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Copied by Paul E. Sparks

Henry Sparks married Nelly Lee June 20, 1819 (Book A, page 11)
Hiram Sparks married Betsy Alvord February 22, 1833 (Book A, page 44)
Harrison Sparks married Desire Alvord March 16, 1833 (Book A, page 44)
Moses Sparks married Martha Ann Cooper August 25, 1841 (Book B, page 283)
William A. Sparks married Lydia A. Payne February 20, 1869 (Book E, page 213)
Raymond Sparks married Lila Meadows November 7, 1895 (Book I, page 416)

* by Lewis Collins, Maysville, Kentucky

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Copied by Paul E. Sparks

Jacob J. Sparks married Ellen Jane McCarty on January 24, 1852; (Book B, Page 127)
Elizabeth Sparks married Lafayette Messler June 4,1859 (Book B, Page 396)
Albert Sparks married Mary Ann Roberts February 10,1860 (Book C, Page 34)
Moses Sparks married Hannah Bane February 14, 1861 (Book C, Page 101)
Albert Sparks married Martha Roberts June 25, 1861 (Book C, Page 129)
Wilson T. Sparks married Mary Ellen Price March 10, 1862 (Book C, Page 173)
Hulda Sparks married Jacob Roush October 18, 1862 (Book C, Page 208)
May Jane Sparks married Thomas C. Kelsey August 13, 1866 (Book D, Page 167)
Henry Sparks married Matilda Hutsell August 22, 1868 (Book D, Page 370)
Mary E. Sparks married William C. Divilriss January 2, 1873 (Book E, Page 364)
Hannah Sparks married Jacob Snyder April 2, 1876 (Book F, Page 319)


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

George Sparks, Junior married Sarah Mossburg August 7, 1838 (Book 1, Page 4)
William Sparks married Hester Miller December 27, 1838 (Book 1, Page 9)
Charity Sparks married Daniel Snider February 16, 1839 (Book 1, Page 12)
Jane Sparks married Nathan W. Rodgers April 20, 1839 (Book 1, Page 16)
Matilda Sparks married John J. Grant May 29, 1839 (Book 1, Page 17)
Abigail Sparks married Robert Roberts April 21, 1841 (Book 1, Page 46)
Solomon Sparks, Junior married Susanna Johnson November 16, 1846 (Book 2, Page 5)
Delila Sparks married David C. Conklin February 23, 1847 (Book 2, Page 9)
Abel Sparks married Elizabeth Douglass May 4, 1850 (Book 2, Page 55)
Isaac Sparks married Cynthia Ann Roberts December 16, 1851 (Book 2, Page 90)

Molly Sparks married Elias Wilcoxson December 6, 1851 (Book 2, Page 90)
John Sparks married Rebecca Roberts July 25, 1853 (Book 2, Page 137)
Lydia Almeda Sparks married Noah Redding November 22, 1853 (Book 2, Page 149)
Andrew J. Sparks married Mary Eikenbury June 22, 1854 (Book 2, Page 165)
Sarah Ann Sparks married William Haflich March 1, 1859 (Book 2, Page 308)
William Sparks married Samantha Brickley June 14, 1859 (Book 2, Page 323)
William Sparks married Mary J. Sale November 8, 1860 (Book 2, Page 363)
George Sparks married Phebe J. Light July 18, 1865 (Book 3, Page 183)
Henry M. Sparks married Elizabeth E. Grant August 22, 1867 (Book 3, Page 342)
Henry C. Sparks married Margaret E. Reilly October 1, 1868 (Book 3, Page 428)

Elvina Sparks married David Seibold July 10, 1875 (Book 4, Page 488)
Lydia Sparks married Abraham W. Mast September 30, 1876 (Book 5, Page 42)
Charles W. Sparks married Maggie Baker May 12, 1881 (Book 6, Page 34)
Laura Sparks married John W. McCance September 2, 1883 (Book 6 , Page 291)

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Copied by William C. Robertson

Col. William C. Robertson, a descendant of Josiah Sparks of Baltimore County, Maryland, visited the Franklin County, Indiana, courthouse last summer and searched the first eight volumes of marriage records for all persons named Sparks. The names are indexed in these volumes only under the male spouse, which means that Col. Robertson had to search the entire index to each volume for women named Sparks. He fears that he may have missed a few, since his time for this research was very limited. This is certainly an impressive list and appears to be nearly, if not entirely, complete.

