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The following biography of 57.5 Joseph Sparks (1827-1905), son of 57. John and Ann (Phillips) Spark, appeared in a volume entitled Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa, & Lafayette, Wisconsin, published in Chicago by J. H. Beers & Co. As the reader will note, valuable information is included in this article regarding the parents and siblings of Joseph Sparks. We are able to expand on this information from a typewritten document devoted to this family that appeared in Vol. XVII of "Records of the Families of California Pioneers," compiled under the direction of the Genealogical Records Committee of the California State Society Daughters of the American Revolution in 1953. These records will be presented following the biographical sketch of Joseph Sparks.

There is ample evidence from these records that the family name was originally Spark, not Sparks. John Spark, father of Joseph, who was born in Cumberland County, England, on March 10, 1786, continued to use this spelling of the name after he came to Canada in 1834 and to the United States in 1836. He was living with his family in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, when the 1850 census was taken, and the name appeared as Spark in that record. (See p.2506 of the Quarterly for March 1983, Whole No. 121.) John Spark's son, Joseph, began using the Sparks spelling at a later period in his life, however, and it will be noted that in his biographical sketch the "Sparks" spelling appears throughout. We cannot be certain, however, whether this was the choice of the subject or that of the editor of the 1901 county histories.

57.5 Joseph Sparks, a retired miner and farmer, is now passing the closing years of a well-spent and useful life in well-deserved peace and comfort.

Mr. Sparks was born in Carlisle, County of Cumberland, England, May 4, 1827, son of 57. John and Ann (Phillips) Sparks, both born in England, John in March, 1786, and Ann on July 19, 1791. In 1836 they came to this country, and made their home for a short time in Chicago. The same fall they moved to Galena, IL., where Mr. Sparks followed mining until he purchased 200 acres of government land in Jo Daviess county, IL., along the Wisconsin line. There he made his permanent home.

He died in 1854, and his widow in October, 1877. Both were members of the Episcopal Church. A family of seven children was born to them in England:

57.1 John Sparks, born in January 1819, obtained his education in the English schools, and was a farmer and miner in this country. In 1851 he migrated to California, where he died July 4, 1870, leaving a widow and two children, who still [1901] reside in that State.

57.2 Elizabeth Sparks, born in 1820, married Michael Calvert, and died in Fair Play, Grant county, [Wisconsin] May 16, 1882, leaving ten children, all grown up.

57.3 Sarah Sparks, born in 1823, married William Armstrong, of Jamestown [Grant County, Wisconsin], and died leaving two daughters,

57.3.1 Ann Sparks and
57.3.2 Emma Sparks.

57.4 Thomas Sparks, born in 1825, went to California in 1849, when a young man, in company with his brother, Joseph, and they were very successful in the gold mines, taking $8,000 from one mine in six months. They returned to Wisconsin in 1850. Thomas married Miss Maria Rick, and they settled in Hazel Green [in. Grant County], on a farm, where she died. Mr. Sparks then married her sister, Louisa Rick. After this marriage, he moved to Clay county, Kan., for the purpose of engaging in farming in that region. Mrs. Sparks died ten years after their arrival in that country, Mr. Sparks four days after her. He left six children, one now living in New Mexico.

57.5 Joseph Sparks is our subject.

57.6 Mary Sparks, born in 1830, married Benjamin Straw, and resides in Hazel Green.

57.7 George Sparks, born in 1833, married Miss Annie Jeffrey, of Jamestown, and lived in Jackson county, Minnesota, with four children,

57.7.1 Marvin Sparks,
57.7.2 James Sparks,
57.7.3 George Sparks
57.7.4 Clyde Sparks.

57.5 Joseph Sparks obtained his education partly in England and partly in Illinois, and when he was a young man went to California, as noted above. He had three yoke of cattle, and left Dubuque in April, 1849, reaching Grass Valley in August. Theirs was the first wagon to cross the Valley. On Deer creek they began their mining operations, and found large quantities of gold, Joseph discovering what was afterward known as the Dubuque Ravine Mines. After a year of mining the two brothers came back to Wisconsin, intending to go back to hold their mines, but did not return in time, and this great mine was lost.

