March 12, 2020

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by Paul E. Sparks

[Editor's Note: Over a period of many months, our Association's President, Dr. Paul E. Sparks, has done research in an effort to compile a list of the individuals named Sparks (including Spark and Sparkes)
who have been identified and recognized for their service in the Revolutionary War. Paul cautions, however, that this list is doubtless incomplete. Records continue to be discovered which prove that a forgotten individual actually provided service in gaining our Independence.

[Through the years that we have published The Sparks Quarterly, references to men named Sparks who served in the American Revolution have been noted.

For veterans who later received pensions, or whose heirs did so, we have published documents obtained from the National Archives. There were many other Sparkses who served, however, who never made application, or were ineligible, for pensions.

["Revolutionary War Service" has been defined in a number of ways by organizations associated with our Nation's founding. Individuals who can be said to have served the cause of the Revolution include more than those who served in the Continental Army or the American Navy, of course. Many served in militia units organized at the state level, and even at the regional or county level. Others, including civilians who served as teamsters hauling supplies or inn-keepers who provided shelter for troops or cared for the wounded, performed their patriotic duty. Livestock and grain were often donated with the hope for later reimbursement. Even Loyalists (or Tories, as they were often called), sometimes "contributed" goods against their will, yet, when they made claims for later reimbursement, they might be credited with having provided a service toward gaining our freedom from England. Men known to have made, and signed, "Oaths of Fidelity" to the American cause can be considered as patriots.

[In this compilation by Dr. Sparks, the individual's name, birth and death dates (when known), and his place of abode, appear in the first column; the name of his wife (wives), if known, follow in the next column; then the individual's military rank or other designation, if known, appears; next are listed military units in which he served, or other forms of service; and, in the final column, there is the indication of the type of source/s in which Dr. Sparks found the name of the person, using the following abbreviations: NA (the National Archives in Washington, D.C.); IRW (the Index to Revolutionary War Service Records); SR (records found in the archives of the individual states); SAR (Sons of the American Revolution); DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution); and TSQ (with page numbers, in prior issues of The Sparks Quarterly).

[The National Archives (NA in this compilation), not created until 1934, has gradually brought together the Revolutionary War service records that were once scattered among several departments of the federal government, along with many other such records from private sources. From these, the "Index to Revolutionary War Service Records," (IRN)
has been compiled. This index has been transcribed and published in four large volumes by Virgil D. White (The National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro, TN, 1995). The Sparkses appear on pp. 2545-46.

[Revolutionary War records are also preserved in the archives of the original states of the Union, many of which have been published in a variety of formats. Dr. Sparks was able to find and use a number of these state records at the Library of the Sons of the American Revolution in Louisville, Kentucky. (He has asked that his appreciation for the assistance he received from that library's staff be expressed here.)
These state records are referenced in Dr. Sparks's list as SR.

[Two patriotic organizations that have done a great deal toward the identification of individuals who served in the American War of Independence are the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution, and the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Membership in these organizations is limited to male and female descendants of those who served the cause of Independence. They are designated in the following list as SAR and DAR.

[As noted earlier, information regarding the service performed by a number of Sparkses has already been described in the Quarterly. These items are identified as TSQ, followed by the page number.]

[Although it is our editorial policy generally to avoid using abbreviations in articles appearing in the Quarterly, in this compilation we have used the following abbreviations in order to save space:

Bttn. - Battalion Hosp. - Hospital PA - Pennsylvania
Capt. - Captain Lt. - Lieutenant POW - Prisoner of war
Civ. - Civilian ME - Maine Pvt. - Private
Co. - Company or County Maj. - Major Regt. - Regiment
Col. - Colonel MD - Maryland RI - Rhode Island
Cont. - Continental MA - Massachusetts Sgt. - Sergeant
Cpl. - Corporal Mil. - Milit Sol'r. - Soldier
CT - Connecticut NH - New Hampshire SC - South Carolina
DL - Delaware NJ - New Jersey VT - Vermont
Dist. - District NY - New York VA - Virginia
GA - Georgia NC - North Carolina  

