May 12, 2019

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Whole Number 21


by Paul E. Sparks

In 1852 the Kentucky legislature enacted a law to provide for the registration of all births, deaths, and marriages in Kentucky. The task fell upon the county assessors, who were required to prepare a yearly list of these events. For this job, the assessor was paid two cents for each name. The law made it obligatory for all clergymen, physicians, surgeons, and midwives to report names for registration. Slaves were registered in the name of the owner.

A printed record of the second report has been preserved and is in the possession of The Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky. It is entitled: The Second Annual Report to the General Assembly of Kentucky Relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages, and Deaths from January 1, 1853 to December 31, 1854.  W. G. Sutton, who prepared the report, complained of the incompleteness of the data, for apparently several counties had sent not only incomplete data, but, in some cases, no data at all. He recommended that the assessor's fee be increased to five cents per name.

Unfortunately, the registration was discontinued in 1862 because of the internal political strife which had hit Kentucky (and the nation as well) and because of insufficient funds to pay the assessors for performing the tedious task. The loss, from a genealogical point of view, was incalculable. A record of a birth, for example, gave the infant's name, the father's name, the mother's name, and, in some cases, the place of birth within the county.

Some counties continued to register these vital events after 1862, although we have no way of knowing whether the records are complete or accurate. The earlier records, however, accumulated dust in the respective courthouses until 1920 when the Kentucky Historical Society began to salvage them. An index of births and deaths was completed during the 1930's, and the index of marriages was completed within the past few years. The index is typewritten on 3 x 5 cards and is arranged by counties. The following records of births were taken from these index cards, not from the original lists.

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(Continued from Vol. VI, No. 1, Whole No. 21, page 290