In 1853 Joseph Sparks married Miss Mary A. Tomlinson, daughter of William and Eliza Tomlinson, natives of England, and emigrants to this country in 1842. Mr. Tomlinson settled at New Diggings, Lafayette county, where he died in 1850. The widow married John Watson, and died in 1889. Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson, three of whom are still living [in1901]:

John [Tomlinson] is a resident of Alden, Iowa;
Elizabeth [Tomlinson] is the wife of W. A. Wilkinson, of Alden, Iowa;
William [Tomlinson] was a soldier in the Civil war, was with Gen. Sherman on his march to the sea, and was killed in one of the last skirmishes in North Carolina;
Mary A. [Tomlinson] Mrs. [Joseph] Sparks, was born at Manchester, England, in May, 1837.

After his marriage, Mr. [Joseph] Sparks bought a farm in Jamestown [in Grant County, Wisconsin], which was highly improved, and where he lived for over forty years; it was sold in 1896. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks are living [1901] in Fair Play, Grant county, and he is now retired from active labor. During all these years, Mr. Sparks has had lead mining interests which have richly rewarded his labors.

To Mr. and Mrs. Sparks were born ten children, six of whom are now [1901] living. Two died in childhood.

57.5.1 John W. Sparks, born in 1856, was drowned in 1875, in the Mississippi river.

57.5.2 Eliza A. Sparks, born in December, 1858, married C. E. Buell, and is now [1901] living in Webster City, Iowa, where he is engaged in the real-estate business. They have four children,

Laura B. Buell (Mrs. George M. Teed [or Leed], of Webster City, Iowa),
Herbert J. Buell,
James A. Buell, and
Walter Buell.

57.5.3 Walter P. Sparks, born in June, 1863, was engaged in the furniture business. He was taken sick, and died at Webster City, Iowa, in June, 1897.

57.5.4 Mary A., Sparks, born in May, 1865, married M. R. Blank, of Stlllwater, MN, and has one son, Harrison J. Blank.

57.5.5 Franklin T. Sparks, born in January 1868, married Miss Nellie Watson, of Williams, Iowa, and has two children, Hazel Sparks and Arline Sparks.

They live at Bancroft, Iowa, where he is a very prominent man, and was elected mayor of that city In 1900; he is an active Republican. He is a furniture man, and stands high in business circles.

57.5.6 Florence E. Sparks, born in 1870, is the wife of Edward Keys, of Stillwater, MN, and is the mother of two sons, Edward Keys and James A. Keys.

57.5.7 Arthur J. Sparks, born in January 1873, married Miss Lena Larson, and resides on a farm purchased by his father in Jackson county, MN He has one son, Stacey H. Sparks.

57.5.8 Clinton A. Sparks, born in April, 1875, is unmarried, and lives on the farm In Minnesota, with his brother, Arthur [Sparks].

In 1897, Joseph Sparks purchased a large place near Lakefield, MN, where his sons run a fancy stock farm. A Republican since the organization of the party, he has held the office of treasurer of Jamestown, and has been on the town board for three years. The family support the Methodist Church.

The following information is based on (but not copied from) the anonymous type-written family record contained in the "Records of the Families of California Pioneers" noted at the beginning of this article.

57. John Spark, the immigrant ancestor of this family, was born in the county of Cumberland, located on the border of Scotland and England's most northern county, that of Northumberland. The anonymous manuscript gives the place within the county of his birth as "Carlile (parish of How) near Austin or Cleator Moore." There is no parish of How in Cumberland, but there is a large parish named "Carlisle" in the mid-upper portion of the county, with two village churches, St. Mary and St. Cuthbert. No "Cleator Moore" can be found, but there is a nearby parish of Alston which lies about twelve miles east of Carlisle and borders the parish of Renwick, the birthplace given for Joseph Sparks, son of John Spark, according to the anonymous manuscript. Alston is within the jurisdiction of the Consistory Court of the county of Durham, which lies to the east of Cumberland. Cumberland borders the counties of Westmoreland and Lancashire on the southeast and the Irish Sea on the west. In all probability, the place names mentioned in the manuscript regarding John Spark's birth were simply remembered having been heard (perhaps vaguely) by a descendant.

