and Caroline Luticia Lightfoot were married in dark County, Arkansas, on January 16, 1887. [The author has the original marriage license in his possession; it is reproduced on the following page, slightly reduced.] They moved from Arkansas to the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma soon after their marriage. Here Marion farmed for a while, and children named William Alma, Mary Lafada (died young), and Frederick Clarence were born. Following is a letter that Caroline wrote to her uncle, John Alexander Lightfoot, in Amity, Arkansas. The spelling has not been changed from the original copy.

Choctaw Indian Nation 1893 Dear Uncle and Ant

I will write you a few lines in answer to yours Was Glad to hear from you but have neglected to write We are all up I ant feeling well this eving I have got the headache The baby not feeling verry well She is cutting teeth. Pile's folks [Riley Osborn, brother-in-law] is all well but the baby. Isabelle has weaned him. Well Aunt Susan how is grandma We got a letter from Victory [her sister] she said youans wanted to take grandma down their It looks like they could take her. ant susan I hate for you to hae the care of hur and you shoulden If I lived in reach of grandma Budy [Marion J. Sparks, Sr.] said if you would come out hear he would rusel the money for you to come on and I will take care of you as same as I will my baby. It nearly kills me to thin I cant be with you When I was at home God noes I would now Gran ma if you could stant to go to Arkadelphia you could come all writ [right] There is only one change and the conductors will tend to you If you think you cant stand it I am going to write to Robert and Victory [R. W. Johnson and wife, Victoria] and see if they wont take you if we will help them Becky [Marion J. Sparks's sister] said you neded a pair of shoes I will send you the money as soon as we get out the cotton to get the money Uncle John if there cant be no way fixed to help you take care of her remember there is one that never will forget you and if it is ever so I can help you I will gladly do it Pa [Wm. Henry Lightfoot, Sr.] hant got no money he hant bin out a dollar for what he has eat since he has bin here If so I dont know it Uncle I want you to write soon and let me know if grama thinks she can come If I had money I would come to hur but it looks like it takes all we can rase to keep the table up and work like negroes I will close write soon your niece c Sparks Tell granma to say a few words for me.

The baby mentioned would be Lafada, who died in 1899 at an early age.

Marion Jackson Sparks (the author's grandfather) moved to Fannin County, Texas, ca. 1895. He then ran a freight line from Honey Grove, Texas, into the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. In 1906, the family moved to Clovis, New Mexico, the same area where Johnella Boynton's family located (see the September 1984 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 127, page 2644). This was at a place called Blacktower, New Mexico. The gate to Cannon Air Force Base is where the depot was at the time of their stay in New Mexico. The author went to the place where they homesteaded. It is now one of the nicest farms around that area. The family stayed there until 1909 and then went by wagon to Anson, Texas. The reason they left was that there was no firewood (still no trees as of 1992) and drought; they hauled water two miles in barrels. Then in 1911, they moved to Victoria, Texas. In 1917, they moved into a new house near Victoria. The house is still being lived in, and is the house where the author was born. Then, around 1933, they gave up the farm and began living with their children. We all liked to have Grandpa and Grandma visit our family as that became fishing time. He dearly loved to fish. Not to catch anything, but to just be around kids and take a nap every so often. The photograph appearing on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly was taken in 1937 when Grandpa and Grandma had their 50th wedding anniversary.

Grandpa passed away while the author was in the Air Force during World War II. I only wish I had started genealogy while my grandparents were alive. Then things would have been simple, as they both had sharp memories until they passed away.

