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Mrs. J. E. Gebhart, 395 Cart Rd., Richmond, Indiana (47374) seeks information on the ancestry and the family of Easm (or Eason) Sparks and his wife, Cynthia A. - - - - -.  Mrs. Gebhart believes that the Easm (or Eason) Sparks listed on the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Darke County, Ohio, is her great-great-grandfather. Listed as one of his children is a William Sparks, 20 years old in 1860; he was listed as W.H.W. Sparks, 10 years of age, in 1850. Mrs. Gebhart's great-grandfather, William Sparks, was born in 1840 and died in 193-; he married Phoebe Hamilton, who was born in 1842 and died in 1932. William and Phoebe Sparks are buried at Abbottsville Cemetery in Darke County, Ohio. Easm (or Eason) Sparks was born in Pennsylvania ca. 1811 and died on December 29, 1882; he married Cynthia A. - - - - - who was born ca. 1818 and died on July 8, 1894. Both are buried in the Hollansburg Cemetery in Darke County, Ohio. Easm and Cynthia's children were named Nancy, Israel, William, Malina, Phoebe, Sarah, and Delilah. Andrew Sparks, born ca. 1777 and died on December 12, 1856, is thought to have been the father of Easm (or Eason) Sparks.

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In the June 1959 issue of the Quarterly (Vol. VII, No. 2, Whole No. 26), we devoted several pages to the history of the descendants of Solomon Sparks, Jr. (died 1817) and his wife, Charity, of Wilkes County, North Carolina. A son of Solomon Sparks, Jr., was George Sparks (born ca. 1788) who married Delila or Delia, ca. 1806 and moved to Randolph County, Indiana, ca. 1830. He moved to Wells County, Indiana, ca. 1836 and died there in 1843.

One of the sons of George and Delila Sparks was Abel Sparks who was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, ca. 1828; he married Elizabeth Douglass in Wells County, Indiana, on May 4, 1850. This is the only information that we had regarding Abel Sparks when the above mentioned article appeared. Mrs. Bertha J. Davis, Boise, Idaho has learned a little more about him, but hopes that someone reading this may be able to report even further.

When the 1850 census was taken of Huntington County Indiana, the family of Abel Sparks was listed as consisting of himself (aged 22, and his wife, Elizabeth, aged 19. Elizabeth's birth place was given as Pennsylvania. Abel's mother, Delila Sparks (aged 62, born in North Carolina), was living with him, as was his sister, Mary Sparks (aged 16, born in Indiana).

According to family records found by Mrs. Davis, Abel and Elizabeth (Douglass) Sparks had a daughter, Mary Sparks, who was born April 16, 1851, in Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana. It is not known whether there were other children.

Sometime in the 1850's, after the birth of Mary, Abel Sparks, with his wife and daughter, joined a wagon train going to Oregon. Abel Sparks died enroute - - where or when is not known. It is known that his wife married again, but it is not known to whom or when.

On May 12, 1869, Mary Sparks, daughter of Abel and Elizabeth (Douglass) Sparks, married John Joseph Brown, son of Charles Arthur Brown. Their first two children, names and dates unknown, were born in Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon. Mary and John later moved to Gilliam County, Oregon, where a son, Charles Arthur Brown, was born March 11, 1876, in Rock Creek. Charles Arthur Brown was married on December 1, 1901, in Condon, Gilliam County, Oregon, to Missouri Pearl Fitzwater.

Mary (Sparks) Brown died in Condon, Gilliam County, Oregon, on August 29, 1931. Her son, Charles Arthur Brown, died on September 12, 1960, in Pleasant Valley, Baker County, Oregon, and his wife, Missouri Pearl (Fitzwater) Brown, died on February 9, 1969, in Oak Harbor, Island County, Washington.

Can anyone supply farther information on Abel and Elizabeth (Douglass) Sparks and their family?

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Elinor Gray of West Linn, Oregon, is seeking information regarding the parentage of her great-great-grandmother, Rachel Sarah (Sparks) Pollard. Rachel Sarah Sparks was born between 1808 and 1815 somewhere in South Carolina. Her age was given as 35 on the 1850 census and as 52 on the 1860 census. She married Benjamin Pollard, ca. 1832. Because he was nearly twice her age (his age was given as 73 on the 1850 census), we assume that Rachel Sarah was his second wife. His birth place was given as Ireland in 1850; he apparently died between 1857 and 1860.

Benjamin and Rachel Sarah (Sparks) Pollard were living in Cherokee County, Alabama, in 1850. In 1860, Rachel Sarah was living with her six youngest children in Calhoun County, Alabama, near a post office called Palestine. From census and family records, it is believed that Benjamin and Rachel Sarah (Sparks) Pollard were the parents of the following children:

(1) John W. Pollard, born ca. 1833, married Frances Davenport.
(2) George Pollard, born ca. 1838, died young.
(3) Carruth Pollard, born ca. 1840, died young.
(4) Julia Ann Pollard, born ca. 1842, married (first) Jerry Knighton, (second) John Lorren.
(5) Mandy Pollard, born ca. 1844, married Jerry Knighton.
(6) Aaron Burr Pollard, born April 10, 1846, died October 25, 1916; married Margaret E. Hatfield.
(7) Missouri (Babe) Pollard, born ca. 1846, married Wyley Knighton.
(8) Cynthia Duck Pollard, born ca. 1848, married Joe (Napper) Knighton.
(9) Count Pulaski Pollard, born 1850, died March 6, 1921.
(10) Mary Pollard, born ca. 1854.
(11) George W. Pollard, born ca. 1857.