Name; Dates if known;
& Place of abode
Name of wife, if known Rank Military unit; or Patriotic service Source/s
Connecticut Ebenezer Sparks (1758-1832)
Killngly, CT
(1) Olive Love
(2) Margaret Love
Pvt. John Douglas' Regt. CT Troops;
Latimer's Regt. CT Mil.; Maj. Throop's Co.,
Col. Durkee's 4th CT. Regt.
(See also Massachusetts, below.)
lchabod Sparks (ca.1750-1797)
Killingly, CT
  Pvt. Col. Durkee's 4th CT Regt.; also 5th CT
Regt.; Douglas' Regt.
p. 3006 Isaiah Sparks (1754-1794)
Ashford, CT
Felisity Dawset Pvt. Robinson's Co.,
Wyllys' 2nd. Regt. CT Troops
p. 302
Jeremiah Sparks (1757- )
Ashford, CT
  Pvt. Wyllys' 2nd Regt., CT Troops IRW; TSQ
p. 3024-3029
John Sparks (1750-1841)
Kilhngly, CT
Bethia Barrows Sol'r. Capt. David Cady's Co., CT Mil. IRW, DAR, SAR, TSQ, p. 2039 3008 Joseph Sparks (1761-1826)
Willington, CT
Eleanor Orcutt Pvt Capt. lchabod Hinckley's Co.,
Col. Charles Webb's 2nd C T Regt.
pp. 535 3029
No Sparkses Reported)
36. John Sparks (1755-1820)
Washington Co., GA
Margaret Hampton Sol'r Newberry Co., SC Mil. (?)
----SC Regt.
SR, IRW, DAR, TSQ pp. 518, 3381
Jeremiah Sparks, Sr. (ca. 1765-1840)
Morgan Co., GA
Mary MNU   Rev. War Army Accounts, Salisbury Dist., NC SR, TSQ 3437 & 518
Thomas R. Sparks (1758-1837)
(Now Stephens Co., GA)
    Received Bounty Grant; Buried in Sparks Cemetery in Stephens Co., GA on Davis Rd. as a Rev. Sol'r. SR
Name; Dates if known;
& Place of abode
Name of wife,
if known
Rank Military unit; or Patriotic service Source/s
Absalom Sparks (1740-1798)
Queen Annes Co., MD
Rebecca (MNU)
Knotts (widow)
  Oath of Fidelity SR
James "French" Sparks (1741-ca. 1794)
Queen Annes Co., MD
Ann Whiting   Oath of Fidelity, 1778 SR
James Gould Sparks (ca. 1760- )
Queen Annes Co., MD
  Pvt. 5th MD Regt. of Queen Annes County IRW
John Sparks ( )
Baltimore, MD
    Oath of Fidelity, 1779 Minutes of Court, 1772-1781 SR
Joseph Sparks (ca. 1740. )
Queen Annes Co., MD
Unmarried (?)   Oath of Fidelity, 1778 SR, TSQ p. 4042
18.2 Josiah Sparks (1752-1846)
Baltimore, MD
Rachel Collett   Oath of Fidelity DAR, TSQ pp. 438, 1311 Nathan Sparks (ca. 1738-1787)
Queen Annes Co., MD
(1) Eliza Bolton
(2) Sarah MNU
  Oath of Fidelity, 1778 Intendent's Letter Book No. 10, 26 August 1782 SR, TSQ pp. 2561-2572
Nimrod Sparks ( )
St. Marys Co., MD
  Pvt. Joined Battn. to serve in Cont. Army, 1781. Intendent's Orders, No. 1; Army Account No. 1 SR
Richard Sparks ( )
Anne Arundel Co., MD
  Pvt. Enlisted by John Worthington Dorsey, 22 July 1776 SR
Robert Sparks (ca. 1755- )
Anne Arundel Co., MD
FNU Wright [widow]
  Oath of Fidelity, 1778 SR, TSQ pp. 1699, 1704