Infant's Name Date Father's Name Mother's Name
Cynthia A. Sparks January 9, 1856 John G. Sparks Mary T. Murphy
Henry D. Sparks 7 October 1856 Daniel C. Sparks Laura Carter
John Francis Sparks (born at Woodwards Creek) 4 October 1852 William Sparks Susan Bowney
John S. Sparks -- --- 1858 William Sparks Lucy Rawlins
Lurvie Sparks 27 March 1858 Samuel Sparks Miss Bowney
Mary Jane Sparks 29 June 1855 ----- ----- Susan Bouney
Nancy Sparks July 11, 1852 Daniel Sparks Lavina Carter
Polly Ann Sparks 18 September . 1857 William Sparks Lucy Ann Rawlins
Samuel J. Sparks 1 June 1858 William Sparks FNU -----
Sarah A. Sparks 4 June 1856 Joseph Sparks Matilda Barnes
Sarah Catherine Sparks (born at Woodwards Creek) -- ---- ---- Samuel Sparks Letty Bomaly
Susan R. Sparks 4 October 1858 Joseph C. Sparks Miss Barnes
William Sparks 10 June 1858 Levi Sparks Syntha Ann Flynn
Lucy Sparks 15 February 1858 William Sparks Mary M. Hillock
Malcom Sparks 10 May 1904 W. H. Sparks Katie Green
Stella Sparks 13 May 1904 Eli Sparks Izonia Richardson
Leander Sparks January 6, 1855 William Sparks FNU Burke
Charles Sparks 20 December 1856 John Sparks Jane Bramel Elias Sparks 5 October 1854 Silas Sparks Isabel Given
Harriett Sparks 2 July 1857 William Sparks Eliza Taylor
Mary F. Sparks 9 September . 1858 John Sparks Jane Bramel
Nancy E. Sparks 30 April 1859 George Sparks Lucy Duncan Netitia Bell Sparks 15 November 1852 Silas H. Sparks Isabella Givens William Sparks January 5, 1857 Silas H. Sparks Isabella Givens
Albert Sparks 15 November 1853 Samuel Sparks Julia Anderson
Martha J. Sparks 1 October 1856 P.1 Noah Sparks Lucinda Newton
S. E. Sparks 15 November 1853 Richard Sparks Sarah Crowlel
George Sparks 25 May 1856 W. M. Sparks M. E. List
Lucy Sparks 25 June 1855 Wm. M. Sparks Mary Leist
Juley Sparks 14 December 1858 Richard Sparks Sarah S. Croley
Bulina Sparks 3 October 1858 Barnett Sparks Mary Muck (Mauk?)
Elihu Sparks 15 April 1859 John Sparks Mary Jane Murphy
Mary T. Sparks 10 May 1858 Daniel C. Sparks Sevina Carter
Mertle Sparks January 5, 1904 D. C. Sparks Mary E. Hatfield
Sarah Sparks 17 July 1901 Jas. Sparks Mary E. Hatfield
S. E. Sparks 14 December 1904 Jeff Sparks Elizabeth Morris
W. T. Sparks 28 August 1904 Merrel Sparks Rachel Harrison
(unnamed) Sparks 1 August 1859 Robert Sparks Mary Wood
Albert Sparks 22 March 1856 Western Sparks Eliza Welch
Blanche Sparks 18 October 1857 Ben Sparks Celia Norman
(born in Louisville)      
Eliza J. Sparks 18 June 1854 John Sparks Amanda Drake
Julia Sparks 4 March 1859 R. W. Sparks Eliza Welch
Louisa Sparks 8 April 1856 Wm. H. Sparks Eliza M. Pellici
Martha Sparks January 29, 1856 Tinsley Sparks Susan K. Humble
Mary A. Sparks 6 August 1857 Tinsley Sparks Percil C. Bullitt
(born in Louisville)      
Myra  Sparks 16 December 1853 Richard W. Sparks Eliza Ellen Welch
Silius Sparks (female) 9 April 1854 Joseph Sparks Asinette Shafer
Wesley (born in Louisville) 19 March 1857 Wesley Sparks Eliza Welch
(unnamed male) Sparks 9 July 1854 Daniel S. Sparks Jane Churchman
(unnamed male) Sparks (born in Louisville) 12 March 1904 Walter Sparks  Maggie Veil
(unnamed male) Sparks (born in Louisville) 23 December 1903 W. L. Sparks S. E. England
(unnamed male) Sparks (born in Louisville) 16 April 1901 W. S. Sparks Sarah E. England