John Spark was married twice, but the person preparing (or being interviewed for) the aforementioned account, did not know the name of his first wife. by her, however, John had two daughters, their names not known.

John Spark's second wife was Ann Phillips who had been born July 19, 1791. Because their first child was born in January 1819, they were likely married in 1818. by his second wife, John Spark was the father of seven additional children.

57.1 Dau1 Sparks had been married to John Marsh.
57.2 Dau2 Sparks had been married to William Armstrong.

Mother of these children was Ann Phillips.

57.3 John Spark, born January 16, 1819.
57.4 Elizabeth Spark, born November 20, 1820.
57.5 Sarah Spark, born February 27, 1823.
57.6 Thomas Spark, born May 1, 1825.
57.7 Joseph Spark, born May 4, 1827.
57.8 Mary Spark, born July 13, 1830.
57.9 George Spark, born March 8, 1833 [or August 31, 1833].

In 1942, a great-granddaughter of John Spark, named Mary L. Watson of 1924 W. 20th St., Los Angeles, California, who was then State Chairman of the DAR Genealogical Records Committee, wrote the following regarding a Bible that had once belonged to John Spark.

SPARK BIBLE. The original owner was John Spark, Fairplay, Grant Co., Wis. Present owner is Mrs. Mary L. Watson. It was a gift to her by Ida Straw of Hazel Green, Wis., granddaughter of the original owner. It is the New Testament only "translated out of the original Greek by his Majesty's special command appointed to be read in the Churches Cambridge." "Printed by J. Smith, Printer of the University for the British and Foreign Bible Society, instituted in London in the year 1804: Sold to subscribers only at the Society's House, Earl Street, Blackfriars, London. MDCCCXXXII." On the inside front cover is written "John Spark A. D. 1836." At the bottom of the last page of "The Acts," is written "Ann Spark's Book, Howe, Co. of Cumberland, Eng." Still pasted on the front inside cover is the binder's tag: "Bound by Burn & Sons, 37 Kirby Street."

On the inside of the back cover is the record of birth dates of three of his nine children. He had two wives. by the first he had two daughters. But the following are by his second wife, Ann. All of his children were born in England.

57.7 Joseph Spark born May 4, 1827 Renwick.
57.8 Mary Spark born July 13, 1830 at How (she m. Benj. Straw)
57.9 George Spark born August 31, 1833 at How.

On the front fly leaf is written: "G.S. Bainbridge, Fairplay, Wis. April 22, 1890. (The husband of Emma Armstrong, a granddaughter.)

"January 1848 George Biddle (or Liddle) died January 23d. (There is no record of this person's connection with the Spark Family that I can find.)"

John and Ann Spark came to America in 1834 landing August 31 at Province of Quebec, Canada, and in the spring of 1835 removed to Chicago, IL. Thence to Joe Davis [sic] County, IL. Later to Iowa near Sinsinawa Mound, south of Wis. border. Soon moved to Grant Co., Wis. Then to Fairplay. The name of his first wife has escaped the family historian. His second wife was Ann Phillpa [sic]. They have many descendants scattered over the United States and many have found their way to California.

The fact that "How" or "Howe" appears to have been recorded as the birthplace of both Mary Spark and George Spark (see above) suggests that there was, indeed, a village, probably in the parish of Carlisle, by this name. Note that the date of birth of George Spark was copied from the New Testament belonging to John and Ann Spark as "August 31, 1833." This date differs from that given in the anonymous family history as "March 8, 1833."

John Spark, according to the anonymous family record preserved in the DAR's "Records of the Families of California Pioneers," came, with his family, including the two daughters by his first wife, from England to Canada in 1834, arriving in Quebec on August 31st of that year. Whereas in the biographical sketch of Joseph Sparks, quoted above, John Spark and his family went from

Canada to Chicago in 1836, the DAR record gives "the spring of 1835" as the date for the move of the family to Chicago. We cannot be sure which year is correct, 1835 or 1836, but both sources agree that their stay in Chicago was brief before moving again, this time to Jo Daviess County, Illinois. John Spark, although the census taker spelled his name "Sparks," appeared on the 1840 census of Jo Daviess County. As was noted earlier, the family was listed on the 1850 census of Jo Daviess County, also, but there the census taker used the "Sparks" spelling. It was after 1850 that John Spark and his wife moved to Grant County, Wisconsin, perhaps to be near their son, Joseph. It was there that John died on January 20, 1854. His wife, Ann (Phillips) Spark, lived until October 20, 1875.