27.2.1 Zachariah Sparks married Elizabeth Carter, marriage performed May 16, 1815, by James Smith.
Moses McCray married Jane Sparks, license issued February 16, 1817, marriage performed same day by Stephan Oldham.
Joshua Sparks married Rachel McCray, license issued April 4, 1818, marriage performed April 9, 1818, by James Smith.
Lemuel Sparks married Nancy Bartelow, license issued November 11, 1818, marriage performed November 26, 1818, by Peter Yost.
Thomas Sparks married Janey Harwood, marriage performed November 12, 1818, by A. Porter.
John Sparks married Vashti Wright, license issued August 5, 1819, marriage performed same day by Joshia Holland, local deacon, M.E. Church.
Abraham Conwell married Betsey Sparks, license issued February 20, 1821, no return.
John Sparks married Mary Campbell, license issued April 19, 1823, marriage performed April 23, 1823, by Lemuel Miller, J. P.
Samuel Harris married Mary Sparks, marriage performed April 6, 18214, by Thomas Flint, J.P.
James Blackburn married Neppy Sparks, license issue December 1, 1825, marriage performed same day by Daniel Davidson.

William Sparks married Mary Templeton, license issued January 25, 1830, marriage performed February 28, 1830, by Joseph A. Ball, M.G.
Patterson McCoy married Ann Mariah Sparks, marriage performed July 23, 1830, by Joseph Reed, J.P.
26.2.2 Jeremiah B. Sparks married Eliza Rockafeller, license issued September 16, 1830, marriage performed September 19, 1830, by Thomas Mannarring, Minister of the Gospel.
Isaac Rose married Eliza Sparks, license issued February 21, 1833, marriage performed same day by Joseph A. Ball.
Andrew Stephens married Cassandra Sparks, license issued October 19, 1833, marriage performed same day by Benj. Lawrence.
William Lowes married Julia A. Sparks, marriage performed September 1, 1836, by Sam'l. B. Smith.
Elon Merril married Clarissa Sparks, marriage performed September 15, 1839, by Elijah Barwick, Minister of the Gospel.
Joshua Sparks married Elizabeth Gaines, license issued September 19, 1839, marriage performed October 7, 1839, by Wm. McClure, J.P. Temple Sparks married Mary Ann Rogers, license issued March 214, 1843, marriage performed March 26, 1843, by Thomas LNU, J.P.
Joshua Sparks married Ann Dickson, license issued January 15, 1844, marriage performed January 20, 1844, by A. Miller, Minister of the Gospel.
Amos Sparks married Mary Deweese, license issued July 6, 1844, marriage performed July 12, 1844, by Miltiades Miller, Minister of the Gospel.
James Sparks married Mahitable Davison, license issued January 8, 1847, marriage performed January 10, 1847, by S. S. Griffith, Elder in the M.E. Church.

Lemuel Sparks married Martha Ann Powner, license issued November 8, 1849, marriage performed same day by Jacob Lanius, Elder in the M.E. Church.
Jessee J. Sparks married Elizabeth Miller, license issued November 16, 1850, marriage performed November 17, 1850, by E. H. Labin, Minister of the M.E. Church.
Thomas Sparks married Mary Drake, license issued November 22, 1851, marriage performed November 23, 1851, by Wm. Fraley, a regular Ordained Minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Episcopal Ch.
Daniel Ertley married Martha Jane Sparks, license issued April 10, 1852, marriage performed April 11, 1852, by John McCullough, Minister.
Dennis Curran married Malinda Sparks, license issued July 24, 1852, marriage performed July 29, 1852, by John McCullough, Minister, M.E. Church.
William Sparks married Sarah Knott, license issued February 16, 1853, marriage performed February 17, 1853, by David Slaughter, J.P.
James C. Kennedy married Sarah Sparks, license issued January 16, 1855, marriage performed January 21, 1855, by Marcellus A. Ruter, Methodist Minister.
John Williams married Lizie Sparks, license issued July 5, 1856, marriage performed July 29, 1856, by A. McFarland.
Paswell Long married Lora A. Sparks, license issued October 31, 1857, marriage performed November 12, 1857, by Ludwig Ensminger, J.P.
John P. T. Davis married Martha Jane Sparks, license issued September 27, 1862, marriage performed September 29, 1862, by Sam'l. C. Kerr.
William C. Robertson married Clara Sparks, license issued July 22, 1876, marriage performed July 23, 1876, by E. A. Campbell.
William Beard married Lessie Sparks, license issued November 9, 1875, marriage performed November 10, 1875, by A. Murphy, Minister of the Gospel.
John Sparks married Edna L. Moore, license issued July 2, 1877, marriage performed July 6, 1877, by James P. Orr, Minister.
Joseph (or Jason) Carr married Edna L. Sparks, license issued January 27, 1886, marriage performed same day by Charles P. Kelso, J.P.
John Sparks married Maggie S. Sommerfield, license issued October 14, 1886, marriage performed October 17, 1886, by Rev. W. C. Hissinger.

