February 12, 2019

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Whole Number 55


Mr. Roy E. Callaway is compiling a genealogy of the descendants of Micajah Callaway who was born ca. 1755 in Lynchburg, Virginia. His daughter, Lucy Callaway, who was born ca. 1815, married S.1 Matthew Sparks in Washington County, Indiana, on February 4, 1836. This family was still living in Washington County when the 1850 census was taken, but the names on that census are extremely difficult to read. (See the Quarterly of June 1960, Vol. VIII, No. 2, Whole No. 30, p. 488.)

Mr. Callaway reports, however, that he has found the names of the twelve children of Matthew and Lucy (Callaway) Sparks in a settlement of an estate in 1890, as follows: Children of Matthew and Lucy (Callaway) Sparks:

S.1.1 John H. Sparks, born ca. 1837. The middle initial is probably for Hawkins.
S.1.2 Sallie Sparks, born ca. 1838. She married FNU Dietchler.
S.1.3 Nancy Sparks, born ca. 1841. She married FNU Baker.
S.1.4 Chloe Sparks, born ca. 1843. She married FNU Stewart.
S.1.5 Mary Ann Sparks, born ca. 1844. She married FNU Gates.
S.1.6 Benjamin Sparks, born ca. 1845. He married Sarah E. MNU
S.1.7 Noble Sparks.
S.1.8 Dr. Franklin Sparks.
S.1.9 Elizabeth Sparks. She married FNU Little.
S.1.10 Jesse Sparks, born ca. 1849.
S.1.11 Matthew Sparks, probably born after 1850.

From Whole Number 104:

Mother: Lucy Callaway:
20.1.1.x.1 John Hawkins Sparks
20.1.1.x.2 Sarah "Sally" Sparks
20.1.1.x.3 Weeden Sparks
20.1.1.x.4 Nancy Sparks
20.1.1.x.5 Mary Ann Sparks
20.1.1.x.6 Chloe Sparks
20.1.1.x.7 Benjamin Cager Sparks
20.1.1.x.8 William Sparks
20.1.1.x.9 Noble Sparks
20.1.1.x.10 Jesse B. Sparks
20.1.1.x.11 Elizabeth Sparks
20.1.1.x.12 Matthew Sparks
20.1.1.x.13 Doctor Franklin "Dock" Sparks
20.1.1.x.14 James M. Sparks

Mother: Mary J. LNU
20.1.1.x.15 Thomas Sparks
20.1.1.x.16 Nellie Sparks

Mother: Bellevedere
20.1.1.x.17 George W. Sparks

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