September 1, 2017

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Claude Ezell Sparks 1897- 1983

Claude E. Sparks, to whom we have referred frequently in the note sections of the preceding record of persons named Sparks found on the 1860 census of South Carolina, was born in Union County, South Carolina, on December 11, 1897. He died there, in Cross Keys Township, on February 4, 1983. Claude was a son of William Mayfield Sparks (1870-1919) and Jennie (Hobo) Sparks (1872-1943), also natives of Union County (called Union District when the 1860 census was taken). Claude did not marry.

In 1967, Claude's A. History of Padgett's Creek Baptist Church was published. In the book's foreword he stated: "As a member of this church, I became interested in its history many years ago and began collecting historical material from many sources. About seven years ago, after having made a thorough study of the material on hand, I began preparing a manuscript for the purpose of having a history of the church printed, and this book is the result of the effort."

Claude Sparks's interest in church history extended to other congregations in his area, and his letters in the 1950s to the present writer have been most helpful in preparing the notes to the 1860 census pertaining to the Sparks family.

For his history of Padgett's Creek Church, Claude copied the inscriptions in its adjoining cemetery. He occasionally added information that he placed in parentheses. Following is a copy of those pertaining to Sparkses.