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THROUGH THREE OF THEIR SONS: Walter K. Sparks (1815-1871) Richard W. Sparks (ca.1816-1883) William Sparks (ca.1818-ca.1890)

In Sparks Quarterly of March 1983, Whole No. 121, pp. 2490-95, appeared an article entitled "Descendants of Walter and Susan A. (Prewitt) Sparks of Henry County, Kentucky." We noted there that an abstract of this Walter Sparks's military record for his service in the War of 1812 had been published earlier, in the Quarterly of September 1964, Whole No. 47, pp. 844-46.

We stated in the 1983 article that we were quite certain this 32.1.1 Walter Sparks, who had been born ca. 1794, had been a son of 32.1 James Sparks, who had been born ca. 1752 and died in 1834. We can now state that there can be no question regarding this relationship.

32.1 James Sparks and his brothers, 32.5 Daniel and 32.4 Walter Sparks, sons of 32. Richard Sparks, had gone as young men from western Pennsylvania to the Falls of the Ohio in Jefferson County, Kentucky, following the American Revolution. An article about 32.5 Daniel Sparks (ca. 1763-ca. 1820) appeared in the issue of the Quarterly for September 1993, Whole No. 163. An article devoted to 32.4 Walter Sparks (ca.1760-1827) appeared in the issue for December 1987, Whole No. 140, he being an uncle of the Walter Sparks who was born ca. 1794 and who married Susan M. Prewitt. James Sparks (ca.1752-1834), the father of Walter Sparks (ca.1794-1843), was, with his children, the subject of a two-part article appearing in the QUARTERLIES of September and December 1994, Whole Nos. 167 and 168.

As was noted on page 4396 of the latter issue, the youngest son of James Sparks was Walter Sparks, born ca. 1794. As has been noted, an article devoted to 32.1.8 Walter Sparks (ca.1794-1843) and his wife, Susan M. Prewitt, appeared in the Quarterly for March 1983. We are now able to expand that article as it pertained to three of their children, sons: Walter K. Sparks, born December 19, 1815; Richard W. Sparks, born ca. 1816; William Sparks, born ca. 1818. Walter K. Sparks, born December 19, 1815, was the oldest son of Walter and Susan Prewitt Sparks; he probably was born in Henry County, Kentucky. (There is some reason to believe that his middle initial "K" stood for Kester.) Our source for the date of his birth is found in The Pound and Kester Families, compiled by John E. Hunt and published in Chicago, Illinois, in 1904. We do not know Mr. Hunt's source, but the fact that he gave precise dates of birth and death for both Walter K. Sparks and his wife, along with the exact birth dates for their thirteen children, with death dates for those dying prior to the publication of his book, leads us to believe that he had access to reliable family records.

Walter married Mary Jane McCoskey (sometimes spelled McCaskey) in Vigo County, Indiana, on October 26, 1837. She had been born June 15, 1821, in Vigo County and was a daughter of Thomas and Ruth (Kester) McCoskey. Walter K. Sparks died in Linn County, Iowa, on March 6, 1871; Mary Jane died there on January 4, 1884. They were the parents of thirteen children.

Thanks to extensive research conducted by Mary Menuey Thies of 7525 W. Hawthorne Lane, Frankfort, Illinois, 60423, we are now able to expand our records pertaining to several of the children of Walter K. and Mary Jane (McCoskey) Sparks. Sandra L. Rountree of 647 26th Ave., Longview, Washington, 98632, has been most helpful in providing records pertaining to the son of Walter K. Sparks named William (born ca. 1818), including the photographs of William's son, John W. Sparks, and that of James Marshall Sparks. Mrs. Thies has provided the photograph appearing on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly.

For the sake of clarity, we list here all thirteen of these children, even though for some of them, the record remains as we presented it in 1983. Christopher C. Sparks was born August 3, 1838. He died on June 3, 1860. He never married. Thomas H. Sparks was born December 2, 1839, in Vigo County, Indiana. He was married in Buchanan County, Iowa, on November 18, 1861, to Elizabeth Ann ["Betsy"] Kint. According to a certified copy of the marriage certificate that was sent to the Bureau of Pensions in Washington, D.C., in support of his widow's application for a pension following his death in the Civil War, the marriage had been performed by the Rev. W. L. Griffith on this date at Hazleton, Iowa.

Elizabeth Ann Kint was a daughter of John Kint (1815-1897) and Hannah S. Greeley. According to her tombstone, Elizabeth Ann (Kint) Sparks had been born on October 1, 1845. Her birth place had been Defiance, Williams County, Ohio. Just a week after his marriage to Elizabeth Ann Kint, Thomas H. Sparks enlisted in the Union Army, in Company F, 12th Regiment Iowa Infantry. He was then 23 years old, and was described as 5 feet, 5 inches tall. On April 2, 1862, he was taken prisoner in the Shiloh Campaign in Tennessee, and he was sent to Montgomery, Alabama. While a prisoner of war, he contracted "chronic diarrhea," and, although he was paroled after two months and he was returned to his company, he thereafter "spent most of his time in the hospital," according to an affidavit made by a fellow prisoner, Joseph S. Girton. A certificate of disability was issued to Sparks in early January 1863, and he was sent home. Thomas H. Sparks died at Springville, Iowa, on January 25, 1863.