A record of the children of John Spark follows, based largely on the DAR account noted above.

Children of John Spark (the first two by his first wife, name unknown; the other seven by his second wife, Ann Phillips):
57.1 Dau1 Spark, a daughter whose name is unknown, was born in England to John Spark and his first wife (name unknown). She was married in Darlington, Lafayette County, Wisconsin, to John Marsh. They had two children:

57.1.1 William Marsh.
57.1.2 Sarah Marsh. She married Samuel Vickers, a storekeeper at Darlington, Wisconsin, who was also the county treasurer. They are said to have had several children.

57.2 DAU2 Spark, a daughter whose name is unknown, was born in England to John Spark and his first wife (name unknown). She married William Armstrong, place not known. Following her death, he married Sarah Spark (see item V., below), a half-sister of his first wife. by his first wife, daughter of John Spark, William Armstrong was the father of:

57.2.1 Leah Armstrong. She married John Tomlinson, and they were the parents of two children: William Tomlinson. Elizabeth Tomlinson. She married (first) FNU Sheppard. She married (second) John Watson who, by a previous marriage, had a son named John Watson who married Ellen Naylor. Their daughter, Nellie Watson, married Franklin Tomlinson Sparks, son of Joseph Sparks (see VII., 6., below.)

57.3 John Spark, Jr., son of John Spark and his second wife, Ann Phillips, was born in Stockle Green (probably a village in Cumberland County, England) on January 16, 1819. He died in either Colusa or Marysville, California, on July 4, 1870. He had gone to California in 1851 and was married there to Marie MNU. They had children named:

57.3.1 Walter Spark, born ca. 1853.
57.3.2 Elizabeth Spark. She married FNU Stuart.

57.4 Elizabeth Spark was born in Craig Nook (probably a village in Cumberland County, England) on November 20, 1820. She died on November 26, 1880. She married Michael Calvert. In addition to the children named below, there were two other sons who apparently died in infancy.

57.4.1 John Calvert.
57.4.2 Sarah Ann Calvert.
57.4.3 Mary Calvert.
57.4.4 Elizabeth Calvert.
57.4.5 Joseph Calvert.
57.4.6 Margaret Calvert.
57.4.7 Thomas Calvert; he died at the age of 18.
57.4.8 William Calvert.
57.4.9 Edward Calvert.
57.4.10 Joshua Calvert
57.4.11 Maria Calvert.
57.4.12 Martha Calvert.

57.5 Sarah Spark was born in Craig Nook (probably a village in Cumberland County, England) on February 27, 1823. She died in Fairplay, Grant County, Wisconsin, on August 21, 1891. She married (first) Thomas Staley on February 8, 1855, and they had a daughter:

57.5.1 Jane Staley. She died young, in 1863.

Sarah Spark married (second) William Armstrong, who was the widower of Sarah's half-sister (see item II., above). They had a daughter:

57.5.2 Emma Armstrong, born ca. 1865. She died in 1931. She married George Bainbridge and moved to South Dakota. They had two children: FNU Bainbridge (son). Inez Bainbridge.

57.6 Thomas Spark was born in Middlefarm, a village in Cumberland County, England, on May 1, 1825. He died in Clay County, Kansas, on November 29, 1891, and was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery there. He married (first) Maria Rick, a daughter of Edward and Martha (Rear) Rick. She had been born in Red Mile, in either Chestershire or Cumberland County, England, on February 6, 1829; she died in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on April 14, 1858.

Thomas Spark was married (second) on August 17, 1859, to Louisa Rick, the sister of his first wife. She had been born on August 17, 1843; she died on November 25, 1891, and was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. by his first wife, Thomas Spark was the father of four children:

57.6.1 John Edward Spark was born March 17, 1852. He was drowned in the Republican River, Clay County, Kansas, on June 8, 1882. He was not married.