Carrie M. Sparks 10 December 1877 Moreau Sparks Elizabeth Clemmons
Ellen Sparks 11 August 1854 Isaac Sparks M. A. Hendricks
Ida Florence Sparks 17 July 1859 Jas. Sparks Nannie J. Lawlep
George Sparks 8 October 1852 Jarome sparks Mary Jane Patterson
Alexander Sparks 10 September . 1852 Elisha Sparks Susan Pridemore
Andrew Sparks 10 October 1852 Mathew Sparks Alsy Osburn
Anjeline Sparks 19 June 1859 Martin Sparks Hanna Adkins
Benjamin Sparks 2 October 1856 Elisha Sparks Susannah Pridemore
Dicey A. Sparks January 27, 1859 Henry Sparks Mary Conley
Elijah Sparks 26 May 1852 Elijah Sparks Sarah Evans
James J. Sparks 20 October 1861 William Sparks Martha Salyer
Katherine Sparks 8 May 1852 Nicholas Sparks FNU -----
Lavitha Sparks 23 May 1854 Nicholas Sparks Dorcas Ross
Mahala Sparks 29 May 1859 Elisha Sparks Susan Pridmore
Mary A. Sparks 6 April 1856 Nicholas Sparks Dorcas Ross
Mary J. Sparks 22 October 1859 Mathew Sparks Alsy Osburn
Nancy Eveline Sparks 26 October 1856 William Sparks Louisa Blevens
Rhoda M. Sparks 28 May 1861 Elisha Sparks Susannah Pridmore
Sarah Sparks 5 March 1858 Nicholas Sparks Dorcas Ross
Silvanna Sparks 11 April 1861 Nicholas Sparks Dorcas Ross
Wm. H. Sparks 17 December 1858 William Sparks Louisa Blevens
Wm. L. Sparks 21 June 1855 Mathew Sparks Alsy Osburn
(unnamed) Sparks 4 February 1855 Elisha Sparks Susannah P. Moore
(unnamed female) Sparks January 26,1907 Taylor Sparks Anna Welch
Burt Sparks 2 June 1856 Calvin Sparks Esther Green
James Sparks 17 February 1852 Calvin Sparks Esther Green
Jno. M. Sparks 1 October 1853 Calvin Sparks Esther Green
Million Sparks 8 September . 1857 William F. Sparks Eliza Goins
(unnamed male) Sparks 3 September . 1904 James Sparks Emma Hugis
Alafair Sparks 14 April 1860 Thomas Sparks Margaret Johnson
Elbert Sparks (both above born at Little Fork) 4 August 1857 Alford Sparks Polly Ann Green
Elizabeth Sparks (born at Hoods Fork) 21 September . 1852 Daniel Sparks Jane Jones
Elizabeth Sparks (born at Blaine Creek) 29 December 1855 John Sparks Mary Hay
Elizabeth Sparks (born at Blaine Creek) 28 May 1855 Samuel Sparks Nancy Skaggs
Garred Sparks 15 April 1854 Garred Sparks Elizabeth Boggs
Hugh Sparks 23 April 1856 Wesley Sparks Nan Cassell
Jas B.  Sparks  (born at head of Blaine Creek) 15 March 1857 Jno. L. Sparks Mary Hay
Jas. M. Sparks 14 April 1855 Mathew Sparks Hannah Adkins
Jno. M. Sparks 10 March 1856 Wiley Sparks Cynthia Holbrook
Laban Sparks 29 November 1860 Levi Sparks Mary Gambill
Levi Sparks 17 March 1854 John Sparks Mary Hay
Lewis Sparks (born at Rove Creek) 28 August 1857 Samuel Sparks Nancy Skaggs
Mary E. Sparks 18 May 1853 Hugh Sparks Nancy Carnutt
Milburn Sparks (born at Big Sandy) 15 July 1859 Jno. S. Sparks Mary Hay
Nancy J. Sparks 15 September . 1853 Samuel Sparks Nancy Skaggs
Rena Sparks (born at Little Fork) 5 August 1860 Wesley Sparks Nancy Kasee Kozee
Reuben Sparks January 29, 1853 Mathew Sparks Hannah Adkins
Sarah Sparks 3 October 1853 John Sparks Almida Green
Sarah Sparks 25 February 1853 John Sparks Mary Hay
Serilda  Sparks (born at Blaine Creek) 26 February 1862 John Sparks Furidiels Francis
Susan  Sparks (born at Little Fork) 20 February 1859 John Sparks Almeda Green
William Sparks 1 May 1853 Wesly Sparks Nancy Kisee Kozee
Wm. M. Sparks (born at Big Blaine Creek) 13 August 1860 Wiley Sparks Synthia Holbrook