The longtime physician of the Sparks family, Dr. J. S. Love, stated in an affidavit that he had attended Sparks "on his dying bed" and that the cause of his death had been "Phithisis Pulmonalis and diarrhea" which had been "brought on by exposure while in enemy hands." According to an affidavit dated January 1, 1866, by John Kint, father-in-law of Thomas H. Sparks, a daughter had been born to Elizabeth Ann (Kint) Sparks on November 8, 1862; she had been named Samantha Jane Sparks. Another affidavit signed by George Kint and Jacob Husbrough on June 25, 1866, gave November 9, 1862, as Samantha's date of birth. [See the abstract of the pension papers for Elizabeth Ann (Kint) Sparks on pp. 2501-03 of the Quarterly for June 1983.]

On December 6, 1865, Elizabeth Ann, widow of Thomas H. Sparks, married (second) Peter Young. He had been born on May 7, 1827; he died on April 22, 1911. Elizabeth Ann died on April 9, 1926, at Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa. a. Samantha Jane Sparks, daughter of Thomas H. and Elizabeth Ann (Kint) Sparks, was born November 8 [or 9], 1862. After her mother's marriage to Peter Young, Samantha became the ward of her grandfather, John Kint.

On January 4, 1889, she married Isaac Grimwood, Jr., son of Isaac, Sr. and Eliza (Moore) Grimwood. They had one child, Neva Grimwood, born September 4, 1889. Isaac Grimwood, Jr. died on April 6, 1896. Nancy L. Sparks was born September 3 [or 8], 1841. She married (first) James H. Shanklin in 1859. He had been born on May 18, 1837, in Indiana; he was killed on August 4, 1863, while serving in the Union Army in the Civil War. Nancy married (second) William McClelland on July 2, 1868. She died the following year, on August 11, 1869.

William McClelland died on February 2, 1873. by her first husband, Nancy had two daughters: Saflena Verdis Shanklin was born September 6, 1860, in Iowa. She was married on March 20, 1877, to Asa Steggall, son of Samuel S. and Emily (Hasner) Steggall. She died on October 17, 1931; her death certificate gives her age at death as 71 years and 27 days. Asa Steggall had been born on March 31, 1853, at Sandusky, Ohio; he died on May 17, 1938. Both were buried in the Grandview Cemetery at Fayette County, Iowa. Asa and Saflena Verdis (Shanklin) Steggall had a son: Albert James Steggall, born September 20, 1878, near Viola Iowa. He married Effie Carmichael on November 29, 1905. She had been born on October 18, 1884, and died on July 6, 1960, at Fayette, Iowa. Georgiana Shanklin was born November 1, 1861; she died in August 1863. George W. Sparks was born September 25, 1843. He died on February 27, 1863. He did not marry. Eliza Jane Sparks was born in Vigo County, Indiana, on June 30, 1845. On February 11, 1863, she married George Kint. He had been born on December 2, 1839, in Williams County, Ohio, and was a son of John and Hannah S. (Greeley) Kint. He was a brother of Elizabeth Ann Kint who married Eliza's brother, Thomas H. Sparks. Like Thomas, George Kint served in Company F, 12th Iowa Infantry Regiment, in the Civil War. The children of George and Eliza Jane (Sparks) Kint were: James D. Kint was born March 2, 1864; he was married on October 29, 1884, to Gussie M. Lowe. They lived in Oelwein, Iowa, in 1904. Thomas E. Kint was born September 12, 1865; he was married on February 21, 1889, to Ida J. Safficool and resided in Oelwein, Iowa, in 1904. John W. Kint was born July 18, 1867; he was married on July18, 1888, to Emma S. Kauffman and resided in Oelwein, Iowa, in 1904. Albert M. Kint was born August 15, 1870; he was married on May 29, 1897, to Matilda Pahler and resided in Iowa, in 1904. Emory M. Kint was born October 18, 1872; he was married on July 3, 1894, to Eva J. Carpenter. He was a policeman in Oelwein, Iowa, in 1904. Epra Otis Kint was born October 15, 1874; he was married on December 23, 1896, to Augusta Hering. They were living in Jesup, Buchanan County, Iowa, in 1904. Beulah B. Kint was born June 7, 1879; she was married on January 1, 1902, to Frank C. Gunison. They were living in Oelwein, Iowa, in 1904. Daniel T. Sparks was born February 22, 1847; he died on August 7, 1869. He did not marry. James A. Sparks was born November 26, 1848; he died on December 2, 1848. Sylvester G. Sparks was born May 24, 1850, in Clark County, Illinois. He was a twin brother of Milburn D Sparks. He served in Company G, 19th Regiment Kansas Militia during the Civil War. On March 8, 1880, he married Cora A. Potter. A daughter of Leland and Eliza C. (Scoville) Potter, she had been born on February 6, 1864, in Illinois.