57.6.2 George William Spark was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on November 19, 1853. He died in Kingston, New Mexico, on February 21, 1893, and was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Clay County, Kansas. He was married in Hazelgreen, Wisconsin, on November 17, 1875, to Martha Catherine Smith, a daughter of William Henry and Phoebe Elizabeth (Leggett) Smith of New York. She had been born in Caroline, Tompkins County, New York, on May 21, 1848; she died in Clay County, Kansas, on December 6, 1891, and was buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. Their children were: Elizabeth Jane Spark was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on December 24, 1877; she died there on August 27, 1878. Thomas William Spark, was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on January 5, 1879; he died there on September 24, 1879. Fred De Witt Spark was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on May 9, 1880. He died in Roseville, California, on June 26, 1932, and was buried in Sylvan Cemetery, six miles from Roseville. He was married in Sacramento, California, on April 2, 1903, to Anna Beatrice Cady, the daughter of Leonard and Sarah Fisk (Sweeney) Cady. She had been born in Truckee, California, on September 18, 1878.

Fred De Witt Spark enlisted for the Spanish American War at Topeka, Kansas, in June 1898 and was enrolled in Company E, 20th Kansas Volunteers. He was only 18 years old and saw much action in the Philippines during the Aguinaldo Insurrection. He was discharged on October 28, 1899, as a wagoner. He remained in California to care for his youngest sister, Emma, and his elderly aunt, Mary E. Smith, who had taken care of his sister following the death of his parents. He worked in a store in Rocklin, where they lived, but soon went to work for the Southern Pacific roundhouse there. When the roundhouse and crews were moved to Roseville, about 1909, the family moved there. He was a fireman for the railroad for a time and later became an engineer, holding runs to the Summit and to Sparks, Nevada, and also up the valley to Gerber. The children of Fred De Witt and Anna Beatrice (Cady) Spark were: Leonard De Witt Spark was born in Dunsmuir, California, on February 9, 1905. He was married on June 2, 1936, to Reta Leavey, born January 29, 1908. Aubrey Clinton Spark was born in Rocklin, California, on April 12, 1906. He was married on February 9, 1932, to Freda E. Watson, born in 1908. Laura Beatrice Spark was born in Roseville, California, on April 12, 1911. She was married on April 17, 1934, to Wilber Marden Swanson. Anon Lawret Spark was born in Roseville, California, on November 17, 1912. He was married on January 20, 1935, to Loucile Stratford. A son was born in 1917 and died when he was one day old. John Irving Spark, son of George William and Martha Catherine (Smith) Spark, was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on July 27, 1881. He was married on March 2, 1904, to Mary James, who had been born on September 11, 1883. She was a daughter of Richard and Mary (Dean) James. They were living in Clay County, Kansas, in 1941, our last record. Their children were: Ethel Emma Spark was born February 16, 1905. She was married on April 23, 1923 or 1924, to Carl Paul Anderson. Myrtle Marie Spark was born October 21, 1906; she was married on November 30, 1940, to FNU Roe. Ina Ruth Spark was born June 30, 1909. Bernice Lillian Spark was born July 5, 1912; she was married in 1935 to Lester Barnes of Clay County, Kansas. Mary Evelyn Spark was born March 27, 1917. Phoebe Maria Spark, daughter of George William and Martha Catherine (Smith) Spark, was born in Williams, Hamilton County, Iowa, on January 27, 1883. She died in Klamath Falls, Oregon, on February 17, 1933. She was married in Sacramento, California, in 1904 to Charles H. Landis, who had been born in Wheatland, California, on February 25, 1878. They had a son named Herbert Leggett Landis, born March 23, 1905, who married Letha Miller on December 22, 1929. Son Spark was born to George William and Martha Catherine (Smith) Spark on February 27, 1884. He died on the day of his birth. Mary Laura Spark was born in Williams, Hamilton County, Iowa, on March 21, 1885. She was married in Sacramento, California, on May 24, 1911, to David Guy Watson, who had been born on March 27, 1880, in Eldorado, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. He was a son of David Roger and Janet Bowie (Kirkwood) Watson. They were the parents of a daughter: Virginia Lockhart Watson, born in Sacramento on January 16, 1913. George Henry Spark was born in Clay County, Kansas, on June 28, 1886. He was married on April 21, 1915, to Effie McGee of Stettler, Canada, the daughter of Charles A. and Margaret M. (Pollock) McGee. Their children were: Margaret Spark, born February 4, 1916. She was married in June 1938, to Roland Canovan of Seattle, Washington. Robert Clinton Spark, born February 8, 1922. Sarah Adell Spark, born July 11, 1928. Clinton Walter Spark was born in Clay County, Kansas, on August 7, 1887. He died in Los Angeles, California, on June 19, 1940. He was married on June 23, 1915, to Barbara Wohlgemuth of Douglas, Arizona. She had been born in Kingston, New Mexico, on October 12, 1890, a daughter of August and Madeline (Weil) Wohlgemuth. Their children were: Barbara Madeline Spark, born in Douglas, Arizona, on August 13, 1916. She was married on June 16, 1940, to Dale Kiphard Smith. Clinnette Spark, born in Tonopah, Nevada, on December 25, 1919; she was married on August 23, 1940, to Lloyd Gardner Rislock. Sarah Emma Lee Spark was born in Clay County, Kansas, on April 5, 1891; she was married in Sacramento, California, to Orion Vanderford on April 16, 1910. Their children were: Elmore Lee Vanderford, born March 18, 1913; he was married on March 17, 1939, to Eleanor Turpin; they were divorced on November 9, 1939. Willard Ray Vanderford, born September 12, 1914; he was married on September 22, 1934, to Viola Regina Stoehr.

