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[Editor's note: the following Sparks marriages were copied for us by Helen Rogers McKee from a transcript made by the Central Texas Genealogical Society of Volume I of McLennan County, Texas, marriages.]

Stephen F. Sparks married Jane M. Journey, April 14, 1856 by John T. Eubank. (p. 5)
A. E. Sparks married J. O'Hair, August 9, 1856 by J. T. Eubank. (p. 5)
R. E. C. Sparks married R. M. Deckard, May 12, 1856 by J. W. Smith. (p. 6)
M. B. Sparks married Marshall King, June 23, 1859 by I. N. Mullens. (p. 10)
Martha A. Sparks married N. W. Crane, Esq., November 17, 1859 by John Collier. (p. 10)
Ellen Sparks married M. M. Burgess, March 13, 1862, by N. P. Modrall. (p. 14)
C. A. Sparks married H. S. McCann, February 10, 1864, by M. Yell. (p. 15)
Eliza Sparks married I. C. McCoy, January 18, 1865, by Chas. S. Robinson. (p. 16)
America Sparks married J. H. Dawson, February 12, 1866, by J. J. Riddle. (p. 21)
J. H. Sparks, Jr., married Mary A. Davis, December 4, 1866, by J. H. Richey. (p. 25)
Nancy Sparks married Frank Briscoe, February 5, 1867, by J. J. Riddle. (p. 27)
J. B. Sparks married J. P. Dowell, March 26, 1868, by Rufus C. Burleson. (p. 41)
Allen Sparks married Mrs. Annie Scott, December 28, 1869, by W. W. Hay. (p. 53)

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The following marriage records are taken from a volume in the D.A.R. Library in Washington, D.C., entitled "Bell County, Texas, Marriage Records, 1850 to 1882," copied from records on file in the County Courty Court House by Marion Day Mullins, Vada Sutton, and Leannell Porter.

S. A. Sparks married M. A. Fisher, July 30, 1855.
John A. Sparks married Martha Reed, November 4, 1858.
Elijah Sparks married Sarah Atlas Reed, December 26, 1861.
Matthias Sparks Armstrong married S. A. Sparks, January 7, 1866.
Henry Marshall married Emeline Sparks, May 29, 1866.
James T. Sparks married Nancy A. Primes, March 1, 1868.
J. C. Rogers married Mrs. Martha Sparks, December 13, 1868.
Dave Freeman married Mandy Sparks, August 16, 1877.
Jack Sparks married Sarah Griffin, December 24, 1880.