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<hr> <p>In the <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=167-A&pg=#A168B">December 1994 issue of The Sparks Quarterly, Whole No. 168</a>, appeared Part II of an article by Paul E. Sparks entitled "<b>32.1 James Sparks</b> (ca. 1752-1834) of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana, and His Family." Part I of this article had appeared in the issue of <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=167-A">September 1994, Whole No. 167</a>. James Sparks was a son of <b>32. Richard Sparks</b> and had been born ca. 1752 in Middlesex County, New Jersey; he had moved with his parents to western Pennsylvania as a boy and had served from there in the American Revolution before moving to Jefferson County, Kentucky. About 1820, James Sparks moved again, this time to Jackson County, Indiana, where he died in 1834. Among the children of James Sparks and his wife, <b>Caty</b>, was a son named <b>32.1.7 Moses Sparks</b> who was born in Kentucky ca. 1789; he died in Collin County, Texas, on December 20, 1858 (see pp. 4390-96 of Issue 168, cited above). Moses Sparks was married ca. 1810 to <b>Elizabeth MNU</b>, probably in Jefferson County, Kentucky; she died in February 1860, in Collin County, Texas.</p> <p>A son of Moses and Elizabeth Sparks was <b> Benjamin Sparks</b>, born <i>January 17, 1816</i>; he was married in Jackson County, Indiana, to <b>Amanda Boley</b> (sometimes spelled Baley) in 1836. When the 1840 census was taken, Benjamin and Amanda were in Van Buren (now Cass) County, Missouri, but by the fall of 1847, they had moved to Collin County, Texas. (A list of their children appears on page 4993 of the <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=168-B">December 1994 issue of the Quarterly</a>.) Among the twelve children of Benjamin and Amanda Sparks was a daughter named <b> Sarah ["Sallie"] Sparks</b>, who was born in Van Buren County, Missouri, on May 26, 1845, <u>not</u> July 31, 1845, as stated on page 4393 of the Quarterly.</p> <H1 align="center"><img src="../Pix/5027.jpg"></H1> <H1 align="center">SARAH ["SALLIE"] (SPARKS) HOLT (1845-1919)<br> WITH GRANDSON JAMES EARL NICHOLS</H1> <p>Information about Sarah Sparks and her children has been provided for this additional article by Erschel Paul Nichols, one of her great-grandsons. Sarah Sparks married <b>Andrew Jackson Holt</b> prior to 1864. He had been born in Carroll County, Arkansas, and was a son of <b>James Simpson and Elizabeth (Fortner) Holt</b>. He died on August 18, 1882, in Hood County, Texas; Sarah was married a second time to <b>E. J. Henderson</b>. She died on June 1, 1919, in Newton County, Arkansas.</p> <p>Andrew Jackson and Sarah (Sparks) Holt were the parents of four children:</p> <blockquote> <p><b> James Holt</b> was born <i>ca. 1864</i> in Texas.</p> <p><b> William Silas Holt</b> was born <i>ca. 1867</i>. He married <b>Mandy Yates</b>. He was buried at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. They had six children;</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Artie Holt</b>.<br> <b> Rosella Holt</b>.<br> <b> Yancy Holt</b>, born <i>May 20, 1896</i>, in Coal County, Arkansas.<br> <b> Julia Holt</b>, born in <i>1905</i>. She was married in 1922 to <b>John B. Gritts</b>.<br> <b> Porter Holt</b>.<br> <b> Dee Holt</b>.</p> </blockquote> <H1 align="center"><img src="../Pix/5028.jpg"></H1> <H1 align="center">CHARLES JACKSON AND MARY LIZBETH (ROGERS) HOLT<br>Wedding Photograph - August 2, 1891</H1> <p><b> Charles Jackson Holt</b> was born <i>June 30, 1868</i>, at Valley Mills in Bosque County, Texas. He was married on August 20, 1891, in Yell County, Arkansas, to <b>Mary Lizbeth Rogers (or Rodgers)</b>, who had been born on February 3, 1866. She died on December 15, 1899.</p> <p>Charles Jackson Holt's second marriage was to <b>Nancy Jane Doty</b> on October 25, 1900; she had been born September 9, 1878; she died on January 27, 1966. Charles had died on January 20, 1956, at Porum, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma. by his first wife, Mary Lizbeth, Charles had two children:</p> <blockquote> <p><b> John William ["Willie"] Holt</b>, born <i>June 17, 1893</i>; died February 5, 1863; he married <b>Laura Thompson</b> on October 8, 1913.</p> <p><b> Mamie Viola Holt</b>, born <i>June 10, 1898</i>, died December 31 1962; she married <b>Monroe Bowden Laffery</b>, on October 11, 1914.