Marion Jackson Sparks and wife, Caroline Luticia (Lightfoot) Sparks, had nine children. One baby girl died young, but the others lived long lives. William Alma Sparks was born January 13, 1888, and died July 26, 1912. William Alma never married and died from an accidental gunshot wound. Mary Lafada Victoria Sparks was born September 4, 1890; she died July 12, 1899. Clarence Fredrick Sparks was born April 7, 1892, and died on October 28, 1971. He married Jessie McCurry on June 28, 1919. They had three babies that died young. Caroline Mary Sparks, born February 21, 1923. She married Edward Hood. Vivian Louise Hood; she married (first) Randal Drier, and (second) to Bill Alston. Cynthia Ann Drier, born January 21, 1962. Cheryl Lynn Drier, born November 10, 1964. Ronald Loyd Drier, Jr., born January 29, 1967. Fredrick Clarence Sparks, Jr. was born November 17, 1940. No further information. May Belle Sparks, daughter of Marion Jackson and Caroline Luticia (Lightfoot) Sparks, was born May 8, 1885, and died on January 9, 1981. She married Gus J. Ball on October 14, 1914, at Victoria, Texas. Alvin Wesley Ball, born September 15, 1915, died June 19, 1985. Orvill Marion Ball, born September 20, 1917. Gus J. Ball, Jr., born June 8, 1921. Bonham John Sparks, Sr. was born November 11, 1898, died June 13, 1971. He married Alma Hattie Maxey on June 25, 1920. Bonham J. Sparks, Jr. was born December 23, 1921. He married Delores Louise Meisner on March 19, 1944, at Foster Field, Victoria, Texas. Sandra Lee Sparks, born March 24, 1947, in Yakima, Washington. She married Michael Fox on December 18, 1965, at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. Michele Lee Fox, born November 26, 1970. Heather Ann Fox, born April 1, 1976. Barbara Kay Sparks, born September 24, 1948, in Yakima, Washington. She married (first) Ronald Paul ###dark in 1966, and (second) to Peter Spofford in 1978. Cheryl Ann Sparks, born February 1, 1956, in Yakima, Washington. She married Thomas Grimm on July 16, 1976. Hillary Ann Grimm, born October 12, 1981. Jessica Marie Grimm, born March 7, 1983. Alan Jaime Sparks, born July 7, 1959, in Yakima, Washington. He married Kathy Danielson on May 2, 1992. Thomas Jay Sparks, born August 11, 1960, in Everett, Washington. He married Darcy Babbington on February 22, 1985. Alexandria Sparks, born December 14, 1987. Paul Bonham Sparks, born November 13, 1991. Madeline Lenora Sparks, born September 18, 1993. Kenneth Vivian Sparks was born March 1, 1923, in Victoria, Texas. He married Marjorie Horton on November 11, 1945. Linda Jean Sparks, born November 12, 1947; married Victor Hightower. Julie Michelle Hightower; married James S. Warnement. They have one child, Vivian Michele Warnement. Katherine Ann Sparks, born April 19, 1949; married Virgil Lee Yoakum, Jena Yoakum. Marilyn Sue Sparks, born February 12, 1953; married Gregory Parker. Shawn Parker. Alicia Marilyn Parker. Douglas Warren Sparks was born September 26, 1926, at Edna, Texas. He was married on September 7, 1946, to Gladys Mae Brown,who had been born on April 11, 1926. John Douglas Sparks, born July 5, 1966. Jacquelyn Laverne Sparks was born May 27, 1929, at Edna, Texas. She married Melvin Alien Minion on January 4, 1948. Michael Lee Minion, born November 10, 1950, Yakima, Washington; married Susan Tangeman. Colleen Jennifer Minion, born May 12, 1975, Hawaii. Karen Lorraine Minion, born December 23, 1951, Yakima, Washington; married Kenneth Crabb. Melissa Jean Crabb, born September 12, 1977, Yakima, Washington. Meghan Lee Crabb, born June 1, 1979, Longview, Washington. Kay Lynn Minion, born June 20 1958, Yakima, Washington. She married Andrew C. Shiels on August 14, 1982. Jackson Scott Shiels, born June 28, 1985, Seattle, Washington. Casey Alien Shiels, born February 3, 1989, Seattle, Washington. Kim Louise Minion, born August 24, 1959, Yakima, Washington. She married James R. Austin on August 2, 1980. Neil Garrett Sparks was born August 26, 1931, in Victoria, Texas. He married (first) Naomi Sanford at Yakima, Washington. Diana Sparks, born March 18, 1953, Yakima, Washington. Neil Garrett Sparks, Jr., born August 8, 1954, Yakima, Washington. Robin Sparks, born January 27, 1956, Yakima, Washington. Glenn Sparks, born May 6, 1957, Yakima, Washington.

