February 2, 2021

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The following records of Sparks burials in the Town of Bowdoinham, Sagadahoo Co., Maine, have been copied from Doris M. Rowland's Death Records of Bowdoinham, Maine published in 1967. Mrs. Rowland has attempted to copy the inscriptions on tombstones still standing in the various cemeteries which she has located in the town (which would be called a township outside New England) of Bowdoinham.

MRS. ALCY SPARKS, wife of 47.2.3 James Sparks, died July 22, 1824, in the 62d year of her age. (Bowdoinham Village cemetery)
AMY P. SPARKS, wife of Samuel Sparks, died July 23, 1870, 83 years of age. (Ridge Cemetery)
CAROLINE R. SPARKS, wife of Samuel Sparks, died August 3, 1909, aged 77 years, and 3 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
CARRIE M. SPARKS, daughter of Capt. John H. and Sarah E. (Denham) Sparks, born 1857, died 1871. (Ridge Cemetery)
CHARLES N. SPARKS, born 1840, died 1884. (Ridge Cemetery)
DAVID SPARKS, husband of Emily Sparks, died September 30, 1864, aged 45 years, 11 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
DAVID SPARKS, husband of Rhoda Sparks, died July 28, 1872, aged 71 years and 6 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
ELEANOR DENHAM SPARKS, wife of James Sparks, born March 28, 1819, died January 4, 1920. (Ridge Cemetery)
EMILY SPARKS, wife of David Sparks, born December 22, 1822, died November 24, 1882. (Ridge Cemetery) EMMA SPARKS, daughter of Samuel and Amy Sparks, died March 16, 1871, aged 54 years, 6 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
HIPSANY W. SPARKS, born February 13, 1822, died January 28, 1909. (Ridge Cemetery)
HIPSBETH SPARKS, wife of Capt. James Sparks, died July 10, 1857, aged 61 years. (Ridge Cemetery)
JAMES SPARKS, husband of Eleanor Denham Sparks, born May 20, 1813, died April 26, 1901. (Ridge Cemetery)
CAPT. 47.2.3 JAMES SPARKS, husband of Alcy Sparks, died March 1, 1840, aged 78 years. (Bowdoinhain Village cemetery)
CAPT. JAMES SPARKS, husband of Hipsebeth Sparks, died September 25, 1874, aged 80 years. (flag) (Ridge Cemetery) Town records of Bowdoinham show he was born in 1794 & served in the War of 1812; see the Quarterly of March 1961, Whole No. 33, p. 543 for his bounty land papers.)
JOHN E. SPARKS, born 1859, died 1877. (Ridge Cemetery) (On lot with Sarah Elizabeth Sparks) JOHN H. SPARKS, husband of Sarah E. Denham Sparks, born 1828, died 1863. (Ridge Cemetery)
LOUISA F. SPARKS, born 1853, died 1938. (Bowdoinham Village cemetery)
MARGARET E. SPARKS, born 1844, died 1940. (Ridge Cemetery)
MARY E. SAMPSON Mary Ellen Sparks Sampson, wife of William S. Sampson, born October 31, 1846, died October 3, 1919. (Bay View Cemetery, on the road from Topsham)
MARY ELIZABETH SPARKS, daughter of Nicholas and Patience Sparks, died September 30, 1837, aged 18 years. (Ridge Cemetery)
MINERVA J. R. SPARKS, wife of Winship W. Sparks, born 1836, died 1904. (Ridge Cemetery)
CAPTAIN N. SPARKS, husband of Silence C. Sparks, died May 6, 1881, aged 82 years. (Ridge Cemetery)
NEWELL SPARKS, son of James and Hepsibeth Sparks, died September 18, 1837, aged 13 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
NICHOLAS SPARKS, son of Nicholas and Patience Sparks, died July 30, 1833, aged 2 years and 2 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
PATIENCE C. SPARKS, wife of Nicholas Sparks, died March 10,1847, aged 46 years and 6 months and 10 days. (Ridge Cemetery)
RHODA SPARKS, wife of David Sparks, died March 15, 1880, aged 83 years, 11 months and 15 days. (Ridge Cemetery) SAMUEL SPARKS, husband of Amy P. Sparks, died October 16, 1854, aged 66 years. (Ridge Cemetery)
SAMUEL SPARKS, husband of Caroline R. Sparks, died June 9, 1883, aged 63 years and 11 months. (Ridge Cemetery)
SARAH E. DENHAM SPARKS, wife of Capt. John H. Sparks, born 1829, died 1876. (Ridge Cemetery)
SARAH ELIZABETH SPARKS, born 1859, died 1934. (Ridge Cemetery)
SILENCE C. SPARKS, wife of Capt. N. Sparks, died December 8, 1904, aged 88 years. (Ridge Cemetery)
CAPT. WILLIAM W. SPARKS, born August 4, 1855, lost at sea in January 1888.
WINSHIP W. SPARKS, husband of Minerva J. R. Sparks, born 1836, died 1897. (Ridge Cemetery) (Served in Civil War, died August 16, 1897)
CAPT. WM. W. SPARKS, died April 15, 1853, aged 36 years, 6 months. (Ridge Cemetery)