Thomas Sparks (ca. 1736- )
Queen Annes Co., MD
(1) Unknown
(2) Juliann Meredith Sparks
  Oath of Fidelity, 1778, 1780 SR, TSQ pp. 2565, 4037
William Sparks ( )
Queen Annes Co., MD
    Oath of Fidelity, 1778 SR
(Maine was a part of Massachusetts until 1820) Asa Sparks (ca. 1748-ca. 1814)
Berkshire Co., MA
Abigail Sage Pvt. Capt. Ephraim Fitch's Co., Col. Benj. Simond's Detachment, Berkshire Co. Mil. Capt. John King's Detachment, Col. John Ashley's Regt. SR, DAR, TSQ p. 3006
Benjamin Sparks
Billerica, MA
  Pvt. Capt. Jonathan Stickney's Co., Col. Bridge's Regt. SR
David Sparks/Spark (1745-1820)
Brunswick, ME
  Pvt. Capt. John Wentworth's Co., Col. Aaron Willard's Regt. Capt. John Reed's Co., Cols. Francis & Alden's Regt., Col. Jonathan Mitchell's Regt. Cumberland Co. Mil. SR, NA, IRW, TSQ p. 2100
Ebenezer Sparks (1758- )
Worcester Co., MA
  Pvt. Capt. Lebben Drew's Co., Col. Wm. Shepard's 4th Regt. Town of Athol, Worcester Co. Cont. Army SR TSQ p. 93
Henry Sparks (1746-1816)
Berkshire Co., MA
  Pvt. Lt. Daniel Brown's Co ., Col. Benj. Slmond's Regt., Berkshire Co. Mil. SR TSQ p. 3006
Nicholas Sparks/Park (1731- ca. 1805)
Truro, MA & Bowdoinham, ME
Bethia Rich Civ. Request for payment of account for 2 days & nights of labor of self & son in defending the brig "Count Estaingt against the enemy. SR IRW TSQ p. 200
Nicholas Sparks (1757-1777)
Truro, MA
  Pvt. Capt. Isaiah Higgins' Co., Col. Thornas Marshall's Regt. also Col. Joseph Doane's 2nd Barnstable Co. Regt. 5th MA Regt. also Capt. Page's Co., Col. Tupper's Regt. SR IRW TSQ p. 2070
Richard Sparks   Pvt. 3rd MA Regt. Engaged for Town of Suffolk Co., MA Sgt. Boston, Cont. service. SR IRW
Samuel Sparks   Civ. Request for payment for loss sustained at Battles of Lexington & Bunker Hill. SR
47.5 Thomas Sparks (1738-c.1785)
Provincetown, MA
(1) Mary Sweetser
(2) Sarah Smith
Privateer Commander of privateer at Provincetown, MA TSQ p. 2122
New Hampshire
Joseph Sparks Stratham, NH   Pvt. Capt. Mark Wiggins' Co., Col. Pierce Long's Regt. 1st NH Battn SR IRW
Thomas Sparks   Pvt. 7th Co. Col. Joseph Cilley's 1st NH Regt. also 2nd NH Regt SR IRW
New Jersey
Gabriel Sparks Somerset Co., NJ, Morris Co., NJ   Pvt. Capt. Jacob Ten Eyck's Battn. SR
George Sparks   Pvt. 2nd NJ Battn. SR IRW
George Sparks (1760-1829)
Gloucester Co., NJ
Mary Inskeep Sgt. Capt. Hogg's Western Co. Artillery - Wagon master SR DAR
Henry Sparks Salem Co., NJ     Capt. 2nd NJ Battn., Salem Co. Mil. SR TSQ p.287
19.2.6 Henry Sparks, Jr. (ca.740-808)
Salem Co., NJ
(1) Rachel Quinton
(2) Unknown
Maj. New Jersey Mil. SR