As a young man, Sylvester traveled by covered wagon to Nebraska and located near Bazil Mills in Antelope County. It was in Nebraska that he and Cora were married, and they set up housekeeping in Newport, Rock County, Nebraska. At one time, the family lived in Boyd County on an Indian reservation where Cora was the only white woman. Sylvester was a probate judge of Brown County, Nebraska, for two terms. He died on March 10, 1930; Cora died in 1937. They were the parents of six children: Esli Sparks was born March 6, 1881; he died in 1960, at Newport, Nebraska. He was married on December 24, 1902, to Minnie Butler, at the home of Minnie' s brother, George Butler, one mile west of Newport, Nebraska. Minnie had been born June 14, 1885; after her parents died, she had come, at the age of twelve years, to live with her sister, Mary Willering. She died in 1981. Esli and Minnie lived their entire married lives two blocks west of the Newport Post Office. Their children were: Lila Sparks, born February 23, 1904; Coyla Sparks, born August 15, 1906; Mearl Sparks, born August 8, 1908; Earl Sparks, born August 8, 1908. Mearl and Earl were twins. Edith P. [or Elsie) Sparks was born on July 8, 1883; she died on August 5, 1889. Melvin A. Sparks was born June 4, 1885. Charlotte A. ["Lottie"] Sparks was born January 4, 1893. Mildred E. Sparks was born July 24, 1895. Epra M. Sparks (son), was born May 13, 1900. Milburn D. Sparks, son of Walter K. and Mary Jane (McCoskey) Sparks, was born in Clark County, Illinois, on March 24, 1850. He was a twin brother of Sylvester G. Sparks. In September 1875, he married Frances Jane Sovereign. She had been born in Canada on January 6, 1856, and was a daughter of William and Sarah (Beemer) Sovereign. Milburn and Frances Jane (Sovereign) Sparks had seven children: Archie L. Sparks, born September 3, 1876. He was married on May 10, 1901, to Frances Hering. Bently M. Sparks, born October 28, 1882. Lela M. Sparks, born May 15, 1885. Arthur Sparks, born June 13, 1887. Arlo I. Sparks, born March 2, 1889. Floyd J. Sparks, born April 26, 1892. Belle Sparks, born July 10, 1895. Demercy E. Sparks was born September 1, 1853; he died on January 5, 1854. Council Sparks was born October 23, 1854. He married Florence Amanda Girton, who had been on December 13, 1857, in Buchanan County, Iowa, the daughter of James and Sarah (Lemon) Girton. He married (second) Florence Agerton. We have no further information regarding him. Sarah E. Sparks was born November 9, 1856. She married John Fay, and they had one child that died in infancy. Sarah died on June 12, 1879. Ruth Joanna Sparks was born October 19, 1861. (On page 2492 of the June 1983 issue of the Quarterly, we incorrectly gave her date of birth as October 8, 1861. This has been corrected.) She was born near Oelwein, Iowa. We also spelled her married name incorrectly on page 2492. We now rely extensively on the records provided to us by Mary Menuey Thies who, as mentioned earlier, has done extensive research on the Menuey family. (The name "Menuey" is pronounced in the United States like the word "menu," followed by along "A".)

Ruth Joanna Sparks married John Baptiste Menuez/y, son of Antoine Menuez/y and Marie Apolline Prudhon, daughter of Dominique and Maria (MNU) Prudhon. She was also known as Mary Polean (Polean, Pauline). Antoine’s parents were Jean-Henry and Francoise (Bernard) Menuez. Both the Prudhons and the Menuezes came to this country from France in 1832; they settled in Oswego County, New York. In 1839, the Prudhons moved to Salina (later Syracuse), Onondaga County, New York. John Baptiste and Ruth Joanna (Sparks) Menuez/y were married on November 19, 1879, in Buchanan County, Iowa. He had been born in Dubuque County, Iowa, on April 22, 1859; he died on February 25, 1923. Ruth Joanna died on February 15, 1948. Both were buried in the Newport Cemetery in Newport, Nebraska, as were at least four of their children. (It was after several of their children had been born that they went to Nebraska and homesteaded.)