57.6.3 Joseph Philip Spark, son of Thomas Spark and his first wife, Maria Rick, was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on June 23, 1856. He died in Douglas, Arizona, on July 24, 1928. He married Margaret Reed, who had been born on March 12, 1858. She died on May 29, 1915. She was a sister of Jess Reed, husband of Joseph's half-sister, Maria (Spark) Reed (see 57.6.10 below). The children of Joseph Philip and Margaret (Reed) Spark were: Lillian Spark was born September 14, 1879. She died on July 5, 1939. She was married on May 1, 1900, to Lon Herring. They had a son, Norman Herring, born August 26, 1902. He married Virginia Savage on August 26, 1933. Laura Bell Spark was born August 3, 1881. She married Will John Ray of Kingston, New Mexico. They had no children.

57.6.4 Thomas R. Spark, son of Thomas Spark and his first wife, Maria Rick, was born on April 14, 1858; he died on August 3, 1858.

The children of Thomas Spark, son of John and Ann (Phillips) Spark, and his second wife, Louisa Rick, were:

57.6.5 James Spark died in infancy.
57.6.6 Matilda Spark, died in infancy.
57.6.7 Emma Irene Spark, died in infancy
57.6.8 Thomas Spark, died in infancy.

57.6.9 Isola Spark, born May 2, 1864. She died on May 27, 1934. She married Frank Smith of Clay Center, Kansas. They had no children.

57.6.10 Maria Spark was born June 16, 1865. She died on September 27, 1889. She married Jess Reed, brother of Margaret Reed who was the wife of Maria's half-brother, Joseph Philip Spark (see item 57.6.3, above). They were the parents of one child, Clarence Reed, who died in youth.

57.6.11 Martha Spark was born August 25, 1867. She was still living in 1942, in El Paso, Texas. She was married in Kingston, New Mexico, on February 9, 1890, to William Lowry, who died in 1925. They were the parents of: Isola Lowry who married Lawrence Boon. William Erving Lowry, born September 11, 1903. He married Jewell White and was living in El Paso, Texas, in 1942. Their children were: William Lowry. Bobby Joe Lowry. Betty Lee Lowry.

57.6.12 Frances Ella Spark was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on February 4, 1873; she was married in either 1891 or 1892 to Harry Smith. They lived in Cairo, Kansas. They were the parents of four children. William H. Smith was born September 1, 1893. He was married in Arkansas to Jennie Still. They lived in Oildale, near Bakersfield, California. Their children were: Modina Smith, born November 27, 1914; died February 17, 1931. Mary Smith, born January 15, 1918. Frances Smith, born April 5, 1921. William Harry ["Billie"] Smith, born June 13, 1925. Vera Smith was born January 4, 1895. She married Owen Hemphill of Clay County, Kansas. They had one child, a son named Owen B. Hemphill, born September 26, 1921. Nellie Smith was born March 2, 1896. She married Samuel Beck, and they had one child, a son named Lester Beck, who was born June 13, 1921. Lillian Smith was born December 27, 1899. She married Ray Epperson of Missouri. They had three children: Arthur Epperson, born May 12, 1920. Mercedes Epperson, born March 28, 1922. Betty Jean Epperson, born July 27, 1930.