James Sparks (1744-1834)
Sornerset Co., NJ
(See also Pennsylvania)

Ann Pearson Pvt. Frelinghuysen's Battn. NJ Mil. SR IRW
John Sparks, Jr, (1756-1826)
Salem Co., NJ
(1) Catherine Stanton
(2) Sarah MNU
Lt. & Capt. Capt. John B. Cumming's Co., Col. Israel Shreve's NJ Line; also Capt. Wm. Fortiner's Co., Col. Wm. Maxwell's Regt. 2nd NJ Regt. NA SR IRW TSQ p. 157
19.1.1 John Sparks, Sr. (ca. 1716-1802)
Gloucester Co., NJ
(1) Mary Sparks
(2) Sarah Howell
(3) Ruth Biddle
  Member of Provincial Congress of NJ TSQ p. 242 & p. 865
45. John Sparks (1750-1825)
Salem Co., NJ
Lovina Brewster Pvt. Ensign Marine Capt. David Duboisels Co., Col. Newcomb's Regt., Salem Co. Mil. Capt. John Manley's vessel Hancock NA SR IRW TSQ p.251
John Sparks Somerset Co., NJ   Pvt. Frelinghuysen's Battn. NJ Mil. Ist Battn. of Somerset Co., NJ IRW
Joseph Sparks (1755-1786)
Gloucester Co., NJ
      SR TSQ p. 286 p.760
Richard Sparks(ca.1741-1800)
Salem Co., NJ
Ann Sinnockson Capt. Pittsgrove Mil. SR TSQ p. 740 & 1540
Robert Sparks (1732-1812)
Gloucester, CO., NJ
Mary Smallwood Capt. 2nd Battn., Salem Co., Mil. SR TSQ p. 286
Thomas Sparks (ca. 1755-1832)
Somerset Co., NJ
    Holmes's Battn., New Jersey Mil. Pittsgrove Mil. IRW
New York
Abraham Sparks (ca.1764-1835)
Shawangunk, NY
Leah Decker Pvt. Capt. Westfall's Co. Col. Weisenvelt's Regt., NY Mil. Also Hasbrouck's Regt., NY Mil., Jansen's Regt., Col. Albert Pawling's Regt. NA SR IRW
TSQ, p. 2103
George Sparks (ca.1740- )
Ulster Co., NY
  Pvt. Col. Frederick Weissoniel's Regt., NY Levies SR IRW
Jacob Sparks (ca.1755- )
Ulster Co., NY
  Sgt. Cantine's Regt. NY Mil. Hardenbergh's Regt. NY Mil. Janson's Regt. NY Mil. Col. Pawling's 3rd Regt. Ulster Co. Mil. SR IRW
44. Pearl Sparks (1750-1826)
Minden, NY
  Pvt. Capt. Henry Dufendorff's Co., Col. Clyde's Regt. NY Mil. Col. Campbell's 1st Regt. Tryon Co. Mil NA SR IRW
TWQ p. 231
Robert Sparks (ca.1760-1804)
Shawangunk, NY
  Sgt. Col. Morris Graham's Co. NY State Troops. Col. Albert Pawling's Regt. NY Mil. Hasbrouck's & Janson's Regts. 6th Regt. Dutchess Co., NY Mil SR IRW
TSQ p. 2106
North Carolina
James Sparks (ca.1747-ca.1780)
Wilkes Co., NC
  Sgt. Rev. War Army Accounts "Foot soldier NC Mil." "Vollunt Surry." SR TSQ pp. 36, 557, 3500, 3778
James Sparks (ca.1762-ca.1825)
Surry Co., NC
Mary MNU Pvt. Capt. Gordon's Co., Col. Lewis' Regt. NC Mil. SR TSQ p. 4265
Jeremiah Sparks Probably Rockingham Co., NC     Rev. War Army Accounts Salisbury Dist. "for lands in NC" & "Account of cloathing currency." SR TSQ P. 518 John Sparks (1753-1840)
Wilkes Co., NC
Sarah Shores Pvt. Capt. Jesse Walton's Co. of Minute Men NA SR DAR SAR TSQ p. 93 & 2039
John Sparks (ca.1755-1831)
Surry Co., NC
Mary Parmely Lt. Capt. Andrew Baker's Co. of Minute Men SR DAR TSQ pp. 537 960
Josiah Sparks     Rev. War Army Accounts Halifax Dist. Wagonmaster under Col. Nicholas Long's Battn. NC Minute Men SR
Joseph Sparks     Heirs received land for his service SR
Leonard Sparks
Probably Rockingham Co., NC
    Rev. War Army Accounts "for lands in NC" SR
Matthew Sparks (ca.1730-1793)
Surry Co., NC
Sarah Thompson   Rev. War Army Accounts for "riding express; furnishing food & sundries." SR TSQ p.556
Matthew Sparks (ca.1759-1841)
Surry Co., NC
Mary MNU Pvt. Capt. John Beverly's Co. Col. Godfrey Isaac's Regt. Mounted Rangers. Capt Samuel Johnson's Co. NC Mil. NA SR DAR
TSQ p. 177
Ridley Sparks     Rev. War Army Accounts "for cash paid to officers & soldiers of NC Brigade." SR
Samuel Sparks     Rev. War Army Accounts Hillsboro Dist. "for furnishing supplies." SR
Solomon Sparks (ca.1730-ca.1778)
Surry Co., NC
Sarah MNU   Rev. War Army Accounts "for furnishing food; a horse." SR TSQ p. 97
Thomas Sparks
Probably Rockingham Co., NC
    Rev. War Army Accounts--Hillsboro & Salisbury Districts "for sundries." Also "Cherokee expedition." SR
William Sparks(1761-1893)
Surry County, NC
Mary Fielder Pvt. Capt. John Cleveland's Co., Col. Benj. Herndon's Reg. 4th Class NA SR DAR TSQ pp. 29, 36, 2738
Absalom Sparks (1752-1820)
Bedford Co., PA
  Pvt. Capt. William Scott's Co., 4th Battn., Washington Co. Mil. SR TSQ pp. 731, 3679