John Baptiste and Ruth Joanna (Sparks) Menuey were the parents of the following fourteen children, thirteen of whom survived childhood. Through the courtesy of Mrs. Thies, a photograph of the family appears on the cover of this issue of Quarterly. Lola Maude Menuey was born April 28, 1880, in Hazleton, Buchanan County, Iowa. She was married on December 4, 1896, to Edward H. Riley, born in 1872, died in 1945, whose mother was Matilda Riley. Lola Maude died on December 18, 1958, and was buried at Bassett, Rock County, Nebraska. They were the parents of five children: Ruth Matilda Riley, born September 19, 1897; Charles T. Riley, born January 29, 1900; Bernadean Esther Riley, born August13, 1912; Dorthea Prudhon Riley, born September 26, 19--; and Mike Bat Riley, born June 21, 1918. Ora Mabel Menuey was born May 26, 1881, in Jefferson Township, Fayette County, Iowa. She was married on December 8, 1904, to Hallie Perry Majors, son of Wilson Easley and Olive C. (Nickell) Majors. He had been born June 27, 1878; he died on March 30,1933, at Hill City, South Dakota. She died on November 11, 1975, at Grass Valley, California. They had one son: Wilson Majors, born ca. 1905. Ivy Loay Menuey was born July 18, 1882, In Hazleton Township, Buchanan County, Iowa. She was married on June 7, 1901, to William ["Wilbur"] Smith. She married (second) FNU Bordner. She died on March 6, 1976. She had two children: Wallace J. Smith; Evelyn Smith. Pearl Pauline Menuey was born January 29, 1884, in Jefferson Township, Fayette County, Iowa. She was married on October 1, 1900, in Newport, Nebraska, to Vine Franklin Leonard, son of Benjamin Franklin and Mahalia (Chamberlain) Leonard, who had been born on September 27, 1880. He died on July 17, 1945, near Bassett, Nebraska. Pearl married (second) Milo Berry. She died on July 22, 1971, at Bassett, Nebraska. Vine Franklin and Pearl Pauline (Menuey) Leonard were the parents of the following children: Mahalia Jeanette Leonard, born November 3, 1901; Ralph Vine Leonard, born July 24, 1903; Ruth Eva Leonard, born October 8, 1905; Louis Franklin Leonard, born August 28, 1908; Mabel Eva Leonard, born August 22, 1910; Vine Franklin Leonard, Jr., born March 9, 1912; June Darlene Leonard, born June 1, 1924. Mary Lear Menuey was born January 3, 1885, In Hazleton, Buchanan County, Iowa. She was married on December 30, 1903, to John William Shaw in Nebraska. She died on February 10, 1915, in Park County, Montana. Her body was brought back to Newport, Nebraska, and was buried near her parents and siblings. Meda Ray Menuey was born September 22, 1886, in Kirkwood, Brown County [now Rock County], Nebraska. She was married on June 7, 1905, to Thomas Cowger. She married (second) Emil Forsberg, who died in 1961. She married (third) Art W. Bevers. She lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, at one time and then moved to California. She died on May 6, 1979, at Anaheim, California. She had a son: Thomas Cowger, Jr. John Evangelist Menuey was born July 10, 1888, at Mariaville, Brown County (later changed to Rock County), Nebraska. He was married at Bassett, Nebraska, on January 29, 1908, to Ora Belle Coleman, daughter of John C. and Mary (Brown) Coleman. She had been born June 8, 1888, in Bassett, Nebraska. John Evangelist Menuey died on March 27, 1938, when he was 49 years old; he was buried at the Bassett Memorial Park Cemetery in Bassett, Nebraska. Ora Belle died on August 19, 1973, at St. Anthony's Hospital in O'Neill, Nebraska. The children of John Evangelist and Ora Belle (Coleman) Menuey were: Arnold Earl ["Buck"] Menuey, born November 5, 1909; Twila M. Menuey, born April 28, 19xx; John Coleman Menuey, born March 9, 1915. Martha Blanche Menuey was born March 2, 1890, in Newport, Nebraska. Martha was married four times, but there is some question as to who was the first and third husband. She married Frank R. Frost, II, son of Frank R. and Annie Bl (Hurkins) Frost, on March 10, 1910. They were divorced, but were remarried on May 17, 1920, in Nebraska. (The marriage license shows it to be the second marriage for Frank Rudolph Frost, II, and the third marriage for Martha Blanche Frost.) They were divorced a second time later. We do not know the name of the apparent second husband of Martha. She was married (p4769) (fourth) to John Gilde. She died on November 25, 1969, in Monte Rio, or Guernville, California. Frank Rudolph and Martha Blanche (Menuey) Frost had children named: Bartlett Menuey Frost, born January 27, 1913; Frank Rudolph ["Jack"] Frost III, born May 2, 1914. Grayce Bell Menuey was born January 6, 1893, at Newport, Rock County, Nebraska. She was married in Newport on September 10, 1913, to Henry Earl Keller, son of Earl Keller. He had been born in August 1881 in David City, Nebraska. Henry died in February 1954 in Ashland, Oregon. Grayce died on July 7, 1961, in Ashland, also. Their children were: Dorothy Keller, born ca. 1916; Paul Henry Keller, born October 30, 1919; Joanna Ruth Keller, born July 20, 1922. Ruth Avril Menuey was born March 13, 1895, in Newport, Rock County, Nebraska. She was married on January 26,1915, to Franklyn Olaf Johnson, who had been born in 1891 at Thatcher, Nebraska. She died on August 26, 1924, at Newport. Franklyn died on October 21,1958, in Winner, South Dakota. They were the parents of one son, Franklyn Lee Johnson, born August 12, 1917. Laura Luetta Menuey was born March 29, 1897, in Newport, Rock County, Nebraska. She was married on August 16, 1920, to Francis B. Rodwell. Laura died on November 2, 1932, in Norfolk, Nebraska. They were the parents of two children: Rebecca June Rodwell, born ca.1922; Mary Frances Rodwell, born October 27, 1932. Edwin Harold Menuey was born August 9, 1900, in Newport, Rock County, Nebraska. He was married on August 5, 1922, to Kathryn B. Davis, daughter of Minat and Kathryn (Wilson) Davis. Minat had been born in Scotland. Kathryn had been born on September 21, 1904. Their children are: Roland Eugene Menuey, born March 30, 1923; Ilene Beverly Menuey, born December 6, 1924.

Erwin died on June 5, 1978, at Oceanside, California, and Kathryn died on November 28, 1993, at Escondido, California. They were buried in the Eternal Hills Cemetery at Oceanside. Harry Clayton Menuey was born April 27, 1902; he died on August 2, 1902. Roland Rex Menuey was born April 22, 1905, at Newport, Rock County, Nebraska. He was married on December 21, 1926, to Harriet Ward, who had been born in 1904. Roland was killed on February 15, 1934, in an automobile accident en route from Columbus, Nebraska, to his home. He was buried in the Bassett, Nebraska, Cemetery. His widow, Harriet, married (second) Lem Nelson about 1935; they were divorced. She married (third) Carl Wright about 1970. Carl Wright died in Florida; Harriet died in 1992 in California.

Roland Rex and Harriet (Ward) Menuey were the parents of three children: Alberta Jean Menuey, born March 22, 1928; Rex Ward Menuey, born June 23, 1932; and Dennis Burnham Menuey, born December 18, 1933. Richard W. Sparks, son of Walter and Susan (Prewitt) Sparks, was born in Henry County, Kentucky. We have found no record to reveal his date of birth other than his age given in such sources as census records and the information carved on his tombstone in the Powell Cemetery in Hamblen Township, Brown County, Indiana. There, his age at death appears as 67 years, 4 months, and 28 days, with the date of his death as June 11, 1883. If calculated correctly, this would mean he had been born January 13, 1816. If the date of birth of his older brother, Walter K. Sparks, had been born on December 19, 1815, as stated earlier (page 4763), Richard could not have been born in January the following year.

