February 3, 2021

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Mary Ann Sparks (Mrs. Robert W.) of 1296 Vista Del Cima, Camarillo, California, 93010, has asked us to announce that a family reunion for the descendants of 44. Issac Sparks, Sr. (ca.1740-ca.1815) of Estill County, Kentucky, will be held on June 21, 1997, at Lancaster, California. Mrs. Sparks welcomes correspondence with members of this branch of the family and invites all interested descendants of Isaac to participate in this event. She will be happy to provide more detailed in formation regarding its location, etc. Her telephone number is 805-445-1049.

Isaac Sparks, Sr. was born ca. 1740 and died in or ca. 1815. The place of his birth has not yet been discovered, but we believe that he was living in Kentucky as early as 1785. He paid taxes In Fayette County, Kentucky, in 1787. In 1792, he was shown as a taxpayer in the newly created county of Clark, and, following the creation of Estill County from portions of Clark and Madison Counties in 1808, he became a resident of Estill County where he died,we believe, in 1815. After 1810, he was excused from paying taxes in Estill County because of "age and infirmity."His estate was settled there In 1815.

Records pertaining to Isaac Sparks, Sr. and many of his known descendants appeared in two issues of The Sparks Quarterly in the March, 1974 Whole No. 85, and the June, 1974 Whole No. 86. Additional Information about his descendants has appeared in subsequent Issues.

Mary Ann Sparks will welcome telephone calls and letters from descendants of Isaac Sparks, Sr., whether or not they will be able to attend the reunion.