Neil Garrett Sparks married (second) Velma Humbard in 1960. Kim Kennedy (stepdaughter), born December 29, 1957. Caria Sparks, born April 11, 1960; married Michael Weeas. Melinda Weeas, born March 28, 1978. Ashley Weeas, born May 20, 1986. Mattie Weeas, born September 21, 1988. Donald Sparks, born December 20, 1961; married Sheila Broyles. Joshua Sparks, born November 9, 1987. Jordan Sparks, born June 1, 1991. Jacob Sparks, born February 1, 1993. Eugene Goldman Sparks was born March 9, 1935, at Daisetta, Texas. He married Joyce Smith, who was born December 28, 1935, Houston, Texas. Baby born April 18, 1959, died April 21, 1959. David Sparks, born June 29, 1960 Baby born December 1967, died at birth. Myrtle Sparks was born April 11, 1900, at Honey Grove, Texas. She died in 1983 at Rosenberg, Texas. She was married on December 22, 1920, to Monroe F. Davis who had been born on August 30, 1896. Dorothy Caroline Davis was born September 15, 1921, at Victoria, Texas. She married Jerrel Julius Bosak on January 16, 1940. Jerrel Julius Bosak, Jr., born December 12, 1943. Betty Jean Bosak, born December 7, 1947. Robert Lee Bosak, born November 23, 1953. Juanita Alice Davis was born April 11, 1925. She married Romzil Wayne Facemire on April 10, 1943. Their adopted son, Brian Ray Facemire, was born September 26, 1961. He married Chrisina Marie Steward, and they have the following children: Stephen Wayne Facemire, born February 15, 1986; Michael Lee Facemire, born March 28, 1988 Nicole Marie Facemire, born July 27, 1989. Monroe Fletcher Davis, Jr. was born January 31, 1927. He married Mary Ruth Ellison on September 1, 1946. Lynda E. Davis, born January 20, 1947. Wanda J. Davis, born July 11, 1949. Keith M. Davis, born July 19, 1952. Judy C. Davis, born February 5, 1957. Elbert Lee Davis was born March 26, 1929. He married Dorothy Carrol in 1959. Bunky Lassiter, born 1941 (stepson). Alice Lassiter, born 1947 (stepdaughter). Herbie Jo Lassiter, born 1949 (stepdaughter) Mindy Lassiter, born 1950 (stepdaughter) Betty Jo Davis was born November 17, 1931. She married Charles M. Shoemake on December 15, 1950. Connie Jo Shoemake, born July 23, 1952. Charles M. Shoemake, Jr., born April 30, 1955. Cynthia Ann Shoemake, born July 9, 1960. Anthony Shoemake, born March 18, 1963. Bobby Ray Davis was born April 11, 1934. He was maried to Shirley Ann Clement on August 3, 1956. Micheal Ray Davis, born July 19, 1957. Sherry Beth Davis, born October 25, 1958. Steven Bradley Davis, born July 19, 1960. David Jay Davis, born September 12, 1961. Cecil Wayne Davis was born July 3, 1937. He married Lena P. Ellingburg on July 29, 1960. Cecil Ray Davis, born January 20, 1963. Mark Wayne Davis, born December 23, 1963. Selena Joy Davis, born October 20, 1967 Caddar Isabell Sparks was born November 11, 1902, and died on March 18, 1989. She married William A. Tipton, Sr. at Victoria, Texas, in 1921. William A. Tipton, Jr., born May 3, 1922; married Kristeen Preston. William A. Tipton, III Carol Ann Tipton. Mary Faye Tipton, born December 14, 1925; married Calvin Knight. Linda Jean Knight. James Edward Knight. Mary Lynette Knight. Peggy Sue Knight. Paralee Gertrude Sparks was born March 28, 1905, at Fannin, Texas. She married Vena O. Stevens on October 26, 1921, at Victoria, Texas. Sibyl Stevens, born December 29, 1922; married John Bowen. Voylette Stevens, born October 24, 1924; married Hollis Stevens. Wayne Stevens, born February 11, 1926. Elsie Stevens, born September 27, 1929. Marion Jackson Sparks, Jr. was born July 8, 1907, at Clovis, New Mexico, and died on July 17, 1987, at Victoria, Texas. He was married in 1930 to Addie Vee Thomas, who had been born on September 10, 1910. Marion Jackson Sparks, III, born November 13, 1929; married Mary Lou Etta. Michael Paul Sparks, born April 27, 1953. Keith Alien Sparks, born February 22, 1984. Scott Andrew Sparks, born March 19, 1987. David Haskell Sparks, born July 10, 1954. Gay Lynn Sparks, born December 29, 1957. Jodie Gayle Sparks, born April 25, 1961. Terri Jean Sparks, born May 24, 1967. Donald Ray Sparks. Virgil Lee Sparks was born March 12, 1912, at Victoria, Texas. He married (first) Grace Long, who was born April 8, 1912. On December 13, 1938, he married (second) Lillian Ida Wagner, who was born April 13, 1921. Shirley Maureen Sparks, born June 25, 1935; married Herbert Poland on June 27, 1954. Vanessa Gayle Poland, born October 10, 1956. Curtis Lee Poland. William Herbert Poland. Patsy Sparks, born 1937; married Kenneth Rochat. Jennifer Lee Rochat, born August 13, 1957; she was married on August 21, 1976, to Eric Curtis Rothe, who was born December 18, 1955. Seth Eric Rothe, born April 19, 1987. Sheila Dawn Rochat, born November 5, 1960. She was married on November 16, 1979, to Richard Rothe. Philip Lee Rothe, born June 12, 1980. Lance Alien Rothe, born April 3, 1984. Lana Dawn Rothe, born September 19, 1989. Virgil Lee Sparks, Jr., born December 14, 1940; he married Jimmie Cornet Cole who was born May 14, 1943. Virgil Lee died in a drilling rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico on December 4, 1970. James Lee Sparks, born May 30, 1962. Ray Alien Sparks, born September 29, 1966. David Louis Sparks, born February 2, 1943; married March 3, 1962, to Mary Sue Miller who was born December 5, 1942. Clay Alien Sparks, born January 7, 1963; married February 28, 1986, to Neva Ann Van Pelt. Robert Alien Sparks, born January 12, 1987. Wade Alien Sparks, born May 27, 1964. Clint Michael Sparks, born March 19, 1969. Joyce Ann Sparks, born June 14, 1945, at Victoria, Texas; she married Robert Veilleaux on July 14, 1967. Timothy Robert Veilleaux, born March 21, 1969. Tracy Ranee Veilleaux, born April 1, 1971.