When he enlisted in the U.S. Army on August 20, 1862, Richard gave his age at the time as 43, which would mean he had been born in 1818 or 1819. Considering these sources, we believe that his age at death appearing on his tombstone is in error, and that he probably was born in 1818 or 1819.

Richard W. Sparks married Mildred Satterwhite on January 7, 1840, in Henry County, Kentucky. She had been born ca. 1822 in Kentucky and was a daughter of Elizabeth Satterwhite, who gave her permission for the marriage. (Mildred was apparently not of age at the time, and it would appear that her father was deceased--it was normally the father who gave such permission, if living.) The household of Richard W. Sparks was enumerated on the 1840 census of Henry County, Kentucky. His age was shown there as between 20 and 30; the female in his household, who was doubtless his wife, Mildred, was shown as between 15 and 20.

by 1850, Richard W. and Mildred Sparks had moved to Nineveh Township in Johnson County, Indiana. Three or four children were included in their household there when the 1850 census was taken: James Henry Sparks, age 10; John W. Sparks, age 8; Nancy Sparks William H. Sparks, age 5.

Richard and Mildred Sparks apparently were having some domestic trouble about this time, and, according to Johnson County Order Book, Civil Court, E-4, at the August term in 1847, a divorce case between them was dismissed at the request of their attorneys. It appears that they "made up," for they were living together, with their three sons, when the 1850 census was taken, as noted above. Although we have been unable to find any other record of a divorce, this couple was finally separated.

Richard went west to Iowa where he married Elizabeth Elder on April 10, 1856, in Iowa County. Mildred apparently returned to Kentucky where she married G. W. Crittenden on August 6, 1862, in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Mildred and Richard W. Sparks had four children before their separation: James Henry Sparks was born ca. 1840 in Henry County, Kentucky. He accompanied his parents to Indiana where he grew to maturity. He married Nellie Prewitt on June 19, 1862, in Bartholomew County, Indiana. According to information sent to the Mormon Church Ancestral File, they had at least one child. We have no further information about this couple. Andrew Johnson Sparks was born February 27, 1867, at Columbus, Indiana. He married Alice Amanda Smith. He died on June 23, 1926, and Alice died on July 27, 1950. They had four children: Vernie V. Sparks; Ethel May Sparks; Sidney Denver Sparks; Merl Henry Sparks. John W. Sparks was born ca. 1842. He served in Battery A, 1st Regiment Kentucky Artillery Volunteers and was killed in an accident on September 2, 1862, while in the service of the Union Army. His mother, to whom John had sent money while in the service, applied, unsuccessfully, to obtain a "Mother's Army Pension" based on his service and death while serving his country. (See a detailed abstract of this pension file on pp. 1757-1761 of the September 1975 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 91.) Nancy Sparks, appears to have been born to Richard and Mildred Sparks ca. 1844, although she was not included in their household on the 1850 census. Reference was made to her in the pension file pertaining to John W. Sparks. (See Item 2, next above.) William B. Sparks was born March 10, 1845, at Shelbyville, Indiana. He served in Company H, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery during the Civil War and received an Invalid Pension for his service. (See page 4794 of this issue of the Quarterly.) He apparently never married. He died on December 26, 1923.

After leaving Indiana ca. 1850-1855, Richard W. Sparks went to Iowa where he was married in Iowa County to Elizabeth Elder on April 10, 1856. They remained in Iowa until ca. 1862 when Richard moved his family to Bartholomew County, Indiana. There, on August 20, 1862, he enlisted in Company E, 93rd Regiment Indiana Infantry. He served until he was discharged on August 17, 1864, because of a gunshot wound. (See page 2499 of the March 1983 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 121, for an abstract of his pension file.) After his discharge from the army, Richard lived near South Bethany in Harrison Township in Bartholomew County, Indiana. It was there that his family was enumerated on the 1870 census, and it was there that Richard died on June 11, 1883.

Elizabeth survived him nearly 35 years, dying on August 29, 1917, in Clinton County, Illinois. They were buried in the Powell Cemetery in Brown County, Indiana. The children of Richard W. Sparks and his second wife, Elizabeth (Elder) Sparks, were: Emily J. Sparks was born ca. 1857 in Iowa. Isham Sparks was born ca. 1859 in Iowa; he was probably named for his uncle, Isham Sparks, who had been born in either 1832 or 1834. (See page 2495 of the March 1983 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 121.) Jerusha Sparks was born ca. 1861 in Iowa. Ezra W. Sparks was born ca. 1865 in Indiana. Ira Wesley Sparks was born August 17, 1867, and died on June 3, 1884, at the age of sixteen, of spinal meningitis. Lora E. Sparks was born October 27, 1875. She died on September 1, 1877. William Sparks, son of Walter and Susan (Prewitt) Sparks, was born ca. 1818 in Kentucky. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Catherine Tiller on April 4, 1837, in Henry County, Kentucky. She had been born ca. 1812 in Virginia and was a daughter of Lucy Tiller. When the 1850 census was taken of Henry County, William and Catherine were living near Campbellsburg, Kentucky. He was shown as 36 years of age. With them were their three sons: John W. Sparks, age 11, born 1839; James Sparks, age 9, born 1841; Stephen Sparks, age 7, born 1843.