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Charles Sparks married Marianna Rhodes, April 25, 1850
John Sparks married Margaretta Rhodes, February 23, 1845

(Note: The above were copied by Mrs. Heppen from a volume in the D.A.R. Library in Washlngton entitled Marriage Records, Marion County, Indiana, 1843-1851, compiled by the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter, pages 31 and 7.)

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Copied by Esther Coons

Rebecca Sparks married John Poynter, August 3, 1830.
Nancy Sparks married Asa Roy, May 20, 1831 (Book 1½, p. 3)
Galen Sparks married Lydia Askren, December 26, 1836 (Book 1½, p. 3.20)
Nicy A. Sparks married Nathaniel Helton, November 8, 1838 (Book 2, p. 35)
Thomas J. C. Sparks married Martha Ann Askren, March 22, 1840 (Book 2, p, 80)
David Sparks married Sarah Pinkley, February 12, 1841 (Book 2, p. 112)
Lydia A. Sparks married Wm, L, Hutch, March 5, 1846 (Book 3, p. 59)
Lydia Sparks married Wm. M. Dinwiddie, July 30, 1853 (Book 4, p. 372)
Mary E. Sparks married Milton Hendricks, May 14, 1853 (Book 5, p. 228)
William Sparks married Phoebe B. Fancett, September 3, 1854 (Book 4, p. 463)

Mary B, Sparks married William M. Jones, June 12, 1856 (Book 5, p. 83)
David W, Sparks married Mary J. May, October 31, 1861 (Book 6, p. 91)
Ann R. Sparks married William H. Faught, September 1, 1863 (Book 6, po 213)
Deborah Ann Sparks married Lewis Beasley, October 18, 1865 (Book 6, p. 396)
David W. Sparks married Rachel McCaslin, July 11, 1872 (Book 7, p. 457)
Samuel Sparks married Mary Hatfield, October 20, 1874 (Book 8, p. 164)
Mary A. Sparks married John Peters, May 25, 1876 (Book 8, p. 310)
Joseph Sparks married Ada Clark, November 30, 1879 (Book 9, p. 87)
Isaac Sparks married Sophronia Orton, October 6, 1881 (Book 9, p. 255)
John T. Sparks married Sophia Bez, March 23, 1886 (Book 10, p. 100)

Mattie Sparks married Charles Ringo, December 9, 1886 (Book 10, p. 161)
Thomas J. C. Sparks married Polly Richardson, December 19, 1889 (Book 10, p. 432)
Katella Sparks married Marcus Craven, February 10, 1897 (Book 11, p. 519)
Luther F. Sparks married Nettie Brill, April 21, 1897 (Book 11 p. 539.)
Frances R. Sparks married Willim M. Sparks, October 3, 1887 (sic5 (Book 12, p. 3)
Oliver W. Sparks married Vangie Burgens, July 30, 1899 (Book 12, p. 358)
Mollie A. Sparks married James H. Hedges, February 11, 1904 (Book 12, p. 557)
Pearl Sparks married Millard Weaver, October 16, 1912 (Book 14, p. 78)
Everett S. Sparks married Ruth Case, March 19, 1933 (Book 14, p. 118)

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Copied by Loretta B. Bingham