Benjamin Sparks (ca.1754-1801)
Allegheny Co., PA
See also Virginia, below.

Rachel Pearce Pvt. Westmoreland Co. Rangers on Frontier, Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. SR DAR TSQ p. 1443
Charles Sparks (ca.1757-1810+)
Bedford Co. PA
See also Virginia, below.
  Pvt. Washington Co. Rangers on Frontier, Lt. Harned's Co. SR TSQ pp.731,3679
Degory Sparks
Probably lived in NJ
    Capt. John McDowell's Co., Col. Samuel Miles's 7th PA Mil. Capt. Brown's Co. PA Rifle Regt. SR IRW
George Sparks(ca.1730-1803)
Washington Co., PA
See also Virginia, below.
Mary Bostwick   Capt. Wm. Nelson's Co. PA Mil. IRW DAR TSQ p. 734
George Sparks, Jr. (1750-1801)
Washington Co., PA
Rachel Norris Pvt. Pennsylvania Line. P. O. W. in New York in 1782 SR SAR DAR TSQ pp. 734, 2040
Henry Sparks
Probably Philadelphia, PA
    1st Class, 5th Battn. 1st Philadelphia Mil. SR
James Sparks (ca.1752-1834)
Westmoreland Co., PA
Catherine "Caty" Pvt. Capt. John Wm. Crow; Col. Gibson Broadhead. Crow; Lt. Capt. Hartt;, Col. PA Mil. NA SAR TSQ pp. 39, 2039 4324, 4369
James Sparks (ca.1744-1834)
Philadelphia, PA
Ann Pearson   Sea Captain from Philadelphia, PA SR DAR TSQ p.107
James Sparks (1775-1840)
Bedford Co., PA
Nancy Rogers   PA Rangers on Frontier TSQ p. 2919, 2924
James Sparks (1765-1855)
Washington Co., PA
Margaret Ray   Capt. Zadock Wright's Co., 2nd Battn. Washington Co., PA Mil. TSQ p.732, 2588
Joseph Sparks (1754-1827)
Bedford Co., PA
Elizabeth MNU Pvt. Capt. George's PA Rangers on Frontier. Bedford Co. Mil. & Cont. Line. Capt. George Enslow's Co. IRW TSQ p. 2919
Richard Sparks (1757-1815)
Westmoreland Co.,PA
(1) Frances Nash
(2) Ruth Sevier
Pvt. Sgt. Col. 9th PA Regt., Capt. Thomas Brown's Co., Col. Richard Butler's Regt. NA SR IRW DAR TSQ pp. 1671,2039 SAR
Robert Sparks
Probably Philadelphia, PA
  Pvt. Col. James Read's 5th Co., lst Battn., Philadelphia MI SR
Solomon Sparks (1750-1838)
Bedford Co., PA
  Pvt. Capt. John Boyd's PA Troops, Bedford Co. Mil. & Cont. Line SR IRW TSQ pp. 59, 2959
Thomas Sparks
York Co., PA
    Capt. Gideon Bausley's Co., York Co. Mil. also Capt. Wiley's Co. SR
Walter Sparks (ca.1760-ca.1827)
Westmoreland Co., PA
Phoebe MNU Pvt. Capt. Joseph Beckett's Co., 1st class, Westmoreland Co. Mil. SR SAR TSQ p. 3132
