March 2, 2020

Pages 29-30
Whole Number 5


by William Perry

The Sparks family was well represented in the American Revolution. Thirteen of the names applied to the Federal Government in their old age for a pension and their papers are on file in the Nation Archives, as follows:

Abraham Sparks or Abraham Leah - New York - File No. W20064.

50. David Sparks - Massachusetts - File No. S37437.

43.2.3 Ebenezer Sparks - Connecticut - File No. W19395.

21.1.5 Henry Sparks - Virginia - File No. R9959.

32.1 James Sparks - Pennsylvania & Virginia - File No. S32533.

John Sparks - New Jersey - File No. S33707.

45. John Sparks or Sparkes - New Jersey - File No. W19391. (His papers appear to be mixed up with those for a John Sparks from Washington Co., New York. WPJ) John Sparks - North Carolina - File No. S7580.

33. Joseph Sparks - Connecticut - File No. W20063. Matthew Sparks - North Carolina - File No. S31385.

44. Pearl Sparks or Sharks - New York - File No. S27510. Solomon Sparks - Pennsylvania - File No. S4874. William Sparks - North Carolina - File No. 9960. (Rejected)

The pension papers for these thirteen Sparkses are very interesting, and for the most part they contain a lot of valuable genealogical and historical material. We plan to publish the pension papers in full for these thirteen patriots, and we shall begin with No.13, above, William Sparks, whose application was rejected, apparently for lack of sufficient proof of his service.