Thomas Sparks married Catherine Melton on July 18, 1839
Chloe Ann Sparks married Eli Earhart on November 5, 1840.
William Sparks married Elizabeth Brown on January 10, 1843.
Westly Sparks, Jr., married Martha Carhart on November 5, 1846.
Nancy Jane Sparks married Jacob Jessup on March 16, 1848.
Mary Sparks married Daniel H. Overpeck on September 20, 1849.
Thomas Sparks married Lucinda Odell on December 12, 1850.
Lucinda Sparks married John Capper on June 27, 1854.
Mary C. Sparks married James D. Strain on December 7, 1854.
Westly Sparks married Emelia Carhart on February 11, 1855

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Copied by Paul E. Sparks

John Sparks married Anna Owin, April 20, 1825. Both of lawful age.
Also written is the following: "I Baxter Parks [sic] a Justice of the Peace in and for said county do certify that John Sparks married Anny Own of said county were legally joined in marriage by me on the 20th day of April 1825. Given under my hand

Baxter Sparks [sic]"

(Book A, p. 174)

Thomas Sparks married Nancy Chapman on January 31, 1829. He had consent of father [Baxter Sparks]; she had no parents or guardian in the state. by Edward McCown. (Book A-2, p.292)
Mary Sparks married Luke Coon on August 27, 1830. She made affidavit [she was a daughter of Baxter Sparksl. He of lawful age. by William Anderson, J. P. (Book A-2, p. 312)
Rhoda Sparks married Joseph Walden on May 11, 1833. She made affidavit. He of lawful age. by Henry Bonebrake. (Book A-3, p. 1)
Ellen Sparks married Abraham Baird on November 2, 1835. She had no parents in the state. He of lawful age. by William Sampson, J.P. (Book A-3, p. 50)
Tabitha Sparks married Henry Sadler on March 2, 1836. She made affidavit. He of lawful age. by William M. Saffer, J.P. (Book A-3, p. 54)
John Sparks married Harriet M. Dillinger on March 6, 1849. Both made affidavits.
by Thos. R. Austin, L.D.M.E.C. (Book B, p. 155)
Martha J. Sparks married Thomas Akers on August 28, 1851. Both made affidavits.
by Thomas R. Austin, L.D. (Book B, p. 299)
Sarah Sparks married Lewis Martin on December 28, 1854. Married by Z. R. Cooper, J.P. (Book C, p. 156)
(No Sparks marriages were recorded in Books D, E F, and G (1859 to 1876)

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William J. Sparks married Harriett Rheinhart on May 6, 1843 (Book B, page 63)
Isaac Sparks married Carolyn Taylor on February 13, 1856 (Book C, page 259)

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The following marriages and deaths of persons named Sparks have been taken from a compilation by Rosamary A. Finney in 1984 from a newspaper called the Hancock County [Indiana] Democrat published between 1850 and 1920. Ms. Finney provided the following introductory note to her compilation: "Names and dates are given as they appeared and should not be accepted as factual. Names appearing more than once may indicate different information having appeared in different articles at various times and the information being furnished by different people. Proof should be obtained for accuracy. This material is presented only as a means of linking persons in that time period.... Be aware that many of the very early marriages shown may not have been in Hancock County or even in Indiana. Such dates were gleaned from death notices or other articles.";


Adda Sparks married George T. Johnson on October 16, 1887
Amaziah Sparks married Amanda Steele on February 23, 1854
Clara E. Sparks married William H. Craig on June 1899
Claude W. Sparks married Elsie A. Judge on February 14, 1912
Delia R. Sparks married Harvey H. Stottlemeyer on June 1898
Elijah Sparks married Clara Coon in October 1891
Elijah Sparks married Eva Mae Smith on November 1912
Elnathan Sparks, son of Wm. Sparks, married Clementine Mace on September 1883
Francis M. Sparks, son of James Sparks, married Margaret J. Blakely on September 19, 1873 Frank M. Sparks, son of 7.1.8 Thompson Sparks, married Lydia Garner on July 24, 1859 Frank M.Sparks, son of 7.1.8 Thompson Sparks, married (second) Matilda Loudenback on May 1882
Ira W. Sparks married Ella M. Collins on April 1883
James K. Sparks married Mary Johnson on February 1891
James Sparks married Sarah Ann Reeves on November 15, 1849
Josephine Sparks married William H. Riggs on October 27, 1918
26.2.2 Jeremiah B. Sparks married Eliza Rockefeller, daughter of John Rockefeller, on September 19, 1830
Ladora F. Sparks, daughter of Francis Sparks married Charles F. Moore on October 1879
Martha C. Sparks married Cam T. Schooley on December 24, 1873
Mary Alice Sparks married William F. Stanley on January 25, 1872
Mary A. Sparks married William H. Martin in September 1894