57.7 Joseph Sparks, son of John Spark and his second wife, Ann Phillips, was born in Carlisle in the County of Cumberland, England, on May 4, 1827. (Here we use the "Sparks" spelling for his name because it appears that it was this spelling that he adopted later in life.) We give his place of birth as Carlisle because this is what appears in the biographical sketch quoted earlier, although in the anonymous, typewritten account preserved by the California DAR, it is given as "Renwick, Cumberland Co., England." He was married in New Diggings, Wisconsin, on December 7, 1853, to Mary Ann Tomlinson, who had been born on May 1, 1837. Joseph Sparks died in Webster City, Iowa, on May 22, 1905; his wife died on October 17, 1925. (For further details of Joseph's life, see the biographical sketch beginning on page 4780.) The children of Joseph and Mary Ann (Tomlinson) Sparks were:

57.7.1 John W. Sparks was born February 19, 1856. He was drowned in the Sempie Slough on the Mississippi River, on June 23, 1875. He was not married.

57.7.2 Eliza Ann Sparks was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on December 12, 1858. She was married on April 5, 1877, to Chalker Buell who died on June 18, 1913. She was living In Webster City, Iowa, in 1941. Their children were: Laura Belle Buell was born October 24, 1878. She married George Leed and resided in Webster City, Iowa. (In the biographical sketch of Joseph Sparks beginning on page 4780, her husband's name was spelled Teed, which was apparently a misprint.) Their children were: Helen Leed. She married John Hackley. Frances Leed. She married Fred Chatham. Wilmer Leed. James Leed. Herbert Joseph Buell was born October 19, 1880. He was married on October 11, 1910 or 1911, to Mollie Rood, who had been born in September 1882. She was a daughter of Nelson Lancelot and Mary Abbie (Merrill) Rood, of Osage, Iowa. Their children were: Robert Rood, born April 12, 1913. Mary Elizabeth Rood, born November 3, 1914. Herbert Joseph Rood, born August 8, 1916. James Arthur Buell was born July 20, 1883. He married Harriott [sic] Nelson, and they had one child, Betty Eileen Buell. Walter E. Buell was born September 11, 1885. He married Eileen Parker of Long Beach, California, and they lived at one time in Sioux City, Iowa. They had one child, Betty Eileen Buell.

57.7.3 Marian Sparks was born May 12, 1861. She died in youth.
57.7.4 Walter Phillips Sparks was born June 15, 1863; he died on June 16, 1897. He was probably unmarried.
57.7.5 Mary Alice Sparks was born May 23, 1865. She married Robert Blank. She died in Los Angeles, California, on November 13, 1933. They had two children: Arthur Blank died in youth. Harry [or Harrison] J. Blank was born in Stillwater, Minnesota. He and his family were living in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1942.

57.7.6 Franklin Tomlinson Sparks was born January 19, 1868; he died in Webster City, Iowa, on July 20, 1915. He married Nellie Watson, daughter of John Watson, by whom he was the father of two children. He married (second) Elizabeth Tomlinson, a great-granddaughter of 57.2 John Spark by his first wife (see Item 57.2., above). The two children by Franklin's first wife were: Hazel Sparks was born in 1893; she was a teacher in Glendale, California. Arline Sparks was born December 4, 1894. She married Lloyd Lancaster of Burbank, California. They had no children.

57.7.7 Florence E. Sparks was born May 12, 1870; she died on October 17, 1901. She married Edward Keys. Both had died before 1934. They had two sons, both of whom died in youth.