</p> <p>Charles Jackson Holt and his second wife, Nancy Jane (Doty) Holt, were the parents of six children:</p> <p><b> Wynona ["Nonnie"] Holt</b>, born <i>March 9, 1904</i>; she was married, first, to <b>Ausby Maxon</b>; she was married, second, to <b>Clarence Jensen</b>.</p> <p><b> Albert Lee Holt</b>, born <i>October 3, 1910</i>. He married <b>Jewell Dell Cosper</b>.</p> <p><b> Joseph Andrew Holt</b>, born <i>November 29, 1911</i> [twin birth]. He married <b>Jessie Hestes Cosper</b>.</p> <p><b> Cecil Bluford Holt</b>, born <i>March 23, 1914</i>. He married <b>June Massey</b>.</p> <p><b> Sarah Eva Holt</b>, born <i>December 12, 1915</i>. She was married, first, to <b>Clarence Patterson</b> and, second, to <b>Thomas Stout</b>.</p> <p><b> Laura Bell Holt</b>, born <i>December 10, 1919</i>. She married <b>Maywood Albert ["Jeff"] Bryan</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Julia Ann Jeanette Holt</b> was born <i>May 11, 1873</i>. She was married on January 22, 1891, in Newton County, Arkansas, to <b>John Samuel Nichols</b>. He had been born January 4, 1851, at Mt. Judea in Newton County, Arkansas, and died on October 24, 1924, at the same place. He was a son of <b>Thomas and Elizabeth (Davis) Nichols</b>. Julia died on August 4, 1951, also in Mt. Judea, Arkansas. They were the parents of four children, all of whom were born at Mt. Judea.</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Infant son Nichols</b>, born <i>May 24, 1892</i>, died May 26, 1892, at Mt. Judea, Arkansas.</p> <p><b> Sarah E. Nichols</b>, born <i>July 24, 1893</i>, died October 4, 1894, at Mt. Judea, Arkansas.</p> <p><b> William Ernest Nichols</b> was born <i>May 31, 1896</i>, and died on August 29 1964. He was married, first, to <b>Rosa Lee Criner</b>, and they had seven children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Norman Earl Nichols</b>,<br> <b> Helen Nichols</b>,<br> <b> Syble Nichols</b>,<br> <b> Ruth Nichols</b>,<br> <b> John Samuel Nichols</b>,<br> <b> Billie Nichols</b>, and<br> <b> Violet Nichols</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p>He was married, second, to <b>Aulcie Jane Hudson</b>, who had been born on December 18, 1910, and died on May 27, 1990, in Kansas City, Missouri. She was a daughter of <b>Samuel Anthony and Ida (Johnson) Hudson</b>. William Ernest and Aulcie Jane (Hudson) Nichols were the parents of two children:</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Erschel Paul Nichols</b>, born <i>November 7, 1933</i>. He was married on on November 12, 1954, to <b>Roxanna Rozell Rowen</b>, daughter of <b>Rockford and Darlene (Mossman) Rowden</b>. They have two children:</p><blockquote> <p><b> Dennis Paul Nichols</b> and<br> <b> Joni Ann Nichols</b>.</p></blockquote> <p><b> May Ernestine Nichols</b> was born <i>October 21, 1939</i>. She married <b>Clyde Ray Keller</b> on June 9, 1956.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <H1 align="center"><img src="../Pix/5030.jpg"></H1> <H1 align="center">Seated, left to right: John Samuel Nichols; William Ernest Nichols;<br> Julia (Holt) Nichols, holding James Earl Nichols.</H1> <H1 align="center">Standing: William Nichols, brother of John Samuel Nichols.<br> [John Samuel and Julia Ann Jeanette (Holt) Nichols with their two children who survived infancy; also included is William Nichols, brother of John Samuel.]</H1> <p>[It is Erschel Paul Nichols, son of William Ernest Nichols in the above photograph, who provided the information and the photographs for this issue of the Quarterly. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution through James Sparks, his fourth great-grandfather, who served in the Revolution.]</p> <blockquote> <p><b> James Earl Nichols</b> was born <i>January 2, 1903</i>; he died on March 2, 1980, at Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas. He was married, first, to <b>Grace Sullivan</b> on February 1, 1923. They had three children:</p> <blockquote> <p><b> John Harvey Nichols</b>, born <i>November 7, 1924</i>;<br> <b> Kenneth Charles Nichols</b>, born <i>March 15, 1926</i>; and<br> <b> Wanda May Nichols</b>, born <i>May 28, 1928</i>.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p>James Earl Nichols married, second, <b>Pearl Hudson</b> on December 2, 1935. She was a sister of Aulcie Jane Hudson, second wife of William Ernest Nichols.</p> </blockquote> <a name="end"></a><p><a href="#">top</a></p></body> </html>