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(Editor's Note: The following marriage records were copied for us by Carrie Grant Heppen from Vol. 24 of a typewritten compilation entitled 'Iowa Genealogical Records' in the D.A.R. Library in Washington, D.C. Olive K. Porter was the compiler; she worked on behalf of the Genealogical Records Committee of the Iowa D.A.R. in 1933.)

John Sparks married Adaline Phippa, January 1, 1827.
John Sparks married Nancy Cartwright, February 14, 1877.
John E. Sparks married Rebecca Miller, June 14, 1878.
Leroy D. Sparks married Luella I. Stephens, September 30, 1870.
Mary C. Sparks married T. J. Irwin, May 2, 1872.
Mellie Sparks married Joseph Staley, May 2, 1866.
R. Sparks married Deborah Williams, September 1, 1862.
Rosa A. Sparks married Joseph D. Mathews, December 29, 1870.
Ruth Sparks married Charles H. Brown, August 27, 1876.
S. E. Sparks married Frances Williams, August 10, 1876.
Sarah A. Sparks married Louis Phipps, December 30, 1869.
Sarah J. Sparks married Benjamin Hayer, November 9, 1871.
Thomas Sparks married Sarah Ann Pritchard, April 20, 1873.
W. S. Sparks married Martha M. Smith, January 1, 1878.
William J. Sparks married Caroline F. Holbrook, November 5, 1871.


(Editor's Note: Mrs. Heppen found the following single Sparks marriage in Wapello County, Iowa, in Vol. 16 of the compilation described above.)

Zachariah Sparks married Temperance Brown, January 30, 1848.

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88. John Sparks married Sarah Anderson, May 26, 1845.
Ebenezer Sparks (age 23) married Susan Whaley (age 18), June 14, 1847
88. John Sparks married Mary L. Denton (or Penton), June 6, 1860.
Fannie E. Sparks married John A. McCormick, Jr., September 30, 1862
E. Sparks married Martha Stilley, November 16, 1868.
88.6 Lucy M. Sparks married Benjamin Davis, October 31, 1878.
88.4 Chiston (Chester) Sparks married Jennie Ashcroft, June 31, 1881.
Cora W. Sparks married W. H. Wallingford, January 1, 1885.
88.8 Adele A. Sparks (age 27) married Clement Smith (age 27), September 27, 1893.

(Editor's Note: The above records were copied for us by Lois Ritter. They add further information regarding Sparks families mentioned in earlier issues of the Quarterly.)

The John Sparks who married Sarah Anderson in 1845 was the same John Sparks who, in 1883, applied for a pension based on the service of his son, 88.x Elery E. Sparks, in the Union Army in the Civil War (Elery had died of wounds on July 27, 1864). (See the Quarterly of June 1975, Whole No. 90, pp. 1734-35 as well as the issue for September 1980, Whole No. 111, page 2224, where we published cemetery records from Muscatine County supplied by Mrs. Ritter.) This John Sparks was born in Kentucky while both of his parents were born in North Carolina according to census records. His grave marker in Fairport Cemetery in Muscatine County, Iowa, gives his date of birth as October 17, 1821, and his date of death as September 25, 1896.

The above marriage record indicates that 88. John Sparks married Sarah Anderson on May 26, 1845, although in his pension application, John stated they were married on May 24 in Fairport, Iowa. Sarah died on May 23, 1859, according to her grave marker in Fairport Cemetery. 88. John Sparks married (second) Mary L. Penton on June 6, 1860, as shown above. On page 2224 of the Quarterly, we noted that census records indicated he had married a second wife named Mary MNU, but we did not know her maiden name. There is a grave marker in the plot where John Sparks is buried, for Hester Rose Penton, 1820 -1885; the 1860 census, which shows her living in John's household, also gave her name as Penton. We had speculated that she was the mother of Mary. We still believe this to be true, but whether Mary's name was "Penton" or "Denton" remains a mystery.

In his pension application, John Sparks stated that he and his first wife, Sarah, had had a daughter named Lucy born May 14, 1858. She was doubtless the 88.6 Lucy M. Sparks who married Benjamin Davis on October 31, 1878. John Sparks also identified a son as 88.4 Chester Sparks, born November 4, 1854. This may have been the "Chiston" Sparks who married Jennie Ashcroft in 1881. From census records, we believe that John and his second wife, Mary, had daughters named

88.y Willmetta Sparks (born ca. 1864),
88.8 Adele ["Della"] Sparks (born ca. 1866), married Clement Smith in 1893 at the age of 27, and
88.z George Sparks, (born ca. 1868).

Lois Ritter has offered to do genealogical research in Muscatine and Scott Counties, Iowa, for members of the Sparks Family Association. She will "charge only for actual expense (copying, cost of certification, etc.), no hourly research fees." Mrs. Ritter's address is Rt. 3, Box 492, Muscatine, Iowa (52761).

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Copied by Miss Lucile Sparks

Jeremiah Sparks married Nancy Simms on October 2, 1851, by Ephraim Parks
William P. Sparks married Angeline H. Burnham on May 20, 1855
Peninah Sparks married Thomas Sherman on April 10, 1856
Matthew T. Sparks married Martha Starr on October 6, 1857, by Martin Hickman
Stephen J. Sparks married Martha A. Lawton on April 1, 1858, by E.M.H. Fleming
John R. Sparks married Mary E. Cartwright on April 1, 1858, by E.M.H. Fleming
Mary E. Sparks married Benajah Carson Benejah Corson on July 15, 1858, by E. Flaugh
Mary Ann Sparks married Robert S. Jones on January 19, 1860, by A. Lonbach
Stephen J. Sparks married Rebecca Wolf on December 26, 1863, by James Quillon
J. J. Sparks married Sarah Rayburn on February 22, 1866, by J. E. Butler
John H. Sparks married Nancy E. Matthews on April 29, 1866, by James Johnson
Angelina F. Sparks married John Potter on October 11, 1866, by E. Plaugh
Eliza E. Sparks married Lucian Butrum on August 29, 1867, by Elisha Plaugh
George W. Sparks married Amanda J. Butrum on August 29, 1867, by Elisha Plaugh
Samuel T. Sparks married Sarah Cordelia Butrum on March 19, 1868, by J. B. Harrington
Angeline Sparks married Christopher Barbee on May 26, 1874, by T. E. Lloyd
Elizabeth Sparks married A. E. Noble on May 19, 1872, by W. J. Price
Mary E. Sparks married B. P. Roten on December 20, 1874, by Josiah Sanders Truelove Milton Sparks, jr. married Francina Edwards on December 12, 1874, by John Potter
J. B. Sparks married A. M. Sylvester on November 22, 1877, by J. H. Drover
Margaret Jane Sparks married Marshall Meredith on December 13, 1877, by Truman Cooper
Mary F. Sparks married Moses Van Gorkum on August 16, 1874, by J. M. White
Albert L. Sparks married Rosa Hamilton on November 2, 1879, by A. S. Culbertson
Martha Sparks married John Bagley on December 8, 1867
Amanda Sparks married Samuel M. White on January 8, 1879

(Editor's Note: An article on Sparkses of Jasper County, Iowa, appeared in the Quarterly of March 1976, Whole No. 93, pp. 1793 -1812; they had come from Adair County, Kentucky.)