William and Catherine (Tiller) Sparks were still living near Campbellsburg when the 1860 census was taken of Henry County. Their oldest son, John W. Sparks, had been married during the previous year, but their sons, James and Stephen Sparks, were still at home. Catherine’s mother, Lucy Tiller, age 71, was also living in the household; apparently, she died shortly after the census was taken. On November 17, 1865, William and Catherine mortgaged the land on which they lived (a 40-acre tract on Fallen Timber Creek, known as the "Tiller Place"), to W. N. Smith for $700.

Catherine (Tiller) Sparks died between 1865 and 1871, and William Sparks married (second) Nancy Prewitt on September 14, 1871, in Henry County. Nancy had been born ca. 1840 in Kentucky; she may have been a widow with two small daughters. When the 1880 census was taken of Henry County, the Sparks household consisted of the following: William Sparks, age 58; Nancy Sparks, age 40, wife; Stephen Sparks, age 35, son;
Elizabeth Sparks, age 17, daughter;
Polly Sparks, age 15, daughter; Thomas Sparks, age 3, son; Lucy Sparks, born in April 1880, daughter.

(We believe that Elizabeth and Polly, although their surname was shown as "Sparks" and were called daughters of William by the census taker, were actually his step-daughters.)

On April 3, 1885, William Sparks and Nancy Sparks, his wife; Stephen Sparks and Elizabeth Sparks, his wife; John Sparks and Elizabeth Sparks, his wife; and James Sparks and Lucinda Sparks, his wife, sold three-quarters of an acre of land on Fallen Timber Creek to W. G. Morris for $50.00. Three years later, on April 10, 1888, James and Lucinda Sparks of Bartholomew County, Indiana, sold their undivided interest in a tract of land on Fallen Timber Creek, (where William Sparks now resides,) to Thomas Sparks of Henry County; however, Thomas Sparks was not to have possession of the land until after the death of William Sparks. The consideration was one bay mare.

William Sparks died sometime after the sale of the land. We have found no record of the death of his wife, Nancy (Prewitt) Sparks. John W. Sparks, eldest son of William and Catherine (Tiller) Sparks, was born May 8, 1838, in Henry County, Kentucky, and it was there that he married Juriah Schooler on November 14, 1859. by 1862, he was a resident of Bartholomew County, Indiana, and on August 20th of that year, he was enrolled in Company E, 93rd Regiment Indiana Volunteers, to serve in the Union Army.

He received a medical discharge on September 3, 1863, however, because of a "chronic ulcer of the right leg from a kick of a horse prior to enlistment." John Sparks returned to Henry County, Kentucky, after his discharge where he was able to enlist at New Castle to serve as a sergeant in Company G, 54th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Infantry. He served until his company was mustered out of service on September 1, 1865. A year later, in August 1866, he and his first wife, Juriah Schooler, were divorced in Bartholomew County, Indiana. (This information is found in John W. Sparks's pension papers at the National Archives. An abstract of these papers appeared on pp. 2496-2497 of the June 1983 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No.122.)

On January 24, 1867, John W. Sparks married (second) Elizabeth Ann Perry in Bartholomew County. She had been born there on August 8, 1852. She and John lived there until 1878, when they moved to Clark County, Arkansas. A few years later, in 1885, they moved to Hot Springs County, Arkansas. It was there that he applied for a pension, claiming that he still suffered from his ulcerated leg. He and Elizabeth Ann lived in Hot Springs County until their deaths. She died on August 9, 1910, and John W. died on June 9, 1912.


With Their Daughter-in-law FLORA (TIMMENS) SPARKS (center)

(Apparently reproduced from a group photograph taken, perhaps, in 1901 when James Marshall Sparks (1875-1950) and Flora Timmens were married.)

John W. Sparks and his first wife, Juriah Schooler, apparently had no children. by his second wife, however, he had eleven children. Sandra L. Rountree of 647 26th Ave., Longview, Washington, 98632, a great-great-granddaughter of John W. and Elizabeth Ann (Perry) Sparks, has provided us with information regarding a number of these children. She reports that this information "comes from notes in a family Bible and from my Aunt Ines and a cousin, Wayne Burton." William Henry Sparks was born February 10, 1868; he died on January 20, 1900. He did not marry. Martha Ellen Sparks was born March 21, 1870; she died on January 7, 1902. She was married on January 2, 1890, to Harry Kinzy (or Kinsey). They had the following children: Cora Kinzy, born October 4, 1890; Roy Kinzy, born August 21, 1892; Gertie Kinzy, born May 21, 1894; Stella Kinzy, born June 12, 1895; Charlie Kinzy, born September 12, 1897. Stephen Edward Sparks was born August 20, 1872; he died in May 1956. He married Maggie Hearne. They had three children: Madge Sparks, born August 22, 1904; Freda Sparks, born October 28, 1906; Theta Mozelle Sparks, born September 6, 1913. James Marshall Sparks was born January 29, 1875; he died on January 5, 1950, in Wister, Oklahoma; he was buried in Plainview, Arkansas.

