July 08, 2007

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Whole Number 186


<hr> <p>Included in our memo mailed with the March 1999 issue of the Quarterly, we noted that Vice President John K. Carmichael, Jr. was willing to assume the presidency of the Association with the death of Paul E. Sparks. We invited our members to offer support for Jack, as he is known, or to offer an alternative. Although we have by no means heard from all of our members, a substantial number have responded with a unanimous endorsement of Jack's "elevation." Your editor, who will continue, also, as secretary-treasurer, is delighted to have him as a partner in our continued endeavor to publish the Quarterly. For many years Jack has been a superb proofreader for us.</p> <p>John K. Carmichael, Jr. is an active member of the patriotic society known as The Sons of the American Revolution. He descends from James Sparks (ca.1752-1834) a soldier of the Revolution from Pennsylvania, a record of whose life was published in the Quarterly of September 1994, Whole No. 167. In the September 1999 issue, we will provide a more detailed biographical sketch and a photograph of our new President.</p> <a name="end"></a><p><a href="#">top</a></p></body> </html>