William Sparks (1739-1788)
Fayette Co., PA
Rachel MNU   Capt. 1st Co., 4th Battn. Westmoreland Co. Mil. NA SR IRW DAR TSQ p. 1135
William Sparks (ca.1760-ca.1820)
Washington Co., PA
    Capt. Scott's Co., 4th Battn. Washington Co. Mil. SR SAR TSQ p. 730
Rhode Island
John Sparks Newport, RI   Pvt. 1st Regt. RI Mil. 2nd Regt. RI Mil. Capt. Wm. Humphries' Co., Col. Israel Angell's Regt. SR IRW TSQ p. 3008
Joseph Sparks Charity Hicks Mariner Lost at sea. TSQ p. 2106
South Carolina
Charles Sparks(ca.1743-1797) (1) Gracilla MNU
(2) Jane MNU
  He may have served in the Navy. TSQ p. 697
Daniel Sparks (1740-1810)
Marlboro Co., SC
(1) FNU Stephens
(2) Martha Pearce
Capt. Col. Samuel Benton's Regt. Staff of Gen. Francis Marion SR DAR SAR TSQ p. 689, 2040
Henry 'Harry' Sparks (ca.1750-1781)
Marlboro Co., SC
  Pvt. Capt. Daniel Sparks's Regt. Welsh Neck Mil. SR SAR SAR
TSQ p. 704
John Sparks (1755-1826)
Union Co., SC
(1) Elizabeth MNU
(2) Joyce Putnam
Pvt. Capt. Wm. Jackson's Co., Col. Thomas Brandon's 1st Regt., SC Mil. IRW DAR
TSQ p. 449
Samuel Sparks (1745-1811)
Spartanburg Co., SC
Lucy MNU   Rev. War Army - Accounts, Hillsboro Dist. "for sundries." SR TSQ p. 702
William Sparks 96th Dist., SC     "Horseman" in Col. Water's Regt., SC Mil. SR DAR
27. Zachariah Sparks (ca.1750-ca.1781)
Newberry Co., SC
  Scout Gen. Nathaniel Greene's Staff. [??] TSQ p. 572
(Vermont was a part of New Hampshire and New York until 1791.)
Name; Dates if known;
& Place of abode
Name of wife,
if known
Rank Military unit; or Patriotic service Source/s
Stephen Sparks (1759-1827)
Leicester, VT
Sarah Holt   Capt. Robinson's Co., VT Mil. (Minute Men) IRW DAR TSQ p. 4313
Alexander Spark
Westmoreland Co., VA
    "Public Service Claim. "-- Court Booklet and Commissioner's Book. SR
Benjamin Sparks(1754-1801)
Probably Yohogania Co., VA
(See also Pennsylvania, above.)
Rachel Pearce Pvt. Rangers on Frontier, Thomas Moore's Co. SR DAR TSQ p. 1443
Charles Sparks (ca.1757-1810+)
Probably Yohogania Co., VA
(See also Pennsylvania, above.)
    Ohio petition. SR TSQ p. 3679
Daniel Sparks (1763-ca.1820)
Jefferson Co., VA (now KY)
(1) Unknown
(2) Sarah Bogard
  Capt. Aquila Whitaker's Co., Jefferson Co. [KY] Mil.