JAMES MARSHALL SPARKS (1875-1950) Son of John W. and Elizabeth Ann (Perry) Sparks

James Marshall Sparks was married on August 11, 1901, to Margaret Flora Timmens, a daughter of Moses and Margaret Rosela (Hall) Timmens. She was called by her middle name, Flora. (See her photograph, with her husband's parents, on page 4773.) Their children were: Opal Gladys Sparks, born June 22, 1902; Ruby Laverne Sparks, born December 4, 1904; Clyde Carrell Sparks, born January 1, 1907; Hazel Fay Sparks, born August 28, 1909; Harry Ray Sparks, twin of Hazel Fay, born August 28, 1909; Lota Idelle Sparks, born December 22, 1911; Alta Gwendolyn Sparks, born December 27, 1914; Alva Geraldene Sparks, twin of Alta, born December 27, 1914; and weretwin girls that were born and died on December 21, 1919.
The mother of these children, Flora (Timmens) Sparks, died four days following their births and deaths.

James Marshall Sparks was married (second) on December 24, 1923, to Ida Marie Kimberling, daughter of Nelson and Theodosia (Cooper) Kimberling. They had a daughter, Ines Marie Sparks, who was born on February 3, 1926. Thomas Francis Sparks was born October 29, 1877; he died at birth. Charles Calvin Sparks was born July 7, 1879; he died on March 2, 1938. He married Florence Burton, daughter of John William and Martha Jane (Easley) Burton, on May 12, 1903, in Clark County, Arkansas. They were the parents of nine children: Wallace Sparks, born September 10, 1904; Carl Wade Sparks, born November 19, 1906; Evelyn Louise Sparks, born October 2, 1908; John Wendell Sparks, born October 16, 1910; Charles Burton ["Speedy"] Sparks, born October 30, 1912; Raymond Sparks, born September 29, 1914; Helen Sparks, born March 7, 1917; Harold Edwin Sparks, born June 21, 1919; Dorothy Lois Sparks, born September 17, 1921. Nora Alice Sparks was born November 25, 1881; she died on March 31, 1918. She was called by her middle name, Alice. She married Joseph Lee Burton, who was a brother of Florence Burton, wife of Charles Calvin Sparks. They were the parents of seven children: Jewell Burton, born July 3, 1903; Virgil Burton, born on November 1, 1907; Fred Burton, born December 23, 1909; Elma Burton, born August 8, 1914; Velma Burton, twin of Elma, born August 8, 1914; Wade Burton, born March 8, 1918; Wayne Burton, twin of Wade, born March 8, 1918. John Archie Sparks was born July 20, 1884; he died at birth. Benjamin Franklin Sparks was born June 7, 1886; he died on January 15, 1943. He was called "Frank." He married Dove Johnson. They were the parents of three children: Nola Sparks, born March 17, 1912; Howard Sparks, born November 15, 1913; Glen Sparks, born October 30, 1916. Verna Victoria Sparks was born March 21, 1889; she died on January 28, 1959. She never married, but she reared the twin sons of her sister, Nora Alice (Sparks) Burton (Wayne and Wade Burton) following their mother's death. (See above). Gracie May Sparks was born January 1, 1892; she died on August 16, 1895. John W. and Elizabeth Ann Sparks had two children in 1870: William H. Sparks, age 2 years, and Martha E. Sparks, age 3 months.

Living with John and Elizabeth Ann according to the 1870 census were three members of the Perry family:

Henry Perry, age 12;
Thomas L. Perry, age 10;
Sarah J. Perry, age 7.

They were doubtless close relatives of Elizabeth Ann. John Sparks was shown with $800 worth of real estate, and, like his brother, James, he had $250 worth of personal property. Richard Sparks, uncle of John and James, was living near them in 1870, with his second wife, Elizabeth Elder, to whom he had been married on April 10, 1856, in Iowa County, Iowa. (See pp. 4769-4771 of this issue of the Quarterly for further information on Richard W. Sparks and his family.) James and Lucinda Sparks recorded the births of their children in a family Bible published in 1872. (See pp. 3914-15 of the March 1992 issue of the Sparks Quarterly, Whole No. 157.) They included their own dates of birth, James's June 21, 1840, and Lucinda's as April 17, 1850. They also recorded the dates of birth of James's brother, John W. Sparks (May 8, 1838), and of John's wife, Elizabeth Ann (August 8, 1852).

The names and dates of birth of the first five children of John W. and Elizabeth Ann were also recorded in the Bible belonging to James and Lucinda, as follows: William H. Sparks, born February 10, 1868; Martha E. Sparks, born March 21, 1870; Stephen E. Sparks, born August 20, 1872; James M. Sparks, born January 29, 1875; Thomas F. Sparks, born October 29, 1877.

In 1878, John and Elizabeth Ann moved their family from Bartholomew County, Indiana, to Clark County, Arkansas, and the births of their later children (as shown on page 4775) were not recorded by James and Lucinda. James Sparks died on February 20, 1920. We have not learned the date of the death of Lucinda (Perry) Sparks. The children of James and Lucinda (Perry) Sparks, according to their family Bible, were: Lucy C. Sparks, born February 25, 1868; died September 8, 1868. John Samuel Sparks, born November 26, 1869. William Daniel Sparks, born December 1, 1871. Mary Jane Sparks, born November 26, 1873. Barbara Ellen Sparks, born December 29, 1876. Sinthy Ana Sparks, born March 29, 1878. [This was Cynthia Anna Sparks who married David Clinty Loy in June 1898; he was a son of Jacob and Marie (Hodler) Loy.] Merty S. Sparks, born February 26, 1881. ["Merty" was a nickname for Myrtle.] Sary W. Sparks, born February 1, 1883. [Her full name was Sarah Wilma Sparks.] Deliley B. Sparks, born March 5, 1885; died April 9, 1893. [Her name was Delilah.] Hughie Stephen Sparks, born April 14, 1888. ["Hughie" was a nickname for Hugh.] Louie Edward Sparks, born August 27, 1891. [He was called Ed.] Rayman H. Sparks, born May 23, 1894. [His name was Raymond.]