57.7.8 Arthur Joseph Sparks was born January 9, 1873. He married Lena Larson, and they had the following children: Stacy H. Sparks was born January 30, 1900. He was married on December 16, 1931, to Lillie Wagner. They had a son born between 1931 and 1934. Florence Christian Marie Sparks was born September 5, 1901; She was married on November 29, 1929, to Alf Johnson. They had a son named: Lyle Keith Johnson, born in 1934. Delbert Rosco Sparks was born June 18, 1903. He was married on November 29, 1929, to Abbie Walker. They were living in Hollywood, California, in 1935. Dorothy Ruth Sparks was born September 7, 1904; she was married on May 30, 1931, to Rollin Wilson. Clarence Joseph Sparks was born February 25, 1906. In 1935, he was a resident of Hollywood, California. Theodore Arthur Sparks was born October 10, 1907. He was married on June 6, 1932, to Gweneth Beldon. Eugene Larson Sparks was born May 20, 1909; he died on October 22, 1910. Lucile Helen Sparks was born December 24, 1910. Leroy Elsworth Sparks was born August 8, 1912. John Russell Sparks was born October 10, 1913. Mary Sparks was born in 1914; she was a resident of Hollywood, California, in 1934. Beulah Sparks. Lester Sparks.

57.7.9 Clinton Austin Sparks, son of Joseph and Mary Ann (Tomlinson) Sparks, was born in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on April 11, 1875. He was married on June 17, 1903, to Ella Bliss. They are known to have had four children.

57.7.10 Oliver Wilford Sparks, son of Joseph and Mary Ann (Tomlinson) Sparks, was born on either January 27 or 28, 1880. He died in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on December 9, 1882.

57.8 Mary Spark, daughter of John Spark and his second wife, Ann Phillips, was born in Carlisle in the County of Cumberland, England, according to the anonymous manuscript preserved by the California DAR described earlier. She was born July 13, 1830, and died on April 29, 1910. She was married in Fairplay, Wisconsin, on January 1, 1851, to Benjamin Straw. He had been born January 15, 1820, and died on November 29, 1903. They resided in Hazel green, Wisconsin. They were the parents of five children:

57.8.1 Ann Elizabeth Straw was born in 1851.

57.8.2 Henry Straw was born October 7, 1854. He was married on June 28, 1899, to Lizzie (Thomas) Rundell. They had two children: Mary Lucile Straw was born either April 17 or 18, 1900. She married Clarence Mass of Madison, Wisconsin. They were the parents of two children: Phylis Elaine Mass, born January 15, 1925. Marilyn Janice Mass, born September 17, 1932. Harry Straw was born December 23, 1903. He married a nurse in Plattsville, Wisconsin, in 1936, but they were later divorced.

57.8.3 Mary Ann Straw was born April 2, 1859; she died on May 30 (or July 30) 1892 or 1893.

57.8.4 Ida Straw, twin of Edward Straw, was born January 15, 1861. She was living in Hazelgreen, Wisconsin, in 1941, unmarried.

57.8.5 Edward Straw, twin of Ida Straw, was born January 15, 1861. He died in infancy.

57.9 George Spark was born in Carlisle, Cumberland County, England, in 1833. According to the transcript of the Spark Bible (see page 4783 of this issue of the Quarterly), the month and day of his birth were August 31st. The anonymous family record preserved by the California DAR, however, gives the date as March 8, 1833. In any case, he was a babe in arms when his parents brought their family to America. According to the biographical sketch of his brother, Joseph Sparks (see page 4781), he married "Miss Annie Jeffrey, of Jamestown [Wisconsin]." Her name was given as Annie Jeffrie, however, in the DAR record. They were living in Jackson County, Minnesota, in 1901, but it was on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, that George Spark died, sometime after May 1910. Little is known about their four children, other than their names:

57.9.1 Marvin Spark. He married Bertha Willrath.

57.9.2 James Spark. He was married twice, but neither of his wives' names appear in the DAR record, but it is stated that James was the father of a son by his first wife and of five sons by his second wife.

57.9.3 George Spark, Jr. He was married but had no children.

57.9.4 Clyde Spark. He married Helen Wertand. They had seven children, but their names are not known.

[Editor's Note: As can be seen from the foregoing article, our knowledge of the family of John Spark is quite uneven in its detail. We shall welcome correspondence with descendants of any branch of this family.]