SR TSQ p. 4151

Edward Sparks Fauquier Co. VA     Index of Rev. Records in State Archives. SR
George Sparks (1730-1803)
Probably Yohogania Co., VA
(See also Pennsylvania, above. )
Mary Bostwick   Capt. Wm. Nelson's Co. VA Mil. SR IRW TSQ p.727
21.1.5 Henry Sparks (1753-1836)
Culpeper Co., VA
Lucy Clark Pvt. Cpl. Capt. Oliver Towles's Co., 6th VA Reg't. Commander-in-Chief's Guard. Capt. James Clark's Co., Col. James Barber's Regt. NA SR IRW DAR TSC pp. 211,511
21.1.3 Humphrey Sparks (1749-1827)
Culpeper Co., VA
Milly Nalle Pvt. Virginia Mil. SR DAR TSQ p. 2273
John Sparks (1745-1803)
Culpeper Co., VA
Phoebe Smith Pvt. Virginia Continental Line, Dist. of Ohio SR DAR TSQ p. 850
Matthew Sparks Pittsylvania Co., VA Elizabeth MNU   "Public Service Claim Court Booklet and Commissioner's Book SR
Samuel Sparks Pittsylvania Co., VA     "Public Service Claim" Court Booklet and Commissioner's Book SR
Samuel Sparks
Frederick Co., VA
  Pvt. 3rd, 4th, 7th CT Line. 11th, 12th, 15th Regt. Served 3 years. Received a VA Mil. Land Warrant. SR IRW
Thomas Sparks (ca.1720-1787)
Culpeper Co., VA
Mary Towles   "Public Service Claim "Court Booklet and Commissioner's Book. SR DAR TSQ p. 132

[Editor's Note: In Dr. Sparks's compilation, it will be noted that three men who served in the Revolution are listed under both Pennsylvania and Virginia: Benjamin Sparks (1754-1801), Charles Sparks (ca.1759-1810+), and George Sparks (1730-1803), with cross references from each state to the other. The reason is that they can be considered as part of each state's contribution to our Independence. They lived in what became the southwestern portion of Pennsylvania, which was then claimed by Virginia as well as by the Penn family. Both states had organized the disputed area into counties, Virginia having given the name Yohogania to the portion in which these Sparkses lived, in the Pennsylvania counties of Allegheny, Bedford, and Washington. (See William Perry Johnson's article, "Virginia Claims in Southwest Pennsylvania" in the June 1963 issue of The Sparks Quarterly, Whole No. 42, pp. 735-37.)

[It was not until 1784 that agreement was finally reached by the two states on their mutual boundary line, this having been accomplished with the aid of the U.S. Congress. Pennsylvania recognized land grants that inhabitants had received from Virginia, but the families of those settlers who had been loyal to Virginia during the dispute often continued to claim that their heritage and their hearts belonged to "Old Virginia," and, even today, descendants may claim a Virginia origin, rather than that of Pennsylvania.]