[Editor's Note: The Bible record referred to above was published in Bartholomew County, Indiana, Ancestors, Vol. 1, No. 2, dated April 1991.] James Sparks, second son of William and Catherine (Tiller) Sparks, was born June 21, 1840, in Henry County, Kentucky. He either accompanied or followed his brother, John W. Sparks, to Bartholomew County, Indiana. It was there that James married Lucinda Perry on April 4, 1866. She had been born on April 17, 1850, and was a daughter of John Perry. It is probable that she was a sister of Elizabeth Ann Perry, wife of James’s brother, John W. Sparks. (See Item D, 1, above.)

James and Lucinda Sparks were included on the 1870 census of Harrison Township in Bartholomew County. James was shown as owning $800 worth of real estate, and his personal property was valued at $250. They had one child living at the time the census was taken: John Sparks who was nine months old.

Living with them was Samuel Perry, age 20 years, a cooper. He may have been a brother of Lucinda. John W. and Elizabeth A. Sparks also were living in Harrison Township when the 1870 census was taken, and from the listing, it appears that their farm was quite near that of James and Lucinda. Stephen Sparks, son of William and Catherine (Tiller) Sparks, was born ca. 1842 in Henry County, Kentucky. It was there that he married Mary Elizabeth Ethington on December 21, 1884. (The license was issued on November 27, 1884.) She had been born on December 21, 1862. Stephen died sometime prior to April 1889, and his widow, Elizabeth (Ethington) Sparks, married (second) Grant Louden. She and Stephen had five children, according to descendants. This number is also confirmed by court and census records. Mary ["Molly"] Sparks was born in May 1885, according to information given on the 1900 census of Henry County. She married George Kemp. He had been born in 1858, and his marriage to Molly Sparks may have been his second. He died in 1935; Molly died in 1936. They were buried in the Sulphur [Kentucky] Cemetery. We have not learned whether they had any children. Annie Sparks was born in July 1886. She married Joseph H. Sims. She is said to have died in Carroll County, Kentucky, at the age of 83. Rose Sparks was born in February 1888. She is said to have been married to FNU Kinney. She died on January 26,1922. James William ["Willie"] Sparks was born February 8, 1890. He is said to have been married three times. His first marriage was to Nannie Lee Lynch in Henry County, and They had two children: Alene Gladys Sparks; William Robert Sparks.

James and Nannie did not live together very long before they were divorced. He married (second) a school teacher whose name we have not discovered. They were married for only a short time; they had no children.

James Sparks's third marriage was to Alene Abbott, by whom he had three children: Stephen Sparks; Willis Sparks; Eddie Sparks.

James William Sparks died on August 17, 1965. Harve Sparks was born September 20, 1893. He died on February 8, 1913.

As stated earlier, following the death of his first wife, Catherine (Tiller) Sparks, William Sparks [son of Walter and Susan (Prewitt) Sparks] married (second) Nancy Prewitt on September 14, 1871, in Henry County, Kentucky, and when the 1880 census was taken, they were living in Campbellsburg, Kentucky.They had two children: Thomas ["Tom"] Sparks, son of William and Nancy (Prewitt) Sparks, was born in 1876, according to information given on the 1900 census of Henry County; however, the inscription on his tombstone in the Sulphur [Kentucky] Cemetery gives the year as 1871. Since he was recorded as three years old on the 1880 census, we are inclined to believe he was born in1876. His full name was Henry Richard Thomas Sparks, according to a great-granddaughter, Willena (Miller) Fields, who lived in the same house with him for several years when she was a small child. He usually went by the name of Tom Sparks, however.

Tom Sparks lived at Sulphur, Kentucky, where he worked for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. He married Elizabeth ["Bettie"] Henderson ca. 1896. (On the death certificate of Willie Sparks [Item 4, a, below], her name was written as "Bettie Robinson.") She had been born in July 1877 in Kentucky. She died sometime between 1903 and 1915. Tom Sparks died on December 22, 1963, and was buried in the Sulphur Cemetery. Tom and Bettie had three children: William ["Willie"] Sparks was born on December 16, 1895. He died on December 15, 1914, of pulmonary tuberculosis, and he was buried at Sulphur, Kentucky. Mary D. Sparks was born April 19, 1900, in Henry County, Kentucky. She married Bland Dean Miller on December 15, 1915, in Jefferson County, Indiana. He had been born on April 29, 1894, and was a son of Amos Allen and Mary Alice (Huey) Miller. He was known as "B.D." or "Dee" Miller. He died on March 1, 1965, in Carroll County, Kentucky. After his death, Mary D. (Sparks) Miller married Walter Proctor who died in 1972. Mary D. married (third) Jesse May on August 19, 1974. She died on March 21, 1978, in Carroll County.

by her first marriage, she had one child, Willie D. Miller, born on October 14, 1916. He was the father of Willena (Miller) Fields and Charles A. Miller who have been most helpful to us in the preparation of this article. Nancy Elizabeth Sparks was born in 1903. She married Robert Wade, and they had a son, James L. Wade, who was born on October 18, 1928; he died a short time later.

Nancy Elizabeth died on October 27, 1928, a short time after the death of her baby.


(Photograph taken about 1915.) Lucy Sparks, daughter of William and Nancy (Prewitt) Sparks, was born in April 1880. We have no further information about her.