Mary Sparks married John Jackson in August 1881
Maude E. Sparks, daughter of Ira W. Sparks, married William F. Krall on July 2,1914.
Meotta B. Sparks married John C. Louderback in August 1881
Minnie Sparks married Daniel L. Wilson in May 1813
Nancy F. Sparks, daughter of Wm. A. Sparks, married James A. Tucker in November 1886
Neville Sparks, son of James Sparks, married Rachel Newman on November 14, 1880
Sarah Ann Sparks married William Maggard in December 1861
Sarah Ann Sparks married John H. Fitzpatrick on September 5, 1840
Sarah A. Sparks married Morris J. Cochran on August 10, 1874
Sarah I. Sparks married Marion P. Tuterow in March 18, 1888

Dr. J. Walter Sparks married Myrtle Pierce, daughter of Wm. D. Pierce, on June 27, 1894
William Sparks married Olive Wilkinson on August 10, 1840
William A. Sparks, son of John Sparks, married Hannah Trees on April 23, 1852
William J. Sparks married Hannah Ellen Simmons on December 1885
William A. Sparks, son of John Sparks, married Catherine Garner on February 23, 1865
William A. Sparks, son of John Sparks, married Levina Jackson, widow, nee Coon, on May 15, 1891
Willis E. Sparks, son of Ira W. Sparks, married Mattie Haynes in November 1907


Amanda Sparks, died June 1, 1906, Holliday, Illinois; sister of Margaret T. Garriott and Martha Kennedy
Catherine A. Garner Sparks, born August 23, 1835, died April 27, 1889; She married William A. Sparks on February 23, 1865
Eliza Sparks, wife of Rev. 26.2.2 Jeremiah B. Sparks, daughter of John and Mary Rockefeller, born February 5, 1805, New Jersey, died December 19, 1880; married September 19, 1830

Frank Sparks, born December 12, 1832, died June 28, 1910, son of Thompson and Lucy Sparks; married July 24, 1859, to Lydia Garner; married (second) May 1882 to Matilda Loudenback

Hannah H. Sparks, wife of William J. Sparks, born 1851, died February 13, 1914
Harriet H. Sparks, wife of Dr. J. B. Sparks, died August 30, 1918.

James Sparks, born January 24, 1828, died December 12, 1905; married November 15, 1849, to Sarah Ann Reeves.
Rev. J. B. Sparks, born 1809, died February 11, 1886
John Sparks, born 1803, died March 8, 1873

Lavina (Coon) Sparks, born October 10, 1845, died December 18, 1897; married on January 1, 1863 to Andrew Jackson Sparks who died January 1, 1868; married (second) May 15, 1891, William Sparks.

Lysander Sparks, died January 20, 1899, in Missouri.
Lydia (Garner) Sparks, wife of Frank Sparks, died 1863
Mary Campbell Sparks, wife of John Sparks, born on June 23, 1805, in Delaware; died February 1884
Mary Sparks died August 24, 1903
Myrtle L. Sparks, daughter of William D. and Anna Marie Pierce, born December 1872, died January 22, 1914; married June 27, 1894, to J. Walter Sparks
Nevil Sparks and his new wife to Kansas January 1881 [news item]
Rachel Sparks, born 1877, died June 2, 1886, daughter of William A. and Catherine Sparks
William Sparks
, born May 27, 1818, died November 3, 1900; married August 10, 1840 to Olive Wilkinson, who died September 8, 1870
William A. Sparks, born January 2, 1825, died September 14, 1910; son of John and Mary Sparks; married April 23, 1852 to Hannah Trees, who died October 10, 1863; married (second) February 23, 1865, Catherine Garner, who died April 27, 1889; he married (third) May 15, 1891, Levina Jackson, who died December 18, 1897.

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A transcription of marriages in Adams County, Indiana, from 1844 to 1849 was published in the June 1994 issue of The Hoosier Genealogist, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 77-85. The marriage of one person named Sparks appeared in this list, as follows:

Sarah M. Sparks married Benoni High, February 21, 1847