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Whole Number 24


(Continued from Vol. VI, No. 3, Whole No. 23, page 333)
Compiled by Paul E. Sparks

Infant's Name Date Father's Name Mother's Name
Lizzie Sparks 12 February 1907 Riley Sparks Frances Holbrook
Amanda Sparks 20 Jan1859 Wm. Sparks Sian Gilbert
Caroline Sparks 15 September .1859 Joseph Sparks Louisa I. Coons
David C. Sparks 20 April1859 Melville Sparks Sarah A. Robb
Louisa Sparks 18 June1855 Wrn. Sparks ——— Gilbert
John E. Sparks January 20, 1877 T. J. Sparks Eliz. Berry
John W. Sparks 29 July 1877 John W. Spanks Eliz. Messer
(unnamed female) Sparks 16 Dec1852 I. Sparks Ann Sparks
P. A. Sparks (male) 26 September . 1904 Lennis Sparks Ida L. Karnes
Sarow Frances Sparks 26 September . 1852 Samuel Sparks July Ann Anderson
Mary E. Sparks -- February 1858 James B. Sparks Harriett Johnson
James Hany Sparks 11 May 1858 John Sparks May Lykins
John Milton Sparks (born at Caney Creek) 25 February 1855 Jesse Sparks Sarah Sparks
Nancy Sparks -- ---- 1855 John Sparks Mary -----
Mary Jane Sparks 11 May 1856 John Sparks Mary Lykins
Thomas Sparks (born at Elk Fork) 26 August 1853 John A. Sparks Mary Lykins
C. B. Sparks 14 March 1857 Jas. Sparks M. A. Tankle
Jno. E. Sparks January 4, 1859 James R. Sparks Marget Tinkle
Mary Sparks 6 September . 1907 Maynard Sparks Lelia Hardison
Mary J. Sparks 15 September . 1861 W. Sparks Nancy E. Huhler
Reva A.  Sparks 23 July 1906 H. L. Sparks Verda M. Harrison
(unnamed male) Sparks 15 March 1858 William Sparks Susan Overhulie
(unnamed female) Sparks 23 July 1907 Harvey Sparks Susan Overhulie
Benjamin Throop Sparks 10 December 1855 John Franklin Sparks Cyntha Bradshaw
Charles Sparks 9 August 1855 Otho Sparks Sarah Jane Smith
John J. Sparks 3 November 1857 John F. Smith Cyntha Bradshaw
Lucy Ellen Sparks 3 November 1855 Charles Sparks Mary Ann Barnett
Melvina Sparks 7 December 1877 Granville Sparks Sallie Gifford
Sarah Eliz. Sparks 7 August 1855 Samuel Sparks Abby H. McVey
Thos. Franklin Sparks 23 July 1855 James Sparks Eliz. Redmon
Vernon Sparks January 22, 1907 Ruben Sparks Louisa James
Albert Sparks 8 July 1852 Henry Sparks Sarah Smither
M. F. Sparks 10 December 1854 A. J. Sparks Sally A. Eads
(unnamed) Sparks 4 May 1856 A. J. Sparks Sarah Ead
(unnamed) Sparks 25 February 1858 A. J. Sparks E. Eads
Aaron C. Sparks 25 November 1859 John D. Sparks Phebe Sparks
America Sparks(female) (born at Devils Creek) 9 September . 1854 Harvey D. Sparks Nancy Johnson
Andrew  Sparks   (born at Devils Creek) 15 October 1852 Tobias Sparks Delina Sparks
Andrew Jackson Sparks    (born at Devils Creek) 30 October 1853 Solomon Sparks Angeline Roister
Charlotte Sparks    (born at Devils Creek) 13 June 1853 William Sparks Minerva Johnson
Daniel Sparks 29 December 1859 Sylvester Sparks Nancy Ashcraft
Ephriam Sparks 1 June 1858 William Sparks Minerva Johnson
Felding Sparks(male) 13 December 1859 John J. Sparks Tamer Jane Tolson
George W. Sparks 20 December 1854 William Sparks Sarah Ann Muck 
Isaac S. Sparks 23 November 1857 John J. Sparks Phebe Showmaker
James Sparks 30 April 1852 H. D. Sparks N. J. Sparks
James Sparks 27 May 1852 J. D. Sparks Pheba Sparks
John Sparks 2 June 1854 Robert Sparks Mary Wood
John W. Sparks 13 September . 1857 William Sparks Susan Tillson
Mary Sparks 28 August 1855 William Sparks Minerva Johnson
Mary E. Sparks 24 June 1855 Tobias E. Sparks Delilah Shoemaker
Robert Sparks 8 April 1853 Wm. Sparks Sarah Muck
Sarah Sparks 3 February 1858 Silvester Sparks Nancy Ashcraft
Tobias Sparks 27 November 1855 John D. Sparks Phebe Shoemaker
William Sparks 12 February 1852 Robert Sparks FNU -----
Alfred Sparks 3 July 1853 James Sparks Martha Patton
Allen Sparks 14 October 1855 Jonas Sparks Martha Patton
Sandford Sparks July 1, 1858 Jonas Sparks Martha Patton
Irtley Sparks 16 July 1904 Richard Sparks Mary Stanley
Martha Sparks 18 April 1852 Richard Sparks Mary June Johns
Victoria Sparks -- April 1894 Cy Sparks Louisa Charles
(unnamed male) Sparks -- ----- 1877 Josiah Sparks FNU Charles
George C. Sparks 14 August 1853 Preston Sparks Mary Ely
Isabel Sparks March 31, 1857 W. J. Sparks Eliza Terrell
Alexander Sparks 13 September . 1856 Alexander Sparks Louisa Antle
Charles F. Sparks January 13, 1853 Alex. K. Sparks Louisa Antle
Elnora Sparks 28 December 1855 Wm. Sparks Lucy E. Pierce
Nancy C. Sparks January 19, 1855 Alex. Sparks Louisa Antle
Thomas Sparks 4 August 1861 A. K. Sparks Louisa Antell
Andrew J. Sparks January 18, 1855 Alexander Sparks Elizabeth Butler
George Ann Sparks (female) 15 October 1855 Isham Sparks Sarah C. Prewitt